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My World Crown Affair

Category:  World Coins
Owner:  jgenn
Last Modified:  1/26/2019
Set Description
16th -- 19th Century world crowns from many different nations. A few 19th Century examples are included to greatly broaden the geographic representation of nations.

For the purpose of this set, I am defining the term crown as a coin in the range of 42-37mm in diameter and 25 -32g weight, and containing a significant amount of silver. We are talking about coins that were mostly used for trade as opposed to typical circulation. At this period in time, international commerce was conducted in silver and greatly standardized by the most popular silver crowns.

Update: January 2019 -- this is the year that I'm going to start the serious curation of my set. The long term goal is to post a journal entry that goes into great detail for each of these.

Set Goals
Older world crowns, mainly 16th - 18th century, from a wide selection of nations.

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View Coin 16th Cent, Spanish Netherlands Philipsdaalder NETHERLANDS - TO 1600 ECU 1558 SPANISH FLANDERS BRUGES DAV-8645 NGC XF 40 This type of crown is known as a Philipsdaalder for the portrait of Philip II on the obverse and the size and weight of this silver coin that is similar to the size of the popular daalder coin of the Dutch provinces. However, at 41-42mm and 32-34g it more closely matches a ducaton, although its silver content is less. Of note is the display of Philip II's title that includes King of England. See

Obverse: Armored bust of Philip II, legend PHS D G HISP ANG Z REX COMES FLAN 1558 (Philippus dei gratia Hispaniarum Angliae etc rex comes Flandriae -- Philip by the grace of God King of Spain and England, Count of Flanders)

Reverse: Crowned coat of arms of Philip II over the Burgundian cross, golden fleece below between a pair of fire irons emitting sparks, legend DOMINVS MICHI ADIVTOR (dominus michi adivtor -- Lord my helper)

NGC encapsulated coin from a Heritage Weekly World and Ancient Coin Auction, January 2019.

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