100 Top Liberty Seated Dime Varieties
Top 100 #9 1838 Fortin 111a





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: 10C 1838 Fortin 111a
Full Grade: PCGS AU 58
Owner: Gerry Fortin

Set Details

Custom Sets: 100 Top Liberty Seated Dime Varieties
Competitive Sets: This coin is not competing in any sets.

Owner Comments:

Cracked Obverse #3, die crack starting at Star 6 proceeding diagonally through Liberty, then to rim below foot - Obverse 7 is the last of the 1838 obverse dies with a bisecting die crack. In this case, the die crack originates at Star 7 and proceeds through Liberty's left shoulder, across her body and left leg and finally exits below her foot to the rim. Star 13 is strongly repunched. Reverse H, in a later die state, shows a die crack starting at the rim above STA(T)ES, through ST(AT)ES and terminating within the upper left wreath. This die state still exhibits die scratches behind the ribbon bow. Reverse H will be used again in 1839 for one final die pairing. I have seen more examples of Obverse 8 with the later die state of Reverse H than without the reverse die crack.

Plate Coin; Greer plate coin

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