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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
Lusterrules Lusterrules So-Called Dollars I would like to thank NGC for voting my set Best Custom Set for 2021. I consider it an honor to be part of the NGC Registry and for my set to have been chosen to receive this award. My goal is to assemble a collection of So-Called Dollars and related medals that consists of attractive, quality examples no matter their grade. Many of the medals in my set are finest known or top pop examples, with the majority of the remaining medals that make up the set being within a point or two of top pop status. I have included large, high-resolution photos as well as descriptions of each medal. In an effort to keep the set organized I have the medals listed by date first followed by HK number. 12/1/2018
Horsefolk US Mint Medals - Modern Proof Get 'em all 6/22/2024
Lordhelmlein Germany Medals Silver 1871-1945 5/12/2022
County Line Numismatics BKJG's Civil War Patriotic and Store Cards 2022 Best Overall Custom Set winner.

Continue to build an exploratory Civil War Patriotic and Store Cards collection.

2/2022: Set started.
4/2022: All CWTs have been added to the set.
6/2022: Slot Names and Numbers have been updated for easier reference.
7/2022-9/2022: Early collection pictures have been updated/ cropped to reflect my updated imaging setup.
7/2022-8/2023: More detailed information has been added to each CWT.
Rod D. Rod’s Tokens Display a variety of tokens, including different metals used. 4/16/2023 6/17/2024 36
swike4547 Schweickart I - Patriotic Civil War Tokens 8/5/2012 6/15/2024 108694
PonyPuller 1904 World Fair / LPE Tokens & Medals A complete set of the 1904 St. Louis World Fair medals, coins, tokens and So-Called Dollars as listed in Hendershott and Hibler & Kappen. Including unlisted exhibition-related tokens and medals as I encounter them.

Cross-references to:

Kurt R. Krueger "The Exonumia of the 1904 World's Fair" (1979)

Nathan N. Eglit "Louisiana Purchase Exposition - Catalog of Coins, Tokens, Medals & Misc." published in TAMS Journal, Vol. 10, 8/1970 No. 4 (Part 2).
1/26/2012 6/15/2024 19550194
Best2u ~18th Century "Conder" Tokens -The LL&P Collection "Conder" tokens in the collection. 1/23/2009 6/8/2024 4499106
Redline68 Civil War Tokens - Patriotic Dies Collect as many different patriotic die examples as practicable. These are the dies as currently listed in Fuld's 6th Edition and the current Red Book.

Note that some patriotic dies are exceptionally difficult to obtain on a patriotic token, in some cases there being a single unique example. In those instances I searched for an example of the die on a civil war store card. Those will be the only store cards listed in this collection with the patriotic die identified.

Fuld rarity scale:
R-1: Greater than 5,000
R-2: Between 2,000 and 5,000
R-3: Between 500 and 2,000
R-4: Between 200 and 500
R-5: Between 76 and 200
R-6: Between 21 and 75
R-7: Between 11 and 20
R-8: Between 5 and 10
R-9: Between 2 and 4
R-10: Unique (one known example)
9/7/2022 6/6/2024 66239
3mctoledo Scotland "Conder" Tokens Long term: Create a reference set of all Scottish Conders 12/21/2019 6/6/2024 288229
Legacy Knights Numismatic Society Legacy Knights Numismatic Society Coins and Sets The goal for this set is to obtain and assemble a type set of each coin created and issued by the Legacy Knights Numismatic Society. Interesting varieties, toning, errors, etc. may also be included if found. Subsequent issues will be included. 9/2/2019 5/31/2024 3618
Dlibertycap Encased Cents from the Pan American Exposition 1901 To own all varieties of encased tokens associated with PAE. 1/13/2023 5/24/2024 232
farthing Provincial Tokens Building a nice representative collection of Genuine Trade Tokens, Political Tokens, Private Tokens, Specious Tokens, and Medalettes created for collectors during the late 18th century across all counties of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. 9/26/2009 5/23/2024 3788250
coinsandmedals The medals of Soho near Birmingham This set is a tribute to my friend, Bill McKivor, who recently passed away. Although we only knew each other for a relatively short time, Bill quickly became one of my favorite people. He is the sole reason I ended up collecting the medals of the Soho Mint, and as such, it seems fitting that his memory lives on in my collection. Bill had an eye for exceptional quality, and although he handled most of the Boulton Family collection, the medals held a special place in his heart. I, too, have developed a keen fondness for the Soho medals, and so far, I have been successful in locating many examples paired with silver-lined brass shells. Several of them once resided in either the Boulton family or the James Watt Jr. collections. This set aims to build a top-notch collection of Soho medals, emphasizing the ones Bill held in such high regard. The pieces that comprise this collection have been carefully selected. When appropriate, I have included the relevant provenance for each piece and the historical significance of the event or person depicted on the medal.

