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Set Name
Set Goals
Thomas van der Spuy Van der Spuy ZAR collection The best known ZAR Collection 1874 - 1902 5/7/2022
worldcoinguy German State Sede Vacante Talers and Medals Broad representation of bishopric issued German States talers, minors, and medals from the 16th through the 18th century with a specific focus on sede vacante issues. Relevant themed items included for context. 5/9/2009
TMS Coins KING GEORGE V, GOLD SOVEREIGNS AND HALF-SOVEREIGNS of the year 1914 ( WW 1 Outbreak ) 10/17/2012
Cozdred United Kingdom Gold Sovereigns -- Date Set Complete set 1817 to date.

I started collecting gold sovereigns in Jan 2022, so the set is just getting started. A few of the rarer dates will not be obtainable on my limited budget, but I hope to acquire as many as possible.

In every case, my main objective is to obtain coins with great "eye appeal". Not looking for the highest grade, but rather the nicest looking example that I can find for each date. Since most MS60 to MS62 coins are heavily "bag-marked", I will generally seek out nicer looking AU coins for my collection.

A separate sub-goal is to collect all of the 1979 to 2022 coins in Proof condition. Since only a few thousand of each date were struck, that is going to take a while! So this is a long-term project.

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your hobby!
Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-puerto_rico_type_set Collect a sampling of Puerto Rico coins from 1895-1896. 6/30/2020
lqueen6 My Christan Spanish Empire MS62+ coins I own NGC gives NO Points or USED to give NO POINTS!
Ex low denominations or countries Not supported as Peru!
nunfa0 Nunfa0's Maritimes 5/15/2022 5/15/2022 04
nunfa0 Nunfa0's Canadian dollars 5/15/2022 5/15/2022 117
emmyou All A-crowned the World I would like one of each type from every country, but I would also like a pony. Not really a pony, just the coins. 3/1/2022 5/15/2022 6515
dtorres1217 SUN CITY MONARCHS SERIES 5OZ SILVER COLLECTION 5/14/2022 5/14/2022 12
dtorres1217 SUN CITY MONARCHS SERIES COLLECTION 2 OZ GOLD 5/14/2022 5/14/2022 11
Abuelo's Collection Mexican Balanza Pesos Abuelo's Collection 5/13/2022 5/13/2022 14
C T S Japan Meiji Type Set 9 coins 1Sen to 20 Yen 10/20/2021 5/12/2022 1029
Thalermaniac UNION THALERS OF GERMAN STATES The goal of this Set is to represent all great variety of the Union Coinage for the period from 1857 till 1874. We will reflect coins of One and Two Thalers (Vereinsthalers). All coins will be arranged in order reflected in Davenport Book of German Talers. We hope you enjoy this collection!
This Set is for sale, please make your offers!! Contact E-mail is
3/2/2014 5/12/2022 549151
cirque1 British West Africa 1/10s 11/24/2020 5/12/2022 23974
Lordhelmlein Coins Haus Habsburg / Hungary 5/12/2022 5/12/2022 24
Lordhelmlein 1,5 Thaler Eisleben 5/12/2022 5/12/2022 31
DINKO1 BULGARIA-DINKO1 VEZYOV Bulgaria 3/12/2020 5/11/2022 929905
V.L. Russian SFSR (1917-1922) - Type Set - 10 Kopeks Y# 80
- 15 Kopeks Y# 81
- 20 Kopeks Y# 82
- 50 Kopeks Y# 83
- Ruble Y# 84
- Chervonetz (10 Rubles) Trade Coinage Y# 85
7/30/2021 5/11/2022 1082
Scott A Belgian Congo - Congo 1887-1999 My goal is to complete a date set of Belgian Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo coins in mint condition including proofs and patterns, listed and unlisted, as well as errors. I strive to add the finest coins available to this collection, (that I can afford). This has truly been a labor of love. 8/30/2007 5/9/2022 8724282
Taler Universe Holy Roman Empire - House of Habsburg Talers
I am aiming to put together a broad representative set of 16-19th century, Holy Roman Empire Talers. The set is dynamic with a goal of continuously upgrading its quality.Checkout The Taler Universe Website as it expands on the history involving the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs as well as displaying the entire collection.
5/28/2008 5/9/2022 27882182
Taler Tales A Tale of Holy Roman Empire and Germanic States Talers I want to collect a vast array of Thalers from the Habsburg monarchy of the Holy Roman Empire, including the Germanic States. 7/15/2021 5/8/2022 100434
Thalermaniac PASSION OF LUDWIG Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from his coronation in 1825 until 1848, when he abdicated his throne in favor of his son, Maximilian. It is my opinion that he was one of the most interesting personae in German history. As a very intelligent and educated man, he assumed his role as a King with full responsibility and, arguably, great passion. He had a great many passions; he loved change, and imposing it, he loved women, art, science, Greece, architecture etc. – but his dearest passion of all was coins, of course! He adored seeing new coins, especially those displaying his portrait and great achievements as the King. He oversaw the production of many commemorative coins: more than any other Germanic ruler. Within this set I would like to tell you the flamboyant story of the great ruler, Ludwig I of Bayern, son of Maximilian I Joseph, Duke of Franconia, Duke of Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, etc. Let the journey begin! 2/6/2014 5/8/2022 380742
MF Collection BRAZIL - Silver Coinage - Complete Circulation Set (1663-2016) 204 of 759 (27% complete)
1/24/2020 5/8/2022 915204
deposito 26 Centuries of Gold Primary Objective: Assemble a timeline of gold coins from the start of coinage through the present.
Ideally, this will be without more than 100 years between the examples for each century. The second century BC (100's BC) is proving to be a tough century to find gold coins from.

