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HORNREICH COLLECTION of World and U.S. Historical Medals Including So-Called Dollars

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Last Modified:  9/18/2020
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Medals are for sale. Please email In January, 2014, this set was awarded the NGC Registry "Best Custom Set" Designation. Many of these medals are available for sale, please email with offer to if you have interest. Subject to prior sale and the Seattle World's Fair Gold Medal is not for sale. World and U.S. Historical Medals, Multiple Topic in Scope. Included herein are Medals Struck in Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Aluminum and Gold. Primarily, Examples are Chosen for Interest of Subject Matter and/or for High Relief and Beauty of Design. Also included are Military Medals, primarily Zetzmann WWI examples, Swiss Shooting Medals, British Coronation, European War/Battle/Victory/Death and Anniversary, Agricultural, Art and Society Medals and Plaquettes. Also found are Commemorative, Columbian (Eglit) and Louisiana Purchase Exposition Medals, other Medals of National and/or Local Significance, such as SO-CALLED DOLLAR Medals as listed by HK (Harold E. Hibler and Charles V. Kappen), and some unlisted. You might even find some Civil War Tokens, Patriotic and Merchant "Store Cards", and some Political / Campaign Medals as well. Medals in this Collection are listed primarily by date, earliest to most recent, without regard to topic or origin. Accordingly, Exposition Medals and So-Called Dollar Medals are found on pages corresponding to the date of any given Exposition or Event. Note* Recently added items may be retained at the beginning of the inventory list in order for visitors to more easily locate additions.

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View Coin MI-346/199 AR, Charles I Great Britain 1649 (ND) Silver MEDAL (1649) G.BRITAIN MI-346 199. SILVER 59mm MI-346,199 CHARLES I MEMORIAL (68g) NGC MEDAL MS 61 Medal, 1649 (ND), AR, CHARLES I DEATH and MEMORIAL, Great Britain, NGC MS61. Catalog: E 160; MI-346/199. Size: 59mm, Weight: 68 g, N. Roettier Fecit. Attractively toned. Listed at 1400 pounds in EF in Eimer. Norbert Roettier Fecit, c.1690, CAROL D G B F ET H REX & GLOR MEM, armoured bust right, Rv. REX PACIFICVS VICTVS VINCEBAT HOSTES VICTOR TRIVMPHAT IN COELIS. Housed in Oversized NGC Holder, Cert# 3479124-013. Ex Baldwin 2011-2012, Lot CM008 Estimated at $1575 BP. Ex NEN
View Coin MI-349/208 AR, Charles I Great Britain 1649 Silver VAR. 1649 G.BRIT MI-349/208 CHARLES I MEMORIAL MI-349/208 Var. SILVER 56.7mm 53.5g NGC MEDAL AU 58 Medal 1649, AR, CHARLES I MEMORIAL MEDAL (Dutch Variant), Great Britain, NGC AU58, Catalog: MI-349/208 Variant. Size: 56.7mm, Weight: 53.5g. An exceptional and beautiful large cast silver medal, likely of Dutch origin. Reads Popule MI instead of MEUM (as noted in Medallic Illustrations). Housed in an Oversize NGC Holder. Rare. An Amazing Medal.
View Coin MI-568/235 AR, Stuart Restored Great Britain 1677 (ND) Silver SILVER (1677)G.BRIT MI-568/235 STUART RESTORED E-256. MI-568/235 (24.7g 42mm) CHEVALIER F. NGC MEDAL MS 62 Medal, 1677 (ND), AR, STUART RESTORED, Great Britain, NGC MS62. Chevalier Fecit. Catalog: Eimer-256, MI-568/235, Weight: 24.7g, 42mm. Lovely deep steel and gold toning, rare quality. NGCMS62, Cert# 3479123-004.
View Coin B-59 AE, Victory at Tabago France Tabago 1677 Bronze AE (1677) BETTS-59 VICTORY AT TABAGO BETTS-59 NGC MS 63 Medal, 1677, AE, CAPTURE OF TABACO, France, NGC MS63, Cert# 3661817-023. Capture of Tobago medal. Betts-59. Honorand: Louis XIV, King of France, 1643 - 1715. Choice Uncirulcated. Bronze. 452.3 grains. 41.0 mm. Obv. Louis XiV (XIIII on medal). There are several obverse die varieties. Pleasing and glossy medium brown surfaces, smooth and attractive with no significant faults. A dramatic depiction of the siege of the star fort on the island of Tobago, with mortar shell exploding, is shown on the reverse. "Tabagum Expugnatum". Artist: Jean Mauger, French, 1648 - 1722. Provenance: Believed to be Ex Glode M. Requa Collection, Earlier, Norweb Collection, Lot# 2218, November 7, 2006, Stacks.
View Coin MI-662 AR, William & Mary Coronation Great Britain 1689 Silver SILVER 1689 G.BRIT MI-662 25 WILLIAM & MARY CORONATION NGC MEDAL AU 55 Medal, 1689, AR, WILLIAM and MARY CORONATION, Great Britain, NGC AU55, Cert# 3067910-011. Medallist: J. Roettier. Obv. Conjoined busts right, Rv. Jove (Jupiter, equivalent to Zeus in Greek) hurls thunder at Phaeton falling (or whirled from) Helio's chariot of the sun. [The mythology states that Phaeton got Helios to acknowledge him as his son, and then asked to ride the chariot. Helios was in charge of riding the chariot with the sun loaded upon it to make sunrise to sunset, but Phaeton could not control the chariot and it scorched the earth, making a desert in Africa and turning the people in Ethiopia black from the burns. Jove was angered and hurled the thunderbolt at Phaeton accordingly]. Reverse Exergue: NE TOTVS ABSVMATVR (To prevent destruction) of the earth or "ORBIS" Universe. Size: 35 mm, Weight: 17.72g. Catalog: MI I, 662/25, Elmer-312. William and Mary (1688-1694).
France, ARTHUS BERTRAND Bz PLAQUE French Revolution 1700's to Present France 1700 to present Bronze 1950's France ARTHUS BERTRAND ARTHUS BERTRAND Medal, (Plaquette), 1950's, Bz, FRANCE, REVOLUTION & HISTORY, ARTHUS BERTRAND Bronze Plaquette, Obv. Historical Figures, Dates, People, Horses, Ships, Battles, a Masterpiece in Bronze; Rv. CFM and SME, 16.rue bachaumont, Paris 2 E.
