1986 Italian Circulation Strike Set
100 Lire





Coin Details

Origin/Country: ITALY
Item Description: 100L 1986R
Full Grade: NGC MS 68
Owner: Revenant

Set Details

Custom Sets: 1986 Italian Circulation Strike Set
Competitive Sets: Ti amerĂ² per sempre   Score: 28
Research: NGC Coin Price Guide

Owner Comments:

I look at this coin as one of those examples of "patience pays off" (and I can actually say I was patient and didn't fear any minor buyer's remorse for my impatience after the fact). I saw the same seller that I bought a MS68 1982 500L and MS68 1986 50L from in Nov 2021 offering some of these 100L coins in MS66-68, and they were selling them at that time in late 2021. But I didn't get them at that time.

The seller was asking higher prices for these 100L coins at the time. The seller was asking $50-60 for these 100L at the time if you wanted an MS68 (which I did), if I remember right and those prices / values felt like more of stretch to me than the $35-40 they were asking for the MS68 50L and 500L coins. I also wanted to keep my budget / spending on this a little more modest at the time, pace myself a little, and not go TOO crazy out the gate. so I decided to focus on the 50L and the 500L and let the 100L go or to let it wait.

In late May 2022 I saw they'd finally listed one of these in MS68 at sub-$40. It was $36.50, so, after the $3.50 shipping fee, it would be $40. That price was consistent with the price I'd been pulling the trigger on other coins for these Italian sets on, so I finally decided to snap it up. It was a coin I wanted, in the grade I wanted, finally at the price I was happy enough to pay.

A little bit of patience (when I have some) sometimes pays off. ;)

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