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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
njf Slovakia 4/8/2013
Navaneeth My Collections 4/7/2020
adrian123456 Rhodesia Decimal Coinage Rare Proofs A full set of all the coins 1/13/2018
deposito 26 Centuries of Gold Gold coins from the start of coinage through the present, without (much) more than 100 years between the examples for each century.
6/28/2018 4/4/2020 714122
donkarnash 1 oz Silver Panda Collection 4/4/2020 4/4/2020 26
Abuelo's Collection Mexico Empire of Agustin I (de Iturbide) Proclamation and Other Medals Abuelo's Collection. To collect the medals coined during the reign of Agustin I. I am happy to be contacted for medals available not included in the set. 12/31/2013 4/3/2020 278322
Abuelo's Collection Bolivia Soles 4/3/2020 4/3/2020 35
World_Coin_Nut Wildman Coins of the German States To assemble a set of Wildman (or Wild Man) coins from the German States that has as many different varieties as I can acquire. I am trying to only add new pieces that are well struck but this is very challenging. This is a fascinating series that I always find new reasons to love. 1/17/2016 4/3/2020 301155
World_Coin_Nut WCN - Pre-1900 World Coins I started collecting like a lot us have. My grandfather collected coins when I was little and I helped him sort coins. He gave me a Lincoln folder that we filled holes in. It is amazing to me how nice his collection was and he never purchased a coin. Everything came from circulation. Fast forward 40 years and my tastes have evolved.

At this point the bulk of my new acquisitions are world coins. My favorites are large diameter copper/brass/bronze pieces. I think this is due to my love of US large cents. Aside from that I buy anything that speaks to me, you know the voice. Hope you enjoy.

