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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
Kennedy Half Dollars lancecoincollection Kennedy Aspiration Holder 2/12/2022
We the People holder, Franklin Proof lancecoincollection lancecoincollection Franklin Proofs 10/18/2020 9/21/2022 23117
SILVER EAGLES T2 Sanjam T2 EAGLES COLLECT ALL T2 EAGLES 9/17/2022 9/17/2022 012
NGC 70's coinsbygary Gary's 70's Raw coins I have submitted for grading to NGC returning as either MS-70 or PF-70 UC. 2/28/2009 9/17/2022 189124
NGC Graded Coins MPH All NGC Graded Eagles 1/11/2020 9/12/2022 32118
Gold Coins Stan N Gold Indian 6 Coin Set 6/5/2022 9/11/2022 06
Peach State J. Ryan Georgia On My Mind 9/11/2022 9/11/2022 014
Hoard Set nukefixr SN Hoard 9/6/2022 9/6/2022 04
Misc nmtlinuxman Other 6/5/2018 9/3/2022 26517
Piedforts Roberto Zen France - Essais 8/30/2022 8/30/2022 08
NGC & PCGS & ANACS Holders by Generation 86Saab 1 of Each Slab NGC PCGS ANACS w/Photos To have an example of each NGC & PCGS & ANACS slab of the standard type issued by them since the beginning including ANACS Photo Certificates...(77 and counting) 11/7/2017 8/29/2022 835977
Type tsevni2 Top 36 9/22/2019 8/27/2022 63436
Misc stargazer805 Stargazer’s Collection 8/24/2022 8/24/2022 17
1881 S UNC Morgan Dollars C.R. 1881 S OK Coral Collection & Hoards Keep adding coins and sell as a set for my retirement
2/22/2022 8/23/2022 8273
PM Coins outside other sets Queen Esther Precious Metal Hoard 4/6/2009 8/22/2022 2541209
U.S. Date Set - 1793 - Current Year. VSI Collection VSI COLLECTION - America’s Coins through the Years My primary goal is to assemble a complete Date Set of U.S. Coins and my secondary goal is to establish some type of historical reference for each coin when possible.As of December 5,2019,more than half of this set has been completed.I have many of the remaining coins to complete this set in my overall coin collection but need to finish submitting these “RAW” coins to NGC for certification. I plan to do this over the upcoming year.Hopefully,I will finish completing the rest of the set in the very near future at which time I will begin to focus my attention on other NGC Registry Sets. I have already started to assemble a Registry Type Set With Gold.
But in actuality this set will never truly be completed because each new year will require the addition of a new coin to keep the set current.I would also like to occasionally rotate coins in and out of this set in order to give it a continuously changing look and to upgrade some coins when needed.By doing this I hope to keep the set interesting and up to date.This Date Set will provide one coin for each year of mintage by any U.S. Mint facility starting with the year 1793 - and ending with the current production year.NGC,PCGS and Raw Coins;in any condition,can be used toward the completion of such a set. The set can consist of all regularly issued United States Coins,including Proof coins,as well as any Early or Modern United States Mint Commemorative Coins,and any U.S. Mint error coins.Any raw coins listed as part of this set will eventually be submitted for grading by NGC.Another goal is to complete this set utilizing the widest variety of examples manufactured by the U.S.Mint over the years. I hope to present coins in various states of preservation,different denominations and a variety of alloys.Finally,I hope to showcase the varying designs of our nation’s coinage throughout it’s history and show how the Mint has grown over the years to meet the coinage needs of it’s citizens.This Custom Set now consists of 176 coins out of a total of 228 for completion. I am hoping to complete this set in the very near future - hopefully in the next 2 years - 52 coins to go as of 12/3/20 - as previously stated in the Set Description.
I truly hope that my fellow collectors as well as the general public will find this set to be both historically interesting as well as artistically beautiful.
As of 3/15/21 the set now consists of 181 coins with 48 coins needed for completion.Now,as of 4/6/2021,there are only 47 coins to complete the set and keep it up to date!As mentioned before this set will never truly be completed as a new coin will be needed every year going forward.The set currently consists of 182 coins.As of 10/12/2021 this Custom Date Set now has a total of 202 coins in it with just 27 more for completion.I am hoping to complete this custom set by the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023.I hope you enjoy this set and take away a small piece of American History and a love of coins not known to you before.Not only are many of these coins historically significant in American History but many are also small pieces of art which you are able to hold in your hand and admire them for their sheer beauty.
This collection,as of 5/18/22,is now down to the last 21 coins needed for completion.This set now has 209 coins with a total of 230 needed for completion.