View Coin MI-251/44 AR, Queen Anne's Bounty Great Britain London 1704 Silver AR 1704 G.BRIT MI-251 44 QUEEN ANNE'S BOUNTY MI-251/44 AR 44.7mm CROKER FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 62 Great Britain, Silver Medal Queen Anne Dated 1704. Queen Anne's Bounty Medal. MI-251/44, 44.7mm. NGC MS62, Cert# 3349830-015. Made by John Croker (signed I C), or (un-Anglicised) Crocker, Johann (1670–1741), a well-known engraver of English coins and medals. Medal has gorgeous antique patina with tons of mint lustre and color. Subtle silvery gold toning, struck in high relief, the portrait by Croker seemingly in marble it's so three-dimensional. Queen Anne's Bounty was a fund established in 1704 to augment the incomes of the poorer clergy of the Church of England. The bounty was funded by the tax (annates) on the incomes of all Church of England clergy, which was paid to the Pope until the Reformation, and thereafter to the Crown. Ex Heritage Chicago Auction, April 27, 2012, Lot 24569.
View Coin Fr-2118, Hilderbrand L-107, KM-M5, Medallic 2 Ducats Gold, 1706, Germany/Poland Pomerania Under Swedish Occupation, Medallic Gold 2 Ducats GERMANY - GOLD COINS Pomerania - Germany - Poland -Swedish Occupation 1706 Gold 2D 1706 Medallic 2 Ducats Gold POMERANIA FR-2118 SWEDISH OCCUPATION Fr-2118, Hilderbrand L-107, KM-M5 MILLENNIA COLLECTION NGC MS 62 German States, Pommern (Pomerania), and Poland, Under Swedish Rule. Medallic Gold 2 Ducats, 1706. Fr-2118; Hilderbrand I p. 542, 107; KM-M5. NGC MS62, Cert# 1950240-020. Weight: 6.93 grams. Karl XII, 1697-1718. Die engraver: J. Memmius of Stettin. Charles XII / Karl XII (1697-1718) standing right, hair upswept, in fur-lined jacket with large boss-like buttons, clutching a short baton, or telescope, with other hand on sword. Reverse: Lion standing on ledge left between two pillars, toppling one, the second already broken, 1706 below; CONCVSSIT VTRAMQVE. Finely centered, sharp portrait, full strike. Faint red toning in the recesses, over residual luster. Interesting "naïve" art and imagery. Very rare. Pomerania is today part Polish and part German; during the Thirty Years War it was conquered by Sweden and remained in Swedish hands until 1720. Thus this coin has historical significance in Poland, Germany and Sweden. Illustrated in Money of The World, coin 116. Ex Millennia Collection, (listed on Slab) Lot 650. Also, Cf. Numismatik Lanz München, Auction 145 May 2009, Lot 172, Only Extra Fine, (Realized $13923 US) Described as Charles XII, 1697-1718 Double Ducat 1706, Stettin (J. Memmius), dedicated to Charle's successful warfare against the Polish king August of Saxony and tzar Peter the Great, whom he defeated during the great northern war. CAROLVS.XII. - .D.GREX.SUEC., half length bust of the king right, truncheon in his right hand, signature IM. Rv: CONCVSSIT - VTRAMQUE ("he defeated both"), lion about to tumble a column, another column, already broken, to the right (the columns are symbolizing Charles' Russian and Polish opponents), date below. F. 2118, Hildebrand I-107, collection Pogge 666. 6,77g. 28mm. Extremely rare.
View Coin HF&G-92 AR, Queen Anne - Ramillies Great Britain Ramillies 1706 Silver 1706 G.BRIT HF&G-92 AG ANNE - RAMILLIES HF&G-92 AR NGC MEDAL MS 63 PL Medal, 1706, AR, QUEEN ANNE, RAMILLIES, Great Britain, Silver Medal, HF&G-92 AR, NGC MS63PL, Cert# 1753916-004. Anne, The Battle of Ramillies, Medal by J Croker, bust left, rev two Fames hold map, Size: 35mm (MI 284/92), Struck to commemorate the English victory against France at Ramillies in 1706. The Earl of Angus’ Regiment (later the 26th Regiment), whose Colonel was now Lord John Dalrymple, fought at Ramillies under the Duke of Marlborough. Described by Evan Gale, Owner of the Aspen Park Collection, as follows: *Aspen Park Collection* Silver Medal. Queen Anne. (HF&G-92) MS63PL NGC A beautifully toned original silver medal. Probably better described as a Proof.
View Coin MI-338,169 Cu, Queen Anne Lille Taken Great Britain LILLE TAKEN 1708 Copper COPPER 1708 G.BRIT MI-338 169 CITADEL OF LILLE TAKEN Eimer-435, MI-338,169 (44.3mm) J.CROKER FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 66 BN Medal, 1708, Copper, QUEEN ANNE, CITADEL OF LILLE TAKEN, Great Britain, MI-338,169, NGC MS66BN, Cert# 3350125-015. OBV. Crowned bust of Anne left; Rv. insvlae. captae. mdccvii., Victory holding shield of Lille above map of fortifications. Anne copper "Citidel of Lille Taken" Medal 1708, by Croker, Eimer-435, MI-338/169, 44 mm, MS66 BN NGC, a splendidly preserved example of this deeply engraved medallic masterpiece, struck to celebrate the military conquest of Lille in France during the War of Spanish Succession. Exquisite color, awesome quality, and rare so fine. Ex Heritage LB Auction #3026, Sept 2013, Lot# 24855.
View Coin MI-369 Cu, Queen Anne Douay Taken Great Britain Duoay Taken 1710 Copper COPPER 1710 G.BRIT MI-369 213 DOUAY TAKEN MI-369,213; Eimer-443 (47.5mm) J.CROKER FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 62 BN Medal, 1710, Copper, QUEEN ANNE DUOAY TAKEN, Great Britain, NGC MS62BN, Cert# 3349881-018. Catalog: MI-369,213; Eimer- 443. Medal by J. Croker. Size: 47.5mm. Queen Anne (1703-1712). Issued to celebrate the victory at Douay against the French. Obverse has Queen Anne laureate bust left, hair tied with pearls, ANNA AUGUSTA around; Rv. shows Victory attaching a shield to a triumphal column amongst captured French trophies, VALLO GALLORVM DIRVTO, in exergue, ET DVACO CAPTO, MDCCX, in the background Britannia chases a Gaul. Ex Heritage Long Beach Auction, September 2011, Lot 27434.
