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This Year In American History

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Last Modified:  10/15/2016
Set Description
This set is the beginning of what will eventually showcase 223 coins -- one coin from every year of US Mint Coin Production from 1794 to 2016.

Set Goals
This goal of this set is to use America's coinage as a vehicle to discuss what life was like for the average American in the year of each coin's issue, and the historical events of the times. I am still building the set and authoring the text to accompany each coin, and will uplod the text after most coins are added.

Last update: October 15 to add coin for the year 2005.

The block of years from 1930-1964 is now complete, with only 13 coins needed to complete the 20th and 21st Century run from 1900-2016.

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View Coin 1794 UNITED STATES 1C 1794 HEAD OF 94 S-44 JULES REIVER COLLECTION NGC FA 2 BN Ex: Jules Reiver Collection. This 18th Century Large Cent has an AG obverse with a full clear date, which is offset by a nearly slick Poor reverse. Nice coin!
View Coin 1798 UNITED STATES 1C 1798 PCGS AG 3 BN Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. This 200-plus year old coin is dark chocolate in color with legends and date visible. I never thought I'd own a coin that was minted in the George Washington administration, and I'm pleased to add this coin to the Eliasberg Reunited Custom Set. This coin was acquired in May 2014 and has not yet been imaged or sent to CAC.
View Coin 1808 UNITED STATES 1C 1808 PCGS VG 8 BN Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr

This circulated chocolate brown Classic Head cent resides in an older PCGS green holder, and is the oldest coin currently in our Eliasberg pedigreed collection.
View Coin 1827 UNITED STATES 1C 1827 PCGS G 6 BN No pedigree. Circulated cameo effect obverse due to wear on bist, chocolate brown reverse. Old green PCGS label.
View Coin 1834 UNITED STATES 1C 1834 SM 8 LG ST MED LET N-2 JULES REIVER COLLECTION NGC AU 58 BN Ex: Jules Reiver Collection

Nice chocolate brown, N-2,with rotated dies as an added bonus. CAC approved.
View Coin 1837 UNITED STATES 1C 1837 PCGS AU 58 BN Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Old green PCGS holder with a CAC green bean. Looks MS63. Obverse die cracks throughout the stars. The scratch on the reverse through the 'T' in cent is on the holder, not the coin.
View Coin 1838 UNITED STATES 50C 1838 JULES REIVER COLLECTION NGC VG 10 Ex: Jules Reiver

Circulated Reeded Edge Half Dollar pedigreed to the collection of War Hero and numismatic author Jules Reiver. His famous heroism in World War II at Omaha Beach on D-Day and action at The Battle of the Bulge inspired the role of Lt. Col. Kiley, played by Henry Fonda, in the famous movie.
View Coin 1842 UNITED STATES H10C 1842 ELIASBERG NGC MS 64 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Attractively toned. Not yet photographed.
View Coin 1843 UNITED STATES $2.5 1843 ELIASBERG COLLECTION NGC AU 55 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

When I started the Eliasberg Reunited Collection, I did not expect to be able to include gold coins in my numismatic pursuit, but this circulated 1843 was available at a Paupers Price to add to my King of Coins Collection.

The first major wagon train headed west on the Oregon Train in the year that this coin was minted. Maybe this coin was aboard :)
View Coin 1844 UNITED STATES 1C 1844 ELIASBERG NGC F 15 BN Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. (This coin was recently acquired. Details and photo will be posted within 10 days).
View Coin 1847 UNITED STATES $2.5 1847 ELIASBERG NGC AU 58 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. Only the slightest rub on the high points keeps this coin from going Choice Unc. Not yet sent to CAC, photos to follow. Coin just acquired Jan. 2015
View Coin 1851 UNITED STATES $2.5 1851 BASS NGC AU 55 Ex: Harry Bass

Nice, lightly circulated pre-civil-war Quarter Eagle from the collection of Harry Bass, the "King of Gold".
View Coin 1853 UNITED STATES $10 1853 ELIASBERG NGC AU 58 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. (This coin was recently acquired. Photo and details will be updated within the next 14 days).
View Coin 1854 UNITED STATES H10C 1854 O ARROWS PCGS AU 55 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr

A wonderfully toned Half Dime with fully original surfaces and not a trace of visible wear. Beautifully colorful, though my photographic skills have trouble catching it, and a proof like cameo effect on the reverse make the observer ask why this coin wasn't graded mint state. CAC likes it too, awarding this coin a coveted Gold Bean. Too bad my photography skills aren't good enough to fully capture the color and beauty of this coin.
View Coin 1856 UNITED STATES H10C 1856 O PCGS MS 65 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. This coin was purchased in the 2015 Gene Gardner sale and resides in a PCGS old green holder.
View Coin 1857 UNITED STATES G$1 1857 RICHMOND COLLECTION NGC AU 53 Ex: Richmond Collection

