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Set Name
Set Goals
We the People holder, Franklin Proof lancecoincollection lancecoincollection Franklin Proofs 10/18/2020
Civil War Store Cards - New York swike4547 Schweickart III - Civil War Store Cards - New York 11/16/2020
All Coins Loren Will LHW 11 10/15/2021 10/15/2021 4107
Morgan Dollars TX1873 TxMorgans To have a complete Morgan set. 9/12/2013 10/14/2021 34912
Treasure Coins Durham Collection Durham Treasure Coins Collect as many rare Shipwreck Coins as possible 9/7/2016 10/13/2021 220029
U.S. Date Set - 1793 - Current Year. VSI Collection VSI COLLECTION - America’s Coins through the Years My primary goal is to assemble a complete Date Set of U.S. Coins and my secondary goal is to establish some type of historical reference for each coin when possible.As of December 5,2019,more than half of this set has been completed.I have many of the remaining coins to complete this set in my overall coin collection but need to finish submitting these “RAW” coins to NGC for certification. I plan to do this over the upcoming year.Hopefully,I will finish completing the rest of the set in the very near future at which time I will begin to focus my attention on other NGC Registry Sets. I have already started to assemble a Registry Type Set With Gold.
But in actuality this set will never truly be completed because each new year will require the addition of a new coin to keep the set current.I would also like to occasionally rotate coins in and out of this set in order to give it a continuously changing look and to upgrade some coins when needed.By doing this I hope to keep the set interesting and up to date.This Date Set will provide one coin for each year of mintage by any U.S. Mint facility starting with the year 1793 - and ending with the current production year.NGC,PCGS and Raw Coins;in any condition,can be used toward the completion of such a set. The set can consist of all regularly issued United States Coins,including Proof coins,as well as any Early or Modern United States Mint Commemorative Coins,and any U.S. Mint error coins.Any raw coins listed as part of this set will eventually be submitted for grading by NGC.Another goal is to complete this set utilizing the widest variety of examples manufactured by the U.S.Mint over the years. I hope to present coins in various states of preservation,different denominations and a variety of alloys.Finally,I hope to showcase the varying designs of our nation’s coinage throughout it’s history and show how the Mint has grown over the years to meet the coinage needs of it’s citizens.This Custom Set now consists of 176 coins out of a total of 228 for completion. I am hoping to complete this set in the very near future - hopefully in the next 2 years - 52 coins to go as of 12/3/20 - as previously stated in the Set Description.
I truly hope that my fellow collectors as well as the general public will find this set to be both historically interesting as well as artistically beautiful.
As of 3/15/21 the set now consists of 181 coins with 48 coins needed for completion.Now,as of 4/6/2021,there are only 47 coins to complete the set and keep it up to date!As mentioned before this set will never truly be completed as a new coin will be needed every year going forward.The set currently consists of 182 coins.As of 10/12/2021 this Custom Date Set now has a total of 202 coins in it with just 27 more for completion.
3/21/2018 10/12/2021 1775202
Kennedy USA & World Coins, Tokens and Medals ChrisInJesup Camelot Collection Collect any and all items (coins, tokens and medals) that have John Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy and family (Robert Kennedy, JFK Jr., etc) from the USA and all over the world.

Currently I am using what I call "The Bible" of Kennedy coins, tokens and medals. The book is called "The Kennedy World in Medallic Art". Copyrighted in 2014, it helps me target items and narrows where I search..
10/8/2020 10/11/2021 55031
Civil War Tokens swike4547 Schweickart I - Civil War Tokens 8/5/2012 10/10/2021 102030
NGC & PCGS & ANACS Holders by Generation 86Saab 1 of Each Slab NGC PCGS ANACS w/Photos To have an example of each NGC & PCGS & ANACS slab of the standard type issued by them since the beginning including ANACS Photo Certificates...(72 and counting) 11/7/2017 10/6/2021 733672
Red and Red-Brown Copper Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-old_red_copper_coin_set 7/11/2020 10/4/2021 726101
PM Coins outside other sets Queen Esther Precious Metal Hoard 4/6/2009 9/28/2021 2163205
Custom Sets VSI Collection VSI COLLECTION - So Called Dollars and Political Tokens of the United States 9/26/2021 9/26/2021 211
Misc nmtlinuxman Other 6/5/2018 9/22/2021 2009
US Type Set Harlan#2 An 1834-1933 US Gold Type Set: from California Gold to Double Eagles I'd like to expand my collection of Half Eagles to include examples from the New Orleans and Denver mints. 11/26/2019 9/21/2021 28332
Certified Gold Don Adkisson Certified Gold 9/21/2021 9/21/2021 3240
California Fractional Restrikes Kirk Baeta Herman Kroll Restrike Top Pops Top Pops Only 9/21/2021 9/21/2021 302
CAC Type Set Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-CAC_Type_Set 5/23/2021 9/20/2021 11149
Pedigree & Historical Coins MCB1980 Pedigree & Historical Coins 2/24/2021 9/18/2021 12615
Miscellaneous Bowen Jr The Amateur Collector Get Better 9/10/2021 9/10/2021 52130
Silver Eagles TX1873 TxSilver Eagles 12/21/2017 9/8/2021 23518
NGC 70's coinsbygary Gary's 70's Raw coins I have submitted for grading to NGC returning as either MS-70 or PF-70 UC. 2/28/2009 9/4/2021 160322
Samples gabycollectibles Peter's Slabbed Samples 8/13/2021 8/13/2021 422
U.S. Coins Stanley Stanley Collection 8/12/2021 8/13/2021 4913
Hartmann Hoard Morgan Dollars Kshart61 Hartmann Hoard Morgan Dollars 8/12/2021 8/12/2021 4333
  Kshart61 Hartmann Hoard Franklin Half Dollars 8/11/2021 8/11/2021 5340
Rare US Coins Durham Collection Durham Bullion 3/13/2019 8/6/2021 36412
Comprehensive Sets X-Factor First 100 Years of Lincoln Business strikes 1909-2009 minimum of AU quality. Must include large/small date varieties.