View Coin HF&G-257 AE, Peace of Utrecht Great Britain Utrecht 1713 AE 1713 G.BRIT HF&G-257 ANNE - PEACE OF UTRECHT HF&G-257 NGC MEDAL MS 64 BN PL Medal, 1713, AE, PEACE OF UTRECHT, QUEEN ANNE, Great Britain, Bronze Medal, HF&G-257, NGC MS64BN PL, Cert# 1753916-005. Queen Anne (1702-1714), The Peace of Utrecht 1713, Bronze Medal, by J Croker, bust left ANNA. D:G:MAG: BRI FR: ET. HIB: REG:, rev Anne as Britannia holding olive branch, spear and shield, ships and farming scene beyond, COMPOSITIS. VENERANTVR. ARMIS. (E 458; MI 399/256). Absolutely Stunning Medal, High Relief and Color. Size: 35mm. Described by Evan Gale, Owner of the Aspen Park Collection, as follows: *Aspen Park Collection* Queen Anne Bronze Medal. (HF&G-257) MS64 BN PL A beautiful high relief striking, probably better described as Proof with gorgeous blue highlights.
View Coin MI-402/262 AR, Peace of Utrecht (Large/Rare Type) Great Britain Utrecht 1713 Silver MEDAL 1713 G.BRIT MI-402 262. AR 48mm MI-402,262 PEACE OF UTRECHT NGC MEDAL MS 64 Medal, 1713, AR, QUEEN ANNE SILVER PEACE OF UTRECHT MEDAL, Eimer-459, MI-402,262, NGC MS64. Medal by Drappentier after Croker, Size: 48 mm, Housed in an NGC jumbo slab, a gorgeous piece struck in high relief, almost perfectly preserved, and blessed with golden gray patina, the fields proof like. Obv. Peace locks the temple of Janus; Rv. Europe seated with cornucopia, ships as emblems of trade behind her. Purchased at the Chicago ANA show, August 2013.
View Coin MI-439,42 AR, George I, Navel Action Cape Passaro Great Britain Cape Passaro 1718 Silver AR 1718 G.BRIT MI-439,42 NAVEL ACTION-CAPE PASSARO MI-439,42 AR, Eimer 481 NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1718, AR, King GEORGE I, NAVAL ACTION AT CAPE PASSARO, SPANISH FLEET DESTROYED, Great Britain, MI-439,42, Eimer 481, NGC MS63, Cert# 3349828-004. House of Hanover. George I. 1714-1727. Silver Medal (45mm, 37.41 g, 12h). Spanish Fleet Destroyed off Cape Passaro. By J. Crocker. Dated 1718. GEORGIVS · D : G : MAG BR : FR : ET · HIB : REX · F · D ·, laureate, draped, and armored bust right; I C below / SOCIORVM PROTECTOR ·, statue of George (as Neptune) left upon rostral column among captured naval trophies; CLASSE · HISP · DELECTA ·/AD · ORAS · SICILIÆ ·/1718 in three lines in exergue. MI 439/42; Eimer 481. An excellent example of this high-relief medal celebrating the British naval triumph against the Spanish. The toning is an appealing bluish gray. The captured cannons and suchlike depicted on the reverse are all boldly detailed. A great medal! History: A naval engagement between Great Britain and Spain, the Battle of Cape Passaro emanated from the latter’s invasion of Sicily earlier in the year. The result was a decisive victory for Great Britain and a formal declaration of war against Spain by France, the Dutch Republic, and the Holy Roman Empire. This conflict, the War of the Quadruple Alliance, even reached the Americas where a French capturing of the Spanish settlement of Pensacola in May 1719 pre-empted a later Spanish attack on South Carolina.
View Coin Brockman-409 AR, Karl VI Bohemian Crown (Germany) Germany Bohemia 1724 Silver SILVER 1724 DATED GERMANY KARL VI - BOHEMIAN CROWN BROCKMAN-409 Brockman-409 AR (25.6mm., 6.21gms.) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Medal, 1724, AR, KARL VI - BOHEMIAN CROWN (CHARLES VI HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR, Germany, Silver Medal, Brockman-409 AR, NGC MS62, Cert# 3479008-015. Obv. Legend around "Mit Einem Ertz Hertzog Lichen Sohne, Two Female Figures Standing, Draped, Right Arms Extended, Jointly Holding Crown, Prince in Center, below date, 1724; Rv. Lion Standing in Center Holding Up Right Arm and Again, Holding Ornate Crown with Cross at Top, legend around "Gott Begleite Die Bohmische Krone, date below Prag5U:8Sept, 1723. An Original Toned and Colorful Original and Historical Medal.
View Coin MI-480-8 AR, Queen Caroline Coronation Great Britain 1727 Silver SILVER 1727 G.BRIT. MI-480-8 QUEEN CAROLINE CORONATION Elmer-512 (18.3g 34.8mm) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Great Britain, Silver Medal Queen Caroline Dated 1727. Queen Caroline's Official Coronation Medal. NGC MS62, Cert# 2029835-004. 18.3g., 34.8mm. This silver medal is by John Croker (Signed I C), illustrating the draped bust of Queen Caroline with lovelock at the neck, wife of King George II (1727-1760), upon her coronation with the inscription "CAROLINA . D : G . MAG . BR . FR . ET . HIB . REGINA." (Caroline, by the Grace of God, Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland). Rv. illustrates the Queen in royal robes, attended by Religion on the left and Britannia on the right with the inscriptions "HIC . AMOR . HAEC . PATRIA." (This My Affection, This My Country) and "CORON . XI . OCTOB . MDXXVII." (Coronation October 11, 1727). Scarce in Mint State.
View Coin MI-613 AR, Battle of Culloden Great Britain 1746 Silver AR 1746 G.BRIT MI-613 278 BATTLE OF CULLODEN MI-613,278 50.6mm R YEO FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1746, AR, GEORGE II BATTLE OF CULLODEN, Great Britain, NGC MS63, Cert# 3349830-011. Catalog: MI-613,278. Size: 50,8mm. R. Yeo Fecit. Very rare quality for this popular type featuring the Duke of Cumberland ('Billy the Butcher'). Housed in an oversized NGC holder. George II (Duke of Cumberland). Struck in High Relief with light golden gray toning. One of a series of English medals commemorating the famous battle of April 16, 1746, here depicting "the Duke of Cumberland as Hercules trampling upon Discord and raising Britannia," a theme possibly inspired by Roman coins, states the Medallic Illustrations reference, which also calls it "the finest of the Culloden medals." Attractive.