A very lightly circulated example of this pre-Civil War issue. CAC approved.
View Coin 1858 UNITED STATES H10C 1858 O PCGS AU 58 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

A crusty old half dime for this crusty old coin collector, this coin has just the very slightest of wear, housed in an old green PCGS holder with a CAC green bean.
View Coin 1859 UNITED STATES H10C 1859 O PCGS MS 64 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. Purchased from the Gene Gardner sale in 2015, this toned half dime is CAC approved and look nicer in hand than the Heritage Auction photo accompanying the sale. At $881.25 including buyers premium, the coin was purchased at less than half of its original sale price of $1870 (as an estimated grade of MS66) in the 1996 Eliasberg sale, where it was touted as "possibly the finest known specimen" and "a remarkable opportunity for the discerning specialist". Today the coin resides in a PCGS MS64 holder with a green CAC sticker. Having examined the coin closely, I disagree with both grades, and feel the coin is a probable MS65, or at least a PCGS 64+. She's a nice coin, certainly, but the lofty 1996 marketing of the lot as MS66 wasn't realistic then and still isn't today.
View Coin 1864 UNITED STATES 1C 1864 COPPER NICKEL PCGS VF 20 (No pedigree)

Nice, no problem Civil War Indian Cent, honest wear only.
View Coin 1865 UNITED STATES 2C 1865 PCGS MS 62 RB Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

An attractive coin with a lot of red, this two cent piece would probably CAC, and perhaps grade MS63 at PCGS today. From the Bowers and Merena Sale of the Louis Eliasberg Collection in 1996, and still in it's original Old Green Holder.
View Coin 1869 UNITED STATES 1C 1869 PCGS MS 63 RB Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Old green PCGS holder with a CAC green bean. A nice looking mostly red Indian Head coin, fully struck and deserving of an MS 64 grade today.
View Coin 1870 UNITED STATES H10C 1870 PCGS PF 65 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. -- From the Bowers and Merena sale of the Eliasberg Collection in 1996 (Lot 1029), this coin was described by Bowers as "Proof 66, Brilliant with whisper of champagne toning on the obverse, hints of blue on the reverse... Certainly this is one of the finer examples known." Graded PF65 by PCGS in 1996 (old green holder), the coin has not been photographed or sent to CAC, but the only uncertainty is whether it deserves a green sticker or the coveted gold football.
View Coin 1871 UNITED STATES 5C 1871 PCGS PF 65 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

We couldn't decide between this low mintage proof and the equally attractive 1873 circulation strike in our collection. So we decided to keep both. That's the beauty of NGC Custom Sets. One can make his own rules as he builds his collection. One can't make any more 1871 Proof Nickels, however, and the 960 coin low mintage of this issue makes it a keeper. This coin is housed in an older PCGS green holder.
View Coin 1873 UNITED STATES 5C 1873 CLOSED 3 PCGS PF 66 CAMEO Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr. Brilliant proof cameo Closed 3 of this popular date nickel. CAC approved.
View Coin 1874 UNITED STATES H10C 1873 PCGS PF 64 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

From the Eliasberg auction catalog 5/96, plated as lot 1034: "Delicate champagne toning. A splendid specimen of the last issue of the series... Open D in UNITED. Mintage of 1873 Proof Half Dimes was 600, but many unsold pieces were melted at the mint on July 10, 1873."
View Coin 1875 UNITED STATES 20C 1875 S NGC VG 8 (No pedigree)

Nice low grade double dime with a classic circulated look.
View Coin 1877 UNITED STATES 25C 1877 S JULES REIVER COLLECTION NGC XF 45 Ex: Jules Reiver Collection

Gray original surfaces with crud in all the right places. CAC approved, could regrade AU50.
View Coin 1878 UNITED STATES $1 1878 7TF REV OF 78 PCGS MS 64 (No pedigree)

Somewhat prooflike, usual marks for the grade.
View Coin 1879 UNITED STATES $2.5 1879 PCGS AU 58 Ex: Amon Carter

This is a beautiful coin with proof like fields that looks MS63 at first glance. Slight cabinet friction limits the grade. We haven't sent this coin to CAC but it certainly would sticker. Amon Carter was a Dallas newspaper magnate whose collection was sold at auction by Stacks in January of 1984. The original auction tag, lot number 565, is included with the coin.
View Coin 1880 UNITED STATES $1 1880 S NGC MS 62 (No pedigree)

