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Set Name
Set Goals
deposito 26 Centuries of Gold Gold coins in good condition from the start of coinage in the 600's B.C. through the present, without (much) more than 100 years between the examples for each century.
worldcoinguy German State Sede Vacante Talers and Medals Broad representation of bishopric issued German States talers, minors, and medals from the 16th through the 18th century with a specific focus on sede vacante issues. Relevant themed items included for context. 5/9/2009
gherrmann44 The Spanish Provisional Government and the Birth of the Peseta 9/28/2019 10/14/2019 518
deposito 1916 Coins of the USA and World First I just planned to get a nice mint state example of each USA type for 1916. I have never cared about mint marks. And as an adult, I have never collected USA coins. The Standing Liberty quarter was going to be a problem, I knew. Presently that is substituted for by a 1917 Standing Liberty quarter. We are still missing the Barber dime too, but that is not too hard to acquire.

Once the major pieces of U.S. coinage were found, I didn't want to stop adding to the set. And, like I said, I do not care about mint marks. I do not really collect U.S. coins to begin with, so it was not long before I started discovering what other 1916 coins were available. We now have more than 32 different countries / colonies / protectorates / territories covered, with nice mint state silver, or even gold coins.

For some countries, as far as I know, in 1916 only base metal coins are available for the year. For many other countries, I have never seen any coin of any kind available. There are still plenty of countries with coins that I know can be obtained, but it is a shrinking list, and I have mostly "taken out" all the easy ones already.

Coins that I know exist, and can be sometimes bought, but mostly for too much, and not too often), include:

1. Bulgaria
2. Brazil
3. German East Africa gold
4. Afganistan gold
5. British Honduras (Belize)
6. Problem-free Philippines
7. Problem-free Netherlands
8. Nicaragua

Beyond these, I know there is a base metal coin of Belgium from 1916, and a leper colony token (Maricaibo) from Venezuela! This is why I say I have already done the "easy work" and what's left is going to be tough. My kids hopefully has many decades to grow up and work on this.

A U.S. collector might be interested to hear that Ecuador, the Philippines, Cuba, and maybe more countries got their coins minted by U.S. mints.
9/3/2018 10/14/2019 13959
doobiewahsasha DANS BOGOTA COLUMBIAN 2 ESCUDOS 1628-1711 4/9/2019 10/13/2019 936
chookcity Australian Sovereigns 21st Century 10/12/2019 10/12/2019 21
TSCOIN Sweden Carl XI 1 Mark 10/10/2019 10/12/2019 51
Scott A Latin American Beauties My Collection of early Latin American and related coins. 5/10/2008 10/11/2019 530599
LUV2JOURNEY Feline Coins Collection 9/24/2014 10/11/2019 449101
Beau Newman BN Bavaria 5/4/2011 10/11/2019 72728
Taler Universe Holy Roman Empire - House of Habsburg Talers
I am aiming to put together a broad representative set of 16-19th century, Holy Roman Empire Talers. The set is dynamic with a goal of continuously upgrading its quality.Checkout The Taler Universe Website as it expands on the history involving the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs as well as displaying the entire collection.
5/28/2008 10/11/2019 25362152
World_Coin_Nut WCN - Pre-1900 World Coins I started collecting like a lot us have. My grandfather collected coins when I was little and I helped him sort coins. He gave me a Lincoln folder that we filled holes in. It is amazing to me how nice his collection was and he never purchased a coin. Everything came from circulation. Fast forward 40 years and my tastes have evolved.

At this point the bulk of my new acquisitions are world coins. My favorites are large diameter copper/brass/bronze pieces. I think this is due to my love of US large cents. Aside from that I buy anything that speaks to me, you know the voice. Hope you enjoy.

