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World Class Roosevelt Dime Errors

Category:  Mint Errors
Owner:  Oranda
Last Modified:  11/26/2012
Set Description
I’ve been involved in numismatics in one way or another as long as I can remember, but I’m new to error coins. As of 2007, this set (and collecting interest) is two years old. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert, although I’m trying to educate myself on the series and the coin production process as much as possible. This set is listed in the Registry so that I can share these little gems with as many people as possible.

Set Goals
Roosevelt Dime Errors are scarce. Scan through auction catalogues, even ones where error coins are well represented, and you will find very few Roosevelt Dimes. One reason for this is obvious. Being the smallest coins struck by the U.S. Mint -- except for a few foreign coins -- wrong planchets errors don’t exist. No other planchets are small enough to fit in the dime collar. It’s also possible that coining equipment is just better at striking these little coins, or that quality control is easier with this diminutive denomination. Compared to all the current circulating issues, the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, and Washington Quarter, the Dime is the toughest error coin.

Maybe, in the end, these coins aren’t that popular and that’s why they don’t turn up very frequently. Even if that’s the case, I love ‘em! They are dramatic yet relatively affordable (although regretfully still costly enough that I can’t buy them all).

The goal of this collection is to represent the complete spectrum of available error types across the range of dates in the series. I’m upgrading and improving specimens wherever possible, and there’s a lot of duplication which will be culled out over time. For the time being, I can’t bring myself to part with a single one….

(One caveat: there’s nothing World Class about these errors. I chose the title for this set to lure you to check it out. Sorry, if I’ve overstepped. I hope the pics and the descriptions make it worth your while.)