Secondary Objective: Illustrate the longest running issues used in long-distance trade between neighbors, enemies, and strangers. Once coinage was developed, major international trade almost always relied on gold coins. This is why Western Europe was draining out gold and silver to India and East Asia in the long run; a forerunner of today’s major trade deficits between the “West” and modern India and East Asian states. Except today, somehow we got those countries to accept our digital currency units instead of real money or products. Examples of “mini series” include the Netherlands gold ducats of 1586 to the present, Venetian ducats from the 1280’s to 1797, Islamic dinars and other gold units from about 700 to the present, Byzantine solidi from about 300 to 1000, etc.

Tertiary Objective: Get nice examples of gold coins from significant places or people in world history.
6/28/2018 5/8/2022 2562175
Scott A Latin American Beauties My Collection of early Latin American and related coins. 5/10/2008 5/6/2022 7261140
Wim2000 The Congo Collection All the coins circulating in the areas in the best possible state, including patterns, trial strikes, essais and such 6/20/2011 5/6/2022 1405112
CAEC Austro-Hungarian Empire - Silver Coins Forint 1868 - 1892 Selected coins from KM# 449.1, KM# 449.2, KM# 453.1, KM# 453.2, KM# 465, KM# 469 and KM# 475.

Coin value type: Forint
6/23/2021 5/6/2022 20110
Abuelo's Collection Chuck and Juanita's coinage Abuelo's Collection 5/5/2022 5/5/2022 13
jgenn My World Crown Affair Eclectic pre-20th century world crowns from as many different nations as possible. 11/12/2016 5/5/2022 281859
coin928 Foreign Coins Struck at United States Mints A complete set of foreign coins produced by mints in the United States. These include:
  1. A complete collection of world coins minted by US Mints (with varieties). (1876-2000)
  2. A complete set of coins and medals produced by the Philippine Mint in Manila. (1920-1941).
  3. A complete set of coins minted by the Providence Mint, operated by the Gorham Manufacturing Company. (1897-1919)
  4. A complete set of coins minted by the Waterbury Mint, operated by the Scovill Manufacturing Company. (1881-1908)
  5. A complete set of coins minted by the private mint of Holmes, Booth & Hayden, Waterbury, Connecticut. (1863-1864)
  6. A complete set of coins produced by The Denver Novelty Works and Manufacturing Company. (1914)
  7. Any "coins of the realm" produced by the Franklin Mint that I can easily acquire. (1965-2000)
Rev. 4/28/2022
4/14/2007 5/4/2022 11910592
Cho Chun Loong The Malaysiana Collection All-Time Finest NGC & PCGS coins of the Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak, Malaya, Malaya & British Borneo and British Trade Dollar. 5/17/2008 5/1/2022 712890
coin928 Netherlands East Indies - Minted by the U.S. Mint A complete set of coins minted by the U.S. Mint for the Netherlands East Indies during World War II with all of the primary coins graded MS65 or higher. Any variety or error coins may be lower. This basic goal has been met with the exception of the 1941S 1/4G at MS64 which is currently the highest grade awarded by NGC. Until I find a nicer raw or graded coin, I may have gone about as far as I can go save for an occasional upgrade.

