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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
coin928 The U.S. Mint Goes to War The coins in this set encompass all of the coins produced by the U.S. Mint for circulation in foreign countries during World War II. World War II is generally considered to have begun in Europe with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, and officially ended with VJ-Day on August 14, 1945. I have include 1946 since many foreign mints did not go back into full production immediately, and there was still a need for the U.S. Mint to provide coins for the post-war rebuilding effort. I have also included the two 1947 MacArthur commemorative coins minted for the Philippines because they mark the transition from War to Peace time production and seem like a fitting end to this set. 11/27/2015 4/7/2021 107997154
coinsbygary Inspirational Ladies Allegorical, monarchal, athletic, and historical women that inspire us and appear on coinage from around the world. 8/1/2008 4/2/2021 659898
colmoultrie Circulated History - Colonial and Early US coins 1/15/2021 3/12/2021 231
JJWhizman Modern US Military To accumulate modern commemoratives issued by the U. S. Mint or other commemorative coins associated with the American Military Civil War and any other commemorative medals or coins issued in regards to conflicts/wars fought by the American Military. Also coins honoring American Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal, State and local. 6/24/2012 3/11/2021 142483
Bowen Jr National Parks 3/2/2021 3/2/2021 1577
Vecchia Lira British Empire and Commonwealth 2/19/2021 2/19/2021 194
hayleyh Animals Around The World I hope to collect as many coins with animals as I can. I love animals and think they make great coin designs. 3/11/2020 2/8/2021 1295
DRB59 Gold Dollars A type set of gold dollars. 12/18/2009 2/1/2021 128913
colmoultrie Shipwreck Coins 1/26/2021 1/27/2021 212
coinsandmedals What comes next? You've been freed. Do you know how hard it is to lead? Although my ambition is to build a complete collection of the Soho Mint pieces, this would be an unrealistic goal. Instead, my goal is to accumulate a representative sample of Soho pieces that depict the height of artistic and scientific ingenuity of the era. In completing this goal, I hope to bring knowledge to those interested by providing detailed pictures and accurate descriptions. A great deal of numismatic history remains to be explored by those unfamiliar, and what better way to learn than by looking at a selection of handpicked specimens?

This set won the NGC Registry "Most Informative Custom Set" award in 2020. I am deeply humbled by NGC’s generosity, and this award, paired with the kind words from the NGC judges, means a great deal to me.

Notes from the judges:

As the owner of this set explains, its title is taken from a line in the musical Hamilton that is uttered by Britain’s King George III to the newly independent America. In fact, the introductory text to this set makes for such fascinating reading that it’s easy to forget about the coins. These comprise a broad assortment of the copper pieces struck for George III at Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint from 1788 to 1813. Each piece is nicely illustrated and accompanied by very detailed text about its technical details, as well as its historical context. This is a truly superb presentation.
8/15/2019 1/24/2021 112042
coinsandmedals Social elitism: As told by the history of English copper 1694-1807 With this set, I hope to highlight the social circumstances that further propagated that numerous issues surrounding the production of regal copper, bronze, and tin coinage in England from the reign of William and Mary to that of George III. Furthermore, in using the coins in my modest but expanding collection, I hope to provide some basic knowledge regarding the numerous patterns, proofs, and business strikes of regal English copper. It is my sincere hope that giving the historical context in the introduction, paired with examples from my collection, may entice others to explore this vibrant area of history. I am too sensible to think this meager set will have a profound enough impact to make any significant contributions to the hobby. Still, if I can intrigue even one collector, I would consider the time and effort invested in this collection to be a striking success!

This set won the NGC Registry "Most Creative Custom Set" award in 2019. This was a complete surprise and it means a great deal to me that others have found some enjoyment from my collection.

Notes from the judges:

The goal of this collector is to portray a historical pattern of discrimination against the poor and working classes through neglecting their need for small change coins. Despite plenty of evidence that low value copper pieces were needed, Britain’s Royal Mint seldom attended to this need before the 19th Century. This tale is told through a selection of about two dozen coins spanning 1694-1807. Each entry provides excellent photos and highly detailed commentary about its numismatic aspects and the owner’s experiences with that coin.
8/20/2019 1/24/2021 73843
MaltMan U.S.1943 Wartime Date Set 1/18/2021 1/18/2021 215
brg5658 Horses My goal is to create a collection of coins, medals, tokens, and other numismatic items which feature prominent images of the horse. Items included vary greatly in the use of the horse image. While this is not an exhaustive collection of such items, it is a wide-ranging set of coins paying tribute to one of the worlds most graceful and beautiful creatures. I also have a large collection of raw horse related numismatic items (around 100 pieces not replicated here).