At some point everything will be in only NGC edge view holders but certain details graded coins don't bother me so will stay in the set.
5/10/2015 10/11/2019 1268152
Perfect-70 Latvia 1st Republic (1922-1939) including medieval Riga coins The goal of this Custom set is to assemble as many (BRONZE, NICKEL, and SILVER) coins of 1st Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika) existed in 1918-1940, as it feasible.
Occasionally the coins of new Latvian Republic (declared on August 22, 1991) might be included for display purposes only, although that is not the goal of this collection.
Interesting examples of medieval coinage of Riga, Livonia, Poland, Sweden, other entities (mentioned and / or connected to Riga and / or Latvia) might be also included in this collection.
9/26/2009 10/11/2019 187316
World_Coin_Nut Wildman Coins of the German States To assemble a set of Wildman (or Wild Man) coins from the German States that has as many different varieties as I can acquire. I am trying to only add new pieces that are well struck but this is very challenging. This is a fascinating series that I always find new reasons to love. 1/17/2016 10/8/2019 252355
physics-fan3.14 The Poe Collection of Moroccan Coinage The primary goal of this set is to collect all of the regular issue Moroccan coinage from the beginning of milled coinage (AH1299 / 1882 AD) until the end of the French Protectorate in 1956. I will endeavor to collect special issues (piedforts and essais) where available. The secondary goal of this set is to share the fascinating history of this country, and tell the story of the French conquest of Morocco. I hope you come to enjoy it as much as I do – or at least pass a merry hour enjoying my collection! 3/31/2019 10/6/2019 10470
The 12th Denticle 1 Peso Coins of The Philippines (1947-1974)
To offer a numismatic, historical, and cultural experience for all.

3/29/2018 10/5/2019 113912
Taler Universe Select Israeli Coins
Expand the set by obtaining representative coins from Israel's trade and commemorative coin issues. Focus on technical quality and eye appeal.
12/31/2009 10/5/2019 736414
Satyr Tonga - Satyr Collection 10/4/2019 10/4/2019 41
deposito Siam / Thailand Coins Get the Gold Rama IV and Rama V. Get some of the rarer date Rama V baht coins, like from 1904 or 1901. 8/2/2018 10/4/2019 16025
Scott A Belgian Congo - Congo 1887-1999 My goal is to complete a date set of Belgian Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo coins in mint condition including proofs and patterns, listed and unlisted, as well as errors. I strive to add the finest coins available to this collection, (that I can afford). This has truly been a labor of love. 8/30/2007 10/3/2019 6847261
coin928 Foreign Coins Struck at United States Mints A complete set of foreign coins produced by mints in the United States. These include:
1. A complete collection of world coins minted by US Mints (with varieties).
2. A complete set of coins and medals produced by the Manila Mint (1920-1941).
3. A complete set of coins minted by the Providence Mint, as described by Altz & Barton.
4. A complete set of coins minted by the Waterbury Mint, as described by Altz & Barton.
5. A complete set of coins produced by The Denver Coin and Novelty Company, as described by Altz & Barton.
6. Any "coins of the realm" produced by the Franklin Mint that I can easily acquire.
4/14/2007 10/2/2019 8098503
coin928 Netherlands East Indies - Minted by the U.S. Mint A complete set of coins minted by the U.S. Mint for the Netherlands East Indies during World War II with all of the primary coins graded MS65 or higher. Any variety or error coins may be lower. This basic goal has been met with the exception for the 1941S 1/4G at MS64 which is currently the finest known. Until I find a nicer raw coin, I may have gone about as far as I can go save for an odd upgrade.