As of April of 2024, I have over three dozen additional medals to add to this set. Some are already graded, but the bulk of them are raw. Once I have more time and funds these pieces will be graded and slowly added to the set as I take the time to enjoy their relative history.

12/9/2021 5/21/2024 4121
AVALEIGH US CIVIL WAR PATRIOTIC TOKENS 11/17/2017 5/20/2024 204449
Some_of_it Small U.S. Mint Medals To fill in the gaps in National Commemorative Medals, add bronze duplicates of Congressional Gold Medals as well as continue to find U.S. Mint medals not offered for public sale. 3/31/2023 5/19/2024 11133
Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-red_book_token_set Collect a sampling of civil war tokens, hard times tokens, and related exonumia as listed in the Red Book. 6/29/2020 5/17/2024 21119
Iowa Silver Baron Bammer Bammer's So Called Dollars My goals are simple: cover the historical subjects and fill in with good research. 5/16/2024 5/16/2024 01
Horsefolk US Declaration of Independence Anniversaries Medals 3/26/2024 5/14/2024 511
Joseph Au-Franz Joe's Civil War Naval Set To obtain further unique Civil War Naval tokens in the best possible condition while selecting only those with exceptional draw and eye-appeal. Varieties and Errors included. 9/27/2015 5/12/2024 54821
AVALEIGH US CIVIL WAR STORE CARDS 11/17/2017 5/12/2024 176761
KOSTADIN VEZYOV BULGARIA-CANTIM 1879/1887 BULGARIA-CANTIM 1879/1887 3/12/2020 5/11/2024 3224
Horsefolk Silver and Gold in the Wild West Try to show the history of silver and gold production out west 2/17/2024 5/1/2024 45
Horsefolk Public Safety, Coin and Medal Set, Proof Honor those who protect and serve our communities 4/24/2024 4/30/2024 13
AVALEIGH U.S. POLITICAL MEDALS 11/17/2017 4/25/2024 2289105
Northern Lights Collection 1933 SC$1 12/26/2022 4/21/2024 623
morganthebrave Strachan & Co Obtain grades in AU. 12/7/2013 4/16/2024 142839
brg5658 BRG CWTs and Store Cards An array of interesting CWTs. 2/14/2013 4/10/2024 82625
Scott Dunn Masonic Civil War Tokens To build up a full picture of all tokens with Masonic symbols or connection 3/29/2024 3/31/2024 137
JAA JAA Philippine Medals & Tokens 6/15/2016 3/29/2024 151129
AVALEIGH RUSSIA - MEDALS and JETONS 4/23/2018 3/21/2024 3314
t1EE4 EWI Jewelry Buisness Purposes.
1955 D 1C - $50,000
3/17/2024 3/17/2024 01
Jayhawk Gold M.E. Hart’s Coins of the Golden West (Pre 1897) Accumulate unusual dates and die marriages not shown in competitive set. 2/6/2023 3/7/2024 511
HistorianTN KENNY JOHNS 3/7/2024 3/7/2024 01
Dlibertycap Panorama 1901 To own each variety of token and medal associated with the expo (including So Called Dollars), in the highest grade possible. Encased pennies and elongated cents are listed separately.

There are well over 125 different medals from the PAE. Some types are common, but many are scarce or rare. Based on auction appearances including eBay the last 15 years, the opportunities to acquire some of the scarcer pieces do not occur often. The common ones appear frequently, but sometimes years go by without seeing some types offered and then usually from estate sales or when old-time collections are broken up. Based on observations of auctions over the past 12+ years, I provide my estimate of rarity using the updated Sheldon/HK 2nd Edition scale below.

