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RMW Collection of England and Great Britain- The Two Charles

Category:  World Coins
Owner:  rmw
Last Modified:  10/26/2017
Set Description
Representative types for coins and medals for the two kings

Set Goals
To obtain at least one coin for each minor denomination in top condition for Charles II (in whose reign milled coins began to be minted full time).

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin Charles I Memorial Death Medal in Copper, 1649 GREAT BRITAIN - ILLUSTR. BRONZE 1649 G.BRIT MI-346-200 DEATH OF CHARLES I NGC MS 64 RB
View Coin Charles I Farthing ENGLAND 1603-1707 1/4P (1625-34) ENGLAND S-3183 CHARLES I NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin Charles I Halfgroat ENGLAND 1603-1707 2P (1632) ENGLAND S-2856 NGC MS 64 May be one of the best known of this type
View Coin Charles II Copper Farthing,1672 ENGLAND 1603-1707 1/4P 1672 ENGLAND NGC MS 65 RB Crossed over from PCGS
View Coin Charles II Tin Farthing, 1684 ENGLAND 1603-1707 1/4P 1684 ENGLAND CHARLES II NGC AU Details
View Coin Charles II Copper Halfpenny,1673 ENGLAND 1603-1707 1/2P 1673 ENGLAND NGC MS 64 BN
View Coin Charles II Shilling, 1663 ENGLAND 1603-1707 1S 1663 ENGLAND 1ST BUST VARIETY NGC AU 58
View Coin Charles II Halfcrown, 1674 ENGLAND 1603-1707 1/2C 1674 ENGLAND ESC-476 NGC MS 61

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