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1916 Coins of the USA and World

Category:  World Coins
Owner:  deposito
Last Modified:  5/3/2021
Set Description
The year 1916 was 100 years before my kid was born. One of his great-grandmas was born in 1916 also. So I started this collection for him in 2016. Is this collection the reason I only have one kid?

There are currently 20 gold coins here containing 5.068 troy ounces Actual Gold Weight; a snapshot of the world at the end of a gold standard. It's a light snapshot because by 1916 many countries that had struck cold coins within the past 10 years were done. No Russian French or German gold coins were struck in 1916, and many other common gold coins are absent (no Venezuela 20 Bolivars, no Norway or Swedish gold, etc.) The Cuban Peso is exactly the same AGW as a US dollar. A US $5 is almost exactly the same AGW as Mexico's 10 Peso coin, and just barely more than a Peru Libra or Egypt 100 Piastres.

Set Goals
First I just planned to get a nice example of each USA type for 1916. I knew the Standing Liberty quarter was going to be a problem. Presently that is substituted for by a 1917 Standing Liberty quarter. Hopefully one of us will pick that up someday.

A little later in 2016 I figured I should see what other 1916 coins were available. We now have more than 46 different countries / colonies / protectorates / territories covered.

For some countries only base metal coins or tokens are available for 1916. (Venezuela has only leper colony tokens). For many other countries, I have never seen any coin of any kind available. Like Guatemala and Bolivia. There are still plenty of countries with coins that I know can be obtained, but it is a shrinking list, and I have taken out all the easy ones already.

Coins that I know exist, and can be sometimes bought, but mostly for too much, and not too often, include:

1. Afganistan (got one)
2. Bulgaria
3. More Chinese provincial issues
4. Costa Rica gold
5. Chile gold (got it)
6. Japan gold
7. Egypt Gold (got it)
8. Tunisia Gold (23 minted?)
9. Better British Honduras
10. Better Venezuela Maricaibo leper colony token
11. Silver 20 cent Straits Settlement (got it)
12. Gold Netherlands Ducat (got it)
13. Austria Gold
14. Hungary Gold
15, Better Philippines 20c (got it)
16. Better Columbia 50c
17. Better Argentina 20c
18. Canada 50c
19. Great Britain gold
20. Australia gold (got it)
21. Bigger better Cuban gold

My kid hopefully has many decades to grow up and work on this.

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Owner Comments
View Coin USA UNITED STATES 1C 1916 MCCLURE COLLECTION NGC MS 66 RB I was born in 1980. Wheat back pennies, and pre-1965 quarters and dimes, were the only old-style coins I found in change in my lifetime. My dad told me to pick out any wheat back pennies or pre '65 silver.

In this collection, this penny, the mercury dime, and the buffalo nickel, are the only old coins I knew as a kid. Maybe my dad showed me a barber dime or quarter, and I thought it was incredible, but a nickel from the '30's was already incredible. I never saw, or knew there were, gold US coins until I was an adult.

In 2015 Dr. James G. McClure died. He was a dentist. He was descended from the Reverend James G. McClure, who put together a collection during his lifetime from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. His family held onto the collection another generation or two before it was sold in 2016, right when I started this collection.

There is a nice article about who the Reverend was here:

"The Rev. Dr. James Gore King McClure was born in Albany, New York in November 1848 and died at the age of 83 in Lake Forest, Illinois in January 1932. A much-admired community leader, he served variously as the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church and president of Lake Forest College in addition to being a founding president of the McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. He was a member of the Mayflower Society, a direct descendant of Mayflower passenger John Howland – and an avid coin collector.

“This is a truly remarkable collection,” said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions, “not only because of its size and scope, but also because it has sat, largely untouched, in a safe deposit box in Illinois for decades. Dr. McClure acquired many of these coins at the time of issue, either from circulation or at the bank, and others were gifts from friends.”

McClure began collecting coins at a young age, possibly in the late 1850s, and certainly in the early 1860s. His numismatic interest continued throughout his life, encompassing U.S. and world coins, medals, and tokens.

“Certainly Rev. Dr. McClure’s collection ranks among the most important time-capsules of U.S. coins ever offered,” said Scott Schechter, Vice President of NGC."

