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The Official Hawaii Statehood Medals

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Last Modified:  9/20/2014
Set Description
On August 21, 1959, Hawaii joined the United States of America its 50th State. The Official Hawaii Statehood medals were authorized by Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 12, adopted by the First Legislature of the State of Hawaii meeting in special session October 22, 1959.

These medals commemorate the entry of Hawaii as a new state into the Union. This was a historical event that has affected my upbringing as I lived through the transition from Territory of Hawaii to the State of Hawaii.

These medals were struck by Medallic Art Company (MACO) and nationally distributed by The Coin and Currency Institute Inc. of New York and California.

These medals are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The bronze medal weights 126.9 grams. The sterling silver medal weighs 136.7 grams. The gold medal weighs 216.3 grams.

Set Goals
The purpose of this set is to be a numismatic reference for the 1959 Official Hawaii Statehood medals, as such, my goals are to:

1) Secure a 2M-2b (unlisted) specimen
2) Secure a 2MS-3 specimen
3) Advocate an errata sheet for Medcalf and Russell 1991, Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog, 2nd edition. There are many errors and deletions in this book. Error examples for the Official Hawaii Statehood medals:

a. Book indicates 19,700 bronze struck (MACO source indicates 29,599)
b. Book indicates 3,000 sterling silver struck (MACO source indicates 3,154)
c. Book indicates 50 gold struck (MACO source indicates 58 gold medals struck
All gold medals have Niihau spelled correctly.
d. Book brushes over the existence of a bronze "production set" (aka progression set). With only 30 known sets, this makes it rarer than the gold version. In addition, it increases the series by 4) more varieties (blank, strike 1, strike 2, strike 3). The differentiators are the flange (extra metal that is to be trimmed off later in the production process) and the bright bronze shine (to be oxidized for an antique finish in the final production process). See Source 3 reference.
e. Book fails to mention the "production set" contains 6 medals.

4) (COMPLETED) Proved my thesis of three strikings of the sterling silver medal:
1st striking - Niihau error (serial number 1 - 1043)
2nd striking - Niihau correction (serial number 1044-2500)
3rd striking - Niihau correction
(serial 2501-3000, Hawaii citizens advocated more silver medals to be struck)
(154 with no serial numbers, provided to Lieutenant Governor James K. Kealoha, should have its own catalog number assigned)

5) (COMPLETED) Identify of the lowest sterling silver medal's serial number where the Niihau spelling error was corrected.

#1044 is the actual marker for the lowest non-error medal. #1043 is the last Niihau spelling error.

Roughly 35% of the 3,000 struck are error. To put it into a better perspective, a little over 1/3 of the medals are the NII HAU error type.




Updated 09/20/2014

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Owner Comments
View Coin 2MS-1 Hawaii Statehood 63.5mm 1959 BRONZE HAWAII STATEHOOD 2MS-1 NGC MEDAL MS 65 29,599 struck in Bronze. The island of Niihau is spelled correctly. Unknown number spelled correctly.
View Coin 2MS-1a Hawaii Statehood 63.5mm 1959 BRONZE HAWAII STATEHOOD 2MS-1a NGC MEDAL MS 65 29,599 struck in Bronze. The island of Niihau is spelled incorrectly. Unknown number spelled incorrectly.
View Coin 2MS-2 Hawaii Statehood 63.5mm 1959 SILVER HAWAII STATEHOOD 2MS-2 #1266 NGC MEDAL MS 64 3,145 struck in Sterling Silver.
1,043 (estimated with edge number) struck in Sterling Silver with NII HAU error
(serial number 1043 is the last NII HAU error and serial number 1044 is the first NIIHAU correction medal).
View Coin 2MS-2a Hawaii Statehood Sterling Silver 63.5mm 1959 SILVER HAWAII STATEHOOD 2MS-2a #33 NGC MEDAL MS 65 2MS-2a (serial number 33). This is an oversized medal (63.5 mm).
29,599 struck in Bronze
1,043 struck in Sterling Silver with NII HAU error
(medal number 1044 is the "transition medal" in which the spelling error was corrected)
1,956 struck in Sterling Silver with NIIHAU spelled correctly
154 struck in Sterling Silver without edge number
58 struck in Gold

Unlisted (new 2MS-2b) Hawaii Statehood Sterling Silver 63.5mm 1959 SILVER HAWAII STATEHOOD UNLISTED (NO SERIAL NUMBER) Unlisted in 1991 Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog 2nd Edition, by Medcalf & Russell. MACO records indicate 154 sterling silver medals were struck without edge serial number.
2MS-3 Hawaii Statehood 63.5mm 1959 GOLD HAWAII STATEHOOD 2MS-3 Only 58 medals were struck in gold. The island of Niihau is spelled correctly on 2MS-3.
Progression Set Plaque Hawaii Statehood 63.5mm 1959 BRONZE HAWAII STATEHOOD Set of 6 medals in 5 stages of production This set is called by several different names: production sample set, production run set, process set or progression set.

The focus of this progression set is the high relief 1959 Official Hawaii Statehood medal. It showcases five stages of the medal production effort with an actual medal from each of the five stages. This set contains a blank planchet, medal after first strike, medal after second strike, medal after third strike and completed medal (obverse and reverse).

Picture of the second strike is shown. Note the untrimmed medal (also known as a flange) extending beyond the rim (high relief medals are normally struck without a collar).

Hawaiian Money 2nd edition, 1991, by Medcalf & Russell, page 100, states that only 30 such sets were produced.

The pictured progression set is sealed display plaque and of high quality workmanship. Strike 1, 2 and 3 are NOT uniface medals.These medals struck with both the obverse and reverse design. These strike medals are in bronze without the finished

It is believed that this progression set was a display plaque created by the Medallic Art Company for the Coin and Currency Institute (national distributor of the medal) to showcase the medal and the process to produce them.

Note: An Alaska Statehood Medal progression set also exists in similar sealed display plaque.

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