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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
Tubafone Mermaids and Women in Art to collect the sexiest 150 coins of the world.
Shalako StarEagle Whimisical Dragon Coins Find colorful Dragon coins from around the world. 7/7/2024
Brandywine Coins The Brandywine Collection Share coins that celebrate Delaware and inspire others to explore the connections between some modern coins and others that are more rare. This is a collection in progress. 11/9/2023 7/12/2024 417
D. Lance Tillinghast Harriet Tubman Commemorative Set 5/9/2024 6/28/2024 06
coinsbygary The Use of Seated Imagery in Numismatics
To identify and populate this set with coins featuring seated imagery and then to identify and document the 5 W's of those coins. The 5 W's are Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

To put it into concise terms, I have a desire to know "who" designed or commissioned the minting of my coins. I want to know "what" my coins mean, or the message they are conveying other than that of a medium of exchange. The "where" of my coins centers on the nations issuing the coins and their people. The "when" of my coins brings into focus the historical context of the coins, and the "why" is my desire to know for what purpose the coins were minted.
5/22/2013 6/24/2024 678565
Harp Morgan Set Pre WW2 Silver Proofs Complete 22 coin set 6/7/2024 6/15/2024 020
coin928 Coins I have had graded. A place to track successes and failures in my choices for coins to have graded. With each submission, I hope to improve my predictions and have the range of values down to Mildly Disappointed, Satisfied, and Happy. 2/15/2013 6/7/2024 2713528
Shalako StarEagle Silver Black Proof Coins Collect coins from a variety of different countries that highlight this particular method of minting. Coins are presently from Mongolia, Niue, Cook Islands, Palau, Solomon Islands, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. 12/16/2022 6/6/2024 350
coinsandmedals What comes next? You've been freed. Do you know how hard it is to lead? Although my ambition is to build a complete collection of the Soho Mint pieces, this would be an unrealistic goal. Instead, my goal is to accumulate a representative sample of Soho pieces that depict the height of artistic and scientific ingenuity of the era. In completing this goal, I hope to bring knowledge to those interested by providing detailed pictures and accurate descriptions. A great deal of numismatic history remains to be explored by those unfamiliar, and what better way to learn than by looking at a selection of handpicked specimens?

As of May of 2024, I have over two hundred pieces to add to this set. They will be slowly added as time permits once they have been graded.

This set won the NGC Registry "Most Informative Custom Set" award in 2020. I am deeply humbled by NGC’s generosity, and this award, paired with the kind words from the NGC judges, means a great deal to me.

Notes from the judges:

As the owner of this set explains, its title is taken from a line in the musical Hamilton that is uttered by Britain’s King George III to the newly independent America. In fact, the introductory text to this set makes for such fascinating reading that it’s easy to forget about the coins. These comprise a broad assortment of the copper pieces struck for George III at Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint from 1788 to 1813. Each piece is nicely illustrated and accompanied by very detailed text about its technical details, as well as its historical context. This is a truly superb presentation.
8/15/2019 6/5/2024 229546
brg5658 Horses My goal is to create a collection of coins, medals, tokens, and other numismatic items which feature prominent images of the horse. Items included vary greatly in the use of the horse image. While this is not an exhaustive collection of such items, it is a wide-ranging set of coins paying tribute to one of the worlds most graceful and beautiful creatures. I also have a large collection of raw horse related numismatic items (around 100 pieces not replicated here).

Most pieces feature the horse in one of three ways:

  • The horse as a symbol of heraldry, power, or mythology

  • The horse with a mounted (usually famous) rider

  • The horse in its natural surroundings as an animal intertwined with the history of humans


Judge's Comments: Thematic collecting is always popular, and this one makes the most of coins featuring horses. In addition to a great array of coins and tokens from around the world, from ancient times to modern, the individual entries are presented in an extremely attractive and entertaining manner. A template is used that presents the coins in “postcard” form, with an enlarged view of the side bearing the horse imagery. A second postcard includes other non-numismatic images which help to tell its story and place it in context. This is a truly fun set which will appeal even to the non-collector.

