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Set Name
Set Goals
Lusterrules Lusterrules So-Called Dollars My goal is to assemble a collection of So-Called Dollars and related medals that consists of attractive, quality examples no matter their grade. Many of the medals in my set are finest known or top pop examples, with the majority of the remaining medals that make up the set being within a point or two of top pop status. I have included large, high resolution photos as well as descriptions of each medal. In an effort to keep the set organized I have the medals listed by date first followed by HK number. 12/1/2018
Horsefolk US Mint Bicentennial Proof Medals 4/8/2021
Horsefolk US Mint National Proof Medals Complete a Custom Set of National Commemorative Proof Medals of the United States Mint. 2/27/2021 4/10/2021 3518
Horsefolk US Mint Large Silver Medals 4/4/2021 4/8/2021 84
grothcc CMC Hard Times, Civil War, Merchant Tokens A nice, basic set of different things 4/7/2021 4/7/2021 27

4/16/2013 4/7/2021 6167632
Crruisercharlie Canada 2018 R&D token set Collect the complete set of 6. 10/8/2019 4/7/2021 1583
coinsarefun Coinsarefun's Tokens and Medals I love Tokens, Medals and Store cards 4/15/2008 4/4/2021 656378
Crruisercharlie Bank of Montreal bank tokens To collect them all!! 7/16/2019 4/4/2021 1862
Axel Ulen So-Called Dollars & modern Nat;l Commemorative.Medals U.S. and West Coast Exhibitions' Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo, Lewis & Clark Expo, Panama Pacific Expo, etc. and U.S.Mint National Commemorative medals'
2/23/2015 4/4/2021 1837213
MIKE BYRNE Michael Byrne Collection - Kempson Coventry Tokens Complete Set collect what I like that's first. To increase my inventory of the Conder tokens that are classic there are many more will be going up as soon as I figure it out or get help. Some very affordable some not so. I like detail I believe it has to be seen to appreciate the workmanship done by these masters. This way we all can appreciate them. Count the bricks and the windows. I call it art on copper the more who see it you will know what I mean. I have forty dollar tokens and some expensive ones. In the ANA we say as I said collect what you like. I keep to that I will be very happy to share them with you. I believe this to be the only complete set. If you know of another kindly let me know I would love to talk to the collector. . I have been sick. I have fallen behind and I apologize for that. I have 22 wonderful tokens to put up. That allot of money but I promise to get them done. You deserve to see them. Please be patient. Mike 2/4/2019 3/30/2021 83522
Scott =) buh hambag goals 10/31/2011 3/26/2021 9463
JAA United States Assay Commission Medals 3/28/2015 3/25/2021 142417
BMetoyer The National Bicentennial Set by American Revolution Bicentennial Association All 9/7/2020 3/22/2021 152
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Pioneer Fractional Gold To collect these little pieces of early California as they come available... 2/3/2017 3/17/2021 2823118
coinsarefun CoinsAreFun Newest Tokens and Medals 3/12/2021 3/12/2021 3844
Scarsdale Coin SCARSDALE COIN - The Extraordinary So Called Dollar Collection Eliasberg accomplished a virtually impossible feat by collecting one of everything... Here at Scarsdale Coin we attempt one better....not only to collect one of everything but where possible to obtain the Finest Known!

