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I'm a 30 year old collector (as of January 2019) based in Denver, CO and a graduate of Regis University. I got into numismatics in the summer of 2012. My fascination for coin-collecting began when I was visiting my grandparents in Michigan. Both my Nana and Grandad explained how my grandfather's father (my great-grandfather) was a penny collector. During his time, he would roll-hunt, searching for the renowned 1909-S V.D.B. My great-grandfather's wife had passed and this was a way for him to keep his mind off of the difficult circumstances surrounding him. My Nana would go to the banks with him and search through hundreds of penny rolls in hot pursuit of scarce dates and the V.D.B. Apparently, he eventually found it, yet another story goes he won it at a gambling table during WWII. The latter of the two stories is probably correct.

Needless to say, I was fascinated and hooked from the start. Roll-hunting? It was like a treasure hunt with no possible end. Thankfully, I explained the story to a friend of mine who was still in CO while I was on my trip and he was instantly pulled in, as well. So, I now had a partner in crime and someone to share my finds with. When I first started, I never imagined not only the sheer complexity in the numismatic field, but the amount of education needed to pursue the hobby successfully; not to mention the magnitude in price for particular pieces. That summer, my buddy and I hunted for Lincoln Wheat Cents and silver Jefferson "War-Time" Nickels. Each one we found was just as exciting as the last.

With time, and a great deal of pursuing my numismatic education through books, guides, experience and the knowledge of experts (while also learning through many mistakes and poor purchase decisions at the beginning), I eventually began to understand more about the hobby and what I liked the collect.

As of now, my collection has grown exponentially. I love the challenge of collecting and trying to make particular unconventional sets that are difficult to put together. One of the most significant draws to numismatics for me is that collecting can be done in any way or fashion the collector chooses. The uniqueness and personalization is what truly drives my fascination, along with the rich history that goes with it.

My interests in collecting currently lie in early U.S. Federal type-coin issues (mainly silver and copper); So-Called Dollars/So-Called Half-Dollars with themes of interest and/or beauty in design; U.S.-Philippines Issues; Colorado exonumia (medals, tokens, SC$1's, SC50C); many more areas if they grab my attention. I do not collect one series or coin in particular, but all different coin/exonumia types. In doing so, I like creating sub-sets within each. Usually creating type-date-grade-variety sets (i.e. 1878 Morgan Dollar; every variety for that year; all in a single particular grade). I also like creating mint-state/proof date-grade-type-variety sets (i.e. 1905 Liberty V Nickel in PF-64 & 1905 Liberty V Nickel in MS-64). Seeing the comparison for not just the date, but the strike is quite intriguing. Finally, I also like creating variety sets from a particular theme (Rush to the Rockies So-Called Dollars - Collecting all the varieties from that specific event).

My main focus, presently, is researching and collecting Colorado specimens of nearly any type, as I'm a born and raised native. Looking at my home-state's history through the numismatic eye has been exciting, thrilling and immensely fulfilling, to say the least.

I have found the primary challenge frequently presenting itself within the hobby is the financial aspect. I'm certain many fellow enthusiasts experience this, as well. I have a modest career, yet unfortunately not one suited or lavish enough to afford issues of great rarity. I therefore collect on a budget and patiently save until I come across the right example. This still allows me to collect higher caliber coins and exonumia; yet, purchases are, simply put, less frequent. Two aspects need to come to fruition simultaneously in order for me to make a purchase of a scarcer example; having the money saved to afford the piece and having the right specimen cross my path when I actually have the financial backing to afford it. This has proven to be a difficult task at times. Nevertheless, it has not and will never daunt my love for and participation in numismatics.

I hope to continue collecting throughout the entirety of my life for I am always learning more and developing new interests and appreciations. Coin-collecting has brought peace and happiness to my life. I was on a difficult path for a number of years and in a way, coin-collecting saved me. It didn't just teach me about the history of the hobby or particular coin types, but it also taught me responsibility, discipline and patience. All have helped guide me in living a more productive and fulfilling life and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I hope my bio will give a better insight into why I have created the particular sets listed in NGC's Registry and shine light on the unique person/collector I am.


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[Collapse] Nickels
  Jefferson Wartime Nickels 1942-1945, Circulation Issue 214 The J. Perry Jefferson Wartime Nickel Complete MS Collection 0 0 0 0 0 -36 9/4/2019160
[Collapse] Mint Sets 1934-1964
  1942 Mint Set 34 The J. Perry 1942 U.S. Mint Set (Philadelphia) 12 2 2 2 388 8 9/4/2019223
[Collapse] Proof Sets 1936-1964
  1942 Proof Set 55 The J. Perry 1942 U.S. Proof Set 16 1 1 1 642 39 2/21/2019149
[Collapse] American Overseas Territories
  1903 Proof Set 7 The J. Perry 1903 US-Philippines Proof Set 57 4 4 4 3723 -498 10/17/2017253
  USA-Philippines, 1903-1908, Proof Issues 11 The J. Perry US-Philippines Proof Set 14 5 5 5 4677 -654 10/17/2017351
  USA-Philippines, 1903-1945, Complete, Including Varieties 18 The J. Perry 1903 US-Philippines MS/PF Identical Grade Set 3 7 7 7 4320 1887 10/19/2017577

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