At some point everything will be in only NGC edge view holders but certain details graded coins don't bother me so will stay in the set.
5/10/2015 4/3/2020 1368138
Beau Newman BN Wurttemberg 5/6/2011 4/3/2020 22612
Norarat Jeab Unique coins and medals from Thailand To collect Thailand unique coins and medals 4/2/2020 4/3/2020 718
CHRISINAK Isle of Man Gold and Silver Noble coins Display and share Isle of Man coinage 4/2/2020 4/2/2020 23
elp21091966 PANAMA - "General Omar Torrijos Herrera Collections" The collection of coins of General Omar Torrijos Herrera corresponds to a series of 7 Coins minted from 1982 to 1984 of posthumous character, includes coins of current circulation in cuproniquel of a balboa 1982, 1983 and 1984, The special series of coins of a balboa of 1982 in cupro nickel of a balboa one that is frost on one side with a mintage of 50 and another frost on both sides with a mintage of 200 pieces this set of coins is extremely rare and the most spectacular series that includes the 500 gold coins balboas in fineness of 500, both Brilliant without Circular as Proof, Brilliant without circular is extremely rare 4/2/2020 4/2/2020 57
elp21091966 PANAMA GOLD 500 BALBOAS PROOF - PCGS 5/31/2018 4/1/2020 1255
elp21091966 Panama Coin Collection PCGS series 6/18/2019 4/1/2020 5222
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY REPUBLIC 2.5 LIRA 1960-1980 ACMONITAL SET 1/26/2020 4/1/2020 3415
farthing Europe Commemorative 1/25/2020 3/30/2020 2716
Cho Chun Loong The Malaysiana Collection All-Time Finest NGC & PCGS coins of the Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak, Malaya, Malaya & British Borneo and British Trade Dollar. 5/17/2008 3/30/2020 608992
Thalermaniac EAGLES OF THE KAISERREICH In this Set we are trying to represent as many as possible 5 Mark coins of the German Empire or at least one of each type. All coins are numerated by Davenport numbers for the convenience. All coins are on sale so if you are interested please contact us at 2/12/2015 3/28/2020 206948
Thalermaniac PASSION OF LUDWIG Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from his coronation in 1825 until 1848, when he abdicated his throne in favor of his son, Maximilian. It is my opinion that he was one of the most interesting personae in German history. As a very intelligent and educated man, he assumed his role as a King with full responsibility and, arguably, great passion. He had a great many passions; he loved change, and imposing it, he loved women, art, science, Greece, architecture etc. – but his dearest passion of all was coins, of course! He adored seeing new coins, especially those displaying his portrait and great achievements as the King. He oversaw the production of many commemorative coins: more than any other Germanic ruler. Within this set I would like to tell you the flamboyant story of the great ruler, Ludwig I of Bayern, son of Maximilian I Joseph, Duke of Franconia, Duke of Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, etc. Let the journey begin! 2/6/2014 3/28/2020 198838
jgenn My World Crown Affair Eclectic pre-20th century world crowns from as many different nations as possible. 11/12/2016 3/27/2020 61950
Abuelo's Collection The Gold Escudo Type Set, Hand on Book Custom Set, 1825-1870, Circulation Issue Abuelo's Collection 5/14/2016 3/25/2020 36418
MF Brazil Collection BRAZIL SILVER - Circulation Coinage (1663-1972) Actively adding and improving grades whenever possible. 1/24/2020 3/21/2020 100107
S.W. Gunn Places I've Visited To get one coin from every country I've visited. 3/20/2020 3/20/2020 72
Scott A Belgian Congo - Congo 1887-1999 My goal is to complete a date set of Belgian Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo coins in mint condition including proofs and patterns, listed and unlisted, as well as errors. I strive to add the finest coins available to this collection, (that I can afford). This has truly been a labor of love. 8/30/2007 3/19/2020 7204271
Space4coins Kingdom of Nepal - Shah Dynasty (1768-2008) 11/16/2015 3/16/2020 3143
Taler Universe Holy Roman Empire - House of Habsburg Talers
I am aiming to put together a broad representative set of 16-19th century, Holy Roman Empire Talers. The set is dynamic with a goal of continuously upgrading its quality.Checkout The Taler Universe Website as it expands on the history involving the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs as well as displaying the entire collection.
5/28/2008 3/15/2020 25851155
MF Brazil Collection BRAZIL GOLD - Circulation Coinage (1725-1908) Actively adding to it when possible. 3/14/2020 3/15/2020 1139
MF Brazil Collection BRAZIL COPPER - Circulation Coinage (1722-1828) Actively adding and improving grades whenever possible. 3/13/2020 3/15/2020 1326
Leslie Perry VIP-LWP Great Britain Definitive Coin Set MS 2017 12/25/2019 3/14/2020 308
Fenntucky Mike Ukraine Silver 2 Hryvnias (Yavoriv Toys), Colorized 3/13/2020 3/13/2020 113
deposito 1916 Coins of the USA and World First I just planned to get a nice mint state example of each USA type for 1916. I have never cared about mint marks. And as an adult, I have never collected USA coins. The Standing Liberty quarter was going to be a problem, I knew. Presently that is substituted for by a 1917 Standing Liberty quarter.

Once the major pieces of U.S. coinage were found, I didn't want to stop adding to the set. I started discovering what other 1916 coins were available. We now have more than 46 different countries / colonies / protectorates / territories covered, with nice mint state silver, or even gold coins.

For some countries, as far as I know, in 1916 only base metal coins are available for the year. For many other countries, I have never seen any coin of any kind available. There are still plenty of countries with coins that I know can be obtained, but it is a shrinking list, and I have mostly taken out all the easy ones already.

Coins that I know exist, and can be sometimes bought, but mostly for too much, and not too often), include:

1. Bulgaria
2. Brazil
3. German East Africa gold
4. Afganistan gold
5. British Honduras (Belize)
6. Problem-free Philippines
7. Problem-free Netherlands
8. Gold Costa Rica

Beyond these, I know there is a base metal coin of Belgium from 1916, and a leper colony token (Maricaibo) from Venezuela! This is why I say I have already done the "easy work" and what's left is going to be tough. My kids hopefully has many decades to grow up and work on this.