FYI, Scarsdale Coin has been for many years a behind the scene market maker of SCD and now for the first time will publish its in house collection that we have acquired over the past twenty plus years!
1/14/2014 3/11/2021 1186325
Muzzer42 Zombucks 7/12/2018 3/7/2021 18910
BMetoyer 1962 American/Canadian Numismatic Association Convention All 1962 American/ Canadian Numismatic Association show issued medals, tokens, & badges in Detroit, MI and associated Exonumia 10/5/2020 3/4/2021 8512
Cal Gold "Token" Guy Fifty Dollar Slugs: Facsimiles, Imitations, and Mementos To collect such pieces as I find them... 2/1/2017 3/4/2021 291632
Cal Gold "Token" Guy Nevada City Mint (California) Octagonal Gold Rush Slugs Primary goal is to complete a set of Nevada City Mint octagonal medals as listed by Jankovsky. 1/22/2017 3/1/2021 1920140
DRB59 Panama Pacific International Exposition 1915 12/18/2009 2/24/2021 715425
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Dancing Bears, Gold Nuggets, Medals and More Collect relevant medals as they become available 1/31/2017 2/23/2021 635595
Dallas Langham Langham Rare Coins - BOB's WEST VIRGINIA CIVIL WAR STORE CARDS 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 1845
aj5831 Libertas Americana Restrikes Restrikes of the Libertas Americana medals, from the Paris mint, one per metal composition. 2/18/2021 2/18/2021 193
Princeton Numismatics Patriotic civil war tokens and store cards Thank you to everyone that viewed the set and made the 2020 Best set recognition possible.

In time I would like to get all the tokens listed in order and add some more useful notes / descriptions. This will take a lot of time and it is always more fun to just work on adding new items.

To assemble a complete collection of the common (R-1) tokens in mint state. Adding rarer tokens when possible. Prioritizing the patriotic series over store cards.
4/28/2014 2/16/2021 3201633
jtbundy George Washington 1932 Bicentennial of Birth Collection of all of the 1932 issues in Rulau and Fuld's Medallic Portraits of Washington 11/10/2020 2/7/2021 11463
jtbundy George Washington Exonumia Building a wide variety of tokens, medals, pattern coins, jetons, store cards, bullion, mark pennies and other odds and ends with a focus on George Washington and Mount Vernon... Getting great joy in focusing on certain areas of collecting such as jetons, 1889, 1932 and modern store cards and some play money. Some of these medals are incredibly expensive and out of the price range for most of us, but many others are reasonably priced and a nice collection can be put together with time. 12/22/2018 2/7/2021 731506
elp21091966 Panama - Palo Seco Token Within the Panamanian numismatics, the use of tokens in the period after the construction of the canal stands out. The most important token set in Panama corresponds to the highly coveted Toko de Palo Seco. Polo Seco was a leprosarium that at the time of construction of the canal was founded and was made to group all Leprosy patients, mostly Panamanians and Americans. The Palo seco tokens were minted with the backing of the United States government in 1919, because at that time not only in Panama but in the world it was assumed that leprosy was also transmitted through the currency so it was decided to do something Exclusively for the internal use of Leprosory. These tokens made of bronze and Aluminum were used until the beginning of the 50s and finally destroyed Industrial Division of the Panama Canal in their entirety. They are extremely collectible and are considered the jewel in the crown as far as tokens are concerned. Panama. Extremely rare to get the full set on the $ 1 and $ 0.50 Special. This set is the only complete certificate with no details of environmental damage or bend, 1/11/2020 2/5/2021 1546
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California "Miner" Gold Tokens by Herman J. Brand Complete a representative set of Herman J. Brand's Miner Tokens 1/31/2017 1/31/2021 97822
jtbundy George Washington Spielmarke Exonumia (1860) Collecting a set of game counters from Neil Musante’s Medallic Washington which are attributed to Ludwig Christian Lauer (1817-1873).

According to Glasgow Museums*, Christian Lauer "was a leading 19th-century German manufacturer of medals, tokens, play money and related products... a medal maker in Nuremberg, Germany. He began his business in 1848. He expanded his business and in 1860 renamed it ‘coin mint L. Chr. Lauer’. He died in 1873 and the company continued under the supervision of his wife and three sons."