Judge's Comments: This charming collection features depictions of horses on coins, medals and tokens from all periods of history back to ancient times. Having already been awarded “Most Creative Custom Set” in 2011, it presently features over 250 pieces and will continue to grow. Each specimen is described in detail, with most entries providing information about both the numismatic item and its subject matter. This is done in the form of two postcard style views, one for the specimen and another for the subject. The project is ongoing, particularly with respect to the historic views, but it’s already a very broad and educational presentation that transcends numismatics alone.
4/1/2011 6/5/2024 7553296
coinsbygary Prominent African Americans African Americans who have changed the course of American history. 2/1/2009 5/30/2024 138312
Shalako StarEagle Niue COMIX Coins For this set I'm going to discard the usual slab pictures and either use NGC High Res photos or create new ones using one of the three following processes:

Photos taken with Nikon D3300 DSL Camera with attached AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G lens. A CS-920 copy stand and external lights were utilized to setup shots. Adobe Photoshop Elements used to fix any digital artifacts. OR

Photos were taken with a Nikon D3300 DSL Camera with a Nikon Macro 105mm F/2.8 lens attached.. A CS-920 copy stand and external lights were utilized to setup shots. Adobe Photoshop Elements used to fix any digital artifacts.

Photos taken with a Google Pro 6 camera. Adobe Photoshop Elements used to fix any digital artifacts.
3/13/2023 5/29/2024 114
Shalako StarEagle, Niue, Australia At Night, S$1, 2020 - Date, Proof Collect All as required to maintain set. 5/9/2024 5/27/2024 08
Shalako StarEagle Tuvalu 2012 - 2031 Baby Lunar Set Collect all :baby" lunar coins. 12/15/2022 5/21/2024 215
Rampant Squirrels Olathe Hoard Morgan Dollars To get one example from each date represented 5/20/2024 5/20/2024 01
JAA Mahal Collection Pedigrees 7/18/2021 5/14/2024 11813
Shalako StarEagle Australia Congratulations New Born Baby, 2013-Date, Proof To enhance coin collecting by putting together coin sets that are interesting and diverse. To show that "Everyman" collection is possible and need not be expensive to put together.

Note that this is the only known set that has been collected and graded by NGC!!
9/25/2022 5/9/2024 112
JJWhizman Modern US Military To accumulate modern commemoratives issued by the U. S. Mint or other commemorative coins associated with the American Military Civil War and any other commemorative medals or coins issued in regards to conflicts/wars fought by the American Military. Also coins honoring American Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal, State and local. 6/24/2012 5/8/2024 1928102
coinsandmedals Social elitism: As told by the history of English copper 1694-1807 With this set, I hope to highlight the social circumstances that further propagated that numerous issues surrounding the production of regal copper, bronze, and tin coinage in England from the reign of William and Mary to that of George III. Furthermore, in using the coins in my modest but expanding collection, I hope to provide some basic knowledge regarding the numerous patterns, proofs, and business strikes of regal English copper. It is my sincere hope that giving the historical context in the introduction, paired with examples from my collection, may entice others to explore this vibrant area of history. I am too sensible to think this meager set will have a profound enough impact to make any significant contributions to the hobby. Still, if I can intrigue even one collector, I would consider the time and effort invested in this collection to be a striking success!

This set won the NGC Registry "Most Creative Custom Set" award in 2019. This was a complete surprise and it means a great deal to me that others have found some enjoyment from my collection.

Notes from the judges:

