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British Historical Medals

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British Historical Medals through the reign of Victoria

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View Coin Charles II-Embarkation at Sheveningen,1660 by Peter van Abeele HOLLOW 1660-DATED G.BRIT MI-455,44. SCHEVENIGEN HOLLOW (70.4mm, 75.64g) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Embossed plates joined at the edge.
View Coin Queen Anne-Expedition to Vigo Bay,1702 by J.Croker GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1702 G.BRIT MI-236-18 EXPEDITION TO VIGO BAY PCGS MS 66 Brown
View Coin Future George I becomes Commander-in-Chief,1707 by P.H.Muller Julius-1173 PCGS PF 64 PCGS SP64, Forster-745, 42mm
This medal was produced upon the appointment of George Louis, Duke of Brunswick-L√ľneburg (Hanover) in the Holy Roman Empire, as Commander-in-chief of the Imperial Army of the Upper Rhine. He would later become George I of Great Britain.
View Coin Queen Anne-Battle of Almenara,1710 by J.Croker MI 373/218 PCGS PF 64 PCGS SP64BN, Eimer-445, 48mm
View Coin Queen Anne-Battle of Saragossa,1710 by J.Croker MI 373/219 PCGS MS 64 Eimer-446, 48mm
View Coin George I Coronation, G.W.Vestner, 1714, WM, 44mm GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. WM 1714 G. BRIT MI-421-4 GEORGE I CORONATION NGC MS 62 DPL
View Coin George I-Act of Grace,1717 by J.Croker MI 437/37 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1717 G.BRIT MI-436-36 THE ACT OF GRACE NGC AU 58 BN Eimer 478, 45mm
View Coin George I-Treaty of Passarowitz,1718 by J. Croker, MI 437/39 PCGS PF 64 PCGS SP64, Eimer 479, 45mm
View Coin Oliver Cromwell and Tommaso Aniello by St. Urbain, c1720 BRONZE (C1720) GB MI-432/79 CROMWELL & ANIELLO (44mm) ST. URBAIN FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 66 BN Eimer 199, 55mm. Cromwell (Britain) and Aniello (Italy) were both commoners.
View Coin George I, Order of the Bath Revived,1725 by J.Croker,MI 463/75 AE 1725 G.BRIT MI-463,75 ORDER OF THE BATH REVIVED 46.5mm NGC MEDAL MS 64 BN Eimer 501
View Coin George II Coronation,1727 by J.Croker,MI 479/4 COPPER 1727 G.BRIT. MI-479-4 GEORGE II CORONATION NGC MEDAL MS 63 BN Eimer 510, 34mm
View Coin George II-Second Treaty of Vienna,1731 by J.Croker MI 496/39 PCGS MS 64 Eimer 523, 37mm
View Coin Jernegan's Lottery, 1736 by J.S.Tanner MI 517/72 SILVER 1736 G.BRIT. MI-517-72 JERNGAN'S LOTTERY NGC MEDAL MS 63 Eimer 537, 39mm
View Coin Monument to John Milton, 1737 by J.S.Tanner Eimer 542 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. SILVER 1737 G.BRIT MI-524-83 JOHN MILTON MONUMENT WESTMINSTER ABBEY NGC MS 63
View Coin Martin Folkes, 1742 by Hamerani? Eimer 572. MI II 571/206 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1742 G.BRIT MI-571-206 MARTIN FOLKES PCGS MS 62 Brown
View Coin Loyal Association, 1745 by T.Pingo GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1745 G.BRIT MI-603-257 LOYAL ASSOCIATION NGC MS 65 BN
View Coin Formation of the Free British Fishery Society,1750 by I.Koch MI 659/365 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1750 G.BRIT MI-659-365 BRITISH FISHERY SOCIETY NGC MS 64 BN Eimer 629, 40mm
View Coin Frederick Prince of Wales,1750 by J.A.Dassier MI 660/366 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1750 G.BRIT MI-660-366 FREDERICK PRINCE OF WALES NGC MS 63 BN Eimer 631, 55mm
View Coin 2nd Duke of Montagu Memorial,1751 MI 663/369 COPPER 1751 G.BRIT. MI-663-369 JOHN 2ND DUKE OF MONTAGU (55.4mm) NGC MEDAL MS 65 RB Eimer 635, 55mm
View Coin Goree taken, 1758 by J.Pingo Eimer 661, 41mm GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. COPPER 1758 G.BRIT MI-686-405 LOUISBURG TAKEN NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin George II-Successes of 1758 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1758 G.BRIT MI-692-416 SUCCESSES OF 1758 NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin George III-Age of Majority,1759 MI 698/428 55mm 1759 G.BRIT COPPER MI-698,428 GEORGE, PRINCE OF WALES NGC MEDAL MS 66 BN Eimer 666, 55mm
View Coin Battle of Minden, 1759 by J.Pingo GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1759 G.BRIT MI-700-431 BATTLE OF MINDEN NGC MS 62 BN
View Coin Victory at Belleisle,1759 by J. Kirk MI 706/441 Great Britain Medals PCGS UNC Details Eimer 676, 39.5mm