View Coin USA UNITED STATES 10C 1916 S PCGS MS 63 The end of the Barber dime series
View Coin USA UNITED STATES 10C 1916 MERCURY PCGS MS 67 Full Bands
View Coin USA UNITED STATES 25C 1917 TYPE 1 PCGS MS 62 Full Head
View Coin USA UNITED STATES $5 1916 S NGC MS 61
View Coin USA UNITED STATES $10 1916 S PCGS MS 62
View Coin USA UNITED STATES $20 1916 S PCGS MS 63
View Coin Canada CANADA - 1858 TO 1968 25C 1916 NGC AU 58 When I was a kid in the 80s and 90s Canadian coins always showed up sometimes in change, especially their quarters and dimes. Of course I never got anything with King George, or King anyone on it. It was always Queen Elizabeth with some kind of reindeer or sailboat on the back. And, while it was neat, we all knew that you needed about 110 Canadian cents to get one US dollar. A pop machine might take a Canadian quarter, but the K Mart might not. Anyways, back when there was an easy way to compare circulating currency based on actual silver content, a Canadian quarter was about 95% of a US quarter. The Canadian quarter was a lot more than a shilling, but, a little less than a US quarter.

Mintage 459,070 out of Ottawa, Canada.
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9250
Weight: 5.8319g
ASW: 0.1734oz
Melt Value: $4.72 (2/17/2021)
Diameter: 23.5mm

Obverse: Crowned bust of King George V left
Obverse Designer: E. B. MacKennal
Reverse: Denomination and date within wreath, crown above
View Coin Mexico MEXICO - 1905 TO DATE 50C 1916M PCGS MS 62 Mintage of 480,000. Worth about 8/9 of a U.S. half dollar of the same time, by silver content. As an illustration of how much more gold has become 105 years later, compared to silver, we can observe that the February, 2021 melt value of the silver in 20 Mexican 50 Centavo coins, Ten Pesos, is just $176.60. Meanwhile the February, 2021 melt value of the 1916 Mexican gold Ten Pesos coin is $440.60; two and a half times what the same Ten Pesos in silver is now worth melted down. Numismatically, on the other hand, in 2021 you will have to pay a lot more for twenty silver 1916 Mexican 50 Centavo Coins than for one gold 1916 Mexican Ten Pesos coin.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8000
Weight: 12.5000g
ASW: 0.3215oz
Melt Value: $8.83 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 30mm

Obverse: National arms
Reverse: Value and date within 3/4 wreath with Liberty cap above

8 graded higher by PCGS
(1 other in MS62 at PCGS, 4 in MS63, 2 in MS64, and 1 in MS65)

3 graded higher by NGC of the regular version, which I presume this coin to be
(3 in MS62 at NGC and 2 in MS63 and 1 in MS64 at NGC)

However, there are also variants recognized by PCGS and NGC; i.e. NARROW DARE, WIDE DATE, and "INVERTED AND CORRECTED 1". NGC has actually graded more coins of the WIDE DATE and INVERTED... varieties than this regular kind.
View Coin Mexico MEXICO - 1905 TO DATE G10P 1916M NGC MS 61 A Mexico gold coin of 0.900 fineness weighing 8.333 grams, with an actual gold weight of 0.2411 troy ounces of fine gold worth $440.60 melted down (as of 2/14/2021)

Obverse: National arms
Reverse: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

Mintage of 26,000, the second-lowest mintage of this series.
View Coin Cuba CUBA G2P 1916 NGC MS 63 0.0967 actual fine gold weight TWO PESO coin of Cuba. Struck at the Philly Mint. This is 17 years after the U.S. liberated, or wrested, Cuba from the clutches of Spain in the Spanish American War of 1898 ("Remember the Maine").
View Coin Jamaica JAMAICA 1/4P 1916H NGC MS 63 Mintage of 480,000, a copper nickel farthing.
NGC has graded this and one other in MS63, and 4 higher
PCGS has graded one in AU58 and one in MS64
View Coin El Salvador EL SALVADOR 5C 1916 NGC VF 30 4 graded finer at NGC. This is a tough one, my second try at this coin. I had to let NGC get the residue off.
View Coin Honduras / Belize BRITISH HONDURAS 5C 1916H NGC XF 45 Modern-day Belize. Only 8 graded at PCGS and NGC combined. Mintage 20,000

Composition: Copper-Nickel

Obverse: Bust of King George V left within circle, date below
Obverse Designer: E.B. MacKennal
Reverse: Denomination within circle
Edge Description: Plain
View Coin Nicaragua NICARAGUA 1C 1916H NGC MS 61 BN 2 graded finer at NGC, both in MS64, one of those is RDBN and must look pretty good compared to this dull chocolate speck. But, you can't have Central America without Nicaragua. This year 1916 was the last year these were minted at Heaton, and starting 1917 they got minted at Philadelphia.