SMS cents must be BU full red examples
Proofs must include large/small date varieties, filled/clear varieties, and Close AM varietals.
8/5/2021 8/5/2021 5322
NGC Holders 86Saab NGC Slabs By Generation Having an example of each NGC slab of the standard type issued by them since it's beginning in 1987 7/22/2021 8/5/2021 8822
Graded coins Lloyd Richards Potpourri Obtain more coins 8/1/2021 8/1/2021 935
20th Century US Type Set - Silver and Nickel Only EARLY-COMMEM-HUNTER The Pimp's 20th Century US Type Set: No Gold, Proof, Copper, or Clad Allowed Depends on the year, month, week, or day. Sometimes the minute.... 7/30/2021 7/30/2021 484
20th Century Type Set MaltMan 20th Century Type Set, 1900-1964 Circulation Strikes 7/27/2021 7/29/2021 6910
type coins rrantique Bridgecreek Collection 8/4/2010 7/24/2021 157384
Inventory JAA PCGS Black Box 7/18/2021 7/20/2021 7120
US pre covid NGodEyeTrust Why Do People Think I Died Twice, When I said you Had Great Double Dye Create A very Respectable Collection that I can Feel Proud About and Earn Bragging Rights. Also To hopefully one day to pull my family out of Poverty with a lucky coin. Thats If i can let that coin go. 7/19/2021 7/19/2021 557
Silver Eagles Drew Boxwell $1 Eagle 8/21/2015 7/14/2021 48259
Silver Dollars Drew Boxwell $1 Peace 5/30/2019 7/14/2021 1369
Morgan Dollars Drew Boxwell $1 Morgan 5/30/2019 7/14/2021 17138
Slabbed coins CoinHunter4 My Slabbed Coins 6/10/2021 7/12/2021 6411
U.S. Mint Yearly Set Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-yearly_u.s._mint_set Create a set consisting of one coin from each year of U.S. Mint operation, from 1792-present. Focus on diversity of coinage, including various mint marks, with the highest grades possible, in addition to one coin per year. 6/29/2020 7/6/2021 778227
$10 Gold Commemoratives Drew Boxwell $10 Gold Commemoratives 6/20/2021 7/1/2021 634
Mixture Drew Boxwell Mixture 6/26/2021 6/26/2021 426
$100 Gold High Relief Drew Boxwell $100 Gold High Relief 6/24/2021 6/26/2021 544
all ɹǝʌlᴉs theset 6/23/2021 6/23/2021 61104
Type Set MaltMan 1837 Silver Type Set 6/21/2021 6/22/2021 636
All for Sale-Holding Jazzbo All for Sale-Holding 6/19/2021 6/19/2021 6520
National Park Foundation HT SME 2021 Fraser's Lost Buffalo Commemoratives Selective pick Buffalo coins. 6/18/2021 6/18/2021 601
Not graded Maxwellr64 Everything under the sun To have the largest personal collection in my area. 6/18/2021 6/18/2021 5418
All For Sale or Trade Jazzbo All For Sale or Trade 4/10/2020 6/17/2021 39235
Civil War Store Cards - Ohio swike4547 Schweickart IV - Civil War Store Cards - Ohio 11/16/2020 6/16/2021 982
Miscellaneous coins T S Chase Chase's Misc Quarters 9/9/2011 6/15/2021 24614
Space Coins & Metals HT SME Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins and Metals 4/24/2020 6/14/2021 1494
RGR Collection RGR67 RGR Collection 8/16/2010 5/30/2021 730331
1881 Year Coins MikeyLikesIt! US Coins minted 1881 Acquire at least one of each coin type minted in the year 1881, US coins only. 5/18/2021 5/18/2021 7412
$50 Gold Buffalo Drew Boxwell $50 Gold Buffalo 5/17/2021 5/17/2021 761
Under 50 of this coin and slab Salvos Salvos One for each year. 1982 to present time. 5/12/2021 5/12/2021 528
Registry Orphans coin928 Competitive Registry Orphans For NGC to make this an empty set! 6/19/2018 5/4/2021 112351
Active For Sale Jazzbo Active For Sale 5/3/2021 5/3/2021 9615
gold and silver JC Enterprizes Global Gold USA 9/20/2020 5/3/2021 824
dbruce dbruce modern coins to make a collage of coins 8/8/2020 4/27/2021 11011
Papa's Coins jw kenney Papa's Coins 11/29/2020 4/24/2021 932
california fractional gold 2 pulver set more little gold coins collet all I can fine 4/16/2013 4/18/2021 2705278
  gwburkett Gold 4/16/2021 4/16/2021 563
Proof-Like coin set Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-proof-like_coin_set Collect a sampling of U.S. proof-like coins. 7/4/2020 4/14/2021 17615
