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Set Name
Set Goals
JeffCoins State quarters Sets 6/17/2024 6/17/2024 032
MaltMan Capped Bust Quarters Complete Browning Variety Set 1831-1838 Here is my 36 coin set of small size Capped Bust Quarters with all the Browning varieties, other than the one "unobtainable" coin, (1837 B-6, 2 known),. There are 3 top 10's and thanks to Steve Tompkins for the addition of the R6+ 1836 B-5 with about 15-18 known. Ive kept the minimum grade to VF25 except one coin. This set was about 5 years in the making. Hope you enjoy.
3/6/2020 6/11/2024 68836
Billv819 Abe varieties 5/27/2024 5/27/2024 05
Matthew & Susan 1950 - 1964 Jefferson Nickels - Including Varieties The goal for collecting this set of Jefferson Nickels is to obtain high-quality Mint State, Proof and Variety coins available for years 1950 - 1964 as listed in the NGC and PCGS price guides. 5/16/2024 5/17/2024 225
MaltMan Nova Constellatio All 9 known Crosby Varieties 10/25/2018 5/3/2024 4569
Lem E LEM COLLECTION ~ JEFFERSON NICKEL VARIETIES The goal is to collect as many varieties from the Jefferson nickel series. This includes doubled dies, RPMs, OMMs and whatever else I can find. 2/27/2023 4/30/2024 819
Jameses WWII Silver Nickel Varieties 1942-1945 Cherry picked from raw or NGC graded coins and sent in for variety attribution. This custom set will ultimately include all NGC attributed varieties. 11/13/2022 4/27/2024 1347
Malnes Vaultbox 4/25/2024 4/25/2024 22
rtukes silver cameo these are the states that I lived in 3/20/2024 3/20/2024 03
Gary Colon New Start Eagles 2021 8/26/2021 3/19/2024 12735
angel_eyes2368 New Orleans Mint Increase the size of this collection 2/16/2024 2/16/2024 03
Radagast04l9 Barber Quarters Major Varieties, 90’s Center & Far Right Mint Mark’s & Hub changes Barber quarter series: plus Major Varieties recognized by NGC & PCGS, Center vs Far Right mint marks 93-97, type 1&2 92 Reverse, 1900 obverse/reverse hub combos, and Isabella. 2/26/2021 2/1/2024 341123
Frank Burzik Type 1 & 2 us coins Complete series per Red Book 1/14/2024 1/14/2024 341
ABSAROKA COINS New Orleans Transitional 1840-‘41 An early New Orleans set consisting of varieties that mix old and new hubs. The two halves differ from one another by die state(WB-4 Earlier, WB-12 later). 1/5/2024 1/5/2024 06
Premium Coins SILVER EAGLE LIMITED EDITION SET 12/31/2023 12/31/2023 02
nmtlinuxman Saint-Gaudens No Motto All 3 gold eagles (1907, 1908, & 1908-D) and all 4 gold double eagles (1907 High Relief, 1907, 1908, & 1908-D).