Because the Royal Mint and the various mints in Latin America were unable to keep up to the increasing worldwide demand for copper coinage, Ralph Heaton and Sons, with its equipment and skills, was at the right place and time to satisfy the quest for inexpensive base-metal coins and tokens.

Mintage 450,000
Composition: Bronze
Weight: 4.0000g
Diameter: 20mm
Obverse: National emblem
Reverse: Value within sprigs

Note: Minted at Heaton (1912-1916) and Philadelphia (1917-1937).
View Coin Costa Rica COSTA RICA G2COL 1916 NGC MS 63 I finally captured one of these after a yearlong siege of both specimens available on Heritage for receipt of offers. I never found out if the MS65 guy would have taken the same money this coin's prior owner got paid, but they both blew off more than a half-dozen offers. It's the only coin you're going to get for Costa Rica in 1916. Silver or base metal are not options. And you can't get from South America to North America without getting through Costa Rica.

In 1916 the Central American Court of Justice ruled on Costa Rica v Panama, concerning a border dispute on the San Juan river and an aborted plan to dig a canal through one of them instead of what wound up happening. Whatever happened in court with Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Panama won.

There are 23 of these graded at PCGS and NGC together, and 12 in higher grades than this coin. The total mintage in 1916 was 5,000 out of the Philadelphia Mint.

Composition: Gold
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 1.5560g
AGW: 0.045oz
Melt Value: $79.72 (5/1/2021)
View Coin Panama PANAMA 5C 1916 PCGS MS 64 "A coalition of Panamanian leaders declared independence from the nation of Colombia in November 1903. The United States, which had tried and failed to conclude a treaty with Colombia to construct and maintain a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, unscrupulously encouraged and supported the Panamanian independence movement. As illustrated by the New York World political cartoon below, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt went so far as to order a detachment of U.S. gunboats to Panama to protect the revolutionaries from Colombian military forces. Shortly after Panama secured its independence, the U.S. and Panama signed the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty. According to this treaty, Panama granted the U.S. the right to build and operate an inter-ocean canal and also gave the U.S. de facto sovereignty over a ten mile-wide territory around the canal in perpetuity — in effect creating a U.S. colony in Panama. In return, the U.S. paid Panama an up-front sum of $10 million and promised annual payments of $250,000."

Mintage of 100,000, a silver 2.5 gram coin.
NGC has graded 17 in MS64 like this one, and 26 higher
PCGS has graded 4 others in MS64 and 6 higher

The United States mint struck coins for Panama using U. S. dime blanks. The five centesimos is equal to a United States dime.

Recorded mintage: 100,000.

Specification: 2.5 g, .900 fine silver, .0723 troy oz ASW. About $2.00 melt value as of 2/15/2021


Balboa was a Spaniard, first European who crossed the Isthmus, reached the Pacific by land and discovered the Perlas Archipelago (1513). The 7 stars represent the 7 provinces of the country at that time (there are now 10).
View Coin Columbia COLOMBIA MODERN REPUBLIC 50C 1916(B) NGC XF Details 50 Centavos from the Bogota Mint with Simon Bolivar on the obverse. Thirteen years earlier in 1903 the US had taken advantage of, and maybe encouraged, Panama's bid for independence from Colombia which culminated in the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty and the Panama Canal. Colombia had earlier rejected the US attempt to negotiate a canal concession.

NGC has one problem free AU55 in their registry. There are a few mint state examples of the 1916 50 Cent coin from the Philadelphia mint but none like this from the Bogota mint. Mintage from Bogota mint was 1,060,000. From Philadelphia was 1,300,000. This coin is ready for the "stackers" of the 21st Century with its weight and fineness of silver clearly marked on the coin's reverse "G. 12.500. LEY 0.900"

Composition Silver (.900)
Weight 12.5 g
ASW: 0.3617oz
Melt Value: $9.89 (2/16/2021)
Diameter 30 mm
View Coin Ecuador ECUADOR 2D 1916 TF PHILADELPHIA NGC MS 63 The 2 Decimos Coin was struck by the US for Ecuador at Philadelphia. In most prior years these were struck at the Lima, Peru Mint. This coin has actual silver content of about 4/5 of a US quarter. So, five of these would get you about as much silver as four quarters. And, a One Decimo coin was about equivalent to a US dime.

