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Set Name
Set Goals
Lost_in_reality Roman Ancients - Republic and Imperial Collecting for the enjoyment and learning a bit of history in the process. 9/1/2019
Von Werner Roman Empire Emperors To obtain a certified example of each Emperor, Caesar, Usurper, and key figure of the Roman Empire, beginning with the Imperatorial period, through the Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, and Byzantine Empire, teaching history to those that explore this collection. 7/11/2018 10/22/2020 1754256
Nels782 My Greek & Roman Coin Collection 10/6/2020 10/6/2020 1220
Me Roman Emperor Portrait Coins Complete the set of emperors with portraits and continue to upgrade existing coins. Additionally, eventually adding Caesars, pretenders, and Empresses. 8/10/2014 9/22/2020 2093119
Von Werner Ancient World Examples 7th BC to 2nd Century AD To display examples of ancients throughout the known world, mostly Greek and Roman Republic, along with examples of other ancient kingdoms. 9/7/2020 9/8/2020 2825
Nycappedbust Twelve Caesars Set My goals are to emphasize coins with fine style portraits. Portrait style and eye appeal is the priority with this set 7/11/2020 8/13/2020 1128
shpadoinkle24 Marc Antony Legionary Denarii Set The goal is to collect one Marc Antony legionary denarius per legion. There are 23 regular legions and two specialized legions (Praetorian and Speculatores cohorts, respectively). 7/16/2020 7/21/2020 342
JRomulus JRomulus Byzantine Solidus Collection Collect NGC Certified Solidi of Every Freaking Byzantine Emperor from Constantine to Paleologos....
From the time of Constantine until the 10th century, every solidus weighed 24 Greco-Roman carats (about 4.5 grams of pure gold), the diameter was also constantly unchanged.
5/27/2019 7/21/2020 18613
shpadoinkle24 Twelve Caesars Denarius Set Collect the twelve Caesars in denarius. 7/16/2020 7/17/2020 404
Deadshotz coins Deadshotz ancients Collecting rare and exceptional looking coins from the ancient times and learn the history each one brings with it. 6/23/2020 7/8/2020 502
Nikstr65 Nik's Ancient Coins

Collecting BC Greek Coins & AD Roman Empire Coins

12/10/2011 6/19/2020 163012
wlindsay65 Lindsay’s Roman Denarius Julius Caesar and the people around him 6/6/2020 6/6/2020 481
Captainrich "I, Claudius" Collection The collecting goal was to obtain a bronze coin featuring the busts of the following five Roman Emperors: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero.
The reverse of each bronze coin has the letters SC, which stands for "Senatus Consulto," because the value of the coin was set by decree of the Roman Senate.
5/21/2020 5/21/2020 525
Von Werner Eastern Roman Empire Complete in Gold Display the Entire run of Eastern Roman Emperors in GOLD! 5/7/2020 5/13/2020 549
Roberto Cantoni Morgan Dollars 4/1/2020 4/2/2020 451
Mrflynn32 Ancient coinage At least 1 coin per era/country 3/26/2020 3/26/2020 596
The Wanderer Historical Time Period Coins To collect some great Historical Coins. 2/27/2020 2/29/2020 746
Taler Universe Select Ancients Select representative Ancient coins within a budgetary framework. Focus on engraver's fine style, eye appeal, and overall design. I aim to expand the collection over time to encompass different regions of both Greek and Roman coins, as well as the more classical designs minted. 3/4/2014 1/18/2020 659417
Philip Long Roman Empire - House of Constantine 1/11/2020 1/11/2020 934
rickcoltrane Roman Republic + 9/16/2019 12/28/2019 12722
Lirio Logrono 8 reales colonial set circulation ichues 12/14/2019 12/14/2019 781
deposito Second Punic War As many nice coins from the Second Punic War era, preferably of silver, and of gold if I'm lucky. This is primarily a study of the anonymous denarius coinage starting in 211, but includes some contemporary circulating coinage that would have been recognized by Mediterranean mercenaries and merchants alike. 10/6/2018 12/4/2019 30833
IgorP Boy on the Dolphin of Taras 12/3/2019 12/4/2019 892
evilwoman13 Ancients with Eye Appeal If we like the looks of the coin and it is within our budget, we add it to our collection of Ancients. We particularly like the BC dated coins and wonder in whose pocket they may have been in over a 2000 year period of time. 11/22/2019 11/22/2019 1197
Christimber 12 Caesar Coins 11/14/2019 11/14/2019 1055
Ikram’s Indo-Greeks Collecting High quality & Rare coins of indo-Greeks , Self collecting or through authentic source , With precise location, 11/4/2019 11/4/2019 891
AVALEIGH ANCIENT CELTIC (AV, EL, AR, Bi, AE) 11/19/2017 10/27/2019 3242
BScherzer Scherzer Ancients Collection To assemble a set of interesting and historical ancient coins 8/26/2019 8/30/2019 14021
deposito Roman Republic 2/19/2019 8/27/2019 1528
KajunKoin KajunKoin Ancient Coins 1/28/2017 7/16/2019 45511
Nicholas Knight 5th century AD prior Roman Empire Learn the history as I find the coins to match and be able to learn the true value of ancients. 7/1/2019 7/1/2019 1341
Kohaku The Roman Empire Discover the Roman Empire through numismatics.