Rev 9/22/2019
4/25/2016 10/2/2019 166520
Perfect-70 Latvia 1st Republic SILVER Coinage 1923-1932, MS. Complete (DUPLICATE) 9/30/2019 9/30/2019 88
Perfect-70 Latvia 1st Republic SILVER Coinage 1923-1932, MS. Complete 9/30/2019 9/30/2019 136
Beau Newman BN Prussia 5/5/2011 9/26/2019 54029
davidtaylor The Queen's Beast Collection Complete the entire set of 10 coins. I have the following:
1. The Lion of England COA #2
2. The Unicorn of Scotland COA #2
3. The Red Dragon of Wales COA #2
4. The Black Bull of Clarence COA #2
1/23/2017 9/26/2019 2967
TMS Coins 4. GREAT BRITAIN, GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGNS 1817-2017, COMPLETE CIRCULATION ISSUES. My main collecting interest has been on the modern coinage of Cyprus 1879-1949.
During this period Cyprus was under British Administration and the "piastre coinage" made its appearance in 1879. The copper piastre became the unit of currency and was fixed at the rate of 180 to the British gold sovereign. The gold sovereign became the standard measure of value and remained the coin of unlimited legal tender throughout the period from 1878-1960. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the gold half-sovereign was also legal tender, demonetized though from the 1st May 1901. Due to this relation, after completion of the "Cyprus Piastre Coinage Collection", the collection of sovereigns and half-sovereigns became a strong challenge. So, nine years ago I started to build up this collection of gold half-sovereigns with the goal to obtain high grade examples for every year since their first issue in 1817, buying always the best that could be afforded. As the quality of the individual coins determines the strength and value of a collection, constant emphasis was given on quality and condition rarity. For some rarer and scarcer pieces though I had to compromise condition in order to fill the empty slot, hoping to upgrade as opportunity permits. However there are a few ultra rarities in these series: 1836 (R6), 1845 (R4), 1862 (R6), 1879 (R4); not a single example of these appeared in a decent condition for many years!
It is true that in general half-sovereigns, especially those of the 19th Century, have become a great deal more difficult to find in uncirculated condition, even more difficult than finding uncirculated gold sovereigns. Despite this, it is really a challenge to hunt, to recognize opportunities and be prepared to strike when a piece comes up in order to fill up the empty slots with high grade coins or upgrade certain dates. "There is no substitution for quality".
Although the collection is still a work in progress, contains examples from all the Reigns. All coins are NGC-certified and many of them are "Top Pop" or single finest graded, quite a few conditionally rare.
Actually 2017 is more exciting because is the 200th anniversary of the "modern" half-sovereign which was first struck in 1817. During this year I managed to fill up some empty slots with new entries and make a few upgrades, so the collection reached an 81% completion. I also added, as a "guest star", a 1937 PF 66 Ultra Cameo half-sovereign of King George VI. During his reign only proof half-sovereigns were struck by the Royal Mint as part of the four coin Coronation Proof Set, with a mintage of only 5001.


1844 MS66, 1849 MS65 ( Jan. 2017 ).
2005 MS66, 2006 MS69, 2007 MS66, 2008 MS66, 2009 MS69 ( May 2017 ).
1865 AU58, 1874 AU55, 1880 Die Number AU58, 2016 MS69, 2017 MS65 ( June 2017 ).
1820 MS64+, 1859 UNC Details ( June 2017 ).
1853 MS63+ ( July 2017 ).
1937 PF66 Ultra Cameo ( July 2017 ).
1860 MS63 ( September 2017 ).
2010 MS64 DPL, 2011 MS65 DPL, 2012 MS69 DPL ( October 2017 ).
2018 MS69 DPL ( March 2018 )
1857 MS64 ( April 2018 )
1893 MS66 ( June 2018 )
1838 MS64 ( September 2018 )
2013 MS68 ( October 2018 )
1845 VF35 ( October 2018 )
1850 MS63 ( October 2018 )