Most pieces feature the horse in one of three ways:

  • The horse as a symbol of heraldry, power, or mythology

  • The horse with a mounted (usually famous) rider

  • The horse in its natural surroundings as an animal intertwined with the history of humans


Judge's Comments: Thematic collecting is always popular, and this one makes the most of coins featuring horses. In addition to a great array of coins and tokens from around the world, from ancient times to modern, the individual entries are presented in an extremely attractive and entertaining manner. A template is used that presents the coins in “postcard” form, with an enlarged view of the side bearing the horse imagery. A second postcard includes other non-numismatic images which help to tell its story and place it in context. This is a truly fun set which will appeal even to the non-collector.

Judge's Comments: This charming collection features depictions of horses on coins, medals and tokens from all periods of history back to ancient times. Having already been awarded “Most Creative Custom Set” in 2011, it presently features over 250 pieces and will continue to grow. Each specimen is described in detail, with most entries providing information about both the numismatic item and its subject matter. This is done in the form of two postcard style views, one for the specimen and another for the subject. The project is ongoing, particularly with respect to the historic views, but it’s already a very broad and educational presentation that transcends numismatics alone.
4/1/2011 1/4/2021 6817288
Coinbuf My old holder collection I love the look of the old PCGS rattler/OGH, NGC fat no-line holders, small ANACS, green label PCI holders, and I really like old photocert holders. Even defunct and hated companies like ACG are included in this set for the history involved. This set is all about the old holders. 10/16/2005 12/29/2020 852174
Robert Vantress RV Custom Kennedy Type Prf and MS Coins and Medals - World and U.S. RV Custom Kennedy Type Prf and MS Coins and Medals - World and U.S. 12/20/2020 12/20/2020 2370
jw kenney W Quarters 11/29/2020 11/29/2020 392
Adaf The 8 Mints in Gold As a novice collector, without a lot of money to spend, just looking for something respectable and sure to hold value as an investment. I wanted it to fit in a nice 8-place display case for graded coins that I found online, and provide a lot of diversity and discussion. Little did I know that there are only a limited number of ways to assemble this set (I.e. 1 gold coin from each mint; all different denominations and types). It proved to be a great exercise for a new collector, having to study all the types and histories, and be patient for just the right coin at an affordable price. 11/26/2020 11/26/2020 388
Paploo Olympic Coins Get as many as possible. 8/27/2020 11/17/2020 459
Paploo FAO To get as many as I can. 10/24/2020 11/17/2020 536
Ian Yan Malaysia Commemorative Ringgit MS To collect a complete full set of Commemorative Ringgit coins.
A reminiscence of achievement for country's past progress & development.
5/4/2020 11/15/2020 1211
Ian Yan Malaysia Commemorative Ringgit PF 11/13/2020 11/13/2020 477
GAM Avis Nummus Assemblage of coins depicting bird imagery with emphasis on diversity of species in the collection. A numismatics life list so to speak. When available, I will use the reverse image to add a real life picture that I have taken of the bird featured on the coin. The set contains the following species:

Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga)
Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola)
Black-Crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
Brown pelican ( Pelecanus occidentalis)
California condor (Gymnogyps californianus)
Carolina wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus)
Common loon (Gavia immer)
Ducks (Unspecified)
Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
Great Egret (Ardea alba)
Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)
Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)
Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona vittata)
Red-tailed Hawk (2) (Buteo jamaicensis)
Ring-Necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)
Roseate Spoonbill (Platalea ajaja)
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus)
Seagull (Unspecified)
Snowy Egret (Egretta thula)
White Tern (Gygis alba)
Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
9/8/2018 10/30/2020 37231
brg5658 Queen Victoria Medals and Coins 6/10/2020 10/23/2020 699
trozau trozau - Jamaica $100 Bob Marley (Gold) Gold Coins with Bob Marley's Effigy 2/10/2007 10/13/2020 78121
JAA Philippine Pedigrees All of the USA-Philippines coins in this set have famous pedigrees and spectacular eye appeal. 7/12/2012 9/25/2020 270645
coin928 None Finer! All of my coins for which there is none finer known. This could become a VERY high maintenance set. I'll try to clean it up at least once per month, but at any given time there may still be coins in this set that no longer belong here.