Rev 4/28/2022
4/25/2016 4/28/2022 417022
Scottertgs Year of the Tiger Obtain an ongoing assortment of eye-catching coins that contain at least 50% silver content. The primary focus mainly includes coins with a silver weight of; one- two- and five-ounces graded in mint state or proof condition. 4/27/2022 4/27/2022 11
JasonPanama 1904 Panama 2 1/2 4/25/2022 4/25/2022 04
hh4 Herzogtum Sachsen-Meiningen 4/24/2022 4/24/2022 11
V.L. San Marino (1st Coinage) Type Set, 1864-1925 To complete a Type Set of the First Coinage of San Marino based on the Latin Monetary Union Standards:
- 5 Centesimi KM# 1
- 10 Centesimi KM# 2
- 50 Centesimi KM# 3
- 1 Lira KM# 4
- 2 Lire KM# 5
- 5 Lire KM# 6
- 10 Lire KM# 7
- 20 Lire KM# 8

11/9/2021 4/21/2022 1138
Hatem Gendy EGYPT Royal From (1914 To 1952) Full Set MS First Complete set of Egyptian coins from 1914 - 1952 in uncirculated condition, going through all the denominations from the 1/2 Milleme up to the 100 Piastres.

To upgrade the coins grades to better grades when avilable
10/22/2017 4/17/2022 1105101
Greg Gonzalez Silver Eagle Collection 4/17/2022 4/17/2022 227
Sterlingcoins Sterling Collection of Top Pop Coins 3/14/2022 4/17/2022 4419
59A English Shillings, Edward VI to George VI Collect an example of every major type of English Silver Shilling from the reign of Edward VI (1547-1553) through to George VI (1937-1952) spanning a history of 400 years. 4/15/2022 4/15/2022 031
World_Coin_Nut WCN - Pre-1800 World Coins I started collecting like a lot of us have. My grandfather collected coins when I was little, and I helped him sort coins. He gave me a Lincoln folder that we filled holes in. It is amazing to me how nice his collection was, and he never purchased a coin. Everything came from circulation. Fast forward 40 years and my tastes have evolved.

At this point the bulk of my new acquisitions are world coins. My favorites are large diameter copper/brass/bronze pieces. This is due to my love of US large cents. Aside from that, I buy anything that speaks to me, you know the voice. Hope you enjoy it.

At some point, everything will be in only NGC holders, but certain details graded coins don't bother me so will stay in the set.
5/10/2015 4/15/2022 270694
World_Coin_Nut Wildman Coins of the German States To assemble a set of Wildman (or Wild Man) coins from the German States that has as many different varieties as I can acquire. I am trying to only add new pieces that are well struck but this is very challenging. This is a fascinating series that I always find new reasons to love.