A U.S. collector might be interested to hear that Ecuador, the Philippines, Cuba, and maybe more countries got their coins minted by U.S. mints.
9/3/2018 3/13/2020 20361
DINKO1 BULGARIA-DINKO1 VEZYOV Bulgaria 3/12/2020 3/12/2020 12435
hh4 Grossherzogtum Baden: 6 kreuzer 2/25/2020 3/12/2020 181
hayleyh Animal world coins I hope to collect as many coins with animals as I can. 3/11/2020 3/11/2020 122
Bukharan Ottoman Empire (1687–1839) 1/12/2019 3/8/2020 279
saturnman 1786 maundy set To make a top pop set for this date 3/8/2020 3/8/2020 153
Randolph Collection Randolph Libertads 3/7/2020 3/7/2020 107
coinsandmedals Change for a gold pistole? The goal of this set is to build a collection of the currency issues, proofs, and restrikes of copper coinage struck for Ireland from the rule of Charles II to George IV. In the process of completing this collection, it is my sincere hope that I can bring knowledge to those interested by providing detailed pictures and accurate descriptions. A great deal of numismatic history remains to be explored by those unfamiliar, and what better way to learn than by looking at a selection of handpicked specimens? 8/15/2019 3/7/2020 10315
Ian Yan Macau Lunar 5 Oz Silver PF 3/6/2020 3/6/2020 183
Ian Yan Singapore coin first series 1976-1984 Proof; Selected 1981 Silver set A meaningful collection of this 1st series silver proof coin, mimic the circulated copper nickle coins.
Worthy to mention here is that after the separation from Federal of Malaysia, each country has gone its own way, then the currency exchange rate was higher in favor of Malaysia Ringgit, 5+ decades later, Singapore currency is now stronger, exchange ratio to Malaysia is about 3. Brunei has a currency parity agreement with Singapore.
3/5/2020 3/5/2020 216
Ian Yan China Lunar S10Y Complete Scallop Set PF 1981-2020 Almost a complete collection of TOP grade of PF69/70UC for each available coin/year.
Thank you for viewing.
3/3/2020 3/5/2020 2740
Ian Yan Singapore Lunar Gold PF 1981-2004 3/4/2020 3/4/2020 1724
Ian Yan Singapore Lunar S$10 PF 1981-2020 3/4/2020 3/4/2020 2239
lqueen6 Uncirculated coins that interested me Ms62+ NON Flasher Foreign coins Not available in competitive sets
Canada 2015 ms69 No Sp regular coins will be added. Thks!
6/13/2009 3/3/2020 3904
Midnight Sun Collection Peru Centavos and 2 Centavos 4/5/2019 3/3/2020 784
JohnA Spain Gold Pesetas Official Restrikes (1961, 1962) Complete 12-Coin Set of Restrikes. 7/25/2012 3/1/2020 600812
SilverStag 200 years of Reformation by Martin Luther, Stolberg-Stolberg, Commemorative Issue of 1717 Set considered full if all 7 different denominations are assembled:
- 1/24 Thaler 1717 (KM# 158)
- 1/12 Thaler 1717 (KM# 159; Friederich# 1591)
- 1/6 Thaler 1717 (KM# 161; Friederich# 1588)
- 1/3 Thaler 1717 (KM# 163)
- 2/3 Thaler 1717 (KM# 165; Friederich# 1582)
- 1 Thaler 1717 (KM# 167; Friederich# 1581)
- 1 Ducat 1717 (KM# 169, Fr# 3327)
10/21/2019 3/1/2020 427
SilverStag Stolberg-Stolberg: by ruler - Christoph Friedrich (1704-1738) Assemble type set of coins issued by Stolberg-Stolberg county of Holy Roman Empire under authority Christoph Friedrich. Multiple specimens of the same type is allowed if different die were used to produce obverse of a coin. 3/1/2020 3/1/2020 125
SilverStag Stolberg-Stolberg: by ruler - Karl Ludwig (1761-1815) Assemble type set of coins issued by Stolberg-Stolberg county of Holy Roman Empire under authority Karl Ludwig. Multiple specimens of the same type is allowed if different die were used to produce obverse of a coin. 3/1/2020 3/1/2020 91
SilverStag Stolberg-Wernigerode: by ruler - Christian Friedrich (1778-1824) Assemble type set of coins issued by Stolberg-Wernigerode county of Holy Roman Empire under authority Christian Friedrich. Multiple specimens of the same type is allowed if different die were used to produce obverse of a coin. 3/1/2020 3/1/2020 101
SuphiO TURKEY Republic 1923-date 2/29/2020 2/29/2020 1117
gdk100 Rare: Non-Competitive Coins + Scarce high/highest Grade NEW: 29 Feb 2020: 1915 Oaxaca 2 Peso 6th Bust-2; 1959 Mexico Peso & 1937 Mexico 10 Centavos . SHARED INFORMATION: Mexico Onza 1979/9 with high definition photo of the overdate; Peru 1/2 Dinero 1906/806 confirmed; Mexico Peso 1918/7 is currently not a variety that NGC will certify. I currently have 109 NGC Competitive Sets, of which 34 will receive awards in 2019 (I had 42 that received awards as the top listing in 2018) and 35 are number 2. The competition has really been tough this past year.