1885 MS63 ^ MS64, 1884 MS62 ^ MS63 ( Mar. 2017 ).
1828 MS61 ^ MS64 ( April 2017 ).
1861 AU58 ^ MS62, 1870 AU50 ^ AU58, 1896 AU58 ^ MS62 ( May 2017 ).
1837 AU55 ^ MS61, 1885/3 AU53 ^ AU55 ( June 2017 ).
1880 No Die Number AU55 ^ AU58 ( July 2017 ).
1902 MS64 ^ MS65 ( September 2017 ).
1873 MS61 ^ MS63 ( January 2018 ).
1890 MS62 ^ MS64 ( April 2018 ).
1835 MS62 ^ MS64+ ( April 2018 ).
1893 MS65 ^ MS66 ( Crossed over from PCGS, June 2018 ).
2017 MS65 ^ MS69DPL ( September 2018 ).
1861 MS62 ^ MS63 ( October 2018 ).
1837 MS61 ^ MS65 ( November 2018 ).
1911 MS64 ^ MS65 ( December 2018 ).
7/20/2011 9/26/2019 4406120
dan shea Miscellenous Coins 4/14/2019 9/22/2019 5531
jgenn Amazing 8s -- Charles III Portrait 8 Reales 1772-1791 Quality 8 reales of the 1772-1791 design. My interest in collecting coins started in 2009 with the impulse purchase of a 1783 shipwreck coin. I did not imagine that collectible grade 8 reales coins were available until I started browsing the internet to see whether I got a good deal. The sheer quantity of mintage and scope of exchange of these coins is astounding and their popularity with collectors everywhere is impressive. Truly the first global currency. After I realized what a lousy deal those "America's first silver dollars" are, I set out to build a collection of quality 8 reales of the same design as that first coin. I hope you enjoy my set -- it's been a pleasure to build and curate. 12/1/2010 9/22/2019 1018328
Thalermaniac PASSION OF LUDWIG Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from his coronation in 1825 until 1848, when he abdicated his throne in favor of his son, Maximilian. It is my opinion that he was one of the most interesting personae in German history. As a very intelligent and educated man, he assumed his role as a King with full responsibility and, arguably, great passion. He had a great many passions; he loved change, and imposing it, he loved women, art, science, Greece, architecture etc. – but his dearest passion of all was coins, of course! He adored seeing new coins, especially those displaying his portrait and great achievements as the King. He oversaw the production of many commemorative coins: more than any other Germanic ruler. Within this set I would like to tell you the flamboyant story of the great ruler, Ludwig I of Bayern, son of Maximilian I Joseph, Duke of Franconia, Duke of Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, etc.
Let the journey begin!
2/6/2014 9/21/2019 162635
physics-fan3.14 The Poe Collection of World Prooflike Coins This set is comprised of prooflike coins from around the world. These coins come from a wide variety of countries, mints, eras, and production techniques. 3/31/2019 9/20/2019 5324
Abuelo's Collection Bolivia 2 Soles, Abuelo's Collection. 9/18/2019 9/18/2019 111
ArabianCoins Collection Muscat & Oman - AH1359-AH1390 (1940-1970), Circulation Coins 1/25/2019 9/18/2019 7714
Abuelo's Collection Mexican Coinage Abuelo's Collection. 1/21/2014 9/17/2019 54520
Star City Homer Japanese error coins 4/23/2019 9/17/2019 394
Beyond_Common 1965 World Coins I collect world coins from my birth year - any coin with 1965 date 9/15/2019 9/15/2019 1233
deposito Netherlands Gold Ducats Gold ducats of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. 1586 to the present 6/24/2018 9/13/2019 40431
Mk123 Mike's Thailand Coin Collection. Continue to slowly upgrade the collection. I don't mind getting many duplicates.
Always looking for:

All slabbed 1862 coins (1/8 and 1/16)
All slabbed 1868 1/16 fuang
All slabbed 1865 coppers (1/4 and 1/2)
Slabbed 4 att

Anything else I don't have listed!!! Please contact me if you have anything for sale to add to my collection!

*Submitted 19 thai coins to NGC for grading on 5/2.....crossing fingers for many straight grades.
Results: 11 straight grades, 8 details for environmental damage/cleaning. Thai copper is hard, learning experience!!

*Submitted another 19 thai coins to NGC for grading on 8/31, did a lot better but still learning and preferring to buy slabbed.

**New grail coin: Thailand 1864 4 Tamlung ** If anyone has one or can direct me to one thats available, please message me!!

