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Category:  Token & Medals
Last Modified:  9/18/2020
Set Description
These are all for sale, please email with offer to if you have interest. There is a series of primarily silver medals with dramatic battle scenes, and portraits of German Generals and Leaders, involving WWI. Many of these medals are listed in a reference put out by Georg Zetzmann, entitled: 'Deutsche Silbermedaillen des I. Weltkriegs' (German Silver Medals of WW.I, 1914-1919). The book starts with five introductory chapters of well researched and detailed information on the series, then becomes a medal numbered catalog listing each medal with pictures and prices in various grades. This is an enjoyable and historic series to collect.

Set Goals
Collect and List with Photos, German World War I " Zetzmann " Medals. Best viewed using the Gallery or Slide Show Features above.

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View Coin Z-2090 AR Germany 1915 Silver Proof SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2090 AUGUST VON MACKENSEN Zetzmann 2090 (17.8g 33.3mm) NGC MEDAL PF 62 CAMEO Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL AUGUST VON MACKENSEN, WWI Germany Proof Silver Medal, Zetzmann 2090, NGC PF62CAM, Cert# 4092515-001. Weight: 17.8g. Size: 33.3mm.
View Coin Z-2097 AR Germany 1915 Silver Proof SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2097 COLMAR FREIHERR VON GOLTZ (17.7g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL PF 62 MATTE Germany 1915 Von Goltz Silver Medal - Zetzmann-2097 NGC PF 62 Matte. Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL COLMAR FREIHERR VON GOLTZ, Germany, WWI, NGC PR62 Matte, Cert# 4092515-002. Weight 17.7g., Size 34.2mm. Obv. Portrait of General with Glasses, Rv. Troops Parading, Date 1914/1915.
View Coin Z-2109/2137 AR Germany 1915 Silver 1915 GERMANY PROPAGANDA ZETZMANN-2109/2137 AR Zetzmann 2109/2137 SR. GENERAL V. HEERINGEN NGC MEDAL PF 62 Medal, 1915, AR, GERMAN PROPAGANDA MEDAL, GENERAL VON WOYRSCH , Germany, Proof, NGC PR62, Cert# 3349411-016. Pedigreed Medal from the Sr. General V. Heeringen Collection. Rainbow Patina. Amazing surfaces.
View Coin Z-2110 AR Germany 1915 Silver SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2110 REMUS VON WOYRSCH Zetzmann-2110 (17.4g 34.1mm) NGC MEDAL PF 64 MATTE Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL REMUS VON WOYRSCH, Germany, Proof NGC PR64 Matte, Cert# 4092515-003. Zetzmann-2110. Obv. Portrait General Woyrsch, Rv. Running Soldiers with Rifles, Berlin, 1915 Date.
View Coin Z-2129 AR Germany 1914-1915 Silver SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2129 ERICH LUDENDORFF Zetzmann 2129 (18.3g 35.4mm) NGC MEDAL PF 61 Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL ERICH LUDENDORFF, Germany, WWI, Zetzmann 2129, NGC PF61, CERT # 4092515-004. Size: 35.4mm. Weight: 18.3g. Obv. General Ludendorff Uniformed with High Collar. Rv. Nude Muscular Man Sitting on Rock, 1914-1915.
View Coin Z-2146 AR Germany Saxony 1915 Silver Proof SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2146 FRIEDRICH AUGUST III Zetzmann 2146 (17.6g 33.5mm) NGC MEDAL PF 61 CAMEO Germany 1915 Friedrich August III Proof Silver Medal Zetzmann-2146 NGC PF 61 Cam. Medal, 1915, AR, FRIEDRICH AUGUST KING, Germany, Saxony, WWI. NGC PR61CAM, Cert# 4092515-005. Proof, Zetzmann-2146. Weight: 17.6g., Size: 33.5mm. Proof Portrait obv., Rv. Sword and Date.
View Coin Z-2153 AR Germany 1916 Silver SILVER 1916-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-2153 KARL VON EINEM Zetzmann 2153 (17.7g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL MS 62 Medal, 1916, AR, GENERAL KARL VON EINEM, Germany, WWI. Zetzmann 2153. NGC MS62, Cert# 4092515-006, Weight: 17.7g. Size 34.2mm. Obv. Portrait General Einem, Rv. Armoured Soldier with Sword.