View Coin MI-627/314 AR, William Friso Appointed Stadholder Great Britain and NETHERLANDS 1747 Silver SILVER 1747 G.BRIT MI-627/314 WILLIAM APPT'D STADHOLDER MI-627/314 (31.6g 44mm) HOLTZHEY F. NGC MEDAL MS 63 PL Medal, 1747, AR, WILLIAM APPOINTED STADHOLDER, NEN Listed as Great Britain (And Netherlands), NGC MS63PL, 3479123-003. Size: 44mm. Catalog: MI627/314. LOW COUNTRIES, Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden (Dutch Republic).Willem IV van Oranje-Nassau. Erfstadhouder, 1747-1751. Commemorating Willem's Appointment by the Staten-Generaal as Erfstadhouder of all the Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden. By M. Holtzhey. Dated 25 April 1747 (dates in Roman numerals). WILH . CAR . HENR . FRIS . PRINC . AVR . ET ANNA MAG . BRIT ., bareheaded and draped bust of Willem, and bust of Anna van Hannover, wearing stephane, vis-à-vis; ornamented line below / WIL(annulet)/CAR(annulet) HENR(annulet)/FRISO/DICTATOR PER=/PETVVS CREATVS/XXV APRIL/MDCCXLVII in seven lines within wreath of orange and oak. MI 627/314; Eimer –; van Loon supp, XXIII, 223. Superb.
View Coin 1747 AR, France, Fortress of Louis XV France Defense of Fortress 1747 Silver AR 1747-DATED FRANCE LOUIS XV 68mm NGC MEDAL AU 55 France, Silver Medal Dated 1747. Louis XV. NGC AU55, Cert# 2755394-017. Beautiful Colorful Patina. Designed by Marteau in 1747. On the successful defense of the besieged fortress of mountains with collaboration of the Kurbayerischen Infantry-body regiment. Obv. Minerva bust of the king, Rv. 11 lines of writing. 41.8 mm (although holder states 68 mm). Ex Goldberg Auction #74, June 2013, Lot# 4316.
View Coin MI-659-365 Bz, Prince of Wales, Fishery Soc. Great Britain 1750 AE BRONZE 1750 G.BRIT. MI-659-365 FREE BRITISH FISHERY SOC. FREDERICK PRINCE OF WALES MI-659-365 NGC MEDAL MS 62 BN Medal, 1750, AE, FREE BRITISH FISHERY SOCIETY., FREDERICK PRINCE OF WALES, Great Britain, MI-659-365, NGC MS62BN, Cert# 3500291-003. Obv. High Relief Portrait of Frederick, Legend Around, at bottom, President of the Society; Rv. For the Advantage of Great Britain, Scene of Ships at Sea inHarbor, Workers Moving Barrels on Shore, below, "Free Brit Fishery By A Society Establ. 1750". Attractive.
View Coin L-303 AR, Netherlands, Hendrik Friso Netherlands 1751 Silver SILVER 1751 NETHERLAND LOON-303 HOLTZHEY KAREL HENDRIK FRISO (25.7g 41mm) NGC MEDAL AU 58
Netherlands, Large Silver Medal Dated 1751. Certified AU58 by NGC, Cert# 3479164-018. Issued upon the death of Willem IV Prince of Orange. William IV, Prince of Orange-Nassau (1 September 1711 – 22 October 1751), born Willem Karel Hendrik Friso, was the first hereditary stadtholder of the Netherlands. His portrait is facing right on the obverse. Reverse has his coffin within a shield. Nicely toned with much original luster remaining. Diameter is 41 mm. Medallist is Holtzhey. An important issue for collectors of Dutch history. Cataloged as Van Loon 303. Ex Heritage Auction April 2013, Lot 28227.
View Coin Wellenhe W-32 AR, Portugal, Lisbon Reconstruction Portugal 1755 Silver SILVER 1755-DATED PORTUGAL WELLENHE-32 LISBON RECONSTRUCTION (38.4g 46.4mm) NGC MEDAL AU 58
Portugal, Large Silver Medal of Jose I Dated 1755, Wellenhe-32, AU58 NGC, Cert# 3504367-017. Issued for the rebuilding of Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake. Diameter is 46.4 mm. An illustrious large Silver Medal of Portugal. Issued in 1755 to celebrate the rebuilding of the city after the disasterous earthquake of that year. King Jose I is shown on horseback upon a pedestal. Reverse depicts a crowned Lusitania urging the personifications of trade, navigation, architecture, and industry to rise up and rebuild the city. Diameter is 46 mm. Medallist is Gaspar. A medal with great eye appeal. Cataloged as Wellenhe-32. Ex Heritage Auction April, 2013, Lot 28318. Another Description: Equestrian statue of Jose, in remembrance of the reconstruction of Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755; Reverse: Allegorical scene of the presentation of the rebuilding plans, horse at the base of the statue about to trample a figure below its forelegs, standing attendant.
View Coin BHM-75 Bz, Queen Charlotte Birthday Great Britain 1762 BRONZE BRONZE 1762 G.BRIT. BHM-75 QUEEN CHARLOTTE BIRTHDAY BHM-75 NGC MEDAL MS 62 BN Medal, 1762, AE, QUEEN CHARLOTTE BIRTHDAY, Great Britain, BHM-75, NGC MS62BN, Cert# 3500291-006. Obv. George III and Charlotte Portraits Facing Each Other, Legend; Rv. Coat of Arms, Legend Around.
View Coin Saxony Merseb-2523 AR, Peace of Hubertsburg German States Saxony 1763 Silver SILVER 1763-DATED GERMANY SAXONY MERSEB-2523 PEACE OF HUBERTSBURG Saxony Merseb-2523, Betts 446 (44.5mm,21.8g) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Medal, 1763, AR, PEACE OF HUBERTSBURG, Germany, Silver Medal, Saxony Merseb-2523, Betts 446, NGC MS62, Cert# 3479067-017. PEACE OF HUBERTSBURG: Oexlein, Johann Leonard: Germany, 1763, Silver, 44.5mm, 21.8g. Obv: Germania (Peace) holding a scepter and a shaft of grain over a peaceful landscape with man plowing IAM REDIRE AUDIT (Now She Dares Return) Exergue: GERMANIA PACATA (Germany at Peace); Rv: Fame flying above Hubertsburg Castle NUNCIA PACIS (The Messenger of Peace). Exergue: D. 15. FEBR. MDCCLXIII. Signed: OXELEIN. Ref: Pax in Nummis 595; Betts 201/446; Slg. Henckel 1658; Laugwitz 182/667. The Peace of Hubertsburg (Hubertsburg) was a treaty which ended the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) between Prussia and Austria. In this war, which was a continuation of the War of Austrian Succession, France was allied with Austria, and Prussia with Great Britain. The goal of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria was to recover Silesia, which Prussia had captured from Austria during the war. However, the Peace of Hubertsburg allowed Prussia to retain Silesia, but in return it agreed to support the succession of Joseph II to the Imperial throne. The Peace of Hubertsburg, which was signed on the 15th of February 1763, as is indicated on this medal, left Germany divided between Austria and Prussia. The hostility between these two great German states powerfully influenced the whole future political development of Germany.