These are fairly common in high grades. There are 33 graded at NGC, with 4 others in MS63 and 16 more in higher grades all the way up to MS66. PCGS has graded 10 of these, with 2 in MS63 and all the other 8 in higher grades.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 5.0000g
ASW: 0.1447oz
Melt Value: $4.05 (2/15/2021)
Diameter: 23mm

Obverse: Head of Sucre left
Reverse: Flag-draped arms, mint name in legend below
Reverse Legend: PHILADELPHIA at bottom
View Coin Peru PERU - DECIMAL SOL 1916 FG "LIBERTAD" INCUSE NGC MS 63 Was ANACS MS64. Peru was blessed with a lot of gold and silver mines there, and a history of securing gold since before the Incas. These coins are easily available in mint state. The mintage was 1,927,000. They are huge chunks of nice Peruvian silver.

19 others in MS63 at NGC and 14 in higher grades up to 66. There are two varieties, "incuse" and "raised" LIBERTAD. This is the incuse kind, which is slightly more common. Both are fairly common in high grades. 58 in this variety graded and 40 in the raised LIBERTAD variety.
14 of the two varieties together graded higher at PCGS, with 33 total graded of both varieties at PCGS. 4 of each variety, 8 total, graded MS63 like this one at PCGS.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 25.0000g
ASW: 0.7234oz

Melt Value: $20.24 (2/15/2021)
Diameter: 37mm

Obverse: National arms above date
Reverse: LIBERTAD incuse
View Coin Peru PERU - DECIMAL LIBRA 1916 NGC AU 58 A gold coin of 0.917 fineness weighing 7.988 grams totaling 0.2355 troy ounces of fine gold (AGW)
Melt value as of September 28, 2020 is $443.58. Mintage in 1916 of 582,000.
NGC has graded 18 of these, 13 in higher MS grades, 3 others in AU58 like this one, and only one in a lower AU55 grade. There is one more in an AU details grade.

Obverse: Shield within sprigs with radiant sun above
Reverse: Head with headband right
Edge Description: Reeded

The gold libra superseded the silver sol as Peru's main unit of currency in 1898. The libra weighed the same as a British sovereign and equaled ten soles.

Catalog reference: Fr-73, KM 207.
View Coin Chile CHILE - REPUBLIC 20C 1916SO NGC MS 65 Defiant Condor on rock left, 0.45 below condor's wing, O'Roty at bottom of obverse, denomination and date on reverse.

3 graded higher at NGC; 2 in MS66 and 1 in MS67. There are 7 in MS65. PCGS has graded just 3, one in MS65 and one in MS66. It cost about $10 on ebay raw.
There were 3,377,000 of these minted. It is 0.45 fine silver. It weighs 3 grams and its actual silver weight is 0.0434oz. About $1.19 melt value as of 2/15/2021.
Chile also minted 10 and 5 centavo coins that look the same as this, just smaller.

There is a gold 20 peso coin of 1916, which is very scarce. You needed 100 of these coins to get one of those gold coins.
View Coin Chile CHILE - REPUBLIC G20P 1916SO NGC MS 62 Acquired by an offer made to an owner anonymously through Heritage (the last of four over a period of five months).
This is a very scarce coin, six graded by NGC with just one finer than this one, and none graded at PCGS

Low mintage of just 36,000

This is one of the heavier gold coins struck by any country in 1916.
We have the 20 Centavo coin also, which is .45 fine silver. It would have taken 100 of those to equal one of these.

Composition: Gold
Fineness: 0.9170
Weight: 11.9821g
AGW: 0.3533oz
Melt Value: $638.78 (2/23/2021)

Diameter: 27mm
Obverse: Head left
Reverse: Plumed arms with supporters
View Coin Argentina ARGENTINA 20C 1916 NGC VF Details "TOP POP" at NGC; the only one they've seen so far, details or otherwise. Zero certified at PCGS also.
PCGS has graded one 10 cent coin of this year, at AU58. NGC has seen none of them.
There is also a 5 cent coin out there for this year. Copper Nickel but with a reeded edge to deter copper nickel filers. They're the same guys who strip out your electrical and appliances before you evict them.