4/30/2020 1/25/2021 20533
cgcsketcherz Old School Events Anything of historical importance or nice eye appeal. 1/13/2014 1/23/2021 5039
douglas murphy End of World War II 1/22/2021 1/22/2021 281
World_Coin_Nut US Mint 3" Codetalker Medals This is a mostly complete set that will probably stay as is. It wouldn't be cost-prohibitive to upgrade the few pieces that would be eligible. At some point, I will add the missing pieces to this set. 1/20/2021 1/21/2021 3426
MS70Jay Jay's Mayflower Medal Set Education 1/21/2021 1/21/2021 261
Paul Courville Magician's Tokens 6/17/2014 1/13/2021 11036
farthing Provincial Tokens Building a nice representative collection of Genuine Trade Tokens, Political Tokens, Specious Tokens and Medalettes created for collectors during the late 18th century across all counties of Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. 9/26/2009 1/10/2021 2682132
keemao KEEMAO'S MEDAL SET 1/9/2021 1/9/2021 306
Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-red_book_token_set Collect a sampling of civil war tokens, hard times tokens, and related exonumia as listed in the Red Book. 6/29/2020 1/3/2021 9314
MIKE BYRNE Assorted Tokens of Eighteenth Century Britian To share with fellow collector's the beauty of these tokens. Some are penny's some half penny's. Some from other sets like Kempson London series now that's a heart attack. Thirty eight. If i was twenty and started searching maybe by sixty I would find them all of there still around. We knows some are but all is a different question. I have sets I will be putting up in competitive sets. That's down the line. I need patience and time. I just hope you like them. Thanks Mike. 2/12/2019 12/22/2020 68336
Fenntucky Mike Allegan County, Michigan - Trade Tokens Any and all trade tokens/medals for use in Allegan County Michigan, including Holland and South Haven.
11/5/2018 12/19/2020 6735
World_Coin_Nut WCN - Medals of the World Much like my coin collection I purchase medals that catch my attention. My Swiss Shooting medals are in a set of there own. This set is all of the other medals that I currently have. 3/4/2017 12/11/2020 76436
jtbundy George Washington Play Money Exonumia Collecting George Washington "Play Money" examples from gas and store tokens, bubble gum and Cracker Jack packages as well as board games... 4/22/2020 12/8/2020 29732
jtbundy George Washington Medallic Art Co Exonumia George Washington MACO issues. Now that ANS has catalogued the entire MACO collection will be combing those archives for other George Washington medals. 4/22/2020 11/27/2020 25139
MdArndt China (2020) Fighting Against Covid-19 Medals 11/23/2020 11/23/2020 1966
elp21091966 Panama Medal Our objective is to show some of the most spectacular examples of Panamanian medals in silver, gold and bronze. 4/1/2020 11/18/2020 1407
Beehive2019 Philippine Medals 1780-1945 11/14/2020 11/15/2020 512
jtbundy George Washington 1889 Centennial of Inauguration Centennial of Inauguration medals from 1889 will follow GW numbers from Neil Musante's work, and will add Douglas numbers where available. 7/26/2020 11/10/2020 9814
jtbundy George Washington Franklin Mint Exonumia George Washington Franklin Mint Issues in bronze and silver 4/22/2020 11/1/2020 23351
DRB59 Civil War Tokens A small collection of civil war tokens, with a concentration on patriotic types. 8/27/2009 10/26/2020 1355384
Cal Gold "Token" Guy Nevada City Mint (California) Round Historical Medals As there is no known reference guide to this series, I simply collect them as I find them 1/25/2017 10/25/2020 324451
brg5658 BRG - St. George Upper Canada Tokens 7/20/2014 10/20/2020 12357
Jaco Swanepoel Wiehann Collection South Africa Medal Collection To record all medals collected 6/9/2019 10/17/2020 17615
Nagarana COVID-19 Coins 9/23/2020 9/23/2020 644
DINKO1 BULGARIA-CANTIM 1879/1887 BULGARIA-CANTIM 1879/1887 3/12/2020 9/21/2020 1663
Spencer Collection Shame on Mitchell McConnell for racing to a vote for SC nominee Collect and List with Photos, German World War I " Zetzmann " Medals. Best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show Features above. 1/4/2014 9/18/2020 612722
Spencer Collection Religion does not belong in government / politics Obtain and List with Photos, Artistic Religious Related World & U.S. Medals. The set is best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show Features above. 1/9/2014 9/18/2020 573650
