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Latin Monetary Union Silver 5 Fr. (Country Type Set)

Owner:  V.L.
Last Modified:  3/21/2022
Set Description
Before the European Union, there was the Latin Monetary Union. Five countries agreed to a standard weight and composition of their circulating silver and gold coins. These coins were accepted for trade throughout many European countries from 1865 to 1926.

Collection of Silver 5 Fr. coins issued following the Latin Monetary Union standards from:

1) Latin Monetary Union - Contractual States (Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland);

2) Colonies and Protectorates of Contractual States of the LMU (Comoro Islands, Congo Free State, Crete, Italian Eritrea);

3) Countries which adopted the franc system (Albania, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Liechtenstein, Papal States, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Venezuela).

Set Goals
Coins struck according to the LMU standard for 5 Fr: 25 g, 90% Ag = 22.5g of pure silver.

This set requires one coin from each of the above countries between 1865-1926. As general rule coins inserted into the Set can have a date not included in this time range but the coin type (by KM# for example) should have been in circulation during that time.

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin Italy Silver 5 Lire ITALY 5L 1878R UMBERTO I NGC AU 55 Rome mint. Pag-589 (R), Mont-32 (R2), Gig-23 (R2)
View Coin Switzerland Silver 5 Francs SWITZERLAND CONFEDERATION 5F 1922B Switzerlnd NGC MS 65
View Coin Italian Eritrea Silver 5 Lire ERITREA 5L 1891 NGC AU 58
View Coin San Marino Silver 5 Lire SAN MARINO 5L 1898R NGC MS 63 A wonderfully toned coin in the original box of issue.

From the Kansas Collection of European Coins

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