View Coin BHM-91 Bz, Duke of Cumberland Death Medal Great Britain 1765 AE BRONZE 1765 G.BRIT. BHM-91 DEATH OF DUKE CUMBERLAND BHM-91 NGC MEDAL MS 64 BN Medal, 1765, AE, DEATH OF THE DUKE OF CUMBERLAND, Great Britain, NGC MS64BN, Cert# 3500293-011. George III (1760-1820), Death of the Duke of Cumberland 1765, Bronze Medal by van Nest, Armoured Bust of the Duke Wearing Lionscalp Shoulder Plates, Rev. A Tomb Flanked by Cupid as Hercules and a Mournful Britannia, SWEET WILL.S BLOOM IS CLOSD (BHM 91; Eimer 709). Glossy high relief surfaces. ANA Description: Obverse: bust of the duke of Cumberland: WILL D OF CUMBERLAND. Reverse: Britannia in an attitude of mourning and a wildman leaning upon a tomb: SWEET WILL S BLOOM IS CLOSED|NAT XV APRIL MDCCXXI OB XXXI OCTO R MDCCLXV. Weight: 21.14 grams Measurements: 38 mm.
View Coin Loon L-456 AR, Netherlands Athena Military Prize Jeton Netherlands 1771 Silver SILVER 1771-DATED NETHERLAND LOON-456 Von Loon-456 (10.4g 32.5mm) NGC JETON MS 61 Medal, 1771, AR, ATHENA MILITARY PRIZE MEDAL, Netherlands, NGC MS61, Cert# 2590013-007. Silver Medal Dated 1771, Van Loon-456, Weight: 10.5g, Size: 32.5mm. Issued as a Prize Medal to the military. Obv. Athena is placing a laurel wreath upon a soldier, Rv. Owl, Exergue "Certos Huc Dirigitictus".
View Coin BHM-231 WM, Capture of St. Eustatius by Rodney Great Britain St. Eustatius (Dutch) 1781 WM WM 1781 G.BRIT. BHM-231 CAPTURE OF ST EUSTATIUS BHM-231 WM NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1781, WM, CAPTURE OF ST. EUSTATIUS, Great Britain/U.S. Revolutionary War, BHM-231 White Metal. NGC MS63, Cert# 3504352-005. Obv. Uniformed bust of G. B. (George Brydges) RODNEY, right, wearing tricorne hat; Rv. Nine Line Inscription, The / Glorious Memo. / of the 3r of Feb.1781 / When He Severely / Punished the Dutch / Upwards of 3 Millions / Of Value With 300 / Sail of Ships, Star, design below. The Capture of St. Eustatius took place in February 1781 during the American War of Independence when British army and naval forces under General John Vaughan and Admiral George Rodney seized the Dutch-owned Caribbean island of St. Eustatius. The capture was controversial in Britain, as it was alleged that Vaughan and Rodney had used the opportunity to enrich themselves and had neglected more important military duties. The island was subsequently taken by Dutch-allied French forces in late 1781, ending the British occupation. St. Eustatius was the center of Dutch trade and used both for the shipment of arms to the American colonists and for the victualing of French ships. In the autumn of 1780, when the Dutch joined the coalition against Great Britain, Admiral Rodney was ordered to seize the island. He appeared there with twelve ships on 3 February 1781 and, after a fierce engagement, succeeded in capturing it. A large quantity of munitions and merchandise consigned to General George Washington for the American cause was taken along with some 150 merchant ships, a sum totaling around £3 million. On account of this seizing, Rodney and his colleague, General Vaughan, were vilified by the Dutch, who even compared them to a contemporary Nero and Caligula.
View Coin M&H-143 AR, Swiss Silver School Prize, Bern Swiss Cantons Bern 1787 Silver 20K 1787 SWITZERLND BERN M&H-143 SILVER SCHOOL PRIZE M&H-143 AR (27mm,5g) NGC MEDAL MS 65 Medal, 1787, AR, BERN SILVER SCHOOL PRIZE, M&H-143, NGC MS65 Gem, Cert# 3479012-011. Size: 27mm, Weight 5g. This is a rare silver school prize medal from the 18th Century, Obv. Rampant Bear in center circle, Crown above, legend around, and 1787 date; Rv. Rampant Bear Sitting on Block, Holding Sign with Banner, Dominus Pro Videeit 1766, Very Attractive, Gorgeous centuries old toning, and historical. Ex Heritage 1/20/2014, Lot 29780.
View Coin Loon L-708 AR, Netherlands Suppression German States Suppression of Netherlands 1787 Silver SILVER 1787-DATED GERMANY PRUSSIA LOON-708 NETHERLANDS SUPPRESSION (28g 41.8mm) NGC MEDAL AU 55 German States, Prussia, Silver Medal Dated 1787, Prussian Suppression of Netherlands, NGC AU55, Cert# 3637631-001. Catalogued as Van Loon #708. Seller indicates this medal is extremely scarce. Surfaces are original with lovely blue and orange color, primarily on the Reverse. Possibly as follows: Obv. Bust, Leg. Frederic William King of Prussia, Restorer of the Government of Holland; Rv. Seated Female Figure with Mural Crown, Exerg (Lat.) Relates to Capture of Amsterdam.
View Coin BHM-311 AR, Eimer-827, King George III Recovery GREAT BRITAIN - MEDALS 1789 Silver SILVER 1789 G.BRIT Bhm-311 KING GEORGE III RECOVERY BHM-311, DHM-179, E-827 NGC MS 61 Medal, 1789, AR, KING GEORGE III RECOVERY SILVER MEDAL, RESTORED TO HEALTH, Great Britain, BHM-311; DH Middlesex-179; Eimer-827, NGC MS61, Cert# 3593210-031. Silver medal by J.-P. Droz, Laureate Bust right; Rv. Snake Entwined around Tripod/Blazing Altar, Olive Branch and Globe below, Size: 35mm, Weight: 20.66g. Attractive High Relief and Almost Certainly a Proof Issue. History: By November 1788 most of his subjects believed their king, George III (reigned 1760-1820), to have gone mad. George suffered from prolonged bouts of delirium. Queen Charlotte was at first forced to seek refuge from her husband in a distant part of Windsor Castle before he was removed to Kew. His anger at this incarceration made his condition untreatable by his doctors and, in December, the Revd Francis Willis, who ran an insane asylum in Lincolnshire, was called in. From January 1789 the King's health gradually improved and Willis was credited with the cure. His illness has subsequently been diagnosed as porphyria. In 1789. On 23 April, a service was held at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London to give thanks for his recovery as part of a day of celebration. It was attended, amid cheering crowds, by the King, the Queen and royal family, by both Houses of Parliament and the Corporation of London. The Society of Patrons decided to strike a variety of Medals to commemorate both the renewed good health of the monarch and their part in its celebration.