3/21/2018 8/14/2022 2004209
"Problem" Coins Sandon Characteristics of "Cleaned" Coins The goal of this set is to help collectors learn how to recognize a coin that is likely to be details graded due to "cleaning" and to realize that such coins range in appearance from ugly to acceptable to rather attractive. "Cleaning" is indicated by moderate to extensive hairline scratches from abrasive treatment or an unnatural color or blotchiness from treatment by chemicals.
The coins in this set were all purchased in their current holders or were submitted by the collector with the understanding, except as otherwise stated, that the coins would be "details" graded. This collector regards such coins as worth purchasing for an appropriate discount, especially in the case of pieces that are rare or attractive or where in the collector's informed judgment the coin has not been detrimentally "cleaned".
3/4/2022 8/11/2022 4721
Coins of 2018 Ferdinand Erdman Elena Maria Schultze Collection A tool to help her discover about coin collecting and learning about the animals around the world. 1/15/2020 8/6/2022 10716
1834 Mint Set - No Gold mfontana 1834 Mint Set - No Gold 8/4/2022 8/4/2022 01
Bashlow Restrike Bootjack Bashlow Restrike Top POP Bootjack Share my magnificent Bashlow Restrikes0 2/20/2020 8/3/2022 1727
california fractional gold 2 pulver set more little gold coins collet all I can fine 4/16/2013 8/3/2022 3024289
CAC IsaiahNicely ... Nice CAC Picking out good coins 7/31/2022 7/31/2022 01
CAC Type Set Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-CAC_Type_Set 5/23/2021 7/30/2022 22554
  Don Adkisson Mid 20 7/30/2022 7/30/2022 020
Samples S Navaneethan Ramanujam World Sample Slabs 7/16/2022 7/16/2022 13
Treasure Coins Durham Collection Durham Treasure Coins Collect as many rare Shipwreck Coins as possible 9/7/2016 7/7/2022 265731
Goldfinger getxman Rogue Gold 1 Old gold coins I happen upon over the years. Some intriguing some simple. 7/2/2022 7/2/2022 17
The Coins That I Love Nummum The Coins That I Love To gather the coins that I have a deep interest in. 5/17/2022 6/27/2022 8142
U.S. Mint Yearly Set Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-yearly_u.s._mint_set Create a set consisting of one coin from each year of U.S. Mint operation, from 1792-present. Focus on diversity of coinage, including various mint marks, with the highest grades possible, in addition to one coin per year. 6/29/2020 6/25/2022 994228
U.S. Coins gwilk15 Gwilk’s Coins from the 1800s 6/19/2022 6/19/2022 022
  wbbush June 2022 - Eisenhower 6/2/2022 6/2/2022 232
  wbbush June 2022 - Peace Liberty 6/2/2022 6/2/2022 010
  wbbush June 2022 - Morgan 6/2/2022 6/2/2022 155
  wbbush June 2022 - Silver Eagle 6/2/2022 6/2/2022 0177
certified ngc,pcgs joelvan certified2 5/30/2022 5/30/2022 029
2020 Eagle Set BurtDude 2020 Eagle Set 5/25/2022 5/25/2022 05
Star Washington Quarters- Circulation Star Spangled Collections Star Spangled Collections- Washington Star Grade 5/20/2022 5/21/2022 211
Silver Eagles TX1873 TxSilver Eagles 12/21/2017 5/20/2022 29019
Joes Lincolns moosedoc Joes Lincolns 5/14/2022 5/14/2022 059
Feuchtwanger's JTO Feuchtwanger's Composition 4/14/2012 5/7/2022 1362
Sample Slabs $tarCollector $tarCollector's Sample Slabs To get the most different varieties of coins in different slabs from different TPGs. 4/28/2022 5/2/2022 14
American Women Quarters 2022-2025 Gary Colon American Women Quarters Sets PF Clad and Silver 4/29/2022 4/29/2022 010
Elongateds All That Glitters It's important these days to stretch every cent To buy, sell and trade with other elongated coin enthusiasts. 4/26/2022 4/28/2022 050
Comprehensive Sets X-Factor First 100 Years of Lincoln Business strikes 1909-2009 minimum of AU quality. Must include large/small date varieties.
SMS cents must be BU full red examples
Proofs must include large/small date varieties, filled/clear varieties, and Close AM varietals.
8/5/2021 4/26/2022 85143
Type Sets MaltMan S Bymel & M Altman U.S. Type Set A complete set of 20th and 19th Century U.S. type coins with all major design varieties. 8/18/2020 4/11/2022 12323
Proba PRL Thunder666 Proba PRL PF69 - PF70 4/8/2022 4/8/2022 719
U.S. Types BlakeEik Type Collecting by President The concept is simple: collect a coin minted during then term of each President and avoid duplicate types where possible. 4/5/2022 4/6/2022 2846
Details Graded Sets Rob Trawick Details Graded Set - Morgan Dollars 1 uncirculated detail grade Morgan Dollar for each of NGC’s 40 surface condition descriptors. 3/29/2022 4/6/2022 191
Diverse collecting in the style of Garrett while on a very limited budget RAM-VT Oldies but Goodies and Other Pieces
Recently my goals have for this collection have radically change. Currently my goals are quite simple and they are 1) to maintain this collection as long as I can and 2) possibly continue to grow my collection even it is by just a couple of coins a year. Simple as these goals sounds, finances and not my love of coin collecting will control my ability to achieve these two goals.
