100 Top Liberty Seated Dime Varieties
Top 100 #38 1854-O Fortin 102





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: 10C 1854 O Fortin 102
Full Grade: PCGS AU 50
Owner: Gerry Fortin

Set Details

Custom Sets: 100 Top Liberty Seated Dime Varieties
Competitive Sets: This coin is not competing in any sets.

Owner Comments:

Shattered Obverse Die, a dramatic and massive circular die crack through the date and arrows - A rare and highly desireable variety due to a massive die crack that nearly encircles the obverse. Moving clockwise, the die crack begins above Star 7, passes through the top of Liberty's head, through Star 8, the flag, Stars 9 - 13, down through all four digits and arrows in the date and exits to the rim below Star 1. In a late die state, the die crack at the date forms a shelf like boundary between the date area and the rim denticles directly below the date. One must speculate that this die became terminal after striking the plate coin. Surprisingly, this variety comes well struck. Reverse B has a centered Large O mintmark with significant rim cudding.

Plate Coin; Greer plate coin and one of the highest grade examples seen

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