It's hard to believe that it has been over 6 years since I created this set on the registry. I continue to add coins as I find them but recently, I have focused on Thalers. There is an enormous number of minors available but in general, they don't have the stylistic beauty of the Thalers. No other coins in my collection give me the joy that these Wildmen do.
1/17/2016 4/15/2022 663165
MF Collection BRAZIL - Gold Coinage - Complete Circulation Set (1698-2016) 105 of 751 (14% complete) 3/14/2020 4/10/2022 892105
gdk100 Rare: Non-Competitive Coins + Scarce high/highest Grade NEW: 10 Apr 2022 Canada Dollar 1966 C=2; 8 Feb 2022 Mexico 5 Centavo 1889 ZsZ; 19 Nov 2021 Canada 5 Cents 1947; 5 Oct 2021 Mozambique 1954 10 ESC; 5 Sep 2021 PERU 1916 "FERUANA";14 Aug 2021 Mexico 1891 AsL C=1; 8 Aug 2021 Portugal 5 Reis 1892/1 C=1; 20 Jul 2021 Mexico 5 Centavos 1903 Mo M; Apr 2021 Mexico 5 Centavos 1867 Mo - NGC World Coin Price Guide "PLATE COIN"; 7 Apr 2021 Mexico 5 Centavos 1887 Pi R/B "Discovery Coin"; 3 Dec 2020: "A VERY RARE date in this stage of preservation." Mexico 20 Centavos 1908; 2 Nov 2020: Mexico 5 Centavos 1914 - Please see remarks; 19 Sep 2020: 1965 Canada Dollar SBP5; 13 Jul : 1953 Canada Dollar SF; 23 May 1881 Go S Mexico 5 Centavos; 28 Apr : 1901 Azores 5 Reis; 29 Feb 2020: 1915 Oaxaca 2 Peso 6th Bust-2; 1959 Mexico Peso & 1937 Mexico 10 Centavos . SHARED INFORMATION: Mexico Onza 1979/9 with high definition photo of the overdate; Peru 1/2 Dinero 1906/806 confirmed; Mexico Peso 1918/7 is currently not a variety that NGC will certify; HOWEVER, this coin is now in my new set of 1918-19 Mexico Pesos. As of Dec 2019, I had 109 NGC Competitive Sets, of which 34 received awards in 2019 and 35 were number 2. In 2018, had 42 that received awards as the top listing. The competition has really been tough this past year.

I continue to focus on my 20th Century Mexico, Portugal and Colonies, CAR, Guatemala, Canada and Peru Collections. This effort started about 60 years ago when I traded my U.S. stamp collection for a box of Mexican coins. In addition, I've always liked really "nice" (superb condition) coins. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING COINS, PREVIOUSLY IN THIS SET, WERE SOLD IN THE HERITAGE SIGNATURE & INTERNET AUCTIONS; JANUARY 8, 2018. MEXICO PESO 1949 PRF 66, PORTUGUESE INDIA RUPIA 1881 PRF 64 AND JANUARY 17 MEXICO 1976 10 PESOS DOUBLE STRUCK "WITH ROTATION" PRF 65.
11/29/2015 4/10/2022 236860
Michael Mc Keever Hiberno norse 7 phases 1/25/2022 4/7/2022 3613
Hatem Gendy Egypt Royal Gold coins 12/28/2017 4/7/2022 41713
deposito 1916 Coins of the USA and World First I just planned to get a nice example of each USA type for 1916. I knew the Standing Liberty quarter was going to be a problem. Presently that is substituted for by a 1917 Standing Liberty quarter. Hopefully one of us will pick that up someday.

A little later in 2016 I figured I should see what other 1916 coins were available. We now have more than 46 different countries / colonies / protectorates / territories covered.

For some countries only base metal coins or tokens are available for 1916. (Venezuela has only leper colony tokens). For many other countries, I have never seen any coin of any kind available. Guatemala, Greece, and Paraguay have nice paper money from 1916 but no coins to my knowledge. Chinese provincial coins and spectacular "fat man" special issues of 1916 could occupy someone's collecting life and budget on their own. I cannot expect to make more headway than the 20 Cent "Yuan Shikai" coin here, at most improving to a shinier one.