View Coin H-1921 AR, Prussia/Turkey Ambassador German States Prussia / Turkey 1791 Silver SILVER 1791-DATED GERMANY PRUSSIA HENCKEL-1921 ASMI ACHMET EFFENDI Henckel-1921 (6.3g 29mm) NGC MEDAL XF 40 Medal, 1791, AR, ASMI SAID EFFENDI (Legend similar to Asmi Achmet Type and Mislabeled by NGC), GERMANY & BOHEMIA. Prussia. Silver Medal, 1791. NGC XF-40, Cert# 3589711-004. Description: Size: 29 mm; 6.3g. Catalog: Henckel-1921. Subject: Asmi SAID Effendi, Turkish Ambassador to Prussian court of Friedrich Wilhelm II. Toned. Scarce. Lot# 34763 in StacksBowers Chicago ANA Auction, August 2013.
View Coin Hennin-360/533, Pollard-4, Julius-254 Bz, Marie Antoinette Execution Medal France (Produced in England) 1793 Brass BRONZE 1793-DATED FRANCE JULIUS-254 MARIE ANTINETTE EXECUTION Hennin-360/533, Pollard-4, Julius-254 NGC MEDAL MS 62 BN Medal, 1793, AE, MARIE ANTOINETTE EXECUTION, France, (Minted by Matthew Boulton in London, England), Hennin-360/533, Pollard-4, Julius-254, NGC MS62BN, Cert# 3504371-010. Bronze Medal Designed by Conrad Heinrich Kuchler, 48mm. Obv: Bust of Marie Antoinette MARIA ANTON. AUSTR. FR. ET NAV. REGINA, below: NAT. 2 NOV. 1755. NUP. 16 MAY. 1770. COR. 11 JUN. 1775; Rv. Scene of Marie Antoinette being carted to guillotine. She is seated in a common tumbril, hands tied behind her back. National guard are at rear while a child, hat in hand, dances in front of the cart. The Place Louis XVI, now the Place de la Revolution, is packed with people and the guillotine stands ready. The legend above is taken from Lucan ALTERA VENIT VICTIMA. (Abbreviated from ‘En altera venit Victima nobilior': (Another Nobler Victim Comes; or The Next One Becomes a Victim). Exergue: XVI. OCT. MDCCXCIII. Ref: Jones (French Revolution), Figs. 5 & 18. History: Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), an Austrian princess, was never popular with the French public. (She was once to have exclaimed 'If I was not Queen, one would say that I had an insolent air'). She was often accused of putting Austrian interests ahead of those of her husband's kingdom. Her unpopularity was increased by her extravagant spending, which was often unfairly connected with the grave financial difficulties that beset France in the 1780s. This uncertain position put her in danger in the revolutionary period. This was not helped by her uncompromising stance to even the more moderate revolutionaries and her attempts at collusion with other European powers to try to suppress the insurgents. After the royal family failed to escape in 1791, and monarchy was abolished in 1792, Louis XVI was tried for treason and executed in January 1793. The former queen was tried by the National Assembly and executed on 16 October 1793. Manufacture of Medal:
Heinrich Küchler, in partnership with the famous entrepreneur Matthew Boulton, produced this medal as a commercial speculation. Küchler came to work in London in March 1793, producing medals on the fate of Louis XVI, and expanded the cycle of subjects as they occurred. The British public, fascinated by the events in France, eagerly consumed revolutionary memorabilia. The medal was begun in October 1793, presumably days after the event, and issued in March 1794. Ex: Heritage Auction, April 18, 2013, Chicago International Coin Show, Lot# 26723.
View Coin D&H-15 1/2P Token, Queen Elizabeth I, Payable at Dallys Great Britain Sussex - Brighton 1794 Copper 1/2P 1794 G.BRIT. D&H-15 SUSSEX - BRIGHTON E: PAYABLE AT DALLYS D&H-15 1/2P Conder Token NGC TOKEN MS 63 BN Medal (Token), 1794, Cu, QUEEN ELIZABETH I, PAYABLE AT DALLYS, Conder Token, Great Britain, Sussex-Brighton, D&H-15 1/2P, NGC MS63BN, Cert# 3590049-002. George III Era copper Conder token Halfpenny 1794, D&H-15, Sussex-Brighton, Dallys edge, MS63 BN, a bold beauty featuring a great portrait of Elizabeth I.
View Coin BHM-468 Bz, Earl Howe Death Medal Great Britain 1799 Bronze BRONZE 1799 G.BRIT BHM-468 DEATH OF EARL HOWE BHM-468 (38.2mm) T.WYON SR. FECIT NGC MEDAL MS 63 BN Medal, 1799, AE, DEATH OF ADMIRAL EARL HOWE, (1726-1799) Great Britain, BHM-468. NGC MS63BN, Cert# 3349883-017. T. Wyon, Sr. Fecit. Commemorates Admiral Howe and the Battle of the Glorious First of June, 1794. Obv. Bust of Admiral (left), hair tied with ribbon, full uniform, cloak over right shoulder. Legend: "Earl Howe Admiral of the Fleet". Exergue: MDCCXCIX. Rv. A naval column, surmounted by Victory and naval trophies, and on a plinth inscribed, "MEMORAE VICTORY JUNE 1ST MDCCXCIV, FRENCH FLEET DEFEATD. VII SHIPS TAKEN." 38.2mm.
View Coin 1800 AR, Germany Baptismal Germany 1800 Silver AR (C1800) GERMANY TOBIAS 4:6 - G. LOOS FECT (39mm 18..5g) NGC MEDAL MS 61 Medal, 1800, AR, BAPTISM SILVER MEDAL TOBIAS 4:6, Germany by G. Loos, NGC MS61, Cert# 3334976-005. Size: 39mm. Weight: 18.5g. Obv. Christ on Cross Above Bible on Table; Rv. Inscription: DER HERR SEI MIT DIR / ER LEITE DICH AUF EBENER BAHN", all Within Fancy Wreath Tied at Bottom. This medal is one of a group of silver German Baptismal Medals purchased from a collector in New York who assembled a collection over many years.