I continue to focus on my 20th Century Mexico, Portugal and Colonies, CAR, Guatemala, Canada and Peru Collections. This effort started over 50 years ago when I traded my U.S. stamp collection for a box of Mexican coins. In addition, I've always liked really "nice" (superb condition) coins. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING COINS, PREVIOUSLY IN THIS SET, WERE SOLD IN THE HERITAGE SIGNATURE & INTERNET AUCTIONS; JANUARY 8, 2018. MEXICO PESO 1949 PRF 66, PORTUGUESE INDIA RUPIA 1881 PRF 64 AND JANUARY 17 MEXICO 1976 10 PESOS DOUBLE STRUCK "WITH ROTATION" PRF 65.
JANUARY 17-18, 2017. CANADA 1911 CENT SPECIMEN MS 64 RB; MEXICO 1974 10 PESOS PR 64.
11/29/2015 2/29/2020 99845
ThinkVesting ThinkVesting Miscellaneous World Coins 2/27/2020 2/28/2020 122
deposito Siam / Thailand Coins Get the Gold Rama IV and Rama V. Get some of the rarer date Rama V baht coins, like from 1904 or 1901. 8/2/2018 2/27/2020 23634
jim hawkins BlackBeard's Treasure Treasures of BlackBeard and the Barbary Coast. Each Piece of Eight is struck by hand, no two are the same.
We are looking for quality examples of each year, so this is an on-going project.
Honest history sometimes comes with alittle 'Corrosion' and 'Environmental Damage'
.. *> Many Coins here are the only ones listed in the NGC Census <*..

8/12/2010 2/24/2020 9110157
lqueen6 My German Coins after past NGC Failures! ms62+ german logo coins I own. Including 1 Notgeld Bonn Token!
Includes NGC that is NOT in Competitive sets!
Only part cheated by end of PCGS DEAL!
such as 1923A,D 2pf ms65Red, 1929 A pr65Cam 3 mark
1940F, 1944B ms64, 1942J, 1944A, 1945A ms63 1pf
1938A 5pf ms64
Also Own PCGS ms65 1937J 5p, 1939E 10P, ms67 upgrade 1923G 500M
My German Ngc with a few old PCGS previously allowed!