Rev. 5/23/2018
12/19/2012 9/11/2020 233587
Crruisercharlie Charlie's Canadian Cats???? As many as I can! 10/10/2019 9/8/2020 1521
Kurisu Space Exploration Lots of them! 8/21/2020 8/21/2020 561
coin928 Coins I have had graded. A place to track successes and failures in my choices for coins to have graded. With each submission, I hope to improve my predictions and have the range of values down to Mildly Disappointed, Satisfied, and Happy. 2/15/2013 8/15/2020 2145379
jtbundy George Washington the Freemason Collect medals primarily described with either Musante’s Medallic Washington or Rulau and Fuld’s Medallic Portraits of Washington with some unlisted medals. 8/11/2020 8/13/2020 10318
Ian Yan Singapore Orchid S$5 2006-2015 Complete Almost complete a perfect score of PF70 UC grade for the 20 coins in the whole series. 3/3/2020 8/11/2020 17320
ThisOldCoin Shipwreck Treasure 7/19/2020 7/19/2020 771
Ian Yan Cook Islands Masterpiece of Art S$20 I would like to think modern 3-D printing technology will soon apply to produce any coin creative designer can ever image, now it's a question of cost to produce it, not when. The traditional minting machine will walk into history just like the banknote printing industry.
This’s a long series set from 2008-Date. Hope to assemble the whole set, still work in progress.
3/3/2020 7/14/2020 16214
coinsbygary The Use of Seated Imagery in Numismatics
To identify and populate this set with coins featuring seated imagery and then to identify and document the 5 W's of those coins. The 5 W's are Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

To put it into concise terms, I have a desire to know "who" designed or commissioned the minting of my coins. I want to know "what" my coins mean, or the message they are conveying other than that of a medium of exchange. The "where" of my coins centers on the nations issuing the coins and their people. The "when" of my coins brings into focus the historical context of the coins, and the "why" is my desire to know for what purpose the coins were minted.
5/22/2013 7/6/2020 580063
njf 1c 11/24/2017 6/29/2020 634298
coin928 On the Auction Block Sell them all for a fair price to a fellow collector who will appreciate them as much as I have.

The Slot Name Column represents the NGC Point Score for the coin.
1/10/2014 6/12/2020 1752106
jtbundy George Washington Type Coin Set Type set for coins with George Washington 4/22/2020 6/9/2020 16026
Ian Yan Cook Islands Windows of Haven S$10 3/3/2020 6/6/2020 1569
Michael_C Coat of Arms on Coins 6/5/2020 6/5/2020 726
MCamus MRC - Kennedy Dollars 5/27/2020 5/27/2020 931
MCamus MRC - Washington Quarters 5/1/2020 5/26/2020 9521
MCamus MRC - Sacagawea Dollars 5/1/2020 5/21/2020 1015
MCamus MRC - Jefferson Nickels 5/1/2020 5/21/2020 1049
Ian Yan Singapore Commemorative G$50 PF 5/6/2020 5/6/2020 1101
Ian Yan Malaysia Commemorative Silver Ringgit 5/4/2020 5/4/2020 1121
mtcollector406 Rarities, Oddities, and Beautiful Examples. To assemble a set of variety that can appeal to any collector or numismatic enthusiasts. One day the hope is to have at least one example of all U.S. coins through history of the Country, along with as many varieties and errors as can be assembled. 5/3/2020 5/3/2020 862
MCamus MRC - American Silver Eagles 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 16728
MCamus MRC - Commerative 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 921
MCamus MRC - Roosevelt Dimes 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 965
MCamus MRC - Lincoln Cents 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 956
MCamus MRC - Kennedy Half Dollars 5/1/2020 5/1/2020 857
nathankf World Wildlife Fund 25th Anniversary Coinage 3/4/2020 3/4/2020 961
Michael Brennan My Great-Grandfather's collection To preserve and grade each coin of my Great-Grandfather's. I want to share his collection with the world. 1/18/2020 1/18/2020 14513
Michael Brennan My Grandfather's collection To grade and preserve every coin my Grandfather has collected. I wish to share his collection with the world. 1/18/2020 1/18/2020 279313
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2019 PRIDE OF TWO NATIONS 2-COIN SET 7/9/2019 1/8/2020 1662
ABHAY AGRAWAL RUPEE COINS OF THE WORLD To collect all the Rupee Coins of different countries. 10/9/2019 1/7/2020 21134
trozau trozau - UK £5 (Pistrucci design) Gold Bullion First Strikes UK £5 (Pistrucci 5 Sovereign) Gold Bullion first strikes 2/10/2007 1/4/2020 48122
trozau trozau - UK Gold Proof set (Classic Pistrucci Sovereign) UK gold proof set (Classic Pistrucci Sovereign or Modern Philip Nathan Britannia Series) from any year of issue. 2/10/2007 1/3/2020 48124
Lastufka Collection The Symphony Set (Lastufka Collection) I've always had a love for music. Ever since I was old enough to sit up straight, I was sitting next to the stereo with headphones on my head. I went through my dad's vinyl records, then my uncle's cassettes, and when I was finally old enough to make an allowance, I started buying my own CDs.

