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Latin Monetary Union (Silver & Gold Denomination Type Set)

Owner:  V.L.
Last Modified:  12/3/2021
Set Description
Collection of silver and gold coins issued following the Latin Monetary Union standards from:

1) Latin Monetary Union - Contractual States (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland);

2) Colonies and Protectorates of Contractual States of the LMU (Comoro Islands, Congo Free State, Crete, Italian Eritrea, Tunisia);

3) Countries which adopted the franc system (Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Liechtenstein, Papal States, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Venezuela).

LMU Standards:

- Silver:
1/2 (2.5 g 83.5% Ag)
1 (5 g 83.5% Ag)
2 (10 g 83.5% Ag)
5 (25 g 90% Ag)

- Gold
10 (3.2258 g 90% Au)
20 (6.4516 g 90% Au)

Set Goals
To collect by denomination coins issued by the above countries between 1866-1926. As general rule coins inserted into the Set can have a date not included in this time range but the coin type (by KM# for example) should have been in circulation during that time.

I expect the completion of the set will take several years.

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin Italy Silver 2 Lire ITALY 2L 1908R NGC AU 58
View Coin Italy Silver 5 Lire ITALY 5L 1878R UMBERTO I NGC AU 55
View Coin Switzerland Silver 5 Francs SWITZERLAND CONFEDERATION 5F 1922B NGC MS 65
View Coin Switzerland Gold 20 Francs SWITZERLAND CONFEDERATION G20F 1926B NGC MS 64
View Coin Congo Free State Silver 2 Francs BELGIAN CONGOS 2F 1887 NGC MS 64
View Coin Italian Eritrea Silver 50 Cent. ERITREA 50C 1890M NGC MS 65
View Coin Italian Eritrea Silver Lira ERITREA LIRA 1890R NGC MS 65
View Coin Liechtenstein Silver 1/2 Frank LIECHTENSTEIN S1/2F 1924 NGC VF Details
View Coin Liechtenstein Silver 1 Frank LIECHTENSTEIN 1F 1924 NGC MS 64
View Coin Romania Silver Leu ROMANIA LEU 1906 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF REIGN NGC MS 66
View Coin San Marino Silver 50 Cent. SAN MARINO 50C 1898R NGC MS 65
View Coin San Marino Silver Lira SAN MARINO LIRA 1898R NGC MS 65
View Coin San Marino Silver 2 Lire SAN MARINO 2L 1898R NGC MS 64
View Coin San Marino Silver 5 Lire SAN MARINO 5L 1898R NGC MS 63
View Coin San Marino Gold 10 Lire SAN MARINO 10L 1925R SAN MARINO NGC MS 65

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