The goal of this collector is to portray a historical pattern of discrimination against the poor and working classes through neglecting their need for small change coins. Despite plenty of evidence that low value copper pieces were needed, Britain’s Royal Mint seldom attended to this need before the 19th Century. This tale is told through a selection of about two dozen coins spanning 1694-1807. Each entry provides excellent photos and highly detailed commentary about its numismatic aspects and the owner’s experiences with that coin.
8/20/2019 5/7/2024 159720
Coinbuf US Mint products one per decade 1790 to current One coin from each decade the US mint has produced coins, it can be any denomination, year, or US mint location to represent each decade. My goal is to populate this set with as many different coin types as possible that the US mint has produced since inception. However, this will inevitably leave a few coin types/series unrepresented. Also, I will choose coins that I find to be visually attractive. 8/26/2023 4/29/2024 522
Lou@Texas 2019 Rocketship Set Collect the highest grade for each of these two coins. 4/29/2024 4/29/2024 02
brg5658 Queen Victoria Medals and Coins 6/10/2020 4/26/2024 19510
Stacker 125th Anniversary Queen Liliuokalani Gold 1/2oz. 4/17/2024 4/17/2024 01
Tubafone Family Tree To Collect modern coins with depictions of my ancestors 7/19/2023 4/14/2024 633
Shalako StarEagle Palau S$10 Hunters By Night Series, 2020 - Date, Proof Collect all coins from this series. 10/17/2023 4/6/2024 14
Bassem Nabil Expo in Dubai 4/5/2024 4/5/2024 07
Hromadka George Washington US Coins that depict George Washington 1/23/2024 3/22/2024 116
Belgium Louis Brussels world fair 1958 3/5/2024 3/11/2024 015
The 36 Chambers U.S. Silver Reverse Proof Coins Collect every U.S. silver reverse proof coin 12/28/2023 3/3/2024 319
Coinbuf Obsolete US coinage that circulated in commerce To display one example of each regular, made for circulation, denomination that is no longer in use or produced by the US Mint system. While most gold coins did not see widespread use in commerce, it is true that some were used and as such I will also attempt to include an example of each regular issue gold coin denomination in this set as well. 3/30/2023 2/29/2024 211
Guenther Trust Limited Edition San Fran label 2023 Proof Set 2/26/2024 2/26/2024 09
Guenther Trust Limited Addition Silver Proof 2023 2/25/2024 2/25/2024 08
Dutch1865 Virginia Coins To collect every coin associated with the Commonwealth 1/22/2024 2/20/2024 242
coin928 The U.S. Mint Goes to War The coins in this set encompass all of the coins produced by the U.S. Mint for circulation in foreign countries during World War II. World War II is generally considered to have begun in Europe with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, and officially ended with VJ-Day on August 14, 1945. I have include 1946 since many foreign mints did not go back into full production immediately, and there was still a need for the U.S. Mint to provide coins for the post-war rebuilding effort. I have also included the two 1947 MacArthur commemorative coins minted for the Philippines because they mark the transition from War to Peace time production and seem like a fitting end to this set. 11/27/2015 2/15/2024 109151177
Shalako Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets - San Francisco Cable Car Label San Francisco Cable Car Label a must. 11/13/2019 2/14/2024 74881
JAA JAA Recent Additions 3/13/2017 2/4/2024 1242130
Tubafone Pirates of the Caribbean To collect at least one of every design. To collect at least one example of every metal used. 1/17/2024 1/25/2024 116
Shalako Star Eagle, Palau, S$20 Eternal Sculptures II, 2022-Date Tell each coin history and story. 8/19/2023 1/14/2024 02
The Furball Foundation Ferrets! Make NGC Registry a furrier place to visit.

11/1/2021 1/13/2024 11249
Shalako StarEagle Wild Mongolia Series, 2020 - Date, Silver Black Proof Collect all in the series. 7/23/2023 12/9/2023 04
Von Werner Sharks!! To accumulate certified coins from around the world portraying different shark species.
There are currently 25 coins in this set. By far, the Great White appears on shark themed coins the most. Here is a current breakdown:
Great White: 14
Tiger Shark: 2
Whale Shark: 3
Hammerhead Shark: 3
Bull Shark: 1
Leopard Shark: 1
Megaladon: 1

I think the Cookie Cutter Shark is being ignored!