Fast forward a decade and I co-founded and then sold a very successful indie label, and my love for music has now extended to my coin collecting. My goal is to collect every interesting design - be it US or World, Conder or So-Called Dollar - that features a musical theme. These themes can include, but are not limited to, musical instruments, scores and notation, composers, musicians or other performers, and anything else I can tie back to the musical field.

I started this set in March of 2012, and it is a work in progress. In December of 2012 I won the "Most Creative" NGC Registry award for custom sets. The judges comments were:

"The theme of this collection is coins, medals and tokens relating to music in any way. The owner was drawn to this theme from a life-long love of the music and his career as the owner of an independent recording label. Right now there are just six entries, and he describes the set as a work in progress. None of these are USA issues as yet (suggestion — the 2002 Tennessee quarter with its three musical instruments and sheet music), but there are splendid, high grade pieces to enjoy. Each is accompanied by excellent photos and informative text."

I hope you enjoy browsing the inspiring designs below.
3/10/2012 1/1/2020 145022
MELLISUGA Province Santiago de Cuba Coins, Medals and Tokens 12/30/2019 12/30/2019 1313
Alika Graded Modern Silver Commemorative Dollars An NGC-graded proof version of each commemorative silver dollar from 1983 to the present. 8/19/2016 12/17/2019 58524
jgenn The Silver Dollars of '60 A year set of silver dollars spanning five centuries. 9/26/2015 11/22/2019 182223
Roblou270 Resolute Americana Continental Dollar Collection My goal was to assemble this set because of the historical importance of the Continental Dollar. My hope is that such a set may be helpful to those who have a serious interest in the beginnings of our nation's currency as well as its self-identity. In assembling it, I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of our country. I hope that anyone who views this set may experience similar feelings. I believe these coins, representative of our heritage, should be shared. Please enjoy the experience and thank you for stopping by for a visit.