12/19/2017 9/11/2019 39753
Abuelo's Collection The Gold Escudo Type Set, Hand on Book Custom Set, 1825-1870, Circulation Issue Abuelo's Collection 5/14/2016 9/10/2019 29916
ArabianCoins Collection Yemen - Part 5: Arab Republic, AH1382-AH1384 (1963-1964), Circulation Coins 1/23/2019 9/9/2019 5921
ArabianCoins Collection Muscat & Oman - AH1359-AH1390 (1940-1970), Proof Coins 1/24/2019 9/9/2019 10121
ArabianCoins Collection Kuwait - AH1381//1961-AH1408//1988, 1 Fils, Circulation Coins 1/23/2019 9/9/2019 5617
ArabianCoins Collection Iraq Republic - Commemorative Coins 3/13/2019 9/9/2019 4724
ArabianCoins Collection Syria - Part 5: United Arab Republic Coinage Series, 1958-1960, Circulation Issue 1/24/2019 9/9/2019 856
ArabianCoins Collection Lebanon - Part 3: Republic Coinage, 1952-1961 1/26/2019 9/9/2019 6913
ArabianCoins Collection Qatar - AH1393//1973-AH1398//1978, Circulation Coins 1/25/2019 9/9/2019 626
ArabianCoins Collection United Arab Emirates - AH1393//1973-AH1440//2018, 1 Fils, Circulation Coins 1/25/2019 9/9/2019 627
ArabianCoins Collection Qatar & Dubai - AH1386//1966-AH1391//1971, Circulation Coins 1/24/2019 9/9/2019 1088
ArabianCoins Collection Yemen - Part 3: Al-Ghurfah in Hadhramaut, AH1344 (1925), Circulation & Proof Coins 1/24/2019 9/9/2019 788
ArabianCoins Collection Yemen - Part 2: Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut, AH1276-AH1318 (1859-1900), Circulation Coins 1/23/2019 9/9/2019 708
ArabianCoins Collection Saudi Arabia - AH1343-AH1344 (1924-1925), Circulation Coins 1/25/2019 9/9/2019 977
ArabianCoins Collection Syria - Part 4: Syrian Arab Republic First Coinage Series, 1947-1956, Circulation Issue 1/24/2019 9/9/2019 8311
SkeletonKrewe New World Spanish and post-independence American coins Acquire a variety of Spanish Colonial Era and post-independence American coins from the early 1500's to early 1900's... 5/12/2014 9/9/2019 77240
njf Slovakia 4/8/2013 9/6/2019 186157
Wim2000 The Congo Collection All the coins circulating in the areas in the best possible state, including patterns, trial strikes, essais and such 6/20/2011 9/5/2019 74684
Abuelo's Collection Colonial Guatemala and Nueva Guatemala, Abuelo's Collection 9/3/2019 9/3/2019 142
gdk100 Rare: Non-Competitive Coins + Scarce high/highest Grade NEW: 3 Sep 2019 Mexico 10 Centavo 1906/6; 1 Aug 2019 Mexico Centavo 1934; 24 Jun 2019: Canada S$1 1952 SWL; 18 Jun 2019: Terceira Island 1830 10 Reis; 6 Apr 2019: Mexico 1942/1 Centavo; 25 Feb 2019: Mexico 1920 20 Centavos; 23 Dec 2018: Mexico Onza 1979/9 with high definition photo of the overdate. NEW INFORMATION 8 Nov 2018: Peru 1/2 Dinero 1906/806 confirmed; Mexico Peso 1918/7 is currently not a variety that NGC will certify. I currently have 105 NGC Competitive Sets, of which 42 received awards as the top listing in 2018. I continue to focus on my 20th Century Mexico, Portugal and Colonies, CAR, Guatemala, Canada and Peru Collections. This effort started over 50 years ago when I traded my U.S. stamp collection for a box of Mexican coins. In addition, I've always liked really "nice" (superb condition) coins. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING COINS, PREVIOUSLY IN THIS SET, WERE SOLD IN THE HERITAGE SIGNATURE & INTERNET AUCTIONS; JANUARY 8, 2018. MEXICO PESO 1949 PRF 66, PORTUGUESE INDIA RUPIA 1881 PRF 64 AND JANUARY 17 MEXICO 1976 10 PESOS DOUBLE STRUCK "WITH ROTATION" PRF 65.
JANUARY 17-18, 2017. CANADA 1911 CENT SPECIMEN MS 64 RB; MEXICO 1974 10 PESOS PR 64.
11/29/2015 9/3/2019 85841
Zebo The Hyde Park Collection - Complete Circulated Sovereigns 1838-1932 - All Mints, All Years Collect a complete set of circulated British, Colonial and Imperial Sovereigns (every year minted for each mint between 1838 and 1932) 299 Sovereigns in total.

