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1944-S One Centavo Double Die Variety #2 - PCGS Population 1/0





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: BRASS (COPPER-ZINC) 1C 1944 S DDR USA-PHIL ALLEN-3.06aa Allen 3.06aa
Full Grade: PCGS MS 64 RD
Owner: JAA

Owner Comments:

1944-S One Centavo DDO V2 (Allen 3.06aa)

The Allen catalog of U.S. Philippine Coins recognizes four Die Varieties for this date:
1) 1944-S (Allen 3.06) The normal coin for this date.
2)1944-S Double Die Obverse (Allen 3.06a). This Double Die Variety shows doubling at "STATES OF".
3) 1944-S Double Die Obverse Variety #2 (Allen 3.06aa). This Double Die Variety "shows doubling of the letters IPPINES on the scroll and the scroll itself as well as the letters of AMERICA most noticeable at the M and C".
4) 1944-S Incomplete 4 (Allen 3.06b). This fairly common variety has the "base of the last 4 missing at the left side".

Of the three die varieties the Double Die Variety #2 (Allen 3.06aa) is by far the scarcest and most difficult to find. This specimen is particularly interesting as in addition to doubling of the letters in STATES and AMERICA thr second 4 in the date appears to be triple punched.

I purchased this coin raw from "The Coin Den" in May 2008. Although I would have preferred to certify this coin years ago neither NGC or PCGS were recognizing Allen Die Varieties in 2008 and NGC only recently recognized Allen Die Varieties for the 1944-S One Centavo. I submitted this specimen to PCGS at the August 2014 ANA World's Fair of Money. Graded PCGS MS64nRed this specimen is the only PCGS certified example of this scarce die variety.

PCGS Population: 1/0

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