Coins that I know exist, and can be sometimes bought, but mostly for too much, and not too often, include:

1. Afghanistan gold. 2 graded by NGC
2. More Chinese provincial issues
3. Egypt Gold. I have obtained both PCGS and NGC certified examples that were both found to be "not genuine" by NGC upon my own submission.
4. Tunisia Gold (23 minted? None certified by anyone)
5. Better British Honduras
6. Austria Gold
7. Better Columbia 50c
8. Better Argentina 20c
9. Canada 50c
10. I guess someday I will have to get the 1916 standing liberty quarter

My kid hopefully has many decades to grow up and work on this.
9/3/2018 4/6/2022 102090
hh4 Königreich Württemberg 5/22/2020 4/3/2022 1732
RoyalLily Japanese Trade Dollar 4/1/2022 4/1/2022 101
RoyalLily Japanese 10 Yen Gold, New Type 4/1/2022 4/1/2022 81
RoyalLily Japanese Yen Gold, Old Type M4 (1871) 4/1/2022 4/1/2022 271
RoyalLily Japanese Yen New Type, 1887 - 1914 4/1/2022 4/1/2022 106
RoyalLily Japanese Yen Old Type, 1870 (Meiji 3) 4/1/2022 4/1/2022 113
Rara Avis Rara Avis Independent Spanish America 3/31/2022 3/31/2022 236
Satyr Tonga - Food For All (FAO) 3/28/2022 3/29/2022 4432
Satyr Tonga - Taufa'ahau Tupou IV Coronation 3/23/2022 3/29/2022 3618
Edward Anderson Ed's Old Coins Just trying to get a variety of coins outside of my US collection. Demonstrating what other types of coins have existed. 3/1/2021 3/29/2022 17128
njf Sceatas 3/25/2022 3/26/2022 4512
Satyr Tonga - Salote Tupou III 10/4/2019 3/25/2022 10825
JohnA Netherlands 10 Gulden, Young Wilhelmina (1897, 1898) Show each variety of each scarce date, 1897 and 1898. 11/23/2015 3/24/2022 30574
Satyr Tonga - Constitutional Centenary 3/22/2022 3/22/2022 257
Sam's Ottomans All the Ottoman Sultans 3/16/2022 3/16/2022 43151
V.L. Congo Free State - Type Set - Centime KM# 1
- 2 Centimes KM# 2
- 5 Centimes KM# 3
- 10 Centimes KM# 4
- 50 Centimes KM# 5
- 1 Franc KM# 6
- 2 Francs KM# 7
- 5 Francs KM# 8.1
- 5 Francs KM# 8.2
- 5 Centimes KM# 9
- 10 Centimes KM# 10
- 20 Centimes KM# 11
6/17/2021 3/14/2022 1683
Thalermaniac EAGLES OF THE KAISERREICH In this Set we are trying to represent as many as possible 5 Mark coins of the German Empire or at least one of each type. All coins are numerated by Davenport numbers for the convenience. All coins are on sale so if you are interested please contact us at 2/12/2015 3/13/2022 365947
Thirteenth Orwellian Barbarous Relics *Gold Coins dated 1984
7/18/2021 3/12/2022 15511
JohnA Spain Gold Pesetas Official Restrikes (1961, 1962) Complete 12-Coin Set of Restrikes. 7/25/2012 3/11/2022 736412
JohnA Spain Gold 25 Pesetas Overdates (1882/1, 1883/2) Overdates that do not have Competitive Set Slots. 10/21/2013 3/11/2022 8352
JohnA Spain Gold 100 Pesetas, Alfonso XIII (1897) One-Year Type with Set Description. 7/25/2012 3/11/2022 26651
JohnA Spain Gold 10 Pesetas, Alfonso XII (1878, 1879) Complete 3-Coin Set of Circulation Issues. 10/21/2013 3/11/2022 26133
AL3X15 German Empire - Coinage by Type Get one of each type of coin from the German Empire. Starting off without gold coins, focusing on nice specimen of smaller denominations and silver coins. 3/8/2022 3/8/2022 191
hh4 Königreich Bayern 7/20/2020 3/8/2022 772
deposito Siam / Thailand Coins Get the Gold Rama IV and Rama V. Get some of the rarer date Rama V baht coins, like from 1904 or 1901. 8/2/2018 3/4/2022 159746
CAEC Holy Roman and Austrian Empire - Copper Coins Selection Coin value type: Kreu(t)zer