R1 Common 1,250+
R2 Uncommon 501 - 1,250
R3 Scarce 201 - 500
R4 Very Scarce 76 - 200
R5 Rare 31 - 75
R6 Very Rare 13 - 30
R7 Extremely Rare 4 - 12
R8 Nearly Unique 2 - 3
R9 Unique 1

From a collecting standpoint, even some of the rare pieces are available for less than $50 as the demand part of the equation is not driving these upward. That makes for a wonderful opportunity to purchase some of these great historical pieces.
1/12/2013 3/2/2024 5891128
Dlibertycap Elongated Cents from the Pan American Exposition 1901 To own all varieties of elongated cents in the highest grade possible. 3/17/2023 3/2/2024 214
miltonmulkey Abraham Lincoln on Masonic Pennies An example of every Masonic Penny with an image of Abraham Lincoln, including varieties struck in different metals. 3/1/2024 3/2/2024 09
County Line Numismatics BKJG's Northwest Illinois Masonic Pennies Continue to collect an extensive collection of Masonic Chapter Pennies from around the Northwest Corner of Illinois.
Be able to be awarded an NGC Best Overall Custom Set award.
6/5/2022 3/1/2024 538
World_Coin_Nut The Medals of Karl Goetz I don't really have a goal other than to collect the medals that I like. 8/5/2023 2/29/2024 733
delta_26 NORFED Trump Dollars 2/27/2024 2/27/2024 420
delta_26 NORFED Liberty Dollars (1998-Present) 2/27/2024 2/27/2024 070
Hyoga Theodoor Van Berckel 2/18/2024 2/18/2024 12
Horsefolk 1978-1991 US Capitol Historical Society Commemorative Complete the 13 year Bicentennial set of gold, silver and bronze 1/30/2024 2/14/2024 31
Horsefolk LARGE National Commemorative Medals of the US Collect them all ! 2/13/2024 2/14/2024 315
Siah The J. Perry Collection of Colorado Coins and Exonumia PRIMARY COLLECTING GOALS:
After a 5 year hiatus focusing on my young family, my primary goal is now fourfold:
1.) To teach my 2 daughters about the beauty of numismatics through their home state of Colorado.
2.) Making this set a worthy contender and 2x winner for the 2022 NGC Registry Awards; which would be an incredible honor. — As it turns out, this was not the case which was extremely disappointing and unfortunate.

NOTE: The set itself has nearly tripled in size and is continuing to grow regularly since winning the 2017 Registry Award for “Most Informative Custom Set”; making it one of the most unique and extensive Colorado-specific registry collections on the planet. Updates were finally completed in May of 2022 after ~500+ hours of dedication!
3.) To obtain any numismatic specimen minted in and/or having "any" association with the state of Colorado.
4.) To teach people about Colorado's rich history, as well as myself, through the tool of numismatic education. — I hope to one day involve my young children in this process, allowing them to understand their native state and father through numismatics.

Although intended to be posted by the end of 2016, it had been extremely difficult processing the nearly 175+ new certified Colorado specimens I had obtained at the time. I acquired the majority in July of 2016; however, with the high and strict standards I have for presenting them, as well as a 2-year-old and newborn, I took a 5 year hiatus to focus on them. Within the months of December 2019 and January 2020, I put in roughly 100+ hours photographing, editing, and cropping all of the coins, tokens, and medals. With a full-time job and many other engagements in my life, finding large amounts of time to work was, and still is, a tremendous challenge. I am now proud to say I can finally share them with the world, as there are a number of interesting, unique, beautiful, and extremely scarce issues. This should undoubtedly be one of the most expansive Colorado numismatic collections ever assembled in a Registry. — I chose to utilize NGC’s Registry since I trust their judgment beyond all others, their experience in exonumia is unparalleled and subsequently, the vast majority of issues in this collection are graded by them.
January 2022 Update: I have “finally” started adding the 175+ new specimens in early January of 2022. I am beginning by uploading photos of every piece, rearranging in the specified order, then entering the descriptions shortly thereafter. This will indeed take time. Subsequently, the collection may look a bit all over the place for the time being until everything is added, organized, and up-to-date. Nevertheless, it’s finally happening! Get ready for one of the most mesmerizing sets of Colorado coins, exonumia, and collectibles ever to be presented! Hold onto your hats my numismatic friends, it's going to be a beautiful site!

2/13/22 Update: All new certified medals have been added to the set, along with photographs. All have been rearranged in their specified order, as well. Descriptions are forthcoming. Current phase will be adding the 100+ NGC certified Colorado tokens. Descriptions for all medals/tokens will be updated after all are added, rearranged.