8/21/2009 2/24/2020 313868
karl49 Movers, Shakers and Stabilizers 1/28/2012 2/22/2020 2055116
jgenn Amazing 8s -- Charles III Portrait 8 Reales 1772-1791 Quality 8 reales featuring the portrait of Charles III (1772-1789 and up to 1791 with posthumous issues). My interest in collecting coins started in 2009 with the impulse purchase of a 1783 shipwreck coin. I did not imagine that collectible grade 8 reales coins were available until I started browsing the internet to see whether I got a good deal. The sheer quantity of mintage and scope of exchange of these coins is astounding and their popularity with collectors everywhere is impressive. Truly the first global currency. After I realized what a lousy deal those "America's first silver dollars" are, I set out to build a collection of quality 8 reales of the same design as that first coin. I hope you enjoy my set -- it's been a pleasure to build and curate. 12/1/2010 2/21/2020 1113829
Mokiechan Misc. Canadian Coins I have a large collection of Canadian Sets and Coins, most of them are not in slabs, the slabbed examples are listed here, or in my 1958 and 1967 Canadian Sets. 2/22/2019 2/21/2020 1057
Jaelus The Austro-Hungarian Prooflike Issues of Franz Joseph (1849-1916) This isn't a defined set, but rather a collection of Franz Joseph prooflike issues. It will always be a work in progress. 2/20/2020 2/20/2020 1913
Jaelus The Austro-Hungarian Compromise (1867-1918) My goals for this set are to acquire the finest mint state examples possible to represent each type. Whenever a type is issued under two different governments with a break of at least one year between the sets of issues, I have treated the type instead as two distinct types. 2/11/2020 2/20/2020 2047
Lioni Lioni_Bulgaria_1879-1908 10/8/2018 2/20/2020 8310
hh4 Freie Stadt Frankfurt: 6 kreuzer 2/17/2020 2/18/2020 152
Jaelus The Austrian Occupation of Hungary (1849-1867) The goal of this collection is to acquire an uncirculated example of each type with the best eye appeal possible. This is an extremely difficult set to complete, as while many of these types were issued with high mintage numbers from the Vienna mint, they were not plentifully struck from the Hungarian branch mints, and often were not struck for more than one year. In fact, more than half of the types in this set are one-year types. 12/19/2019 2/15/2020 4029
The 12th Denticle 1 Peso Coins of The Philippines (1947-1974)
To offer a numismatic, historical, and cultural experience for all.

3/29/2018 2/13/2020 181912
Beau Newman BN Frankfurt 5/5/2011 2/13/2020 23211
Jaelus The Third Hungarian Republic (1989-2011) My goals for this set are to acquire the finest mint state examples available of each type for the first year of issue. This includes some challenging coins, as most 1992 business strikes and proofs were only available in mint sets with extremely low mintages. 2/13/2020 2/13/2020 1551
Scott A Latin American Beauties My Collection of early Latin American and related coins. 5/10/2008 2/13/2020 5467103
Jaelus The Hungarian People's Republic (1949-1989) My goals for this set are to acquire the finest mint state examples of the first year of issue for each type. This makes the set rather challenging, as it includes the two big keys in modern Hungarian coinage, the 1950 aluminum 10 fillér (KM-547), and the 1967 aluminum 10 fillér. 2/12/2020 2/12/2020 1233
Jaelus The Second Hungarian Republic (1946-1949) My goals for this set are to acquire the finest example of the first year of issue for each type in this set.

A challenge for this set is avoiding unmarked restrikes, many of which are virtually indistinguishable from original examples, with little or no documentation on the restrikes existing.
2/12/2020 2/12/2020 159
Jaelus The Kingdom of Hungary (1920-1945) My goal is to acquire the finest mint state examples of each type in this set. 2/12/2020 2/12/2020 1526
James Jarrett World Countries I Have Visited To collect a coin from each country I have visited. 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 141
James Jarrett World James Coins Of The World To collect a coin from each country in the world. 2/10/2020 2/10/2020 183
Thalermaniac UNION THALERS OF GERMAN STATES The goal of this Set is to represent all great variety of the Union Coinage for the period from 1857 till 1874. We will reflect coins of One and Two Thalers (Vereinsthalers). All coins will be arranged in order reflected in Davenport Book of German Talers. We hope you enjoy this collection!
This Set is for sale, please make your offers!! Contact E-mail is
3/2/2014 2/9/2020 361981
SuphiO Tunisia (Ottoman rule) Gold 50 Riyal set 2/8/2020 2/8/2020 222
SkeletonKrewe New World Spanish and post-independence American coins Acquire a variety of Spanish Colonial Era and post-independence American coins from the early 1500's to early 1900's... 5/12/2014 2/8/2020 87941
coin928 Netherlands East Indies - Minted by the U.S. Mint A complete set of coins minted by the U.S. Mint for the Netherlands East Indies during World War II with all of the primary coins graded MS65 or higher. Any variety or error coins may be lower. This basic goal has been met with the exception for the 1941S 1/4G at MS64 which is currently the finest known. Until I find a nicer raw coin, I may have gone about as far as I can go save for an ocasional upgrade.