Note, the following are in collection were slabbed but broken out (i.e., now raw): 1907 10D & 1907 20D
12/30/2023 12/30/2023 04
RWH98 RWH COIN SPREAD 7/1/2021 10/3/2023 3122
Wheat_Cents Lincoln Varieties: FS - CONECA and NCADD Lincoln Cents Varieties All Cherry Pickers and Coneca and NCADD 11/22/2007 9/30/2023 938151
phipps Civil War Type Set Get all type coins from the civil war years 10/31/2020 9/23/2023 14720
Pocketreasures Prooflikes from 1825-1969 Acquire as many different Pre 1971 Proof Like Type coins as possible! 6/8/2023 9/19/2023 140
Quarter Crazy Browning Bust Quarters 1796-1838 8/27/2023 8/27/2023 118
LNCS Liberty Nickel Collector Society Variety Set 4/19/2022 8/1/2023 421
Juli Weidle Weidle Custom Set To have unique, interesting and rare coins in our collection 3/10/2023 4/27/2023 349
AW Lowe Relatives in Coins Collect coins with dates that match births, marriages and significant events. 4/12/2023 4/19/2023 03
johnhenry9009 A list of Morgen Dollar VAMS. I plan on Collecting one of each known VAMs in MS. 4/16/2023 4/16/2023 23
hjb The Elizabeth Set I simply want to collect the best coins ever designed. Perhaps, later in the future, sharing these coins to those who have the same love for this professional art and hobby.. 3/31/2023 3/31/2023 123
Conly Rieder Mr Mitosis GEM Standing Liberty Quarter Varieties Part of a much larger uncirculated U.S. Type Collection. 4/19/2014 3/20/2023 2163
Hakester Franklin Half Dollar My passion is collecting the entire set or Franklin business strike, proof and varieties of both in certified slabs. Between NGC and PCGS alone, I count roughly 150 unique Franklin coins. Once you add in the ANACS and ICG and RAW coins the numbers jump another 100+ and probably more. As of today I have 108 unique Franklins and continue the challenge of finding more to add and along the way upgrading some existing to a higher grade. About 75% of my circulated and varieties are FBL. 2/24/2023 3/3/2023 4110
Charlotte Coins LLC 1882 GSA Hard Pack VAMs Collect all VAMs in the 1882 GSA Hard Packs 2/11/2023 2/11/2023 49
nmtlinuxman Draped Bust Small Eagle Type Set As many in PCGS as can afford. 12/16/2022 12/31/2022 33
Jazzbo Peace "S" Collection 12/9/2022 12/9/2022 19
Jazzbo Morgan "S" Collection 12/13/2018 12/9/2022 53626
Pelicanpusher R.M. Wright's Jefferson Nickels w/ Rev. of '38 and '40 To collect high quality examples of the 1939 Jefferson Nickels from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mints in both Mint State and Proof strikes showing the Reverse of 1938 and of 1939. 11/15/2022 11/15/2022 39
Charlotte Coins LLC 1882 GSA VAMs Collect all 82 vams in 64 or higher 11/5/2022 11/5/2022 57
Cellgazer Modern Lincoln Memorial Varieties To obtain the finest NGC graded examples of these varieties.... 10/27/2019 10/15/2022 38115
coin928 USA/Philippines - Allen Variety Set A set of all Allen varieties. A lofty and probably unattainable goal. 1/22/2013 8/12/2022 696650
IrishJoker.CLK Edmund C Moy 1999 Proof Set Hand signed by Edmund C. Moy in PF 70 condition with the Blue and White label only. 8/8/2022 8/8/2022 15
Annie oakley coins Sigature Sets 5/21/2022 8/2/2022 215
EdS2006 EdS2006 Varieties Currently interested in Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels. This set contains some varieties and errors found while completing these date collections. 8/6/2021 5/31/2022 1124
tomadams 2000 - 2020 U.S. 5/20/2022 5/20/2022 38
Jaradm Mcfitz collection New to this 5/7/2022 5/7/2022 11
LaPage315 Women on American coins A complete collection comprised of the very best populations available to me (within budget) 4/25/2022 4/28/2022 120
Jimbo';s Dimes Roosies To build a good collection of coins with value to help fund a retirement 4/23/2022 4/23/2022 21
lamarr hirsch HIRSCH 1879 S REV 78 SET 3/14/2022 3/14/2022 491
Poopyhands Master cross-reference Buffalo varieties and dateset I have compiled, packed, then reassymbled tha #1 most current cross-referenced master list of every peice of reference rather website, book, or documented. Includes Breen #s, tha wonderful Ron Pope, Mr. Flynn as well as Wexler, Variety Vista, Fivas Stanto, Etc. Includes all major varieties and select interesing fringe and minor variations. In time, this masterlist will contain ALL documented varieties. 3/5/2022 3/5/2022 4511
Premium Coins 2021 TYPE I / TYPE II GOLD AND SILVER EAGLES 3/9/2021 2/20/2022 22721
Siah The J. Perry 1988 Birth-Year Collection As of current, I am in the process of assembling the full run of the 1988 Philadelphia Mint Set. As a side-note, I chose to collect the Denver Mint Set first due to the significance of being born and raised in Denver, CO. Additionally, the '88 Mint Set struck in Denver seemed somewhat more challenging to obtain in grades of MS-66 and up with exceptional eye-appeal. Therefore, I am hoping to meet the same challenging, top-quality standards for the Philadelphia Mint Set; acquiring examples of only the best eye-appeal in MS-66 and up.

I would also like to acquire and include the 1988 "America in Space: Young Astronauts" gold issue. Thus far, this task has proven to be ambitious due to financial proponents. Nevertheless, I am hopeful an example will make it into this set eventually.