12/17/2018 12/1/2023 61025
Jeffrey Cardona San Francisco Giants To showcase my enjoyment of combining commemorative coins, baseball, and the San Francisco Giants. 11/11/2023 11/11/2023 18
Charmed Zoey Complete History of the Silver Eagle Coin The goal is to show all the historical events that make the Silver Eagle the beloved coin that is in existence today. This features the mint strike version of this coin because that is the reason for the minting of this coin. Ronald Reagan was the president that released the silver in the strategic stockpile to make a bullion coin. This set has a variety of coins in different denominations and from different countries to help tell the history. It is informative and educational. To mark special dates in history, I used a bullion coin for that year. My focus was mainly on the bullion history, but I also included burnished and proof special coins. 10/6/2023 11/1/2023 163
jgenn The Silver Dollars of '60 A year set of silver dollars spanning five centuries. 9/26/2015 10/31/2023 235626
Cubbie1908 Kirby's Silver Koalas Silver coins with koalas irrespective of mint. 7/11/2023 10/29/2023 249
Coinbuf My old holder collection I love the look of the old PCGS rattler/OGH, NGC fat no-line holders, small ANACS, green label PCI holders, and I really like old photocert holders. Even defunct and hated companies like ACG are included in this set for the history involved. This set is about the old slabs and the history and evolution of the TPG holders. 10/16/2005 10/19/2023 9727156
coin928 On the Auction Block Sell them all for a fair price to a fellow collector who will appreciate them as much as I have.