This apparently scarce Argentina 20 Cent coin was $8.39 plus $3 shipping at auction on Ebay from a seller in Estonia. That's what this collection is all about: Bringing the coins together from afar.

Copper-nickel, and with a mintage of 984,634

Years 1896-1942
Value 20 Centavos (0.20 ARM)
Currency Peso moneda nacional (1881-1969)
Composition Copper-nickel
Weight 4 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness 1.3 mm
Shape Round
Orientation Coin alignment ↑↓
Demonetized 01-01-1943
References KM# 36, CJ# 52-89, Schön# 39
View Coin Brazil BRAZIL 1889 TO DATE 10000R 1916 NGC MS 63 I do not think there is any other coin of Brazil for 1916. Auction says "Ex. Grand Castello Collection"
There are only 5 others certified by NGC, 3 of them finer and one more in MS63.
Actual gold weight of 0.2643 troy ounces, with a melt value of $516.45 on 11/6/2020.
Mintage 4,720
View Coin Uruguay URUGUAY 50C 1916 NGC AU 55 "Oriental Republic of Uruguay" Struck at "Casa de Moneda de Buenos Aires Mint". Only struck 1916-1917. 400,000 minted 1916. Features the portrait of José Gervasio Artigas Arnal (June 19, 1764 – September 23, 1850), a national hero of Uruguay, sometimes called "the father of Uruguayan nationhood". If you read about this guy, who I had never heard of, there were about four different bounties out for his life at different stages of his life.

Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 12.5000g
ASW: 0.3617oz
Melt Value: $9.90 (2/16/2021)

This is my second attempt at this coin, this time thankfully not a details grade. There are 4 more of these graded at NGC, all higher; 58, 61, 63 and 64, and a comparable number in details grades. PCGS has just graded one, in XF45.

View Coin Netherlands NETHERLANDS 1817 TO DATE DUCAT 1916 NGC MS 61 The 1917 ducat is easy to get. It's basically a bullion coin. But this is a tough date. NGC has certified no other examples, and PCGS has certified none. 116,997 mintage, and, allegedly there are an unknown mintage of proofs this year. The mintage for the years around it are over200,000, but, I have never seen a 1913 or 1914

I have only seen one other example appear out there, raw, on MA Shops, and it is brush-cleaned. 1849 is the last common date until 1917, and, like this coin of 1916, there are only 1 or 2 examples of the smattering of dates available from 1849-1917 at NGC in any condition.

The Dutch were fighting back the Germans who already occupied Belgium and Luxembourg to the south.
View Coin Great Britain GREAT BRITAIN 1902-70 1S 1916 NGC MS 62
View Coin Great Britain GREAT BRITAIN 1902-70 2S 1916 NGC MS 61 Two Shillings. This is closer in silver content to a US half dollar than the British Half Crown is. This coin is graded lower than our shilling and half crown, but, looks the best in my book. I like shiny things, like a raccoon.
21,064,000 minted.

16 in higher grades at NGC with 9 others in MS61.
11 in higher grades at PCGS, with none in MS61 there.

Composition: Silver

Fineness: 0.9250
Weight: 11.3104g
ASW: 0.3364oz
Melt Value: $9.23 (2/13/2021)

Diameter: 28.3mm

Obverse: Head left
Obverse Designer: Bertram MacKennal
Reverse: Cross of crowned shield, sceptres in angles
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Great Britain GREAT BRITAIN 1902-70 1/2C 1916 NGC MS 64 A big satisfying coin to hold or stack raw, heavier than a US half dollar. Worth almost $2 more in melt value than a US half dollar in February 2021. These are not really scarce, and you can find auctions for decent looking raw examples closing every day or two on Ebay for under $30. The mintage was 29,530,000.

PCGS has graded 8 finer than this and NGC has graded 9 finer than this. NGC and PCGS have graded 29 coins including this one in MS64, or, 64+.