View Coin Z-3013 AR Germany 1914 Silver SILVER 1914-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-3013 Zetzmann-3013 (18.1g) NGC MEDAL PF 65 Medal, 1914, AR, KAISER FRANZ JOSEPH & KAISER WILHELM II, Germany, WWI PROOF Silver Medal, Zetzmann-3013, NGC PF-65 GEM, Cert# 2776991-041. Obv. Conjoined Busts Rt. of Kaiser Franz Joseph and Kaiser WIlhelm II, in Uniforms, Legend around; Rv. Double Shields with Heraldic Eagle in one, and Two Headed Heraldic Eagle in the other, Legend "EINIGKEIT MACHT STARK" at top, AUGUST 1914, at bottom. Rare in high Proof Grade like this Specimen.
View Coin Z-3022 AE Germany 1915 Bronze 1915 GERMANY ALLIANCE ZETZMANN-3022 AE 34mm Zetzmann-3022 RECOLLECTION OF WAR NGC MEDAL MS 65 BN Medal, 1915, AE, RECOLLECTION OF WAR, GERMAN ALLIANCE, Germany, NGC MS65BN, Cert# 3349411-020. Obv. Soldiers with Rifles on War Field, "Mit Vereinten Waffen"; Rv. Eagle with Wings Spread, 1914-1915, Decorated Shields Growing on Limbs of Oak Tree, "EINIGKEIT, STARK, MACHT", Roots of Tree Below.
View Coin Z-4004 AR Germany 1914 SILVER 1914 GERMANY MILITARY ZETZMANN-4004 AR 33mm Zetzmann 4004 GENERAL V. EMMICH NGC MEDAL PF 64 ULTRA CAMEO Medal, 1914, AR, GENERAL V. EMMICH, Germany, WWI, Zetzmann 4004, NGC PF64UC, CERT # 3349411-022. Size: 33mm. Obv. General V. Emmich Uniformed with High Collar and Mustache. Rv. Sword and Date.
View Coin Z-4014 AR Germany Bayern 1914 Silver 1914 GERMANY MILITARY ZETZMANN-4014 AR 33mm Zetzmann-4014 RUPPRECHT VON BAYERN NGC MEDAL PF 64 ULTRA CAMEO Medal, 1914, AR, RUPRECHT VON BAYERN, Germany, Proof Silver Medal Zetzmann-4014, NGC PF64UCAM, Cert# 3349411-023.
View Coin Z-4018 AR Germany Prussia 1914 SILVER SILVER 1914-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4018 PRINCE WIHELM OF PRUSSIA (17.8g 35.6mm) NGC MEDAL PF 64 CAMEO Medal, 1914, AR, PRINCE WILHELM OF PRUSSIA, Germany, WWI, Zetzmann 4018, NGC PF64CAM, CERT # 4092515-007. Size: 35.6 mm., Weight: 17.8g. Obv. Prince Portrait with Skull & Cross Bones, Rv. Soldier with Shield & Sword, Date. Silbermedaille 1914 von Oertel. Auf Kronprinz Wilhelm von Preussen, dem Sieger von Longwy. Brustbild des Kronprinzen v.vorn. Rs. Ritter mit Schwert und Schild, dahinter ein Band mit Kampfszenen
View Coin Z-4032 AR Germany 1914 Silver SILVER 1914-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4032 MAX VON HAUSEN Zetzmann 4032 (17g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL MS 61 Medal, 1914, AR, GENERAL MAX VON HAUSEN, Germany, WWI. Zetzmann-4032 .NGC MS 61, Cert# 4092515-009. General oberest Max Clemens Lothar Freiherr von Hausen (1846-1922), 34.2mm. 17.8g. General Hausen commanded the German Third Army and was chiefly responsible for the destruction of Reims.
View Coin Z-4041 AR Germany 1914 Silver Proof 1914 GERMANY MILITARY ZETZMANN-4041 AR 33mm Zetzmann 4041 GENERAL V. BESELER NGC MEDAL MS 65 ULTRA CAMEO Germany 1914 General V. Beseler Proof Silver Medal Zetzmann-4041 NGC PF 65 UCAM. Medal, 1914, AR, GENERAL V. BESELER. Zetzmann 4041. NGC PR65UCAM, Cert# 3349411-027.Size: 33mm. Portrait General Beseler, Rv. Sword and Date. Silbermedaille 1914. (v. Lauer) auf den Sieg bei Metz. Brustbild in Uniform nach rechts / Schwert im Eichenkranz. 33,3 mm, 18,03 g. Zetzmann 4014.