View Coin George II-Successes of 1759 by J.Kirk GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRASS 1759 G.BRIT MI-708-444 SUCCESSES OF 1759 NGC MS 63
View Coin Accession of George III,1760 by T.Pingo BHM 3 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1760 G.BRIT BHM-3 GEORGE III ACCESSION PCGS MS 63 Brown Eimer-683, 41mm
View Coin Accession of George III,1760 by J.Kirk BHM 4 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1760 G.BRIT BHM-4 GEORGE III ACCESSION NGC MS 63 BN PCGS PR63, Eimer 684, 36mm
View Coin Marriage of George III to Queen Charlotte,1761 by J.Kirk BHM 10 COPPER 1761 G.BRIT. BHM-10 GEORGE III MARRIAGE NGC MEDAL MS 65 RB Eimer 690, 36mm
View Coin Coronation of King George III and Queen Charlotte,1761 by T.Pingo GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1761 G.BRIT BHM-30 GEORGE III CORONATION NGC MS 63 BN
View Coin George III-Capture of Belleisle,1761 by T.Pingo BHM 71 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1761 G.BRIT BHM-71 CAPTURE OF BELLE ISLE NGC MS 64 BN Eimer 687, 41mm
View Coin George III-Pondicherry Taken,1761 by T.Pingo BHM 72 BRONZE 1761-DATED BHM-72 PONDICHERRY TAKEN (39mm) T.PINGO FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 65 BN Eimer 686, 39mm
View Coin Lord Camden appointed Chancellor,1766 by T.Pingo BHM 97 PCGS MS 64 Eimer-716, 40mm
View Coin David Garrick,1772 by L.Pingo BHM 161 COPPER 1772 G.BRIT BHM-161 DAVID GARRICK, ACTOR 41mm NGC MEDAL MS 64 BN Laudatory medal, 41mm
View Coin Joseph Priestely,1783 by J.G.Hancock BHM 251 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE PENNY 1783 G.BRIT D&H-33 WARWICKSHIRE - BIRMINGHAM E: PLAIN NGC MS 64 BN Eimer 807, 36mm. This medal was produced with two reverse dies. Dalton & Hamer includes these medals in their Conder token reference as Warwickshire 32 and 33.
View Coin George III-American Independence,c1775 by L.Pingo BHM 265 BRONZE 1795 G.BRIT BHM-265 AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE 40mm NGC MEDAL MS 64 RB Eimer 764a (plate), c1775 , 40mm. Lewis Pingo exhibited this medal in 1775.
View Coin Merlin's Temple of Music,1788 by J.Milton BHM 293 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1788 G.BRIT BHM-293 MERLIN'S TEMPLE OF MUSIC NGC MS 65 BN Eimer 824, 40mm
View Coin George III-Recovery from illness,1789 by T.Wyon Sr. BHM 304 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY 1789 D&H-184 BIS 1 MIDDLESEX-NATIONAL SERIES E: PLAIN, WM NGC AU 58 This medal is included in Dalton & Hamer as Middlesex 184 bis1.
View Coin George III, King's Health Restored, 1789 by J.P.Droz G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY 1789 G.BRIT D&H-180 MIDDLESEX-NATIONAL SERIES E: PLAIN, AR NGC MS 64 BHM 311
View Coin King's Health Restored, 1789 by J.P.Droz BHM 311 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY 1789 G.BRIT D&H-180 MIDDLESEX-NATIONAL SERIES E: PLAIN NGC MS 66 BN Eimer 827, 35mm. Dalton & Hamer includes several varieties of BHM 311 under Middlesex 179-181.
View Coin George III visit to Bath, 1789 by J.Davies BHM 320 G.BRIT - SOMERSETSHIRE 1/2P 1789 G.BRIT D&H-27 SOMERSETSHIRE - BATH E: PLAIN NGC MS 65 BN 29mm
View Coin Lord Earl Howe-Battle of the 1st of June,1794 by C.H.Kuchler BHM 383 PCGS PF 64 PCGS SP64 Eimer 855, 47mm
View Coin York Minster,1796 by T.Wyon Sr. BHM 418 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS SILVER 1796 G.BRIT BHM-418 YORK MINSTER NGC UNC Details Eimer 877 (plated), 45mm
View Coin Admiral Duncan-Battle of Camperdown,1797 BHM 428 BRONZE 1797 G.BRIT BHM-428 BATTLE OF CAMPERDOWN 39mm NGC MEDAL MS 64 BN
View Coin George III, Victories of the Year, 1798, BHM 458, Eimer 897 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1798 G.BRIT BHM-458 VICTORIES OF THE YEAR PCGS MS 64 Brown PCGS SP64BN
View Coin Death of Earl Howe, 1794 by T.Wyon GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1794 G.BRIT BHM-468 DEATH OF EARL HOWE PCGS MS 64 Brown
View Coin Minorcan Magistrates.1798 by J.Milton BHM 461 PCGS PF 63 PCGS SP63RB Eimer 898, 51mm.
View Coin Death of Admiral Nelson,1805 by T.Webb BHM 577 PCGS PF 65 PCGS SP65 Eimer 957, 53mm
View Coin Victories of the Year,1805 by J.Westwood BHM 599 GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS BRONZE 1805 G.BRIT BHM-599 VICTORIES OF 1805 NGC MS 64 BN
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