Two of these made a crown, and four crowns made a pound, which was also represented by the gold sovereign coin. That coin was approximately equivalent to the contemporary US $5 gold coin. One of these also represented two and a half shillings, hence, 20 shillings in a pound sterling. The florin coin of two shillings is very close to this coin in size and weight, just worth a half shilling less. It would have been like the US having a 40 cent coin along with the quarter and half dollar.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9250
Weight: 14.1380g
ASW: 0.4205oz
Melt Value: $11.54 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 32.3mm

Obverse: King George V Head left
Obverse Designer: Bertram MacKennal
Reverse: Crowned and quartered shield within Garter band
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Great Britain GREAT BRITAIN 1902-70 1SOV 1916 NGC MS 64 NGC has graded 19 in this grade MS64 and 6 in higher grades, all MS65. It's not a unique-looking coin for 1916, the Australian sovereign looks the same except for a tiny letter buried on the reverse. Mintage for this London issue is 1,554,000 in 1916; a lot less than the 20.3 million they pumped out in 1915.

Fineness: 0.9170
Weight: 7.9881g
AGW: 0.2355oz
Melt Value: $421.06 (4/23/2021)

Obverse: Head of King George V facing left, designed by Bertram MacKennal
Reverse: St. George slaying the dragon
View Coin France FRANCE - PART 5 2F 1916 PCGS MS 65 PCGS has graded 14 of these in MS65, including this coin, and only 5 in higher grades (4 in 66 and 1 in 66+)

NGC has graded 35 of these, with 11 in MS65, 13 in MS65, and 6 in higher grades (2 in 65+, 1 in 66, 1 in 66+, and 2 in 67)

Mintage 17,887,000

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8350
Weight: 10.0000g
ASW: 0.2685oz
Melt Value: $7.37 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 27mm

Obverse: Figure sowing seed
Reverse: Leafy branch divides denomination and date
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Switzerland SWITZERLAND CONFEDERATION FRANC 1916B PCGS MS 63 About 4/5 of a USA Quarter in silver. This is a fairly common coin at 1,000,000 struck. There is also a less common 2 Franc. Also struck were gold 10 Franc and 20 Franc coins which are common from this year.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8350
Weight: 5.0000g
ASW: 0.1342oz
Melt Value: $3.68 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 23.2mm

Obverse: Standing Helvetia with lance and shield within star border
Reverse: Value, date within wreath
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Switzerland SWITZERLAND CONFEDERATION G20F 1916B NGC MS 65 This is the easiest and cheapest to obtain gold coin from 1916 in the world, I believe.
View Coin Portugal PORTUGAL 1836 TO DATE 50C 1916 PCGS MS 64 A slightly light US half dollar equivalent.

55 graded by PCGS, 10 finer than this coin
NGC has graded 610, with 121 finer than MS64+, and 10 in MS64+

This is a very available coin in brilliant white perfect looking condition, 5,080,000 minted

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8350
Weight: 12.5000g
ASW: 0.3356oz
Melt Value: $9.21 (2/13/2021)

Obverse: Liberty head left
Reverse: Shield within designed circle and wreath
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Sweden SWEDEN - 1855 TO DATE KRONA 1916 W NGC MS 63 NGC has only graded 6 of these total, with one other in MS63 and two finer (65 and 65+). Just one more in AU details. I started this set with the other NGC MS63 for about three years and then recently acquired the other MS63, this coin, which is less toned.
PCGS has graded just 2 of these, both in lower grades (62 and 55). I can find none of these ever sold for this date on Heritage. Ebay rarely has any graded examples and only a few fairly nicked up raw examples.

More silver content than a US quarter by just a bit.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8000
Weight: 7.5000g
ASW: 0.1929oz
Melt Value: $5.30 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 25mm

Obverse: Head of King Gustaf V left
Reverse: Crowned arms within order chain
Edge Description: Reeded
View Coin Norway NORWAY 1874 TO DATE 2K 1916 NGC MS 62 From a 2019 Oslo Myntgalleri in Sweden auction. A big coin with about 5% more actual silver content than a US half dollar.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8000
Weight: 15.0000g
ASW: 0.3858oz
Melt Value: $10.59 (2/13/2021)

Diameter: 31mm

Obverse: Head of King Haakon VII right
Reverse: Crowned shield within designed circle, various emblems around border

There are 4 graded by NGC with 2 in MS 61, this one in 62, and one higher in 63. Just one more in AU details.
At PCGS there are 3 graded, with one in MS 64, and the other two in lower than MS grades.
View Coin Finland FINLAND 50P 1916 S NGC MS 66 Finland .75 silver coin struck as a Duchy of Russia.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.7500
Weight: 2.5494g
ASW: 0.0615oz
Melt Value: $1.68 (2/25/2021)
Diameter: 18.6mm