8/14/2014 6/8/2019 15556270
GAM Veterum Nummus 3/5/2017 4/21/2019 3547
Aspen Park Ancient Coinage - Here and Gone - Aspen Park Ancient Coins 1/24/2012 1/11/2019 134841
Aspen Park Aspen Park Collection of Ancient Coinage 1/4/2019 1/7/2019 19441
Tribune Solutions Bible 3/9/2017 12/15/2018 3522
cgcsketcherz Passed Down Through the Hands of Time To one day own an Athena Owl. 11/24/2016 10/22/2018 4433
TK421 The (ancient) Empire Strikes Back 3/27/2011 9/17/2018 145961
AVALEIGH ANCIENT PERSIAN (AV, AR) 10/20/2016 8/20/2018 6099
Platyos Ancients & Medieval 11/2/2011 8/13/2018 8349
hunter's gold Ancients and Gods 8/7/2018 8/7/2018 2211
Nosedive Ancient world 6/14/2018 6/20/2018 1834
Brooklyn Joe Judaea 6/18/2018 6/18/2018 1682
dls141 DDLK Ancient Coins 5/23/2018 5/23/2018 2293
Ricky_Coins Ricky_Ancient Budget Alexander Tetradrachms, Athen Owls to begin with. Spreading out for more varieties. Will include some Imperial Roman denarius and slabbed bronzes. 3/23/2018 5/8/2018 2533
Prezel PREZEL COLLECTION 3/21/2018 3/21/2018 22830
bryner01 Fred Why limit myself? 12/20/2017 12/24/2017 34967
star555 ROMAN EMPIRE COINS 12/10/2017 12/10/2017 34333
AVALEIGH BYZANTINE GOLD & ELECTRUM 8/25/2016 12/8/2017 73136
Cicero's Folly Roman Emperors and the Birth of Western Civilization The end-game for this collection is to have at least one NGC graded and slabbed, MS 5/5-5/5 (or better) gold coin for each of the Roman Emperors; starting with Augustus Caesar (27 BC) of the Principates through Constantine XI Palaiologos (1449 AD) of the Byzantines.

The collection also contains some miscellaneous coins of interest from the Ancients that I found interesting or couldn't pass up.
7/14/2017 12/6/2017 46916
AVALEIGH CARTHAGE 11/21/2017 11/21/2017 2932
Jeffrey Phillips Freeman Pre-1800 11/3/2017 11/3/2017 2375
Lord RAR Athena Coinage Collection 2/10/2014 10/19/2017 62715
epwinchell Tetrarchy and Constantinian dynasty 9/29/2017 9/29/2017 3544
yates697 DRY Ancient Collection 7/29/2017 9/10/2017 460217
TwoYewts Ancient Roman 6/30/2017 6/30/2017 2611
AM66Mojo Ancients 5/13/2017 5/13/2017 3251
CoinHawk1234 Very Old Coins 5/6/2017 5/6/2017 4529 WWII Collection To learn more about the history and stories of the ancient coins. 4/8/2017 4/8/2017 3924
McKown Collection McKOWN'S ROMAN EMPIRE 1/29/2015 1/9/2017 46010
Aleksander Tetradrachm Frontalgesicht 10/17/2016 10/17/2016 4511
AVALEIGH ANCIENT ROMAN GOLD AUREI 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 61311
AVALEIGH ANCIENT FORGERIES 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 4524
AVALEIGH ANCIENT GREEK GOLD 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 71612
AVALEIGH ANCIENT GREEK SILVER 8/21/2016 8/23/2016 85939
karl49 Ancient Empires 6/3/2015 8/9/2016 74341
CyberspaceVoid CV's Old English 1/8/2016 8/7/2016 3642
Mark Lam The Parthenon Set 7/26/2016 7/26/2016 4721
PAUL A. LOBOSCO Tetradrachm Diodotus/Euthydemus 6/15/2016 6/21/2016 4421
PAUL A. LOBOSCO Tetradrachm 6/15/2016 6/21/2016 4554
Ralph Goodall Roman era world 6/6/2016 6/6/2016 4804
Coin Guy Ancients 4/6/2016 5/23/2016 69458
desertdiamond Ancient Coins - RG none at this time 5/15/2016 5/15/2016 3761
John M Lyons JML Ancient Coins 5/7/2016 5/7/2016 4931
Highland200 Jewish History in Coins Coins issued by Hasmonians, Romans & Jewish Rebels & coins of Tyre or Seleucids with Connection to biblical or Jewish history 10/22/2012 4/10/2016 152965
DGW DGW 3/30/2016 3/30/2016 3633
mmcelroy Money of The Bible 3/24/2016 3/24/2016 4755
Jeff Soper All Ancients 2/9/2016 2/9/2016 3544
Waterman Roman Empire One example of each Emperor. 11/24/2012 12/31/2015 123241
sdsportsfan Twelve Caesars One portrait denarius for each of the Twelve Caesars. 4/27/2015 12/16/2015 4758