View Coin Z-4049 AR Germany 1914 Silver Proof 1914 GERMANY MILITARY ZETZMANN-4049 AR 33mm Zetzmann 4049 GENERAL VON KLUCK NGC MEDAL PF 63 ULTRA CAMEO Germany 1914 General Von Kluck Silver Medal Zetzmann-4049 NGC PF 63 Ultra Cameo
View Coin Z-4091 AR Germany 1915 Silver Matte SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4091 ALEXANDER VON LINSINGEN Zetzmann 4091 (16.9g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL AU 58 MATTE Germany 1915 Alexander Von Linsingen Silver Medal Zetzmann-4091 NGC AU 58 Matte, Weight: 16.9g., Size: 34.2mm. Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL ALEXANDER VON LINSINGEN, Germany, NGC AU58 Matte, Zetzman 4091. NGC Cert# 4092515-010, Size: 34.2mm., Weight: 16.9g. Portrait of General in Uniform, Rv. 2 Uniformed Soldiers with Packs and Rifles on the Run, Date.
View Coin Z-4094 AR Germany Bavaria 1915 Silver SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4094 PRINCE LEOPOLD OF BAVARIA Zetzmann-4094 (18.4g 33.3mm) NGC MEDAL PF 61 CAMEO Medal, 1915, AR, PRINCE LEOPOLD OF BAVARIA, Germany, WWI, Proof, NGC PF61CAM, Cert# 4092515-011. Zetzmann-4094.
View Coin Z-4097 AR Germany SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4097 PRINCE LEOPOLD OF BAVARIA (15.5g 33.2mm) NGC MEDAL PF 64 ULTRA CAMEO Medal, 1915, AR, PRINCE LEOPOLD OF BAVARIA, Germany, Proof, NGC PR64UCAM, Cert# 4091515-012. Zetzmann-4097. Obv. Portrait of Prince Leopold, Rv. Der Eroberer Von Warschau, Standing Figure with Sword, 5.8. 1915.
View Coin Z-4106 AR Germany 1915 Silver Proof SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4106 OBERST VON KLUCK Zetzman 4106 (17.5g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL PF 63 MATTE Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL OBERST VON KLUCK, Germany WWI, Proof Silver, Zetzmann-4106, NGC PF63 Matte, Cert# 4092515-013. 17.5g. Size: 34.2mm.
View Coin Z-4107 AR Germany 1915 Silver Proof 1915 GERMANY MILITARY ZETZMANN-4107 AR 34mm Zetzmann 4107 GENERAL JEKOW NGC MEDAL PF 65 CAMEO Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL JEKOW, Germany, WWI, PROOF, Zetzmann 4107. NGC PR65CAM, CERT# 3349411-033. 34mm. Obv Portrait of General, Rv. Soldier Holding Rifle and Flag in Heat of Battle, Cannon Front and 1915.
View Coin Z-4114 AR Germany 1915 Silver Proof SILVER 1915-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4114 MAX VON GALLWITZ Zetzmann 4114 (17.2g 34.2mm) NGC MEDAL PF 64 MATTE Germany 1915 Max Von Gallwitz Silver Medal Zetzmann-4114 NGC PF 64 Matte. Medal, 1915, AR, GENERAL MAX VON GALLWITZ, Germany, WWI, NGC PR64 Matte, Cert# 4092515-014. Weight: 17.2g. Size: 34.2mm. Obv. Portrait of General in Uniform, High Decorated Collar, Rv. Soldier on Horseback Riding with Sword, Lomza, Ostrow, Wyszkov, Rozan in Exurgue. Also, R. Ball and Nachf.
View Coin Z-4142 AR Germany 1916 Silver SILVER 1916-DATED GERMANY ZETZMANN-4142 FRIEDRICH II OF BADEN Zetzmann-4142 (17.8g) NGC MEDAL MS 63 Medal, 1916, AR, FRIEDRICH II of BADEN, Germany II, NGC MS63, Cert# 4092516-015. Zetzmann-4142. Weight: 17.8g. Obv. Portrait Grossherzog Friedrich II v Baden, High Collar and Mustache, Rv. Running Soldiers with Long Rifles, Dated 1914-1916.

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