For those of you interested in why I chose the name "Resolute" for the collection, it is because the word means a lot to me. First, it describes my personal nature very well. Secondly, it was the name of the acquisition company my future partners and I would use during the process of regaining our independence from a British corporation that I considered to be our own King George III. I chose as our battle flag one with seven interlinking rings with each of my future partner's names in each link. It was inspired by the thirteen rings on the Continental Dollar to reflect our strength of purpose and that "WE ARE ONE." "Resolute" also came from the story of HMS Resolute that sailed to the North Pole in 1851 to rescue a British expedition. Resolute itself became stranded and had to be abandoned. When the ship broke free, fisherman off of Nantucket Island salvaged it. Upon hearing of this, the US government bought it and had it refurbished. The US Navy sailed it to England and presented it as a gift to Queen Victoria in 1856 as an expression of our goodwill. It caused great jubilation through out the country. When it was decommissioned in 1880, Queen Victoria gave orders to have the finest part of the keel fashioned into a desk to be presented to President Rutherford B. Hayes. It is the desk that now resides in the Oval Office. Given the word's significance to me and also its historical importance, I thought it would be appropriate for my collection. I hope you agree.
2/14/2015 11/17/2019 416317
JAA JAA Recent Additions 3/13/2017 10/31/2019 73840
Von Werner Sharks!! To accumulate certified coins from around the world portraying different shark species. 12/17/2018 9/16/2019 40816
Goshin Franklin FBL type set FBL coin for each year minted; any mint 8/29/2019 9/2/2019 1583
Von Werner Shipwreck Coins! 8/14/2019 8/28/2019 1783
jackson64 Morton's Bear-coins Collection To assemble a variety in metals, country of origin, varying bear species, shape of coins and denominations of coins with the central theme of each coin being the bear. 12/24/2014 8/12/2019 89535
coinsbygary Prominent African Americans African Americans who have changed the course of American history. 2/1/2009 7/25/2019 12168
mdwoods British Commonwealth and Colony Cents and Pennys I hope to collect one cent or penny from each nation with all the available monarchs. 7/23/2019 7/23/2019 1382
John M Lyons JML National Park Foundation Liberty One Cent 6/8/2019 6/8/2019 1791
K.D. Lewis Kns Koins Commemoratives To obtain the finest examples i can afford using vest pocket strategy 9/21/2015 4/14/2019 5102
K.D. Lewis kns Birth date mint set Nicest coins i can afford with vest pocket stratigy 4/14/2019 4/14/2019 2125
K.D. Lewis kns koins type, etc, etc personal satisfaction, using vest pocket strategy to obtain finest coins i can afford. 1/12/2012 4/7/2019 137714
Miguel del Rio Iberoamericana proofs Grade all coins from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, and Mexico. 9/28/2017 3/25/2019 3871
alikahall World Silver Bullion 2/7/2014 3/17/2019 1721
Pmason Lincoln Cents 1999 to the current date obtaining the highest grade 3/2/2019 3/2/2019 2154
Teacher Brian Baha'i History Collection Collect coins from years and countries that match memorable historical events in the Baha'i Faith, including the lives of Its Central Figures (Baha'u'llah, the Bab, 'Abdu'l-Baha), as well as Shoghi Effendi, Hands of the Cause, Universal House of Justice, and Institutions... plus, a few personal dates, like 1970 when my mom became the family's first Baha'i. :-) 2/6/2019 2/22/2019 3104
Von Werner Big Cats My Goal is to have examples of silver coins showing various Big Cats from around the world. The theme is fairly straight forward but there’s a surprising number of big Cats featured on silver coins from all over the world. 11/14/2018 2/9/2019 2889
TMCGRADY Only Gold 1/24/2019 1/24/2019 33342
Von Werner Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Goal is to assemble any Silver coins that have a dinosaur or prehistoric theme. 6/1/2018 1/23/2019 39221
Muzzer42 Bison, Ox, Moose & Cows ...Oh Deer! Unlimited as long as coins are minted with these animals 1/15/2018 1/20/2019 80687
Mainewoods silver america the beautiful 25c 1/18/2019 1/19/2019 36850
Mainewoods Proof Lincoln cent 1/18/2019 1/18/2019 2164
Mainewoods gold one ounce American eagle 1/18/2019 1/18/2019 1752
adrian123456 Obverse Designers of South Africa The full set of one example of every Obverse designer. 1/13/2019 1/15/2019 20814
adrian123456 All the King’s Men (and Two Women) A perfect example of monarch or head of state, in each portrait style, from 1874 to date. 1/12/2019 1/13/2019 28421
Mohawk Babies The goal of this set is a simple one: to collect as many different coins depicting babies on them as possible. As depictions of infants are relatively scarce on coins, this set will be small by necessity. As with my Avians: The Dinosaurs Among Us set conveys my love, admiration and fascination with birds and other dinosaurs, I aim to have this set convey those same feelings which I have for infants. 12/6/2018 12/6/2018 2265
Mohawk Avians-The Dinosaurs Among Us This set is my home for coins featuring modern dinosaurs, which are actually one of the most
numerous animals on coins. The rules for this set are that it will mostly include avian dinosaurs including extinct birds, but coins featuring non-avian dinosaurs may be included if they help tell the story of how avians evolved and how similar they are to their theropod kin. I’m also going to mostly use modern coins as it is a set for modern dinosaurs. There is another reason for using modern coins as well. The goal of this set is to use coins that display naturalistic depictions of the animals and there are simply very few classic era coins that depict birds realistically and accurately. They are usually depicted in heraldic positions that would break a bird's wings in real life. Even one of the best bird depictions on a classic coin, that on the reverse of the U.S. Peace Silver Dollar, is inaccurate in two important details, namely that the head is shaped incorrectly and the pattern of feathering on the legs is like that found among the eagles of the Aquila genus, not like the leg feathering pattern found on the eagles of the Haliaeetus genus, to which the Bald Eagle belongs. Modern depictions tend to be much better and more accurate. The goal of the set is to acquire as many different species as I can, and to use the coins to talk about the species the coin depicts. I hope this set will be fun and educational.