The Slot Name column indicates whether or not the coin is eligible for inclusion in the NGC Registry.
1/10/2014 10/10/2023 2398153
Mike Meenderink World Colonial Era Coinage (1492-1776) Collect 2 or more coins / cobs from each of the colonizing countries or colonial provinces of the 1492-1776 historical world colonial period. These coins or cobs may be from shipwrecks of the period as well as from general mintage of the time. Grades of Genuine or higher in any condition (details or straight). Eye appeal and interesting history is the guide. I intend to show the many types of coins used for trade during this historical period of exploration and expansion. 9/16/2023 9/25/2023 02
JKMulcahey Math & Physics Coins Find and collect as many US & World coins containing equations, math and physics as I can. 4/13/2021 9/17/2023 18973
Shalako StarEagle Cameroon Silver Black Proof Tarot Cards Notified by NGC Registry that they are no longer creating small sets so here is my custom set. 5/6/2023 8/30/2023 04
Shalako StarEagle, Palau Eternal Sculptures I, Date 2016-2021, Proof In this series, there were 5 coins produced as 2 oz and the capstone coin that is a 5 oz coin. There is a 2nd series, Eternal Sculptures II, with the first coin "Moses" and the 2nd coin "Disillusion" on sale and produced as a 3 oz coin. A custom set will be created for this set also. 8/11/2023 8/19/2023 06
Persian_BC Visit of the Shah of Iran to Germany. 7/24/2023 7/24/2023 22
rocket_skip The Coins of the Five Powers of WWII Type sets based on entry in WWII: U.S. Type 1941-1945, U.K. 1939-1945, Germany: 1939-1945, U.S.S.R: 1939-1945, Japan: 1940-1945 7/4/2023 7/5/2023 21
justicezala Famous World Figures 6/29/2023 6/29/2023 016
justicezala Chinese Inventions & Discoverise 6/28/2023 6/28/2023 028
justicezala Chinese Calligraphy Art 6/28/2023 6/28/2023 118
justicezala 24 Solar Terms Series 6/28/2023 6/28/2023 128
Lord Robert L Allen Rarest coins To collect the most difficult coins to find. 6/29/2022 5/26/2023 710
Capt. Antifer Modern Non-Standard US Coins The goal is to identify and collect an example of each modern non-standard coin from the US Mint. 8/7/2022 5/11/2023 127
JAA Philippine Pedigrees All of the USA-Philippines coins in this set have famous pedigrees and spectacular eye appeal. 7/12/2012 4/17/2023 369354
Von Werner Shipwreck Coins! 8/14/2019 4/14/2023 2997
MCB1980 Omaha Bank Hoard Hall-of-Fame To sell the entire set. 7/25/2021 4/11/2023 18530
Shalako StarEagle 2018 Tuvalu Puppy Series, S50c, Proof This is a 5-coin series and the coins were produced by the Perth Mint for the country of Tuvalu. How could you not like puppies!! 10/1/2022 3/23/2023 05
Shalako StarEagle 2017 Tuvalu Polar Babies Series This is a 5-coin series and the coins were produced by the Perth Mint for the country of Tuvalu. Who doesn't like baby animals? 10/1/2022 3/23/2023 25
Shalako StarEagle 2016 Tuvalu Wild Cubs Series This is a 5-coin series and the coins were produced by the Perth Mint for the country of Tuvalu. Nothing cuter that these cubs!! Note: I have this same set as a PCGS set. It's a Gold Award Winner for 2018 & 2019. It also has been noted as the "Best of the Registry" for 2020, 2021, & 2022. I have a digital album link below if you want to take a look:
10/1/2022 3/23/2023 05
Shalako StarEagle 2013 Tuvalu Forest Babies This is a 3-coin series and the coins were produced by the Perth Mint for the country of Tuvalu. Who doesn't like baby animals? 11/11/2022 3/23/2023 03
silvervet Wild Botanical One Ounce Silver Coins Collect 1-ounce silver coins with a wild plant theme. Wish to add more coins that meet the criteria for inclusion. So far, it appears only a few former Soviet republics have issued such coins. If anyone knows of additional coins that meet the criteria, please contact me or leave a comment. 4/16/2022 3/3/2023 115
ssepulveda Steve's Templar Coins Hope to build a solid collection of the various coins used by, or tied to, the Knights templar 2/27/2023 3/2/2023 09
jw kenney Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemoratives from Partner Countries I strive to build a set of all silver and base metal 50th anniversary commemorative coins from the countries that directly contributed to the Apollo 11 mission. 11/7/2022 2/9/2023 310
Shalako StarEagle 2014 Tuvalu 50C Year of the Horse None, all three were raw coins and graded by NGC. Waiting for 'new" Year of the Horse" label and then set will be complete. 1/14/2023 1/14/2023 03
coinsbygary Inspirational Ladies Allegorical, monarchal, athletic, and historical women that inspire us and appear on coinage from around the world. 8/1/2008 1/12/2023 7551101
Paploo Olympic Coins Get as many as possible. 8/27/2020 12/20/2022 14821
JKMulcahey Morse Code Coins To accumulate every US and world coin displaying Morse Code as I can, building on Thomas Uram’s article “Morse Code On Money” in the May 2013 The Numismatist. Canada has issued several more since that was published. I also have the $1 & $2 Silver Certificates from the 1896 Educational Series, one of which lists Samuel F. B. Morse’s name and the other his image. 4/13/2021 12/3/2022 13729
Alcagi Collection Cuban Baseball 11/22/2022 11/22/2022 15
JAA Milford N.H. Collection of US Philippine Coinage Pedigrees 11/19/2022 11/20/2022 08
Old Virginia Boy STAR QUALITY HALF DOLLARS SHOWCASE SOME STAR QUALITY FRANKLIN AND KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS FOR OTHERS TO ENJOY. Never saw an NGC STAR that I didn't like. I have also included a couple of early Kennedy Half Dollars graded as PL ( PROOF-LIKE ) & a rare 1970-D graded as DPL ( DEEP MIRROR PROOF-LIKE ). An early Kennedy graded as PL is a scarce & desirable coin. Sometimes a coin was not considered worthy of the PL designation if the reverse was not proof-like , but the obverse was proof-like. In such a case the coin was often given a star instead, in deference to the PL obverse. 1/31/2022 10/31/2022 4525
Oregon_Kevin 1880 P Mint Set Business strikes with some usage 9/20/2022 10/8/2022 04
Ramundo Indian Cents (Graded) 10/5/2013 8/8/2022 07
Siah The J. Perry Collection of Numismatic Eagle Designs 1.) The primary goal of this set is to display a wide variety of Bald Eagle designs shown on both coins and exonumia. This allows the observer to see how the Eagle has been depicted by various artists and evolved throughout history, as well as judge the beauty of each and compare the numerous types.