Spencer Collection Americans deserve a voice in appt of SC nominee STOP TRUMP Obtain and Display Good For Tokens With Photos and Descriptions. Best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show Features above. 1/4/2014 9/18/2020 639758
Spencer Collection Loss of RBG is final nail in Democracy's coffin Emphasis is placed on rarities. 1/19/2014 9/18/2020 687458
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of World and U.S. Historical Medals Including So-Called Dollars 7/4/2013 9/18/2020 242681166
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION: Medallic History of Christopher Columbus and the World's Columbian Exposition Obtain and list with photos, a myriad of WCE Medals, providing an overview, or better, of the types and styles of the Medals produced for the Expo. These will eventually include examples of the following types or categories of "Dollars": Official Medals, Government Building, both Large and Small Letter Obverse; Dollars known as: Declaration of Independence; Discovery of America; New Metal Aluminum; Bird's Eye View; Chicago; Ferris Wheel; World Globe; Exhibition Palace; Statue of Liberty; Columbus Tower or Interstate Dollar and State Dollar; Liberty Head; Saint-Gaudens; Columbus Bust; Uniface; Columbus Statue; Female Figure with Landing Scene; Baby Ruth or Trinity of Heroes; McCormick Reaper; Board of Lady Managers and Director General Dollars. 1/20/2014 9/4/2020 1236665
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of Schützenfest (Swiss & German Shooting Festival) Medals & Celebration Medals Presentation of Swiss and German Shooting and Award Medals by Date with Photos. Best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show Feature above. 12/28/2013 9/4/2020 1162734
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of So Called Dollars Emphasis will be placed on Rarities, such as the 1962 Gold Seattle World's Fair Commerce and Industry Medal which is now part of this Collection. Only four gold examples were struck. The Collection is best viewed using the Gallery Feature above. 11/20/2013 9/4/2020 12997424
Pegas0 American Numismatic Association Coins and Medals Group these important coins as part or the American numismatic history and heritage. 8/27/2020 8/28/2020 611
James Shock Civil War Tokens - James Shock Collection 8/25/2020 8/25/2020 14649
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of So Called Dollars from Pacific Coast Expositions and Events At this time, the goal and intent is to list SC$'s from the following Pacific Coast Expos and Events: The California Midwinter Exposition 1894; The Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition 1905; The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906; The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition 1909; The Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915; The Golden Gate International Exposition 1939-1940; and the Seattle World's Fair 1962. Medals for certain Pacific Coast Dedications or Completions will also be included in this set, such as the Santa Monica Breakwater Medals of 1933. These Medals marked both the beginning and completion of the Breakwater construction which included ceremonies and major yachting events and nine days of boat races. The actual Breakwater construction was considered a disaster as it promptly broke in two; the City "panicked"; abandoned plans for a concrete Breakwater, and finally used rock-mound type construction of lightweight Catalina stone, which according to some reshaped beaches badly by causing uneven deposits of sand, and then began to crumble. 1/11/2014 8/24/2020 8749125
Best2u ~18th Century "Conder" Tokens -The LL&P Collection "Conder" tokens in the collection. 1/23/2009 8/4/2020 3839157
George's Legacy George's Legacy II To collect Philadelphia Merchant Tokens that are listed in Rulau. The time period is from 1845 to the Civil War. Each token is made of copper, brass, silver or white metal. They are graded from AU55 to MS67.
1/19/2015 7/31/2020 89853
Fenntucky Mike Medals of the NBU, 1995 - Present A loose collection of medals from the NBU, acquired to supplement some of my registry sets or for specific subject matter. 7/28/2020 7/28/2020 932
George's Legacy George's Legacy To collect a variety of Patriotic Civil War tokens. Each token is made of copper and they are graded from MS63 to MS66. 1/19/2015 7/24/2020 124794
Cal Gold "Token" Guy "Gold Rush" Souvenir Gold Tokens of the Late 19th and Early 20th Century To collect these interesting, and largely uncatalogued*, small gold tokens as I find them

