HK-19 AR, Nevada Dollar, U.S. Centennial Exposition 1876





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States Philadelphia, PA 1876
Design Description: Nevada Dollar, U.S. Centennial Expo
Item Description: Silver SC$1 1876 PA HK-19 NEVADA DOLLAR US CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION HK-19, Julian CM-36
Full Grade: NGC AU Details
Owner: Spencer Collection

Owner Comments:

Medal, 1876, AR, NEVADA DOLLAR, U.S. CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, So Called Dollar HK-19 Silver, NGC AU Details (Looks like Proof Like Unc), Cert# 3382773-003. One of the rarest so-called dollar medals. Obv. Liberty Bell between Minute Man and Soldier, clouds below, to l. 1776, to r. 1876, above (on ribbon) Centennial all within center circle; outside, around Let God be with us as He was with our fathers; Rev. Mining scene, above Nevada--in center circle; outside, around Made from Nevada ore at International Exhibition; below * All for our country *. HK-19 Silver. 38mm. Julian CM-36. Medal was product of 1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia; engraved by William Barber; 2526 pieces struck from Nevada silver ore at U.S. Mint, Philadelphia; sold at Nevada Building on grounds for $1.25. Following certificate accompanied each medal: "Mint of the United States. Philadelphia. Coiner's Department. June 20, 1876. I certify that the Nevada Exposition Medals, prepared in this department, and this day delivered to Mr. C. C. Stevenson, Chairman of the Nevada State Board, are made of pure silver, crushed from Nevada ores, at the Nevada quartz mill located in the Centennial Exposition grounds and subsequently refined at the United States Mint. (Signed) A. Loudon Snowden, Coiner."

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