2.) The secondary goal is continuing to search for unique Eagle designs for exhibit in this showcase. More will be added over time, allowing one to see the vast differences (or similarities) in how the Bald Eagle has been depicted through the course of history.
7/27/2022 8/7/2022 138
CHENYANG CHENYANG 7/25/2022 7/25/2022 13
Andrew David Brown U.S. Silver Dollar Collection - Draped Bust, Seated Liberty, Trade, Morgan, and Peace! 7/22/2022 7/22/2022 16
Andrew David Brown Carson City Collection! 7/22/2022 7/22/2022 13
JAA Apollo 11, 50th Anniversary Set 2019, Complete 7/18/2022 7/18/2022 18
L Arthur Morgan & Peace Dollars 7/7/2022 7/7/2022 112
V.L. British Empire and Commonwealth Collect by type Crowns (5 Shillings) and Dollars/Trade Dollars issued.
Collect by type Silver Commemoratives Half-Crown and Florin issued to celebrate a particular event.
Eligible Countries:
Australia - Pound (to 1966)
Bermuda - Pound (to 1970)
Canada - Silver Dollar
Cyprus - Pound (to 1955)
Gibraltar - Pound Pre-Decimalisation
Great Britain - Pound Pre-Decimalisation
Guernsey - Pound Pre-Decimalisation
Hong Kong - Silver Dollar
Isle of Man - Pound Pre-Decimalisation
Jersey - Pound Pre-Decimalisation
New Zealand - Pound (to 1967)
Straits Settlement - Silver Dollar
South Africa - Pound (to 1961)
Southern Rhodesia - Pound (to 1955)

In principle coins included in this collection were issued before the Great Britain Decimalisation.

2/19/2021 6/28/2022 30818
coin928 coin928 - Gold One set for all of my gold coins. 1/7/2016 6/16/2022 101814
SHeavin Modern West Point Mint Special issues Coins bearing the West Point mint mark. 11/19/2021 6/13/2022 7719
One onehundredth Century’s end: A snapshot of U.S. silver dollars from the Philadelphia mint 5/24/2022 5/24/2022 02
Cayo1 U S One year only types 1793 to present 5/17/2022 5/17/2022 28
coin928 None Finer! All of my coins for which there is none finer known. This could become a VERY high maintenance set. I'll try to clean it up at least once per month, but at any given time there may still be coins in this set that no longer belong here.

Rev. 5/23/2018
12/19/2012 4/28/2022 325084
V.L. Trade Coinage (Type Set) To collect silver and trade coins issued to facilitate the commerce. Examples would be silver trade dollars, Maria Theresa thaler (and similar), sovereigns, chervonets, etc. 5/24/2021 4/22/2022 1967
Richamiller Ben Franklin coins 4/13/2022 4/13/2022 07
V.L. Latin Monetary Union (Silver & Gold Denomination Type Set) To collect by denomination coins issued by the above countries between 1866-1926. As general rule coins inserted into the Set can have a date not included in this time range but the coin type (by KM# for example) should have been in circulation during that time.

I expect the completion of the set will take several years.

5/22/2021 3/23/2022 18818
V.L. Latin Monetary Union Silver 5 Fr. (Country Type Set) Coins struck according to the LMU standard for 5 Fr: 25 g, 90% Ag = 22.5g of pure silver.

This set requires one coin from each of the above countries between 1865-1926. As general rule coins inserted into the Set can have a date not included in this time range but the coin type (by KM# for example) should have been in circulation during that time.
1/16/2022 3/21/2022 624
E. Andrew Corley World War II Era All US, regular-issue coins from years 1941 - 1945 graded by NGC MS-64 or better. 10/24/2021 3/6/2022 9632
ABHAY AGRAWAL RUPEE COINS OF THE WORLD To collect all the Rupee Coins of different countries. 10/9/2019 2/20/2022 39834
Kenmetz 2021 Fender 75th Anniversary PF70 for the whole set 2/17/2022 2/17/2022 373
dsvet West point Mint Coins To get all west point coins. 10/31/2021 2/10/2022 11417
VioletsDad Thomas Jefferson Themed Collection To assemble every coin, medal, and token that contains the likeness of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States and authored the Declaration of Independence. He was also a coin collector, making him an important figure in the evolution of United States currency. He is featured on many commemorative coins due to the Louisiana Purchase, subsequent expeditions, and later settlement of the lands beyond. Jefferson was also the president on the obverse of the first Peace Medals minted to gift the Native Americans during the Lewis and Clark expedition, and many replicas of these medals have been made. This will be difficult to assemble but ultimately rewarding. 12/31/2021 12/31/2021 7523

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