*No widely printed comprehensive reference catalog in existence of which I am aware
2/2/2017 7/18/2020 5109112
LNCS World's Columbian Expo Elongated Liberty Nickel Set To complete a type set of Columbian Expo Elongated Liberty Nickels by M&D number as listed in "Yesterday's Elongateds" by Lee Martin and Dottie Dow. While I have read there were 4 basic designs, the book shows a fifth. The only example I have seen of this sold for $395 on Ebay in early 2017. 10/23/2016 6/25/2020 94882
PonyPuller 1904 World Fair / LPE Tokens & Medals A complete set of the 1904 St. Louis World Fair medals, coins, tokens and So-Called Dollars as listed in Hendershott and Hibler & Kappen. Including unlisted exhibition-related tokens and medals as I encounter them.

Cross-references to:

Kurt R. Krueger "The Exonumia of the 1904 World's Fair" (1979)

Nathan N. Eglit "Louisiana Purchase Exposition - Catalog of Coins, Tokens, Medals & Misc." published in TAMS Journal, Vol. 10, 8/1970 No. 4 (Part 2).
1/26/2012 6/22/2020 17786168
Dlibertycap Panorama 1901 To own each variety of token and medal associated with the expo (including So Called Dollars), in the highest grade possible. Encased pennies and elongated cents will be listed separately.

There are well over 100 different medals from the PAE. Some types are common, but many are scarce or rare. Based on auction appearances including eBay the last few years, the opportunities to acquire some of the scarcer pieces do not occur that often. Sometimes years go by without seeing some types offered. The truly rare ones hardly appear at all and most must be socked away somewhere and only reappear in estate sales or when old-time collections are broken up. It is hard to put a number on how many still exist and difficult to accurately assign to a rarity scale. Unlike rare coins that have a ready-made market, appearances of medals for sale may not indicate rarity since the demand for them may not be driving the number of offerings. However, based on relative scarcity I provide my estimate of rarity using the updated Sheldon/HK 2nd Edition scale below.

R1 Common 1,250+
R2 Uncommon 501 - 1,250
R3 Scarce 201 - 500
R4 Very Scarce 76 - 200
R5 Rare 31 - 75
R6 Very Rare 13 - 30
R7 Extremely Rare 4 - 12
R8 Nearly Unique 2 - 3
R9 Unique 1