12/4/2020 3/3/2022 41828
Sterlingcoins Sterling Collection of British Coins This is a collection of Great Britain pre-decimal coins of the 19th and 20th centuries. The intent is not to create complete date or type sets, but rather to focus on high quality individual coins across the broad spectrum of British numismatics. This is particularly challenging because high end British coins are very scarce - even among the most common dates and series. Lower grade mint state coins up to MS-64 are fairly easy to find, even 65's in some cases are fairly common. But true gems are scarce pretty much across the board. Just try putting together a type set of George VI coins, business strikes in MS-66 or better. You might expect that since these are generally inexpensive coins, even in top grades, that they would be fairly easy to acquire. And they are up to about MS-64. But try finding MS-65 and better coins! They are almost non-existent compared to U.S. coins of the same era which can be routinely found in MSS-66 and better grades. Copper and bronze coins displaying full red mint luster are particularly difficult to locate, even among the more common 20th century issues. Coins without toning, fingerprints, or spots are truly rare and often command significant premiums. I have spent the better part of twenty years in pursuit of this goal. This collection is the result. 6/9/2020 2/25/2022 18631
NOSAMDC Shillings by Monarch - Great Britain 2/18/2022 2/23/2022 3110
MChris1947 Peru Battle of Ayacucho Gold Sol Set To collect the best set of these special commemorative coins. 2/23/2022 2/23/2022 212
CAEC Austro-Hungarian Empire - Silver Coins Florin 1866 - 1872 KM# 2220 and KM# 2221

Coin value type: Florin
12/2/2019 2/22/2022 3038
CAEC Joseph II - Brabant et Flanders - 1 Liard Coins 1781-1789 KM# 30

Coin value type: Liard

Precondition for listing: Grade MS 60
9/10/2021 2/22/2022 1264
Roshto49 Spanish Colonial Coins 2/21/2022 2/21/2022 371
njf Slovakia 4/8/2013 2/20/2022 375076
Rara Avis Rara Avis Central America 2/18/2022 2/18/2022 467
Rara Avis Rara Avis Mexico 2/18/2022 2/18/2022 4113
AVALEIGH THALERS : GERMAN 2/17/2022 2/17/2022 4631
AVALEIGH THALERS ; AUSTRIAN 2/17/2022 2/17/2022 5116
BETO RIOS Mexico, Cuencame, 1 Peso, Muera Huerta Main objectives it to obtain one example of each issued coin. 2/17/2022 2/17/2022 391
hh4 Grosherzogtum Hesse-Darmstadt 2/17/2022 2/17/2022 341
Roshto49 1797 P JF Colombia Escudo 2/15/2022 2/15/2022 351
Roshto49 Mexico 8r 1621-67 Philip IV 2/15/2022 2/15/2022 341
PD1212 British Fractional Proofs and Patterns Build a comprehensive collection of very high grade British fractional Proofs and Patterns to include 1/4F-1/3F-1/2F-1.5P and 4P (Britannia) Groats: George IV - William IV - Victoria.

The references I found most useful in collecting these coins are "English Silver Coinage - since 1649" by P. Alan Rayner and "English Copper, Tin, and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958" by C. Wilson Peck.

These coins were acquired - mostly as raw coins - between 1982 and 2017.
9/2/2012 2/12/2022 274765
Dtf Latin monetary union marenghi 20 francs 2/7/2022 2/7/2022 3611
Revenant A World of Golden Nickels Build a set of Late 19th & Early 20th century gold coins that are roughly the same size as a US nickel in diameter (about 20-21 mm) and containing about 0.18-0.24 ozt in agw). The date range I'm considering for inclusion in this set ranges from about 1875 to 1915. I'm wanting to focus more on the Pre-WWI / Pre-"Great War" period, because I feel like that was an event that really changed the game going forward for a lot of countries - though I suppose you could also draw the line at the Great Depression starting / the end of the "Roaring 20s." 5/1/2021 2/3/2022 2175
Naked Angel Mexico 1988 Oil Industry Anniversary 1/8/2022 1/31/2022 722
The Libertad King Grove Medals 1/28/2022 1/28/2022 494
LongNineteenthCenturyNumismatics German States & Sweden 1/25/2022 1/25/2022 3721
Crruisercharlie Coins of South Arabia - Another Dead Country Complete coinage set of South Arabia 12/30/2016 1/22/2022 604

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