Mike Festa 12 Caesars Continue to improve my collection of 12 caesars aureus and denarius consisting of the highest rarity (RIC referenced) that I can afford without ruining my marriage ;). 12/4/2015 12/4/2015 53810
SHS-USA SHS-USA- Roman 11/23/2014 10/26/2015 43911
SHS-USA SHS-USA- Greek 4/21/2015 10/26/2015 38212
lathropc Cathal's old Irish 10/13/2015 10/13/2015 3823
Citroen2CV Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant The objective of this set is to acquire a coin with a fully legible name for each of the Roman Emperors who ruled up until the legions abandoned Britain in 411 AD. 9/6/2015 9/7/2015 56922
SPQR Roman Emperors to 400AD The objective of this set is to acquire the finest example available of each of the 77 identified Roman Emperors who ruled up until the split of the Roman Empire. This set may include emperors at various ages, unrecognized sons and usurpers. So far it's been an AMAZING learning experience which has fulfilled my every expectation and has added new friends from all parts of the world along the way! 7/23/2015 8/8/2015 71653
DenJen49 Jenner Ancient Coin Set Collection of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Coins. 5/11/2015 5/11/2015 70133
goldsaint Ancient Coins of the World Through out our lives my wife and I have always loved the study of History.It is fascinating to see how history does in fact continually repeat itself. As nations develop, they all seem to go through stages of economic growth, and then decline. Countries are generally formed out of some desperate need for personal and economic freedom, and then decline as those freedoms are reduced by governments through socialism and over taxation.At many times through out history, growing empires were destroyed simply by the greed of larger empires to expand territory, but in the end, even the larger seemingly indestructible empires destroy themselves internally. To my wife and I the collecting of great coins is a way to study history and look at the lives of humans long passed on. The lives of these peoples were as important to them as ours are precious to us today. Our favorite times in history are Early American, Medieval Europe, and Ancient history. Having built a passable Bust half dollar collection we have moved onto the gathering certified coins produced in the ancient world. At one time many years ago NGC did not certify Ancient coins so a great many of our coins are in Anacs and ICG slabs, but we are now buying coins certified by NGC and we will posting those as acquired In addition we also have a Museum site some of you might be interested in at 4/30/2013 4/7/2015 1394100
goldsaint GOLD ANCIENTS In ancient times gold, as it is today, was very rare. Only the very wealthy could earn and spend gold. The old saying, “ That a gold coin would always buy one a good meal, a new suite of clothes, a room for the night, and a lady of the evening” still holds true today, but how big a gold coin, is the question. In 600 B.C many gold coins were 1 or 2 grams of gold only. My goal here is to just do the best I can to add to this collection. 1/6/2015 4/7/2015 81952
Kohaku The Ancient World Collection Discover the ancient world through numismatics. 6/29/2014 3/9/2015 400969
Dabigkahuna Dabigkahuna 2/22/2015 2/22/2015 4723
Darklordcreeper Darklordcreepers Ancients To obtain the largest and most elite collection of Ancient Greek and Roman coins ever established. 2/2/2015 2/2/2015 3748
Alex Waite Crew's Ancients 1/31/2015 1/31/2015 765126
Kohaku The Parthian Kings Collect them all 6/29/2014 11/5/2014 6284
ddcarro1 Ship Wreck 9/24/2014 10/2/2014 4042
JTO Old Old Coins Start at or near the beginning of recorded coinage and move through the centuries. 9/10/2014 9/10/2014 4113

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