Lusterous but baggy devices prevent a higher grade.
View Coin 1881 UNITED STATES 10C 1881 PCGS PF 66 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Probably my favorite owned coin, this 1881 Seated Liberty Dime resides in a Proof 66 PCGS holder with a CAC sticker, but the beauty of the coin goes far beyond its technical grade. Only the photographs of this toned coin can convey the quality and beauty of this low mintage issue. I truly believe that this coin, if resubmitted, would upgrade to MS66+ or possibly MS67. Mintage: 975. Realized $1430 in the May 1996 Eliasberg sale, lot 1222. Sold again 1/4/2007 for $2760, Heritage FUN show (Orlando). Ex: William Dickinson Collection; Chapman Brothers; J.M. Clapp before Eliasberg.
View Coin 1882 UNITED STATES $1 1882 CC GSA HOARD NGC MS 64 Ex: GSA Hoard

Near gem GSA Morgan Dollar complete with an unnumbered card from the GSA sale in the 1970s. I have no idea if this card actually goes with this date and mint coin, as I also have an 1883CC GSA that has a numbered card. Can anyone enlighten me on which coins have numbered cards and which do not, and which numbers go with which dates?
View Coin 1883 UNITED STATES 5C 1883 NO CENTS ELIASBERG NGC MS 64 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Flashy white coin that might regrade MS65. This coin has an unusual die crack on the reverse, starting at the top of the crown of Liberty, and extending through several stars clockwise to the right. CAC approved.
View Coin 1884 UNITED STATES $1 1884 CC PCGS MS 66 PL Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

A beautifully brilliant coin with nice mirrors and an attractive cameo effect. While the 1884 is one of the more common Carson City issues, I feel fortunate to own one of the Eliasberg Carson City coins, and an attractive one at that.
View Coin 1885 UNITED STATES $1 1885 S ELIASBERG NGC MS 64 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

This recently acquired Morgan Dollar has not yet been photographed or sent to CAC for evaluation.
View Coin 1886 UNITED STATES $1 1886 BINION COLLECTION NGC MS 65 Ex: Binion Collection

Pedigreed to the hoard of coins owned by the famous Las Vegas Casino magnate, this coin is one of a small percentage to grade out at Gem. Special green label insert highlights the pedigree.
View Coin 1887 UNITED STATES $10 1887 S ELIASBERG NGC AU 58 Ex: Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

Original surfaces attractive with few marks, looks uncirculated and is CAC approved.
View Coin 1888 UNITED STATES $1 1888 S PCGS G 4 (No pedigree)

Just honest wear, nice coin for the grade.
View Coin 1889 UNITED STATES $1 1889 CC NGC G 6 (No pedigree)

Circulated example of a scarcer Carson City date.
View Coin 1890 UNITED STATES $1 1890 S NGC MS 62 (No pedigree)

Brilliant surfaces with some toning along the rims. Well struck and probably under graded by a point.
View Coin 1891 UNITED STATES $1 1891 S PCGS AU 58 (No Pedigree)

This coin absolutely looks mint state. I was disappointed when it came back AU58, and still can not see why they downgraded it. The obverse looks a solid 63, and the proof like reverse looks MS64. Maybe someday I will resubmit this coin.
View Coin 1892 UNITED STATES 50C 1892 COLUMBIAN NGC AU 55 (No pedigree)

An old time coin with an old time look to it, similar to the circulated Morgan Dollars in appearance and color. Original surfaces, certainly, but just enough wear to preclude a mint state grade.
View Coin 1893 UNITED STATES $5 1893 S PCGS AU 58 Ex: Harry Bass

Louis Eliasberg was the "King of Coins", and Harry Bass was known as the "King of Gold". I feel like a King to own coins from both collections, including this very nice CAC approved Half Eagle from the San Francisco Mint. and the collection of Harry Bass.

Attractive with a circulated cameo effect, this CAC approved coin came from the collection of World War II hero Jules Reiver.
View Coin 1895 UNITED STATES 10C 1895 O PCGS G 6 (No pedigree)

Just honest wear, full rims obverse and reverse.
View Coin 1896 UNITED STATES 10C 1896 S NGC G 4 (No pedigree)

Circulated problem free Barber Dime.
View Coin 1897 UNITED STATES 50C 1897 O NGC AG 3 (No pedigree)

Good obverse with the reverse worn beyond the rims.

View Coin 1899 UNITED STATES $1 1899 O PCGS MS 63 (No pedigree)

Very clean for an MS63, not sure whether I should be sad that this coin did not make MS64 or pleased that it received the coveted plus. Looks MS64 either way.
View Coin 1900 UNITED STATES $1 1900 O PCGS MS 62 (No pedigree)

A obverse cheek marks keeps this coin from MS63.
View Coin 1901 UNITED STATES $1 1901 O PCGS MS 62 (No pedigree)

White coin with a hint of very light gold tone in the dentils.
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