Finally, I am uncertain if I would like the include additional 1988 numismatic issues whether from other countries or exonumia examples from the U.S. I feel as though I will come to that conclusion once I have finished the prior two goals listed above; obtaining the 1988 Philadelphia Mint Set and the 1988 "America in Space: Young Astronauts" gold issue.
1/10/2017 2/16/2022 5327
Siah The J. Perry Collection of US Issues: Identical Type/Date/Grade/Variety Sub-Sets Adding as many type-date-grade-variety sets as I can possibly complete with the limited resources/budget I have as a recent college undergrad collecting as a hobby in my free time. 4/19/2014 2/10/2022 125794
Siah The J. Perry 1903 US-Philippines PF/MS Identical Type-Date-Grade Set To obtain the remaining identical grading mint-state coins to that of each proof counterpart; to fulfill the entire color designation spectrum of the 1/2C and 1C in both PF and MS in the highest possible identical PF/MS grades (already completed with the 1/2 centavo mint-state coins); and always, to upgrade to the highest possible numeric grade on any coin with the utmost alluring and eye-appealing pieces obtainable. 3/20/2014 2/4/2022 82920
John simeon Silver foxes American silver eagle labeled struck at parenthesis coins

A complete set from 2011 to 2020 which also includes the 1986 and 87 which were not struck at coins
11/22/2020 1/27/2022 33328
buickgsmike The HEIDMAN/WARREN ACHIEVEMENT 8/1/2014 1/9/2022 100188
jayh749 Canada 1953 no shoulder fold Proof Like or Specimen Proof set To validate and display, the existence of a very difficult and RARE set to assemble in any grade, slab / holder, PL, or SP. 1/2/2022 1/8/2022 406
Elijahmiller Lincoln Cent - All Varieties Fill as many varieties that I can that are within a reasonable price range. Meaning coins like: 1969 s, 1958, 1970 s, and 1988 to name a few. 1/1/2022 1/1/2022 392
AMC Collection U.S. Ship Wreck Collect as many Ship Wreck coins as I can. 12/11/2021 12/11/2021 873
wbbush Transfer 11/7/2021 12/4/2021 72202
John simeon Silver foxes 2021 transition ASE 35 1/2/36TH anniversary setHow do I bring Accumulate as money as possible examples 10/21/2021 11/29/2021 8516
Electric Peak 1838 Half Dimes My goal is fairly simple: Obtain a nice example of every discernible die variety of 1838 half dimes. In some cases, different die states are obvious and obtainable. The Small Stars obverse is a good example. I plan to add such die states as well.

As far as die marriages go, the set may already be complete. But I do not yet have one Valentine die state, the V-1A. The V-1A simply has a different die state of the V-1 obverse die. It is recognized by a crack from the right rim through the two lower arms of star 13. That crack appears on all examples of the V-2, which uses the V-1 obverse with a different reverse die. Nevertheless, I would still like to obtain a V-1A.

Two of Valentine's varieties, the V-5 and V-9, are probably early die states of the V-4 and V-13, respectively. My reasoning follows:

Valentine says V-4 and V-5 used the same obverse, that V-4 uses the same reverse as V-2, and that V-5 uses the reverse of 1837 V-2 (which has the notched leaf feature). My observation is that the V-4 reverse has a weak notched leaf. So it is possible the same reverse was used, and that V-4 (and V-2 and V-11, all three with the same diagnostic clash at (DI)ME) came after V-5 (without that clash). Lapping could have reduced the prominence of the notched leaf features.