View Coin 1800 AR, Germany Baptismal Germany 1800 Silver AR (C1800) GERMANY RELIGIOUS MEDAL BY LOOS (AR 36mm 13.4g) NGC MEDAL MS 60 Medal, 1800, AR, BAPTISMAL SILVER MEDAL (LOOS), Germany, NGC MS60, Cert# 3372319-002. Obv. (Mose 32: 27b; und Psalm 4: 9b) Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn (Genesis 32: 27b; and Psalm 4: 9b) I will not let You go unless You declare a blessing upon me. Rv. Christ statue on table with Silver Goblet, Legend. This medal is one of a group of silver German Baptismal Medals purchased from a collector in New York who assembled a collection over many years.
View Coin 1800 AR, Sommer-B-14 Germany Baptismal Germany 1800 Silver MEDAL (C1800) GERMANY SOMMER-B-14; AR 36mm LOOS JOHN THE BAPTIST/CHRIST NGC MEDAL PF 55 Medal, 1800 (ND), AR, JOHN THE BAPTIST/CHRIST, Germany, Rare Proof, NGC PF55, Cert# 2460614-005. Medallist: Loos. Size: 36mm. Catalog: Sommer B-14. Obv. Christ Lft. with Beams to Sky Above Portrait, Rv. John Baptizing Christ, Dove in Sky, Beams from Sky, Exurgue: Mit Dem Geist Taufen, and below Zur Erinnerung. This medal is one of a group of silver German Baptismal Medals purchased from a collector in New York who assembled a collection over many years.
Jefferson, Peace & Friendship 3 Inch Bz Medal 1801 United States U.S. Mint 1801 Presidency Bronze U.S. Mint Medal, 1801 (Date of Presidency), Bz, THOMAS JEFFERSON PRESIDENT OF THE U.S., AD 1801, 3 inch PEACE & FRIENDSHIP MEDAL. Treasury, Bureau of the Mint Medal. Obv. President Bust, side view looking left, legend around; Rv. Peace & Friendship, Two hands clasped in token of amity, pipe of peace and tomahawk crossed. In 1801, following a tradition that had begun in Colonial times, the United States began minting large silver Peace Medals used in diplomatic relations with American Indians. These gifts were not only awarded in connection with the signing of treaties but also for 'services rendered.' Mint State, in original Mint Box with Papers.
View Coin 1801 AR, Germany Peace of Luneville Germany Brandenburg-Prussia 1801 Silver AR 1801 GERMANY D.F.LOOS PEACE OF LUNEVILLE Br.113; Julius 914; Pax 693; Marienb. 10025; Mont 2324; Sommer A79. (36.3mm 13.7g) NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1801, AR, PEACE OF LUNEVILLE, Germany, NGC MS63, Cert# 2007900-004. Obv. Goddess of Peace Stands atop a Globe, Legend: hell dem frieden er schenkt segen der erde (bright blessings which he bestows peace of earth); Rv. UND MILDE WEISHEIT ..., Minerva faces up to Mars, 36.3mm. (Br.113; Julius 914; Pax 693; Marienb. 10025; Mont 2324; Sommer A 79), Minerva Repulsing Bellona (Goddess of War). Bellona standing full length facing half right, she holds a sword in her right hand, and burning pyre in left hand, in conflict with Minerva's shield; Dated February 9, 1801. d'Essling - 884. Paix de Lunéville. (Loos.) Legend: HEIL DEM FRIEDEN ER SCHENKET SEGEN DER ERDE. La Paix deb. sur une partie du globe. RZERSTÖRENDEN KRIEG. Minerve deb. et Mars. (Appel 2004. - TN. 82.7 - M. 49 - B. 113). Very Scarce Medal. Purchased at the Chicago ANA World Fair of Money, August, 2013. Ruler: Friedrich Wilhelm III (1797-1840), silver medal by J. V. Döll and D. F. Loos. (Br.113; Julius 914; Pax 693; Marienb. 10025; Mont 2324; Sommer A 79). Provenance: Uncertain, but most likely ex David Herman Collection, UBS Auction 58, 27-30 January, 2004, lot 1859.
View Coin BHM-523 AR, Union of Ireland Great Britain Union of Ireland 1801 GOLD GILT over Silver SILVER 1801 G.BRIT. BHM-523 UNION OF IREALND BHM-523 GILT (53.8g) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Medal, 1801, Gold Gilt over Silver, UNION OF IRELAND, Great Britain, NGC MS62, Cert# 3592255-001. Rare Condition, Rare Gilt over Silver, The single finest Gilt example seen in decades. Medal by Conrad H. Kuchler for Matthew Boulton, draped bust of George 111 with hair in queue, rev. Britannia and Hibernia shake hands, JUNGUNTUR OPES FIRMATUR IMPERIUM (THEIR RESOURCES ARE UNITED, THE KINGDOM IS STRENGTHENED), 48 mm. (BHM 523).
The Act of Union became law on 1st January 1801. The Act was passed (having earlier been defeated) with the help of bribes and the granting of peerages. Housed in Oversized NGC Holder. (Photo is of a bronze example, not the Gold Gilt Medal described herein).
View Coin 1806 Bern AR, Academy Award Swiss Cantons Bern 1806 Silver SILVER (C.1806) SWITZERLND BERN ACADEMY 1806 Bern Academy AR (40mm,26.9g) NGC MEDAL MS 63 PL Medal, 1806, AR, SWITZERLAND SILVER BERN ACADEMY MEDAL,l No Date (C.1806), NGC MS63 Proof Like, Cert# 3479012-009. Large Silver Medal Honoring the Cantonal Academy in Bern. Diameter is 40 mm. Weight is 26.9 gm. Obv. legend around, Felicibus Ingeniis Aperitur Iter, below, Academia Bernensis, center, Robed Male (Teacher) Pointing, Young Boy (Pupil) watching, Stairway leading to Academy in Shape of Temple, Rays emanating from Edifice; Rv. Rampant Bear inside Bern Shield, Crown above, Laureate below, legend at sides, Respublica left, Bernensis, right. Attractive Original Medal and Design. Impressive. Ex Heritage, 1/20/2014, Lot 29785.