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin 1947-S | Off-Center 10C 1947 S STRUCK 15% OFF CENTER NGC MS 62 FT - While Mercury Dime Off-Center and Broadstruck coins from the 1940’s are relatively common, Roosevelt Dime Errors from this period are like hen’s teeth. This coin’s luster is regrettably subdued from over-dipping, but it’s still a pleasing uncirculated off-center from the second year of issue and the San Francisco Mint. Plus, it’s superbly struck (off-center coins usually are found with sharp full detail).
View Coin 1953-D | Double Struck STRUCK 1953 D 10C DOUBLE 2ND 75% O/C UNIFACE REV NGC MS 64 - This is a delightful, frosty near-gem with a second 75% off-center strike. The back of Roosevelt’s head is visible in front of Roosevelt’s portrait on the primary strike. This coin didn’t eject fully from the dies and got sandwiched on top of a blank planchet. The reverse of the second strike is blank, and presumably another coin shows a big obverse indent where this coin overlapped. Oh, I wish it were a mated pair…
View Coin 1953-D | Curved Clip 10C 1953 D 30% CURVED CLIP NGC MS 64 FT - Bright and frosty, this coin has a big clip. A clip is caused when punches onto a planchet strip overlap, causing an oblong loss of metal on the second punched blank. The clipped blank is struck and a portion of the coin is missing. For whatever reason, I’ve seen a few 1953-D clips. This is the best silver Roosevelt clip I’ve found so far.
View Coin 1956 | Double Struck STRUCK 1956 10C DOUBLE BOTH STRIKES OFF CENTER NGC MS 63 - Forgive me if I get poetic describing this coin. This 1956 dime is double struck, both strikes are 90%+ off-center. One strike shows two digits of the date, 56, a very fortuitous bit of detail to show on a dramatic off-center! I’ve never seen another silver dime similarly off-center that showed the date. This was one of the first dimes I acquired, and I feel lucky to have it.
View Coin 1957 | Broadstruck on Clipped Planchet STRUCK 1957 10C BROAD ON STRAIGHT CLIP PLANCHET NGC MS 62 FT - This is a HUGE broadstruck from the era with a concave dish shape, and a straight clip on the right portion of obverse. A very neat double error, with a steely-blue hue.
View Coin 1964 | Off-Center 10C 1964 STRUCK 50% OFF CENTER NGC MS 65 - A very balanced gem struck just the right amount off-center, 50%, and in a desirable location, too, towards 12:00, or K-12 to the error guys.
View Coin 1964-D | Off-Center 10C 1964 D STRUCK 25% OFF CENTER NGC MS 65 FT - A mint-marked silver off-center. While only 25% towards 2:00, the struck portion is wonderfully detailed showing a Full Torch.
View Coin 1967 | Curved Clip 10C 1967 60% CURVED CLIP .92 GR NGC MS 66 - This is the coin that got me started with clad coins (originally I collected only silver errors). I had never seen a gem clip that was so large with a full date. Very cool with enough drama to excite collectors who usually don’t take any interest in clad clipped coins.
View Coin 1971-D | Off-Center Adjustment Strike CENTER 1971 D 10C 50% OFF DIE ADJUSTMENT STRIKE NGC PrAg - This is the only die adjustment strike that I have been offered in two years. How many die adjustment strikes exist for Roosevelt Dimes from the 1970’s? I’ve been told that there are probably a couple dozen at the most. This is a rare coin! I was at the right place at the right time, and my collection is certainly the better for it.
View Coin 1994-P | Struck Thru Split Capped Die STRUCK 1994 P 10C OBVERSE THRU SPLIT-CAPPED DIE NGC MS 65 - This coin was struck from a capped die that had struck several coins, causing the cap to thin out and break right down the center. The date and mintmark are fully visible, although blurred by the cap. The reverse is crisp and gem, showing a small break at 1:00. I love this coin because it hints at the pressure required to strike coins, turning metal to mush, and squeezing and contorting it, until it shatters.
View Coin 1998-P | Dbl Struck Flipover STRUCK 1998 P 10C DOUBLE BOTH OFF CENTER/FLIPOVER NGC MS 66 - If you don’t love error coins, you should see this coin in person. Struck about 50% off-center, flipped over, and struck again 75% off-center. The first and second strike both show dates. What’s more, each strike put a kink in the coin, making it meander and contort like a miniature staircase. Simply gorgeous and dramatic!
View Coin 1999-P | Broadstruck 10C 1999 P BROADSTRUCK NGC MS 67 - Here’s a big broadstruck, very clean, and graded MS67. It’s nearly nickel-size and perfectly centered. This coin was a gift from a numismatist friend who has provided me with invaluable information about errors. It’s not the most exciting error in the collection from a rarity or value standpoint, but, because of its source, it’s certainly among the most important coins in the collection.
View Coin 2000-P | Dbl Struck in Collar STRUCK 2000 P 10C DOUBLE ROTATED IN COLLAR NGC MS 67 - Struck once, rotated 180 degrees, and struck again. What looks like white marks on Roosevelt’s jaw and in the left obverse field are actually hair detail from the first strike. The reverse shows, rather more intensely, double legends. Because of the amount of rotation, this coin is about as cool as double struck in collar coins get. You never see larger denomination coins with this amount of rotation, so this is something that only us dime (and cent) enthusiasts get to enjoy.
View Coin 2005-P | Broadstuck with Rev Brockage STRUCK 2005 P 10C BROAD WITH REVERSE BROCKAGE NGC MS 64 - This coin commemorates the year that I started this collection (although I didn’t acquire it until 2006). A planchet entered the coining press and rested on top of a struck coin. The struck coin cause the deep brockage indent on reverse. The back of Roosevelt’s head and mintmark are visible incuse. Elsewhere the coin is mirrored and spreads out to a huge side, splitting at its edges. The Schuler presses make very few errors, but when things go wrong, they are resplendent, crazy mistakes. While I used to be a classic-coin aficionado, I appreciated these ultra-modern errors because so few of them are escaping the Mint.
View Coin Broadstuck w/ Obv Struck Thru Capped Die STRUCK ROOSEVELT 10C BROAD W/OBV STRUCK THRU CAP DIE NGC MS 68 FT - Struck from a capped obverse die, the reverse is incuse and spread out and enormous. This coin is perfectly detailed and pristine. I could stare at it and marvel for hours (and I have!).

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