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View Coin   UNITED STATES 10C 1941 NGC PF 68 Mercury Dimes my favorite Dime type where part of a coin design renaissance of the early 20th century. This example has great eye appeal that is difficult to capture in 1 obverse picture. Holding under a light and rotating one can see a rainbow of colors on the obverse of this nearly flawless proof coin with deep mirrors. It was recognized with the Star designation on this PF68 Dime.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 50C 1942 NGC PF 68 The Walking Liberty Half was only minted in Proof finish for 6 years from 1936-1942. This example has great eye appeal with a nearly cameo look, very rare among the Walker Proofs. It has great mirrors, exceptional surfaces, with light toning around the perimeter.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 10C 1937 NGC PF 68 'This proof 68 looks flawless, great mirrors , spot and mark free, very reflective.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 50C 1940 NGC PF 68 Very unique toning, nearly flawless surfaces and great reflectivity.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $5 1909 D NGC MS 64 'This is an excellent example of the $5 gold Indian quarter eagle. This coin has a nice coppery gold color with an excellent strike and a soft frosty finish. The surfaces are smooth and as indicated by the CAC sticker this is a PQ MS64 coin. This issue is fairly difficult to find and expensive in gem grades and higher.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 50C 1904 NGC PF 66 Like the Quarter and the Dime, the Barber design Half is the initial Half Dollar coin of the century. This example has excellent mirrors and good contrast, nearly Cameo. A very attractive coin.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 25C 1930 NGC MS 67 FH Nice blast white well struck example with nice surfaces. Great eye appeal.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 1C 1905 NGC MS 67 RD Beautiful vivid reddish rose , with faint blushes of iredecent light blue, great color along with exceptional strike provide for great eye appeal on this super gem Indian head cent. A rare coin in this grade.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $5 1902 NGC PF 62 CAMEO From a mintage of just 162, this coin has very nice eye appeal for the grade. Nice cameo contrast, great mirrors , and just enough hairlines to lower grade to 62 and making it more affordable for me.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $1 1902 NGC PF 64 Rolling into the 20th century the Dollar coin of the day was the ever popular Morgan Silver Dollar. This example is absolutely gorgeous, and if not for a contact mark on the cheek, too bad, this coin would easily be a 66. But then it would be priced out of my budget, so I guess I will take it that way.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $1 1799 NGC VF 20 1798-1804 Silver Dollars are The Draped Bust type with the Heraldic Eagle reverse. This early Silver Dollar has good remaining detail, nice even wear, problem free, with great eye appeal for the grade. It has CAC approval.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $2.5 1904 NGC MS 67 'The $2.50 Liberty Gold quarter eagle was the first quarter eagle of 2 of the century with issue dates to 1907. This example is one of the premier coins of this set, it has great surfaces, luster, color and strike. With the MS67 grade there are only a dozen or so with a higher grade, and would expect that this coin would CAC if submitted.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1873 OPEN 3 NGC MS 62 'Affordable MS62 of the type 2 Lib. Double Eagle, this coin has nice color and luster, with a decent strike, but the obverse has the contact marks that lead to the 62 grade, note, the reverse looks like it could be a 65.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 10C 1916 D NGC F 12 '
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1908 NO MOTTO NGC MS 66 Gem plus example, coin looks like perfection without magnification.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1904 NGC MS 65 'Perhaps undergraded, this Liberty Double Eagle has exceptional surfaces especially for such a large business strike coin made of such a soft metal. Color and luster are great, the strike is a bit soft, but not bad. I intend to send this coin in for CAC evaluation at some point.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1861 NGC AU 53 Civil War dated type 1 example in AU53, solid AU, but one I would like to upgrade to possibly a PQ MS58.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 50C 1906 NGC MS 65 'As with the Quarter and the Dime, the Barber Half was the Half Dollar in use at the onset of the 20th Century. I currently have a nice Gem example of this issue with a solid obverse, and a spectacular Proof Like reverse.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1923 D NGC MS 66 Grades MS66, but does have an annoying copper spot, otherwise very nice coin. I do keep a MS65+ in my type set as the 65+ actually is a better looking coin in my opinion and is spot free, just not quite the same point grab. This is a coin I'd like to upgrade at some point.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 50C 1936 NGC PF 65 The key of the Walker Proofs, a small mintage of just 3,901. This coin is a very PQ gem example. The deep dark mirrors show off a bit of cameo contrast, this coin is nicer than at least half the 66's Ive seen.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $10 1901 S NGC MS 65 This coin has an excellent strike, a nice yellowish gold color, plenty of luster, and surfaces free of any significant contact marks or spotting and as the grade would indicate is a PQ gem.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 10C 1916 BARBER NGC MS 67 'The initial dime of the century, this example is full of Luster, blast white, with the only visible markings being natural die polish striations.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $1 1923 NGC MS 67 This coin is as nice as any Peace Dollar I have ever seen, great strike, great luster and smooth abrasion free surfaces on a nice white coin. A die break is evident from the G in God to the neck and only serves to make the coin more interesting.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 25C 1897 NGC PF 66 ULTRA CAMEO Hands down my personal fav so far, great mirrors, awesome cameo contrast, and nearly perfect surfaces, in my opinion under graded.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 25C 1917 TYPE 1 NGC MS 67 FH As part of the Roosevelt initiated coin renaissance, the second quarter of the century beginning in 1916 is the Standing Liberty Quarter. The initial type, minted for just part of the first 2 years featured liberty with bare breast, changed to coverage with a coat of chainmail beginning during 1917. This example is a "wow" coin, has the look of having just coming of the mints, it has a nice original blast white color, almost no toning, great strike and loads of luster.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 25C 1911 NGC PF 67 CAMEO 'Great eye appeal with nicely frosted devices and deep mirrors.
View Coin   UNITED STATES 25C 1898 NGC PF 67 CAMEO Incredibly deep mirrors, and exhibiting originality, my top point grab.
View Coin   UNITED STATES $20 1907 HIGH RELIEF WIRE RIM NGC AU 55 This is an exceptional AU coin as the only AU coin in this type set. Would like to upgrade to MS at some point, but truthfully it could be a challenge to find a nicer looking MS coin unless I jump to at least a 64. This coin has excellent mark and spot free surfaces, great color and decent luster, and if not for bit of rub could be a Gem. So for the time being I am pretty content with this coin. The coin does have CAC approval.

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