January 2018-I was shocked, awed and thrilled that my currently little set won the Most Creative Award for 2017!! Now, birds (and NGC) have enabled me to achieve another major goal in my life, to win one of the major awards here on the NGC Registry. Birds and other dinosaurs have given me so much happiness in my life and it seems right that it would be a collection about them that would allow me to reach this major goal in my collecting life. My goals are much the same and I have some great things planned going forward which will make this set even more fun and educational. Hopefully, someday I can win the Most Informative Award as well and maybe, just maybe, have the most comprehensive collection of coins featuring theropod dinosaurs on the Registry!
7/13/2017 12/4/2018 290250
Fernando Baez Guerrero - Dominican Republic Year of the Child coins minted worldwide to complete all coins minted worldwide commemorating the Year of the Child 11/12/2018 11/12/2018 2035
happyelephant Elephants In Numismatics To establish a notable collection of elephant coinage. 5/28/2018 8/1/2018 2666
Marini Olympic Games Olympic Coins minted by the host nation 7/5/2018 7/7/2018 37666
Robodaddio Kennedy 7/1/2016 6/19/2018 81588
RMK-Collectibles World's Big Cats My goal is to have the largest collection of cat images on coins certified by NGC. These coins will be proof, mint state and circulated. Of course I would like all perfect 70, but I know many will be lower grade. But none the less, I hope to achieve the largest collection of cat images on coins. I also strive to have them listed in alphabetical order and by year within the country, and/or byseries if applicable. 1/16/2017 5/24/2018 1083149
RMK-Collectibles NIUE Cat coins To bring more awareness to the wonderful art that exists on coins from around the world. 10/13/2017 5/1/2018 106326
njf 2c 3/20/2018 3/20/2018 37913
ddr70 Watercraft on Coins Make a beautiful gallery of boats, canoes, ships etc. depicted on coins. 1/30/2014 3/2/2018 109041
JAA The United States Manila Mint, Complete This collection presents a complete set of the regular issue coinage, commemorative coins, commemorative medals, and Culion Leper Colony coins produced by the U.S. Manila Mint. ".

COMMORATIVE MEDALS: Included in this set are examples of both the Bronze and Silver medals (So-Called Wilson Dollar) struck to commemorate the opening of the Manila Mint (the ultra rare Gold commemorative medal is not included).

REGULAR ISSUE TERRITORIAL COINAGE: Includes all dates and denominations of regular issue coinage struck at the Manila Mint during the Territorial period (1920 - 1936).

1936 COMMONWEALTH OF THE PHILIPPINES COMMEMORATIVES: Includes the three coin commemorate set struck by the Manila Mint to commemorate the establishment of the "Commonwealth of the Philippines".

REGULAR ISSUE COMMONWEALTH COINAGE: Includes all dates and denominations of regular issue coinage struck at the Manila Mint during the Commonwealth period (1937 - 1941).

CULION LEPER COLONY COINAGE: Includes all dates, denominations and varieties of Culion Leper Colony coinage struck at the Manila Mint.

The accompanying "Set Description" and individual coin descriptions cite historical and numismatic references to place this important series of coins and medals in its historical context. The collection is fully illustrated with high resolution images.