10/21/2010 4/2/2022 4546110
Ottoman sultans Sam's Ottomans All the Ottoman Sultans and claimants Add gold coins from additional sultans. Add coins from additional mints. Add additional top graded coins. 3/30/2022 3/30/2022 2283
Red and Red-Brown Copper Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-old_red_copper_coin_set 7/11/2020 3/29/2022 1054112
All For Sale or Trade-Holding Jazzbo All For Sale or Trade-Holding 6/19/2021 3/28/2022 10718
Commemorative Issues RGR67 Commemorative Issues 8/24/2010 3/28/2022 1241
FANTASY EMISSIONS La Monederia MAXIMILIANO FANTASY 3/22/2022 3/22/2022 133
MEXICO OUNCE CREATIONS La Monederia MEXICO - USA SILVER OUNCE To have all of those special editions 3/22/2022 3/22/2022 421
RGR Collection RGR67 RGR Collection 8/16/2010 3/19/2022 873336
Civil War Store Cards - New York swike4547 Schweickart III - Civil War Store Cards - New York 11/16/2020 3/17/2022 16924
Key Date U.S. Coins Teddy R Key Coins of the Renaissance Era To acquire THE key coin from each series of the Renaissance of U.S. Coins. I will be looking for opportunities to improve the grade of each coin in the set. I will eventually expand the set to include all relevant type coins. 2/14/2022 3/17/2022 656
Territorial nmtlinuxman California Octagonal Fractional Gold Denominations Set One, NGC-slabbed octagonal gold coin of each denomination from the California Territory. 3/4/2022 3/4/2022 203
Islamic coins Mazareta Mazareta Selling 3/4/2022 3/4/2022 382
Holder Types HuD - Slabs - NGC, PCGS & ANACS Holder Types A set of the various holder types in my collection from each of the three major grading services. 9/23/2005 2/27/2022 697025
Old NGC Holders Coinkid Paul's Old NGC Slabs I would like to have the largest collection of these old NGC slabs possible. As of 2/19/2022, I have 36 NGC 2.1's and 33 NGC 2.0's. 11/8/2012 2/19/2022 159869
T-2 Limited Edition Set Grad hawkmtn 2021 Official US Mint Set Limited Edition Silver Proof 2/16/2022 2/16/2022 426
  RICHKunz Dolly madison 2/14/2022 2/14/2022 261
Sample Slabs Slab Collector NGC Instagram Sample Slabs My goal is to add one each of the Instagram @ngccoins follower giveaway slabs. Follow me on Instagram, @slab_collector I am the Slab_Collector! 2/6/2022 2/7/2022 575
NGC Peace Dollar Samples Slab Collector Peace Dollar Sample Slabs These Peace Samples are all graded MS 60. I need to get them to CAC where they would all receive Gold Beans. I’m the Slab_Collector, Preserving Numismatic history one slab at a time. Thanks for stopping in and follow me on Instagram @slab_collector 2/5/2022 2/6/2022 334
Dragons Bob's Coin Obsession DRAGONS and Mysticals 2/6/2022 2/6/2022 2816
Grading Sets JZ321 1880 S Morgans Collect an 1880 S Morgan in each numeric grade. 2/5/2022 2/5/2022 234
Gold Coins JAA 2021 Gold Coins 2/1/2022 2/3/2022 384
Essential Hundred Year US Gold USAuPzlBxBob Puzzle Box Gold At least one coin from each decade, each mint, each denomination, and each design.

Tried to target first and last year of issue within designs, tried to include coins from years (or mints) that have historical significance, and selected coins that were eye-appealingly beautiful, even if a lower grade had to be settled upon.

To access and open the puzzle box, the surrounding strongbox needs to be solved:

Solve, by trial and error, the Hoffman-Packard-Carter dial combination-lock, free the intertwined brass heart lock key from the HPC lock's shackle (to then turn the heart lock's key), open the heart lock to free the two "hangman's noose" cord ends from the heart lock's shackle, loosen the strongbox binding cord to "free" the cord-bound Peterson Locksmith Tools pouch, "pick" the Master locks, open the strongbox, solve the Stave jigsaw puzzle within, interpret its "Silhouettes" rebus, and apply that knowledge to open the puzzle box.

"My Competitive Sets" frontispiece photos, sorted using Points (high to low), depict the strongbox “solve.”