Liberty Seated Half Dime expert Stephen Crain stated (on the Liberty Seated message boards) that V-9 may not exist as a separate variety. Kevin Flynn's book identifies V-9 with a separate repunched stars obverse. But the only photo of it in the book shows only the first five stars, and they look just like those of V-13. As for the reverse dies, Valentine says V-9 uses the same one as V-5 (notched leaf). So, the V-9 reverse could be an earlier die state of the same reverse as V-13.
6/22/2016 11/24/2021 144233
FortWorthCollector San Antonio Missions Quarters Set Build a complete set of San Antonio Missions Quarters in the highest grade that I can afford. 11/5/2021 11/5/2021 828
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2021 35th Anniv. American Silver Eagles Having them All in one place! 2/25/2021 10/25/2021 17310
BlakeDav West Point Quarters with V75 Privy Mark Collect the whole set 10/7/2021 10/7/2021 908
Mohd Azizul Khairuddin MY LOVELY COINS 10/5/2021 10/5/2021 927
GINO TUMMINIA Broke-Daddy's 2010/11 25th (Silver) Anniversary Eagle Set To keep 'em all in One Place. 9/29/2011 8/27/2021 347510
GINO TUMMINIA Broke-Daddy's 2006-Present Reverse Proof Silver Eagles Having them all in one place. 1/6/2013 8/27/2021 20057
GINO TUMMINIA Broke-Daddy's 2013 American Silver Eagles Keeping them all in one place.. 1/31/2013 8/27/2021 15966
GINO TUMMINIA Broke-Daddy's 2012 American Silver Eagles To keep 'em all in one place. 6/9/2012 8/27/2021 26788
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2019 American Silver Eagles American Silver Eagle issues of 2019 6/10/2019 8/27/2021 3389
myngcjosh Joshmechanic 8/13/2021 8/13/2021 855
nmtlinuxman Classic Head Gold Type Set 2-coin set -- desire to own same year for both. 7/1/2021 7/2/2021 1152
Warlander Funtime with POP-POP I did it with my grandpa and now I’m collecting coins with my 2 grandsons 6/26/2021 6/26/2021 9751
Kevin Gerrity Varieties, U.S. 4/28/2021 4/30/2021 1071
Disme1 Matts Collection Types 4/21/2021 4/21/2021 1139
The North Carolina Collection Mint State Classic Commem Set - Major Varieties A matched pair of each of the varieties in the US silver commemorative coin set (1892-93).
2/19/2021 2/19/2021 12612
PVZ All NGC 70 Silver Eagle Varieties including other metals & denominations from ASE sets - Type I Only As of 1/21/21, I believe I have every single Type I ASE coin except a label variety of a 2017 ASE from the Denver ANA Show, which is truly hard to find for some unknown reason. I hope to have all the Type I ASEs and associated set coins by the time the mint moves on to the new reverse later this year. 1/21/2021 2/10/2021 3657
616 MEC616 commemorative and 50c 2/7/2021 2/7/2021 11048
nmtlinuxman US Coining Metals Set One NGC-certified coin of each metal type used by the US Mint. 1/4/2021 1/28/2021 16611
David M Collins 2020 ASE Complete Set All available releases of ASEs in MS70 or PF70 with the Mercanti label from 2020. Would love to know if the ANA releases ever came in that label? 1/25/2021 1/25/2021 1328
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2020 American Silver Eagles Having them all in one place. 1/8/2020 11/23/2020 2837
Rouge86 Morgan VAM Mint Marks 11/13/2020 11/13/2020 1371
John simeon SILVER FOXES ASE ER2019PROOF COIN HORD 11/6/2020 11/6/2020 1598
adrian123456 Wiler South Africa Alternate Language and Rare Proofs Set A complete set of this series 10/26/2017 10/24/2020 52021
llr - Hoi polloi GRADED J.F.K. 50C 9/12/2020 9/12/2020 1261
llr - Hoi polloi MEDALS 9/13/2011 8/4/2020 5082
The Oak Collection Classic Head Half Eages by Variety 3/30/2020 8/1/2020 84528
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2018 American Silver Eagles 3/25/2018 7/14/2020 4247
Luckyliska My All CC Silver Dollars From 1870 to 1893 & GSA To complete a set of All Silver Dollars made at Carson City Mint 2/12/2020 6/21/2020 77440
Robodaddio Gold Nuggets NGC 6/14/2020 6/14/2020 1633
ALM Jr. ALM, Jr. GREAT NORTHWEST COLLECTION 5/7/2020 6/12/2020 29128
CHunUSMC CHunUSMC Collection evaluation of worth, maintain and likely increase collection size. 5/21/2020 6/9/2020 1599
ccroger 1882 CC Vam 2 series The goal is to find all of the varieties in this series in NGC graded GSA hardpack holders. 5/26/2020 5/26/2020 24016
Johnny Reed Collection EZ Collectibles The Johnny Reed Collection 5/21/2020 5/21/2020 1943
The Infinity Point Great American Coin Hunt Quarters All West Point mint mark quarters in at least MS-67 grade. 5/8/2020 5/8/2020 2565
K.D. Lewis kns koins, varieties The finest collection of varieties i can afford. Two finest known specimens. Several Breen only examples. And a couple of Wexlers raw and attributed in hand by him with written provenance. And three consecutive examples of RPD Liberty Head Dble Eagles. Complete 3 coin set of FS#s 1943 and 1950 RPM and OMMs, and 1963 fs-101 & fs-102 Quarters. 9/4/2015 4/5/2020 83810
GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2016 30th Anniversary Silver Eagles To have 'em all in one place . . . 2/15/2016 4/3/2020 6995
dalespeaks Nickels W 3/24/2020 3/24/2020 1972
jgrinz MRB_ 1960 Proof Set w/Varieties 10/30/2019 1/2/2020 2527
Shawn brice 2019 "First W Set" 12/13/2019 12/13/2019 2246
BlakeEik BDE American Eagles and Buffalos Varieties All different types of silver and gold bullion coins 5/4/2013 11/28/2019 62720
mike b. Mike B's Varieties 11/17/2019 11/17/2019 2808
John simeon 2016 W BLUSHING EAGLE VARIETIES 10/12/2019 10/12/2019 29511
jqderrick Derrick Franklin Set 9/24/2019 9/24/2019 82625

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