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1986 Italian Circulation Strike Set

Category:  World Coins
Owner:  Revenant
Last Modified:  6/6/2022
Set Description
A mint set of Italian coins for 1986 - which is the birthyear for both my wife and myself.

Set Goals
Why a mint / year set for Italy? My Wife lived in Italy for 3 years as a child and absolutely loved it / loves Italy. So I've been collecting modern graded Italian coins from that late 1980s / early 1990s period for her and to help share this hobby with her, and building an Italian birth year set for us just seemed like a fun idea. So I started buying the coins as I could usually in the best grades available at the time.

In some ways this is more of a "me" idea than something initiated by her because when I started down this road she wasn't very excited about the ideal of a 1986 Italian year set. She was more interested in coins from the years when she lived there (roughly 1991-1993) and in specific denominations she liked the design of (the 500L coin introduced in 1982, one of which will be in this set).

I had purchased a 1986 50 Lire coin in Nov 2021, both because it had Vulcan on it - who had a forge under Mt Etna, the volcano she lived on as a child - and because having that let me win a Best In Category Award for an Italian set for her in 2021. I also had to get a 1986 coin of the 500 Lire to complete our 500 Lire set. At that point I'd have two of the seven coins for this year set no matter what. I also knew, with a little patience, I could get MS66-MS68 examples of the 1986 100L, 20 Lire, and maybe 200 Lire coins, in NGC slabs, for not much more than the cost of grading. At that point, thinking like a collector (or a crazy person, lol) it just made sense to go for the rest of the set, since this had been my original idea, before she expressed an interest in the 500 Lire set.

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Owner Comments
Italy 5 Lire ITALY 5L 1986R
Italy 10 Lire ITALY 10L 1986R
Italy 20 Lire ITALY 20L 1986R
View Coin Italy 50 Lire ITALY 50L 1986R NGC MS 68 I found myself looking at NGC-graded and raw Italian coins on eBay in early Nov 2021. I'd been trying to spark more interest in the hobby with her and find ways to share it with her. We’d been looking at groups of RAW Zimbabwean coins together and enjoying that and I wanted a way to continue that momentum.

My wife lived in Italy for about 3 years as a child from about 1991 to 1993. She always talks fondly about Italy and wanting to go back there. So getting some Italian coins and making some Italian registry sets - maybe of the same coins she would have seen as a child - seemed like a good way to do that.

I found a seller offering some higher grade 50 Lire, 100 Lire, 200 Lire and 500 Lire coins - mostly from our birth year or years close to it - coins of the same types they brought back home with them in a bag as mementos - for sale at reasonable-ish prices. The starting bid prices were kind of high but tolerable given the grades.

I decided the prices were worth it to snap these up, start these sets, and turn them into a love letter to my wife. I managed to win this 1986 50 Lire and a 1982 500 L - both MS68s - for $33-41 each, after shipping - no one bid against me lol. That started 2 new registry sets in two categories that I think may have been new to 2021.

And so this set was born!
View Coin Italy 100 Lire ITALY 100L 1986R NGC MS 68 I look at this coin as one of those examples of "patience pays off" (and I can actually say I was patient and didn't fear any minor buyer's remorse for my impatience after the fact). I saw the same seller that I bought a MS68 1982 500L and MS68 1986 50L from in Nov 2021 offering some of these 100L coins in MS66-68, and they were selling them at that time in late 2021. But I didn't get them at that time.

The seller was asking higher prices for these 100L coins at the time. The seller was asking $50-60 for these 100L at the time if you wanted an MS68 (which I did), if I remember right and those prices / values felt like more of stretch to me than the $35-40 they were asking for the MS68 50L and 500L coins. I also wanted to keep my budget / spending on this a little more modest at the time, pace myself a little, and not go TOO crazy out the gate. so I decided to focus on the 50L and the 500L and let the 100L go or to let it wait.

In late May 2022 I saw they'd finally listed one of these in MS68 at sub-$40. It was $36.50, so, after the $3.50 shipping fee, it would be $40. That price was consistent with the price I'd been pulling the trigger on other coins for these Italian sets on, so I finally decided to snap it up. It was a coin I wanted, in the grade I wanted, finally at the price I was happy enough to pay.

A little bit of patience (when I have some) sometimes pays off. ;)
Italy 200 Lire ITALY 200L 1986R
Italy 500 Lire ITALY 500L 1986R

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