My secondary goal is to collect the major varieties (51 years had known varieties)
11/3/2014 8/29/2019 584242
coinsandmedals Change for a gold pistole? The goal of this set is to build a collection of the currency issues, proofs, and restrikes of copper coinage struck for Ireland from the rule of Charles II to George IV. In the process of completing this collection, it is my sincere hope that I can bring knowledge to those interested by providing detailed pictures and accurate descriptions. A great deal of numismatic history remains to be explored by those unfamiliar and what better way to learn than by looking at a selection of handpicked specimens? 8/15/2019 8/29/2019 3512
Abuelo's Collection My family silver in Guanaxuato The goal of the set is to collect the silver issues from Guanajuato between 1829 and 1847, the time when my ancestor was dedicated to silver mining. 1/28/2019 8/28/2019 728
atma232 Pre -1700 8/28/2019 8/28/2019 2224
EELIV 1946 WORLD COINS To collect one of each coin from each country that minted coins in 1946 in the best affordable condition 3/10/2015 8/24/2019 18026
TMS Coins 6. GREAT BRITAIN, QUEEN VICTORIA GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGNS 1838-1901, CIRCULATION ISSUES The goal is to obtain high grade examples of gold half-sovereigns for every year of Queen Victoria's reign. 7/22/2011 8/23/2019 1065772
TMS Coins 1A.GREAT BRITAIN, GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGN CIRCULATION ISSUES, 1817-1915 Ten years since I started building up this interesting collection of these beautiful and historical coins. Ten years full of excitement and fun, buying always the best that could be afforded. The goal from the beginning was to obtain high-grade examples for every year since their first strike in 1817. As the quality of the individual coins determines the strength and value of a collection, constant emphasis was given on quality and condition rarity. For some rarer and scarcer pieces though, I had to compromise condition in order to fill up the empty slot, hoping to upgrade as opportunity permits.
It is true that in general, half-sovereigns, especially those of the 19th Century, have become a great deal more difficult to find in uncirculated condition, even more difficult than finding uncirculated gold sovereigns. It was actually the half-sovereign that had the most circulation in Victorian Britain. Many sovereigns languished in bank vaults for most of their lives. However I must continue to hunt, to recognize opportunities and be prepared to strike when a piece comes up in order to fill up the empty slots with high grade coins or upgrade certain dates. "There is no substitution for quality".
Although the collection is still a work in progress, contains examples from all the Reigns. Many of the coins in this set are Top Pop or the single finest graded with quite a few condition rarities. Definitely the crown jewel of this collection is the 1844 MS66, for its pedigree, its quality and condition rarity. Highlights of condition rarities among other scarce coins are: 1820 MS64+, 1823 MS65, 1834 MS64, 1847 MS64, 1849 MS65, 1850 MS63, 1852 MS65, 1872 MS64 and 1893 MS66.
Actually the year 2017 has been more exciting because it was the 200th anniversary of the "modern" sovereign and the "modern" half-sovereign which were first issued in 1817. During that year I managed to fill up some empty slots with new entries and make a few upgrades.
In 2018 five more coins were added to the collection, between them the exceedingly rare 1845 VF35, the 1850 MS63 (R3, M.Marsh) and the 1838 MS64, the very first of the Victorian half-sovereigns. Also some significant upgrades were made, like the 1893 MS66 (Single finest graded) and the 1835 MS64+. Now the collection reached a completion of 86% with 75 coins (October 2018).