Civil War Store Cards - Connecticut swike4547 Schweickart II - Civil War Store Cards - Connecticut 11/16/2020 4/11/2021 1052
Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets Shalako Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets - San Francisco Cable Car Label San Francisco Cable Car Label a must. 11/13/2019 4/11/2021 61960
  Royveg777 Morgans 4/8/2021 4/8/2021 604
Washington Proof Quarters Joel Schram Joel's Washington Proof Quarters Complete the collection with high quality registry coins. 4/1/2021 4/4/2021 74263
Peace San Francisco set raindogsteve Peace Frisco set At least AU 55 or better 2/4/2021 4/1/2021 22213
Peace Denver set raindogsteve Peace Denver set At least AU-55 or better for slabbed coins 2/21/2021 3/31/2021 8710
U.S/World Varieties G.A. Davis Collection Gary's U.S. & World coins Expand my collection beyond Morgan dollars & Mercury dimes. 2/7/2016 3/29/2021 148247
West point 1st Wildabeast West point 5 3/26/2021 3/26/2021 664
USA Coin Book SymmetricKey ATB 3/21/2021 3/21/2021 11827
Roosevelt San Francisco set raindogsteve Rosie 'Frisco set MS-66 or better 2/19/2021 3/16/2021 926
Foreign Coins Jazzbo Foreign Coins 5/26/2018 3/8/2021 28113
Bootjack Bashlow Restrike Bootjack Bashlow restrike 2/23/2021 2/23/2021 926
American Eagle Coins RGR67 American Eagle Coins 8/19/2010 2/15/2021 16546
Gold TX1873 TxGold 12/20/2017 2/13/2021 2888
West Point Mint Type Set aj5831 West Point Mint Type Set One example of each type from the West Point Mint 2/7/2021 2/8/2021 8627
  KC_CK KC_CK Coins 2/7/2021 2/7/2021 7447
  BOBSBEST5150 Bobsbest 2021 2/6/2021 2/6/2021 17453
Gold Buffalo's Tom Lemon Retirement Funds Get as many coins as possible. 2/4/2021 2/4/2021 621
Mercury Dime Set RGR67 Mercury Dime Set 2/4/2021 2/4/2021 1298
Quarter Eagles-Indian Head Set RGR67 Quarter Eagles-Indian Head Set 7/28/2010 2/4/2021 9114
Peace Dollar Set RGR67 Peace Dollar Set 8/7/2019 2/4/2021 7637
California fractional gold G. Wood Just for fun - California Fractional Gold Overdates To collect as many of the 40 +/- Overdate coins as possible. 3/10/2020 2/1/2021 21923
Randoms SPORCHER Randoms 0085 1/27/2021 1/27/2021 7210
All The Grades Texan's Coins Texan's Making The Grade Set The main goal is to have a set of Walkers that show the scale from Poor to Mint State. While doing this, I want to see the relationship of availability in price vs rarity. For example, I anticipate that some of the more rare options will be readily available at the bottom of the scale, due to their affordability, whereas the more common coins will comprise the higher end of the scale. 12/28/2020 1/20/2021 853
Generic coin collection! Corey J.Merrill Everything i can list I intend for this to contain a full u.s. 1883 year set after many years . As well as complete sets of several other types. This is the overall coinage. 1/15/2021 1/15/2021 116155
Trump Label Silver Eagles Roeder7 Roeder7 Trump Labels See a diverse collection of Silver Eagles with Trump Labels. 1/10/2021 1/12/2021 8112
Miscellaneous coins T S Chase Chase's Misc Dollar Coins 9/9/2011 1/11/2021 113744
NGC Graded Coins MPH All NGC Graded Eagles 1/11/2020 1/11/2021 29416
Gold Mines Cal Gold "Token" Guy Sixteen to One Gold Mine Collect various gold and quartz samples from the famous 16 to 1 Mine in Alleghany, California 8/23/2019 1/5/2021 27511
  Pammer Coins All Pammer Coins 1/2/2021 1/2/2021 117124
Key Dates 80s Kid Key Date US Coins Collect as many "key" or "tougher" date coins. The higher the grade and more rare the coin, the better the set. 8/24/2020 12/29/2020 1313
  Yedidyah west point mintage 12/21/2020 12/21/2020 923
West Point Mint Quarters JAA JAA West Point Mint Quarters 12/16/2020 12/16/2020 881
Date Set MEMCollector MEMCollector's 1909 Date Set 12/13/2020 12/13/2020 1031
Premium Coins BlakeEik BDE Premium Coins 7/27/2019 12/8/2020 2709

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