From a collector standpoint, even some of the rare pieces are available for less than $50 as the demand part of the equation is not driving these upward. That makes for a wonderful opportunity to purchase some of these great historical pieces.
1/12/2013 6/4/2020 4933122
Brad_Vet FEuchtwanger Tokens to acquire at least one of every token he produced 6/2/2020 6/2/2020 18926
Bobbiek Swiss Shooting Medals 1/14/2020 5/28/2020 556185
John5123 1933-34 Century of Progress Expo Hibler & Kaplan limited their so-called dollar listings to medals measuring between 33-45 mm. Most of the medals struck for this fair were 32 mm or less, so they were not listed. There was a more detailed catalog of Century of Progress Expo medals that includes the sub 33 mm ones. It was in the Journal of the Token & Medal Society, Volume V, Aug-Oct 1962, Number 4. It was compiled by Nathan Eglit (Columbania). It uses CP prefixes as identifiers. The publication is readily available on the internet. 5/26/2020 5/27/2020 23949
TheHawaiianaNumismatist Undated Hawaii So Called Dollar Type Set
The goal of this set is four-fold:
  1. Share my knowledge of the Hawaii undated so called dollars
  2. Share an image of an intact Hawaii 49th State error (HK-722)
  3. Share information about the "without rays" HK-723
  4. Locate higher graded specimens and/or new varieties for this set
1/11/2013 5/25/2020 23904
buknoy2173 Buknoy's Philippine Medals To collect and showcase the wide array of Philippine medals from the Spanish,American, Commonweath, Japanese Occupation and Republic Periods up to the present. 4/24/2020 5/19/2020 10024
AVALEIGH HARD TIMES TOKENS 11/17/2017 5/16/2020 67823
AVALEIGH CIVIL WAR STORE CARDS 11/17/2017 5/16/2020 74961
AVALEIGH AMERICAN POLITICAL MEDALS 11/17/2017 5/16/2020 124689
AVALEIGH CIVIL WAR PATRIOTIC TOKENS 11/17/2017 5/13/2020 110245
Corey J.Merrill G.S.M. Four Horses of the Apocalypse To collect one of each each medal and 10 oz. Bar in the highest known grades. The 8 silver medals would be considered a short set . I like sharing odd and cool finds . 5/10/2020 5/10/2020 1021
Ty Gemberling Lovett Tokens & Medals My goal is to collect each token & medal ever created by the Lovett family. I am using Dave Baldwin's website/blog as guidance. Dave has recorded the only site/blog where all of this information is together. He is the leading expert on the Lovett's and their work. I am submitting my personal collection for grading so NGC potentially will start a Lovett variety. Or have a variety for each member of the family. 4/27/2020 4/27/2020 12318
PonyPuller Equestrian and Agricultural Medals Equestrian and agricultural medals, primarily including those depicting horses, farm animals, or farm implements. 3/6/2019 4/11/2020 44350
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Octagonal Half-Dollar and Dollar sized "Arms of California" Gold Tokens Collect these small gold tokens as they become available (at a reasonable price) 2/4/2017 4/6/2020 116941
Cfp Hermit’s tokens and medals 3/31/2020 3/31/2020 963
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of U.S. & World Medal Plaques This Set includes U.S. and World Plaques from many different countries, medallists, sculptors, and artists and is a work in progress. Some Plaques are Slabbed, most are Raw and Ungraded, many are in original cases. The Set is best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show links above. 6/2/2014 3/30/2020 10196345
Spencer Collection HORNREICH COLLECTION of Award Medals Locate, Obtain and List with Photos, World and U.S. Award Medals of all types. Best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show features above. 1/13/2014 3/28/2020 822774
Ferdinand Erdman Benjamin Franklin Historical Medals and Tokens To display a variety of medals and tokens of Benjamin Franklin for the 1770's up until the modern era, relying on Phil W. Greenslet book The Medals of Franklin A Catalog of Medals, Tokens, Medallions and Plaques Issued in honor of Franklin. In addition it will supplement my current Franklin Circulation Set 1948-1963 Mint Set in the Registry under Donald E. Schultze Memorial Set. 1/14/2020 3/28/2020 12510
Fisk the Cat US Silver Assay Medals 1867 - 1963 Obtain one of each non-unique medals issued by the US Mint to commemorate the Annual Assay Commission meeting. Specimens with pedigree and eye appeal are the primary objectives. 3/19/2020 3/19/2020 12023
SHS-USA U.S. Presidential and Inaugural Medals 3/19/2020 3/19/2020 1097
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Round Quarter-Dollar sized "Arms of California" gold tokens Collect these small California gold tokens as I find them at a reasonable price... 2/4/2017 3/4/2020 85846
longstrider Kempson's Do what I can 3/1/2020 3/1/2020 1111
Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Octagonal Quarter-Dollar Sized "Arms of California" Gold Tokens To put together a representative set of "Arms of California" gold tokens 1/31/2017 3/1/2020 109641
Dlibertycap 19TH CENTURY NIAGARA Compile a set of pictorial medals tied to Niagara Falls, but focusing only on those from the 1800s. There are many medals from 1900 onward (including several from the Pan American Exposition) that depict the Falls, but those would be out of scope for this set. 2/3/2016 2/28/2020 5964
Tom Carr US Mint 1988 Young Astronaut Very difficult to find the 6 oz and 12 oz silver medals. The 3-inch, 12-ounce gold medal (38 pieces struck) would be quite a prize. 2/19/2020 2/19/2020 1133

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