1844 MS66, 1849 MS65 ( January 2017 ).
1865 AU58, 1874 AU55, 1880 Die Number AU58, ( Self- submitted, June 2017 ).
1820 MS64+ (Crossed over from PCGS), ( Self- submitted, June 2017 ).*
1859 UNC Details ( Self- submitted, June 2017 ).
1853 MS63+ ( NCS submission and conservation, July 2017 ).*
1860 MS63 ( September 2017 ).
1857 MS64 ( April 2018 )
1838 MS64 ( September 2018 )
1845 VF35 ( Self-submitted, October 2018 )
1850 MS63 ( October 2018 ).
1858 MS64 ( February 2019 ).


1885 MS63 ^ MS64, 1884 MS62 ^ MS63, ( March 2017 ).
1828 MS61 ^ MS64, ( April 2017 ).
1861 AU58 ^ MS62, 1870 AU50 ^ AU58, 1896 AU58 ^ MS62, ( May 2017 ).
1837 AU55 ^ MS61, 1885/3 AU53 ^ AU55, ( June 2017 ).
1880 No Die Number AU55 ^ AU58 ( July 2017 ).
1902 MS64 ^ MS65 ( September 2017 ).
1873 MS61 ^ MS63 ( January 2018 ).
1890 MS62 ^ MS64 ( April 2018 ).
1835 MS62 ^ MS64+ ( April 2018 ).*
1893 MS65 ^ MS66 ( Crossed over from PCGS, June 2018 ).
1861 MS62 ^ MS63 ( October 2018 ).
1837 MS61 ^ MS65 ( November 2018 ).
1911 MS64 ^ MS65 ( December 2018 ).
1846 MS63 ^ MS64 ( January 2019 ).
1865 AU58 ^ MS64 ( February 2019 ).
1907 MS64 ^ MS66 ( April 2019 ).

* Denoted by a + symbol appearing after the grade, the plus designation indicates that a coin is of superior quality for the grade and that it approaches the next technical grade level. In numismatics, in addition to plus, several terms are used interchangeably to indicate this, including premium quality, PQ and high-end.

12/5/2018 8/23/2019 17288
mkivtt Mkivtt's Taler and Crown Collection 1/9/2018 8/23/2019 15035
Abrego 5 oz World Coins 8/22/2019 8/22/2019 198
TXSlugThrower Lux Silver 8/14/2019 8/14/2019 184
lqueen6 My German Coins after past NGC Failures! ms62+ german logo coins I own. Including 1 Notgeld Bonn Token!
Includes NGC that is NOT in Competitive sets!
Only part cheated by end of PCGS DEAL!
such as 1923A,D 2pf ms65Red, 1929 A pr65Cam 3 mark
1940F, 1944B ms64, 1942J, 1944A, 1945A ms63 1pf
1938A 5pf ms64
Also Own PCGS ms65 1937J 5p, 1939E 10P, ms67 upgrade 1923G 500M
My German Ngc with a few old PCGS previously allowed!

