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My current interests revolve around the 1901 Pan=American Exposition in Buffalo NY. I am originally from the Western New York area and have been interested in the expo, but only recently have become enthralled by its medals, tokens, stamps, and a few select other souvenirs. My initial goal was to collect the "So-Called Dollars" from the Fair (HK-287, 288, 289, 290, 290A, 291, and 291A). I figured the seven medals would be an obtainable goal with only the elusive copper HK-288 proposing the biggest obstacle. I soon discoved the many other truly historic and collectible medals and tokens from the event. It's great stuff. I hope to be able to share the information I have gathered in the last few months by building a "Custom Set" on line for all to view and enjoy. There is precious little information out there on this narrow niche of collecting. I would like to correspond with anyone that has the same interests.


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