Rev 2/5/2020
4/25/2016 2/5/2020 214220
worldcoinguy Eclectic world collection Unfocused set exploring the richness and variety of the numismatic hobby. This set is a bit transient in nature, with pieces coming and going based on impulse purchases, trades, and exploration of new areas in the hobby. 11/7/2009 2/4/2020 402226
deposito Netherlands Gold Ducats Gold ducats of the Netherlands. 1586 to the present. 6/24/2018 2/3/2020 74537
SuphiO Tunisia (Ottoman rule) Gold 25 Riyal set 1/31/2020 2/3/2020 3417
SuphiO Tunisia (Ottoman rule) Gold 100 Riyal set 2/1/2020 2/1/2020 2411
coin928 Ecuador - Struck by U.S. Mints All Ecuadorian coins struck in the U.S.A. graded by NGC at MS60 or higher. As of this revision, only three coins remain at AU58. The quest continues for upgrades.

Rev. 1/11/2020
4/24/2016 1/31/2020 185633
TMS Coins 6. GREAT BRITAIN, QUEEN VICTORIA GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGNS 1838-1901, CIRCULATION ISSUES The goal is to obtain high grade examples of gold half-sovereigns for every year of Queen Victoria's reign. 7/22/2011 1/31/2020 1114573
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY REPUBLIC 2.5 KURUSH 1948-1951 COMPLETE SET 1/29/2020 1/31/2020 394
G.A. Davis Collection Garys World Coins Expand my U.S. collection to include a few world coins 3/25/2018 1/31/2020 26426
TMS Coins 1. LEGAL TENDER COINS IN CYPRUS UNDER BRITISH ADMINISTRATION, 1879-1959 The modern coins of Cyprus included only silver, copper and copper-nickel coins. As the sovereign was a gold coin and legal tender in Cyprus under British Administration, the goal was to bring together gold, silver, copper and copper-nickel coins and create a Custom Set containing examples of circulating coins during the period 1879-1959. 11/14/2017 1/30/2020 704180
Naked Angel Mexico Libertad Typeset Project The goal is to acquire an example of each type of coin, including all the fractional pieces in gold and silver, as well as the kilo, the reverse proofs, the antiqued versions, die varieties, and the platinum version. 7/19/2018 1/27/2020 16620
Midnight Sun Collection Top Pop Crowns from the Americas To assemble a collection of finest known crowns from the Americas. 9/16/2014 1/26/2020 39205
Midnight Sun Collection Unique Coins and Medals from the Americas 7/5/2018 1/26/2020 1566
Midnight Sun Collection Unique Coins from the World 1/12/2020 1/26/2020 262
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY ABDULAZIZ AH1277-AH1293 (1861-1876) SILVER 20 PARA SIRCULATION ISSUE 1/24/2020 1/25/2020 372
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY ABDULMECID AH1255-AH1277 (1839-1861) BEFORE COIN REFORM SILVER CIRCULATION ISSUE 1/25/2020 1/25/2020 303
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY ABDULAZIZ AH1277-AH1293 (1861-1876) SILVER 1 KURUSH CIRCULATION ISSUE 1/24/2020 1/25/2020 323
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY ABDULAZIZ AH1277-AH1293 (1861-1876) SILVER 20 KURUSH CIRCULATION ISSUE 1/24/2020 1/24/2020 251
Av.Mustafa KuL TURKEY ABDULAZIZ AH1277-AH1293 (1861-1876) COPPER CIRCULATION ISSUE 1/24/2020 1/24/2020 283
0x1889mNN Box of Boks 1/23/2020 1/24/2020 1034
JohnA Spain Gold 10 Pesetas, Alfonso XII (1878, 1879) Complete 3-Coin Set of Circulation Issues. 10/21/2013 1/23/2020 21633
nathankf Pre-1950 World Proof Coins 1/22/2020 1/22/2020 242

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