8/21/2009 8/13/2019 295863
atma232 Pre 1700 8/11/2019 8/11/2019 231
davidtaylor Britannia 1 & 5 oz Complete 1 oz and 5 oz PF 70, Britannia Coins from 2013 to present 10/1/2016 8/7/2019 37010
olek2012 OK-H7 25O CuNi/Zn 1/6/2019 8/7/2019 828
Mohamed Elramly Elramly Collection, Egypt, Eagle Complete Set (1958-1966) 8/2/2019 8/4/2019 2830
davidtaylor 2015 3PC 5-oz Silver Pope Francis U.S. Tour Set Complete 2015 3-piece 5 oz Silver Commemorative Set that celebrate Pope Francis's FIRST EVER trip to the United States each have been Graded MS69. Set Completed 5/23/2016 8/3/2019 3033
davidtaylor South African Krugerrand Collect any South African Krugerrand coin from 2017 - Present 10/23/2017 8/3/2019 1197
Harlan#2 60 Years of Ghana's Coinage: From Shillings to Cedis, New Cedis, and now Ghana Cedis As I built this collection over the years, I never thought about making it comprehensive. But I am now only two coins away from a set containing all the coins that have circulated as legal tender in Ghana since Independence. Right now, I'm OK with that. But I will keep my eye out for the elusive final two (both from the original Cedi issue of July 1965). Meanwhile, I consider my original focus on illustration and education to be fulfilled. 5/29/2019 8/2/2019 5830
Beau Newman BN Hamburg 5/5/2011 7/31/2019 3216
FAS_Coins FUERTES REPETIDOS 7/30/2019 7/30/2019 2452
YE-KUEI HSIAO yk's silver medal, 1979-1997 (china) 7/29/2019 7/29/2019 217
YE-KUEI HSIAO yk's china 1/10 oz gold medal, 1985-1999. 5/31/2019 7/29/2019 428
psicorati Nicaragua 7/28/2019 7/28/2019 2310
SaccoMan Sacco's United States Coins 4/29/2012 7/28/2019 196
SaccoMan Sacco's Norwegian Coins 7/28/2019 7/28/2019 212
SaccoMan Sacco's Chinese Coins 5/10/2012 7/28/2019 275
SaccoMan Sacco's Canadian Coins 5/10/2012 7/28/2019 243
SaccoMan Sacco's Russian Coins 6/16/2012 7/28/2019 231
Leslie Perry Great Britain Definitive Coin Set 2015, Mint State 5/12/2018 7/26/2019 1578
Mohamed Elramly Elramly Collection, Egypt, Sultan Abdul Aziz, Silver 10 Para ,(AH1277//2-AH277//17) My Goal is to collect a complete set of the silver 10 para
total of 16 coins
7/3/2019 7/24/2019 424
Robodaddio 7 Wonders of the World - 2008 Mongolia 100T complete 2/17/2016 7/21/2019 3027
Adam D Smith Tarim Fantasy Pieces 7/18/2019 7/18/2019 231
Mohamed Elramly Elramly Collection, Egypt, Sphinx Complete Set (1954-1958) My Goal Is To Complete All 34 Sphinx Coins In NGC Holder MS64 Or Higher 5/29/2019 7/18/2019 5320
Cho Chun Loong The Malaysiana Collection All-Time Finest NGC & PCGS coins of the Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak, Malaya, Malaya & British Borneo and British Trade Dollar. 5/17/2008 7/18/2019 591488
olek2012 OK-For sale 9/2/2017 7/16/2019 1741
PD1212 British Fractional Proofs and Patterns Build a comprehensive collection of very high grade British fractional Proofs and Patterns to include 1/4F-1/3F-1/2F-1.5P and 4P (Britannia) Groats: George IV - William IV - Victoria.

The references I found most useful in collecting these coins are "English Silver Coinage - since 1649" by P. Alan Rayner and "English Copper, Tin, and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958" by C. Wilson Peck.

These coins were acquired - mostly as raw coins - between 1982 and 2017.
9/2/2012 7/13/2019 157761
TMS Coins GREAT BRITAIN, KING WILLIAM, 1831-1837 PROOF and CIRCULATION Sovereigns and Half-sovereigns 9/15/2012 7/11/2019 8898
Judea Israel New Shekels 1985 on regular and Piefort All new coins both regular and Pirfort. 7/9/2019 7/9/2019 353
Mokiechan Misc. Canadian Coins I have a large collection of Canadian Sets and Coins, most of them are not in slabs, the slabbed examples are listed here, or in my 1958 and 1967 Canadian Sets. 2/22/2019 7/7/2019 776
Mokiechan Chopmarked Plus Collection 2/22/2019 7/4/2019 11519
ilLOminatus ilLOminatus Vintage Silver Crowns Type set of old world silver crowns 10/12/2018 7/4/2019 12939
ilLOminatus Wilhelmina Silver 2.5 G Build a complete set 4/10/2017 7/4/2019 17212
DurbanMatt ZAR Collection Beginnings MS collection of ZAR coins! 1/18/2015 6/28/2019 519

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