2/26/22 Update: All new certified tokens and remaining medals have been officially added to this set. This was certainly an undertaking but it is now finally complete. Next phase: rearranging/reordering all pieces in this set in accordance with the Set Description. Once completed, final research will go into the descriptions of each new piece.

2/28/22 Update: The entire set has been rearranged to its final and proper order based on the Set Description. After 5 years, the final stage of updating this collection is in sight. The research details that will go into all new issues that state, “INFO COMING SOON” will conclude all updates once completed. This will undoubtedly be the longest, most time consuming, phase yet. So, please be patient!

4/5/22 Update: Roughly 1/3 or ~33% of all issues in this set have been fully researched. Thorough, detailed, and accurate descriptions have been written in uniform formats. As stated previously, the research/writing phase is by far the lengthiest process. 2/3 or ~66% of the research for this set will be the next major milestone. More to come soon!

4/25/22 Update: Roughly 2/3 or ~66% of all issues in this set have been fully researched/updated. Numerous new pieces have also been added over the last 3 months. The final 33% of the set is now being researched. 100% coming soon!

5/6/22 Update: 100% completed! All issues in this set have now been fully updated. All listings are now in a consistent/uniform format, layout, proper order, fully photographed, and researched extensively. This has been quite the endeavor and personal accomplishment. — Although the major task has been completed through a total of ~500+ hours between time spent in 2017, December of 2019/January of 2020, and January-May of 2022, I will continue to add new Colorado examples as I acquire them. Now, all that’s left is to ENJOY!

102 new Colorado-related coins, tokens, and medals were just submitted to NGC for grading/certification/encapsulation — Officially “Received” on 10/14/22. This is the single largest submission I have ever sent in; which includes some incredible Colorado rarities (i.e. the 1906 CO HK-339 Pike's Peak "Imitation Issue," the 1959 CO HK-543 Rush to the Rockies: "Gold Nugget Dollar" in silver-nickel, and 8 Colorado Masonic issues from the renowned Maurice A. Storck Collection to single out a few). — An update will be posted once the issues are graded/returned; however, this likely will not happen before the November 1, 2022 cutoff for Registry Awards. Regardless, several new/rare issues were recently purchased and will be posted prior to 11/1.

To my utter disappointment and dismay, my set was not selected for a single category under Custom Sets. I find this to be quite astonishing considering the collection had just 25% of the coins it does now when it won “Most Informative” Custom Set in 2017. All updates were done and completed in 2022, quadrupling the size of the set, creating uniform layouts on “every” coin, 100% HD photos for all coins, and “extensive” in-depth research for each specimen; 500+ hours was spent in the process and thousands of dollars. I was somewhat shocked to compare my set with the 2022 winner for “Most Informative.” Nothing against the winner, it’s a great set; yet, the level of detail between mine and his/hers is unmatched. Although I will continue to build and grow this specific collection out of my love for Colorado numismatics, I will not be putting forth as much effort, energy, or resources. I truly feel like I was unjustly deprived of a deserving, merit-based win. To not have even been considered is both hurtful and upsetting. Yes, I also reached out expressing my feelings to NGC. Effectively, their response was: “There’s 250k+ sets and only a handful of people to sift through them to choose winners. However, your set is noteworthy and caught our eye.” — That is not a valid response, nor answer. An opportunity was made to adjust and/or correct but it was clearly not taken. If sets cannot be properly measured, weighed, examined and thoroughly evaluated, then awards should not be given at all. I apologize for even including this section of wording; however, I felt it important my feelings were made known on the matter, as well as NGC’s response. Believe me, if my set was not a worthy contender, or appeared to be completely insignificant compared to the 2022 winners, I’d fully accept that and work harder in 2023. However, that was not the case here as explained above. — Who knows, maybe next year (assuming one of the few people considering winners stumbles upon my set)…