View Coin Grove F-15, Herrera-33, Medina-319 AR, Proclamation Medal Mexico Mexico City 1808 Silver SILVER 1808-DATED MEXICO GROVE-F-15 MEXICO CITY FERNANDO VII PROCLAMATION Grove F-15, Herrera-33, Medina-319 (6.6g, 27mm) NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1808, AR, SILVER PROCLAMATION MEDAL FERNANDO VII. KING OF SPAIN, Mexico City, MEXICO (Colonial), 1808-1833. Proclaiming the accession of the king in Mexico City. Ciudad de México (Mexico City) mint. Dated 13 August 1808. FERNANDO · VII · REY · DE · ESPAÑA · Y · DE · LAS · YNDIAS, crowned coat-of-arms / PROCLAMA/DO · EN · MEXI.CO · A · 13 · DE ·/ AGOST · DEl/ AÑO · DE · / 1808 within wreath. Herrera 33; Medina 319; Grove F-15. In NGC encapsulation graded MS 63. Toned. CNG# 966751. Size: 27mm. Weight: 6.6 grams. Ex CNG, October 2013.
View Coin BHM-656 AR, 50th Yr. George III Great Britain 1809 Silver SILVER 1809 G.BRIT. BHM-656 REIGN OF GEORGE III 50TH YEAR BHN-656 NGC MEDAL MS 65 Medal, 1809, AR, REIGN OF GEORGE III, 50TH YEAR, Great Britain, NGC MS65 GEM, Cert# 3596575-001. George III. 1760-1820. AR Medal (42mm, 36.52 g, 12h). Golden Jubilee. By L. Pingo and N. Marchant. Dated 1809. GOD SAVE THE KING, armored and draped bust right / TO COMMEORATE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF A BELOVED MONARCH’S REIGN, OCT 25TH 1809/BY THE BOROUGH OF/TEWKSBURY, coat-of-arms; all within oak wreath. BHM 656; Eimer –. Superb GEM, RARE.
View Coin 1810 AR, Germany Baptismal Germany 1810 Silver SILVER (C1810) GERMANY BAPTISMAL MEDAL (21.7g 41mm) DAISER F. NGC MEDAL MS 63 DPL Medal, 1810, AR, BAPTISMAL MEDAL BY DAISER, Germany, NGC MS63DPL (Deep Proof Like and Rare as Such), Cert# 3354640-008. Silver baptismal Medal ND (ca. 1810), Described by Heritage Auctions, January 2012, as a beautiful representation of a biblical scene. 41 mm. in diameter, weight is 21.7 gm. This medal is one of a group of silver German Baptismal Medals purchased from a collector in New York who assembled a collection over many years.
View Coin Walsall Withers-1158 Cu, Fletcher & Sharratt 1811 Penny Token Great Britain Staffordshire 1811 Copper PENNY 1811 G.BRITIAN WALSALL WITHERS-1158 FLETCHER & SHARRATT Walsall Withers-1158 NGC TOKEN AU 55 BN Medal (Token), 1811, Cu, WALSALL WITHERS-1158, FLETCHER & SHARRATT PENNY TOKEN, Great Britain, Staffordshire, NGC AU55, Cert# 454631-005. Copper penny token dated 1811. Obverse: View of St. Matthew's Church: “PAYABLE BY FLETCHER & SHARRATT”. Reverse: Legend on five lines within oak wreath: “WALSALL TOKEN ONE PENNY 1811”. Diagonally milled edge (/////). These were probably issued by Samuel Fletcher and Samuel Sharratt who were saddlers and iron-mongers with a business in Walsall. Difficult to find this nice. History of GB Tokens during this period: Between 1807 and 1821, no regal copper coins were struck resulting in a shortage of small change. This caused major problems, particularly in the growing industrial cities of the Midlands and north of England. For a period of 4 years, between 1811 and 1815, numerous factories, tradespeople and even workhouses issued tokens. The images depicted are generally of an industrial nature, showing factories and machinery, thus giving us a visual picture of the growing expansion of the machine age. They are particularly difficult to find in high grade.
View Coin ESC-408 AR, Bank Token GREAT BRITAIN 1707-1815 London 1811 Silver 3S 1811 BANK OF England ESC-2065 ESC-408, S-3769, KM-Tn4 PCGS MS 62 Medal (Bank Token), 1811, AR, SILVER BANK TOKEN 3 SHILLINGS OF GEORGE III, PCGS MS62, Cert# 16074906. S.3769; ESC-408; KM-Tn4. George III. Draped and laureate bust of King in armour. Reverse: BANK TOKEN 3 SHILL. 1811 within wreath. Reflective fields with light rose and blue color, Looks Undergraded; Ex Carolina Collection.
View Coin ESC-409 AR, Bank Token GREAT BRITAIN 1707-1815 London 1811 Silver 3S 1811 BANK OF England ESC-409 ESC-409 NGC PF 65 Medal (Bank Token), 1811, AR, 3 SHILLINGS SILVER PROOF BANK TOKEN GEORGE III, GREAT BRITAIN, NGC PR65, Cert# 3350689-005, Virtually Perfect Gem and Rare, Even Deep Tone with Luster, As good as it gets. Ex Goldberg.
View Coin ESC-416 AR, Nank Token GREAT BRITAIN 1707-1815 London 1812 Silver 3S 1812 BANK OF England BARE HEAD ESC-416, KM-Tn4 PCGS MS 65 Medal (Bank Token), 1812, AR, SILVER 3 SHILLINGS BANK TOKEN OF GEORGE III, Great Britain, ESC-416, KM-Tn4, PCGS MS65, Cert# 06449357. Scarce Gem with Reflective Fields, Finest
View Coin ESC-976 AR, Bank Token GREAT BRITAIN 1707-1815 London 1813 Silver 1S/6P 1813 BANK OF England BARE HEAD ESC-976 PCGS MS 65 Medal (Bank Token), 1813, AR, SILVER BANK TOKEN 1S/6P GEORGE III, Great Britain, ESC-976, PCGS MS65, Cert# 71092626. Gem.
View Coin BHM-781 AR, House of Brunswick Great Britain House of Brunswick 1814 Silver SILVER 1814 G.BRIT. BHM-781 HOUSE OF BRUNSWICK BHM-781, Elmer-1057 (61.5g) NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1814, AR, (HOUSE OF) BRUNSWICK ACCESSION CENTENNIAL, Great Britain, NGC MS63, Cert# 3592255-002. Description: 50.5 mm; 61.5 gms. Eimer-1057; BHM-781. Conjoined busts of George I, II and III, right. THE ILLUSTRIOUS HOUSE OF HANOVER above, 100 YEARS ON THE THRONE OF GT. BRITAIN AUG 12 1814 NS. Reverse: Peace, seated at the sea shore holds an olive branch and an oval medallion. Sun rising on the left, a sailing ship to the right. By Mossop. Perfect Original Toning with Peripheral Colors, Very Attractive. In Oversize NGC Holder. Purchased from M. Louis Teller at ANA World Fair of Money, August 2013.
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