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Last Modified:  5/29/2018
Set Description
The no stars Liberty Seated Coins

Set Goals
On of each of the no stars Liberty Seated Coins

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View Coin The 1.0 Gobrecht UNITED STATES $1 1836 SILVER GOBRECHT J-60 DIE ALIGNMENT I NGC PF 58 This is truly an original original. There has been a great deal of study on the sequencing of these dollars. One of the relatively early revelations was that the name below base, which was always assumed to have preceded the name on base, actually was likely struck later than the name on base of 1836. During the original striking in December of 1836, the first coins were struck. Only those of the earliest group are free from diagnostic die cracks and clash marks. This coin is free of one of two of the earliest die state changes. The first is a die chip in the denticles peripheral to the second A in America on the reverse. (I photographed this coin in a manner so that you when you click on the image this die chip is visible.) The second is a die clash that extends upward and outward from the eagle's right wing, not seen on this coin. That makes this coin likely between number 200-400 in sequence according to John Dannreuther. See June 2009 Numismatist Pg 55 by Dannreuther & Shalley. The upshot is that this is probably one of the first ~400 coins minted. The weight is 416 grains and is of .892 fine silver (January issues and restrikes were made with he new standard .9 fine silver with at weight of 412 grains.) NGC declines to opine as to Original versus Restrike stating there is not enough data to make that determination. After the research leading up and the review of the Dr. Korein collection there is ample data to make these determinations and both PCGS and ANACS do!. I am not a fan of PCGS but here they have NGC beat. The coin here is in good condition, given that they were released into the hands officials and citizens. These coins were minted at circulation speed on the new steam press, that is one strike per coin as opposed to the multiple blows that proof coins receive. The new steam press was place in to service in March of 1836.
View Coin 1837 0.05 Gobrecht UNITED STATES H10C 1837 SEATED NGC MS 63 Interesting 30 degree reverse clockwise (CW) die rotation
View Coin 1837 0.10 Gobrecht UNITED STATES 10C 1837 SEATED NGC MS 61 The Philadelphia Gobrecht dime
View Coin 1838-O 0.05 Gobrecht UNITED STATES H10C 1838 O NGC MS 62 Wow try finding this coin in a nice uncirculated grade. Many Unc's have the appearance of Miss Liberty's feet being washed away as though they were made of sand. The washed away appearance of the feet and date is as struck but not attractive to me. Consequently I have avoided those strikes and as a result it took me 3 years to find this coin. I love the sharpness and the New Orleans mint. It has original color. There are likely less than 300 of these no stars half dimes still in existence. This is the rarest of the "mini-Gobrichts".
View Coin 1838-O 0.10 Gobrecht UNITED STATES 10C 1838 O PCGS AU 50 The New Orleans Gobrecht dime

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