After 6 months, I have finally received all 102 tokens/medals that were submitted to NGC. For those of you building extensive sets like this, you’ll know how long processing 102 new coins can be. I have already started that process but it may be awhile before I finish. Please excuse the mess, as the Set may look a bit “all over the place” as I get all new issues photographed, cropped, edited, properly researched, and posted. — Adding these additional pieces should only add to the prestige of the collection, as a whole. — More to come soon!
1/17/2015 1/25/2024 3580401
Bigpigman1 Slab so called$$ To display and own higher end so called $$ 1/22/2024 1/22/2024 33
So-Called Guy 1894 California Midwinter Exposition So-Called Dollars My set is missing two So-Called Dollars from the 1894 Midwinter Exposition. My goals are to eventually acquire SH 7-7 the Midwinter California Bear SCD and SH 7-30 the Midwinter Uniface Golden Gate SCD. 9/19/2023 1/21/2024 728
Rich Graham Coronation and special medals Best current set 1/2/2024 1/2/2024 01
coinsarefun Coinsarefun's Tokens and Medals I love Tokens, Medals.So called dollars, So called Slugs and lately Heraldic Art Medals.
I try to keep myself open to what interests me and will make the overall collection interesting
4/15/2008 12/31/2023 765486
County Line Numismatics Illinois Rulau Tokens 9/19/2022 12/30/2023 210
swike4547 Schweickart VIII - Civil War Store Cards - Wisconsin 11/8/2023 12/15/2023 23
swike4547 Schweickart VI - Civil War Store Cards - Ohio 11/16/2020 12/15/2023 1227
swike4547 Schweickart V - Civil War Store Cards - New York 11/16/2020 12/4/2023 17344
swike4547 Schweickart III - Civil War Store Cards - Illinois 11/8/2023 12/4/2023 32
DRB59 Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915 To complete a set of SC$ for the Pan Pacific Expo 12/18/2009 11/28/2023 777029
swike4547 Schweickart VII - Civil War Store Cards - Pennsylvania 11/16/2020 11/8/2023 812
swike4547 Schweickart IV - Civil Ware Store Cards - New Jersey 12/11/2022 11/8/2023 32
nomadman Wooden Medals and Plaques of the 1876 Centennial Exposition Still looking for the blank reverse variety of Holland 67, Memorial Hall. I'm not convinced it exists, especially after finding a blank reverse Holland 22, Independence Hall, last month. 10/12/2022 11/1/2023 1023
JAA 2023 P American Liberty Silver 1 oz .999 Fine Medals 10/28/2023 10/28/2023 010
JAA 2022 P American Liberty Silver 1oz .999 Fine Medal Chicago ANA Releases 10/28/2022 10/28/2023 410
Qktbird 1893 World's Columbian Exposition 7/23/2023 10/16/2023 230
Coinsssss Louis XIV 1643-1715 medals by medalist, Jean Mauger 10/3/2023 10/3/2023 13
World_Coin_Nut WCN - Medals of the World Much like my coin collection I purchase medals that catch my attention. My Swiss Shooting medals are in a set of there own. This set is all of the other medals that I currently have. 3/4/2017 10/2/2023 100652
JAA United States Assay Commission Medals 3/28/2015 9/28/2023 182419
cgcsketcherz Old School Events Anything of historical importance or nice eye appeal. 1/13/2014 9/25/2023 63611
Yarm British Historical Medals 9/12/2017 9/6/2023 2259102
Yarm Conder tokens MS66BN or better 5/25/2019 8/25/2023 12754
Thomas Mazzola Mercanti Double Eagle 8/4/2023 8/4/2023 22
La Monederia GROVE MEDALS 7/20/2023 7/20/2023 13
Myat Htet Burma: 1936 Edward VIII Fantasy To collect the coin on different metals; gold, silver, cu-ni, bronze, brass, copper. And plain edge and reeded edge. 6/30/2023 6/30/2023 16
Mosh85 GOLD 2017 1/2oz 1877 Pattern Half Union Barber, Large Head, 50mm 6/13/2023 6/13/2023 11
George's Legacy George's Legacy To collect a variety of Patriotic Civil War tokens. The composition of each token is copper and they are graded from MS64 to MS67. 1/19/2015 6/8/2023 2102105
Burdick Burdick's French Historical Napoleonic Medals & Jetons The collection will seek out medals, jetons and tokens that tell the history of Europe from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. The collection will be a "type collection" with an item to mark the significant historical events of this era. The collection will not seek to limit its scope to any one particular metal type whether it be copper, bronze, silver, gold, or gilt. As a secondary objective the collection will seek to display at least one example from each of the great designers of the time (Bovy, Webb, Bazor, Dupree, Denon, Andrieu, etc.)