In telling the story of the Manila Mint I have also included circa 1920 Photos of the Mint, a rare Photo Postcard of the mint after the Japanese bombing of December 26, 1941, and original color photographs taken by my father during the Liberation of the Philippines and the Battle of Manila. The photos can be viewed in either the "Gallery" or "Slide Show" modes. Detailed information on each of the World War ll photographs can be found by clicking on either the Photo Icon or View Coin Button and scrolling down to "Owner Comments

The coins and medals in this collection are presented chronologically by date of issue. This allows the viewer to easily see the total range of coinage produced by the U.S. Manila Mint each year as well as the mintage figures for each item. For a presentation by coin type see my Custom Registry Set "THE UNITED STATES MANILA MINT: A TYPE SET OF THE COINS & MEDALS OF AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN MINT".


This set presents a Type Set of the regular issue, commemorative, and Leper Colony coinage of the U.S. Manila Mint (1920 - 1941).

This set presents a Type Set of regular issue and commemorative U.S. Philippines coinage 1903 - 1946.

JAA USA-PHILIPPINES LEPER COINS (NGC Best Presented Set Winner 2013)
This set presents a complete collection of the Culion Island Leper Colony coinage of 1913 - 1930.
7/13/2014 2/13/2018 312874

USA Minor Coins Type Set consisting of coins pedigreed to the family of collections by the great Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., the only collector to build a complete collection of US Coins by date and mint. Collection will include at least one of each major copper, nickel and silver coin type from 1800 through the time Louis Eliasberg completed his great collection in the 1950s, with every coin attributed to the Eliasberg pedigree.

As an added bonus, this collection also features United States Commemorative Half Dollars and a selection of US Gold coins as examples of design and mint, each pedigreed to the Louis Eliasberg, Sr. collection. The collection also contains a US/Philippines proof coin as an example of type from that series, and an Eliasberg-pedigreed California Gold 'Coat of Arms' to create a nexus to my home state. For some coins, examples of both Proof and Mint State examples are included, as well as a few duplicates which are held for future trades. For some coin types, such as Morgan and Peace Dollars, we are attempting to collect an Eliasberg coin from each branch mint, simply because doing so sounds like a cool subset idea.

For modern issues minted after Mr. Eliasberg completed his collection in the 1950s, and older issues for which I have yet to acquire an Eliasberg, Sr. pedigree, I have chosen to include coins pedigreed to his son, Louis Eliasberg, Jr., to further expand the theme of this "Eliasberg Reunited Collection".

In addition to Eliasberg pedigreed coins, this set also contains regular and Library Edition auction catalogs (signed by Dave Bowers and others involved with the sale), two tickets to an actual Eliasberg auction, magazine and newspaper articles from Life, Look, and hobby publications showing Eliasberg with his coins on display, the Q. David Bowers biography "Eliasberg: King of Coins", original press photographic prints of Mr. Eliasberg with his collection on display (including the photo of Eliasberg in this introduction), and personal receipts, signed letters and miscellany belonging to Louis Eliasberg, Jr. and related to the auctioning of his father's collection in the 1990s.

Note-1: All PCGS Coins in this collection are pedigreed to the Great American Numismatist: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Note-2: All NGC Coins in this collection are pedigreed to either Louis Eliasberg Sr. or to his son, Louis Eliasberg, Jr., as noted in the collection listing.

Note-3: Photo credit for the image of Louis Eliasberg, Sr. (above) goes to William L. Klender of the Baltimore Sunday Sun Magazine, April 24, 1962. This original print is part of our collection. The handwritten caption notes that Mr. Eliasberg's cufflinks are made from $10 gold pieces. (NOTE: Photo temporarily not displayed)

Note 4: The Eliasberg Reunited Master Collection presently includes 16 raw coins pedigreed to Louis Eliasberg, Sr. (with original Bowers & Merena invoices) which have never been sent in for grading.

Note-5: The collection also contains two non-PCGS/NGC coins: an 1857S Seated Liberty Half Dollar (WB-101) in Fine-15, housed in an older white ANACS slab, and a beautiful 1829/1827 Bust Half Dollar graded MS-61 in an ANACS older white small holder. Both are pedigreed to Louis Eliasberg, Sr. These are the only Eliasberg pedigreed ANACS small-white-holder coins that I've ever seen. If you know of another, please let me know.
ANACS Eliasberg Obv photo 77b36d7f.jpgANACS Eliasberg Rev photo 48de08b4.jpg

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