Obverse: Crowned imperial double eagle with scepter and orb
Reverse: Denomination and date within wreath

Ruler: Nicholas II
Note: Dentilated border.
View Coin Denmark DENMARK 1873 TO DATE 20K 1916 VBP AH KM-817.1 NGC MS 63 Caranett Collection. There are 100 or more of these graded at NGC and PCGS in this condition or better. But that's a pretty nice reverse on a gold coin I think.
View Coin Denmark DENMARK 1873 TO DATE KRONE 1916 VBP AH NGC MS 62
View Coin Denmark DENMARK 1873 TO DATE 2K 1916 VBP AH NGC MS 63 The 2nd year of a 2 year type. Mintage of 402,000. Its actual silver content weighs in between a US half dollar and a British Half Crown. Ten of these coins got you the nice gold 20 Kroner coin, approximately a sovereign.

NGC has graded 10 in this grade including this coin, and 7 higher. PCGS has also graded 7 finer, and 4 in MS63.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8000
Weight: 15.0000g
ASW: 0.3858oz
Melt Value: $10.59 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 31mm

Obverse: Head of King Christian X right with initials AH at neck, date, mint mark and initial VBP below
Reverse: Crowned royal arms, porpoise and barley stalk flanking, value below
View Coin Germany GERMANY - EMPIRE MARK 1916F PCGS MS 65 Frankfurt Mint. The only mint these were struck at in 1916, and the last year of this series. 304,000 struck. Just about the lowest mintage for any year of Marks in this series, if not the lowest. Half Marks were struck at multiple mints this year. In the middle of Kaiser Wilhelm II's Great War. The year of the Battle of Jutland in the North Sea, the Battle of the Somme, and the Battle of Verdun. About 88% of the actual silver content of a US Quarter, making this very close to a British Shilling in silver content.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 5.5500g
ASW: 0.1606oz (compare to a Shilling at 0.1682oz)
Melt Value: $4.41 (2/13/2021)
Diameter: 24mm

Obverse: Denomination within wreath
Reverse: Crowned imperial eagle with shield on breast

3 coins graded higher at NGC and PCGS together, 17 others in same grade plus this coin.
12 in MS65, including this coin, at PCGS, and 2 in MS66 and 1 in MS67. NGC has graded none higher, 6 others in MS65.
View Coin Italy ITALY 2L 1916R NGC MS 62 This is a nice clean white looking coin with inscribed rim lettering from the Rome Mint. The reverse has a great scene reminiscent of ancient coinage from Republican Rome (Victory in Quadriga). These are very available. What's scarce is the One Lira coin, which is the same but smaller.

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8350
Weight: 10.0000g
ASW: 0.2685oz
Melt Value: $7.29 (2/18/2021)
Diameter: 27mm

Obverse: Bust Vittorio Emanuele III right
Reverse: Quadriga with standing female

NGC has graded just this one in "MS62+" and 87 in higher grades all the way up to MS66.
PCGS has graded 34 in higher grades, with 50 graded total, and none in MS62+.

View Coin Vatican SILVER (1915)-DATED VATICAN RINALDI-110 BENEDICT XV PRAYER FOR WORLD PEACE (42.67g) NGC MS 61 Benedict XV silver "Prayer for World Peace" Medal by Bianchi.
Anno II (1916)

Rinaldi-110, Bartolotti-E916

42+ grams of silver
View Coin Hungary HUNGARY 1800 TO DATE KORONA 1916KB NGC MS 61 The Hungary Korona is more scarce than the Austria Corona in 1916. For some reason mintage for 1916 is not available.

Ferencz Joszef (Franz Joseph) wears a wreath on this Hungarian coin, but on the Austrian coin, his head is bare. There is probably some connection between headgear and hometown coins. King George V wears crowns on all his coins from around the Empire in 1916 but on British coins, he does not. So we know which half of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Franz called home.

This coin was $10.05 on Ebay raw. About half the cost of the slab.

14 total graded by NGC, with 11 higher than this coin, which is the only one at MS61. PCGS has graded 2 only of this year, one higher than this coin (MS64) and one lower (AU58).

Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8350
Weight: 5.0000g
ASW: 0.1342oz
Melt Value: $3.69 (2/16/2021)

Obverse: Laureate head of Franz Joseph right
Obverse Legend: Crown of St. Stephen within wreath
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