It will include amongst other things examples of the following types:
- Julius
- Bramsen
- Eimer
- Hennen
- Maz
- Feuardent
- Lerouge
5/7/2023 5/7/2023 123
ridge numismatic Canadian test tokens To collect a as many as possible 5/7/2023 5/7/2023 01
jtbundy George Washington Play Money Exonumia Collecting George Washington "Play Money" examples from gas and store tokens, bubble gum and Cracker Jack packages as well as board games... 4/22/2020 4/16/2023 83732
jtbundy George Washington Medallic Art Co Exonumia George Washington MACO issues. Now that ANS has catalogued the entire MACO collection will be combing those archives for other George Washington medals. 4/22/2020 4/16/2023 104040
Crruisercharlie Canadian Pre confederation Bank of Montreal bank tokens To collect them all!! 7/16/2019 4/5/2023 3081
Fisk the Cat Silver Assay Medals 1867 to 1963 A complete collection of non unique US Mint Assay Medals struck in silver. Provenance was desirable, as was attractive and original surfaces. Thin versus Thick planchets were not material enough to warrant inclusion as weight often varied depending on time between production. Some of the medals were restruck for collectors during the later part of the 1880s and 1890s. 7/18/2022 3/18/2023 327
Prefix_001 Saudi Medals 8/26/2022 3/15/2023 1722
dukefonseca Philippines Carnival Medals 1908-1939 Complete the series 3/5/2023 3/5/2023 14
dukefonseca Spanish Philippines Medals 1780-1898 Complete the series 3/5/2023 3/5/2023 13
Maxxam Baltimore MD - Tokens / Medals 11/17/2022 2/23/2023 757
Yarm Canadian Preconfederation Tokens Penny//halfpenny bank tokens. 4/15/2012 1/25/2023 163022
Dlibertycap 19TH CENTURY NIAGARA Compile a set of pictorial medals tied to Niagara Falls, but focusing only on those from the 1800s. There are many medals from 1900 onward (including several from the Pan American Exposition) that depict the Falls, but those would be out of scope for this set. 2/3/2016 1/22/2023 6874
swike4547 Schweickart II - Civil War Store Cards - Connecticut 11/16/2020 1/11/2023 1312
Ferdinand Erdman Benjamin Franklin Historical Medals and Tokens To display a variety of medals and tokens of Benjamin Franklin for the 1770's up until the modern era, relying on Phil W. Greenslet book The Medals of Franklin A Catalog of Medals, Tokens, Medallions and Plaques Issued in honor of Franklin. In addition it will supplement my current Franklin Circulation Set 1948-1963 Mint Set in the Registry under Donald E. Schultze Memorial Set. 1/14/2020 1/5/2023 20112
3mctoledo Scottish Genuine Commercial Coins 1787-1804 R.C.Bell Type set Missing from the Bell type set thus far:
1. Bell Angus No. 2 (D&H 7) *
2. Bell Angus No. 7 (D&H 21-22) *
3. Bell Kirkcudbright No. 1 (D&H 1)
4. Bell Lanark No. 1 (D&H 27)
5. Bell Lanark No. 2 (D&H 28)
6. Bell Lothian No. 3 (D&H 14-16) *

* Bell Type coin in for grading at NGC. I will add them as they finish the process.
4/29/2022 12/27/2022 849
Joey5793 Civil War Tokens and Fun Tokens No Goals , Just Fun! Thank you for looking! 11/14/2022 11/14/2022 316
JAA 1969 APOLLO 11 MAN'S FIRST LUNAR LANDING / JOHN F. KENNEDY 63.5 mm SILVER & BRONZE MEDAL SET #483 10/28/2022 10/29/2022 52
GUEVARA74 Russia Medal MEMORY OF ALEXANDER III 10/3/2022 10/3/2022 01
BMetoyer The National Bicentennial Set by American Revolution Bicentennial Commission All 9/7/2020 8/25/2022 16828
kman101 A Simple Collector’s Patriotic Copper Civil War Tokens Find eye appealing, nice patriotic civil war tokens. Trying for quality over quantity. Prefer slabbed tokens for storage and displaying.

Newest additions:
141/307 a
254/255 a
258/446 a
12/4/2021 7/27/2022 13659
GeorgeM So-Called Dollars I'm going for the relatively obtainable medals in the set (anything about an R-5 gets awfully tough to find), preferably in MS60 or better, without any of the holed varieties, and sticking to the motifs that have eye-appeal or historical meaning to me. So, I'm guessing that limits me to about 40% of the total series? If I have an unlimited budget and decades to work on it, that's doable. 7/24/2022 7/24/2022 104
Mr Anderson gld 7/21/2022 7/21/2022 21

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