1/20/2022 1/26/2022 5814
Morgan Dollars TX1873 TxMorgans To have a complete Morgan set. 9/12/2013 1/5/2022 42917
Panama coin dies Nikospty Panama dies and Master hubs Compiling the numismatic history of The Republic of Panama through the documents, coins, plaster molds and coin dies.
Classic collection 1904 to 1975
Modern collection 1975 to the present
6/10/2019 1/1/2022 1854
2021 ASE BearlyHereBear BearlyHere's 2021 ASE Collect all the different ASE types and varieties. 12/30/2021 12/30/2021 4135
US Pedigree Coins TopPopFop Omaha Bank Hoard 11/27/2021 12/28/2021 1239
Civil War Tokens swike4547 Schweickart I - Civil War Tokens 8/5/2012 12/26/2021 107131
2021 Morgan & Peace Dpllars Gary Colon 2021 100th Anniversary Dollars 12/12/2021 12/20/2021 16520
Gold ekel1012 Rick's Gold 12/13/2021 12/13/2021 8257
KEY DATES RWH98 US KEY DATES W/ MOST VARIETIES (ALL DENOMINATIONS) Obtain most key/rare dates of US coins from early US to present 12/11/2021 12/12/2021 9550
  Edjoo 2021 Anniversary Morgan/Peace Dollars 12/10/2021 12/10/2021 375
21st Century Morgan and Peace Dollars Sparty2a 21st Century Morgan and Peace Dollars Collect all 21st Century Morgan and Peace Dollars as MS70. 12/6/2021 12/6/2021 885
Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets Shalako Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets - San Francisco Cable Car Label San Francisco Cable Car Label a must. 11/13/2019 12/2/2021 73865
Complete Type set Mint Mark and Finishes Rising Sun Coins Rising Sun Coins Complete US Type Set 11/29/2021 11/29/2021 10324
A. Lincoln on U.S. Coins Mokiechan A Reasonably Comprehensive Abraham Lincoln Type Set Create a reasonably priced type set of all U.S. coins depicting Abraham Lincoln. Since Mt. Rushmore is a grouping of Presidents, one coin, the Mt. Rushmore Half Dollar has been chosen to represent the the other coins that also depict Mt. Rushmore. A subset within this set is the 3 different 2019 W Cents. 3/2/2019 11/29/2021 56526
New Orleans Morgan Dollars Jake Layher I <3 New Orleans Morgans!! One Morgan from every year made in New Orleans, in MS62 or better condition. 11/28/2021 11/28/2021 411
Clearview Coin QuakerNGC Clearview HA NGC Gold I like to work with the dealers and bid competitively in auctions. That's just as fun as collecting, if not more. I also would love to learn a lot more about the industry and our collective trading / auction psychology and strategies (if there is any :) ) 11/12/2021 11/12/2021 483
low mintage Quinnd3 coins under 5k minted my goal is to get every coin I can that is under 5000 minted 10/30/2021 10/30/2021 581
Commemorative JeffRS Saint-Gaudens NPF Commemorative 1933 10/30/2021 10/30/2021 811
U.S/World Varieties G.A. Davis Collection Gary's U.S. & World coins Expand my collection beyond Morgan dollars & Mercury dimes. 2/7/2016 10/23/2021 185242
Birth Year gabycollectibles 1965 Birth Year Coinage Set Trying to collect as many 1965 coins to celebrate my birth year 10/20/2021 10/20/2021 842
All Coins Loren Will LHW 11 10/15/2021 10/15/2021 50107
Kennedy USA & World Coins, Tokens and Medals ChrisInJesup Camelot Collection Collect any and all items (coins, tokens and medals) that have John Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy and family (Robert Kennedy, JFK Jr., etc) from the USA and all over the world.

Currently I am using what I call "The Bible" of Kennedy coins, tokens and medals. The book is called "The Kennedy World in Medallic Art". Copyrighted in 2014, it helps me target items and narrows where I search..
10/8/2020 10/11/2021 85731
Custom Sets VSI Collection VSI COLLECTION - So Called Dollars and Political Tokens of the United States 9/26/2021 9/26/2021 1131
California Fractional Restrikes Kirk Baeta Herman Kroll Restrike Top Pops Top Pops Only 9/21/2021 9/21/2021 1112
Pedigree & Historical Coins MCB1980 Pedigree & Historical Coins 2/24/2021 9/18/2021 19215
Samples gabycollectibles Peter's Slabbed Samples 8/13/2021 8/13/2021 1232
U.S. Coins Stanley Stanley Collection 8/12/2021 8/13/2021 10211
Hartmann Hoard Morgan Dollars Kshart61 Hartmann Hoard Morgan Dollars 8/12/2021 8/12/2021 8434

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