Set Category: Token & Medals

Set Name: All that I have left Part - III US coins from 1700

Set Description: None of my coins will have anyone say wow! I do have some nice coins but that is as far as I will go. My listing (set) starts with colonials and ends with modern U.S. issues. Modern commemoratives are listed separately.

Set Goals: I started collecting coins in the mid 1950’s. In the mid 70’s I started dealing at a shows. When I went to coin shows before I started dealing I would walk by every table that had anything foreign, or had bank notes or medals. However after I started dealing I became friends with dealers who sold those items and I started looking at their material. I found a lot of it to be beautiful, and the foreign material was much more beautiful than US items. Before I knew it I was hooked. I sold off most of what I had and was replacing it with material I never thought I would own. My criteria for buying numismatic material then and now became 1) the item had to be above average grade, 2) I have to find the item “attractive” to me, 3) I love finding a rarity and 4) any connection to places I lived or family origin is a plus. I also built up a large numismatic library. I wish NGC would allow us to list our numismatic library under signature (or maybe even competitive) sets.

When my son went off to college I sold my collection (for students from outside Michigan the U of M is not cheap). I kept very few pieces from that collection. In fact the only pieces I can remember for sure are a silver dirhem of Genghis Khan (M-1496), 1930 Ten Kronur from Iceland, a 1922 no D cent with strong reverse and four Swiss Shooting Medals. I am sure there were a few more pieces. I thought I was done with coins but I was wrong. Before long I found I was being drawn back to them. However my disposable income was not what it once was and I only had modest amounts I could spend on items I purchased. I again started collecting until 2005. When I retired and needed to supplement my income and I started selling off my collection. Maybe I should have gone cold turkey (as I did when my son went to college) and just sell it all, but I just could not bring myself to do that. So I slowly go through my collection looking at each coin and saying yes or no. When more funds are needed I repeat the process. It really does get harder each time.

But believe it or not, I still can not quit. When I sell off a part of my collection I typically take a modest percentage of what my sale netted and purchase one or two new pieces. Regardless of the type of material I sold my new purchases would be “raw” medieval coins or world coins from 1600. Why? Being up here in Vermont there are few locations that cater to my collecting likes and I no longer have much money. So that leaves me with eBay. And let’s face it, the number of world coins being offered at any moment on eBay is enormous. So why buy world vs. US coins? I would not buy a US coin on eBay unless it was slabbed. In my opinion, a preponderance of the raw US coins sold on eBay fall into one of the following two categories. One they are either low grade and can not justify the slabbing fee or two they are impaired. I do not want such coins. If it is a slabbed US coin it will bring a price that is fair but well above what it would bring if it were raw, thus leaving me a little chance to make money if I have to sell it in a year or two. World coins on eBay have the same problems but slabs have not caught on out side the US as they have here. So when really nice world coins are offered on eBay the tendency is for them to sell for at least one full grade below their actual grade. Why, there is that ever present concern when buying a coin on eBay – I am being had? Is the photo hiding something? I have been had with some of my eBay purchases but you can judge for yourself on those that were returned slabbed. I identify those bought on eBay and how much I paid. To see what I paid you have to click on “Photo”. When selecting a coin on eBay on which to bid I look for condition (I want no signs that the coin was ever cleaned or that the coin is impaired), grade and what I think the coin is worth based on catalogue values.
looking at each coin and saying yes or no. When more funds are needed I repeat the process. It really does get harder each time. What I list here is what I have left.

To date I have listed “All I have Left Parts I, II, III, IV & V.” I have one more part to list but I am waiting until I have the funds to certify the items in that group. Part VI will basically consist of medals and tokens.

Owner:     RAM-VT

custom-best-noNumber.png Best Overall Custom Set

Signature Set Details:
Slot NameCoin InfoGraded ByCountry
Colonial 1/2P 1723 IRELAND NGCIRELAND - 1603-1823
Colonial (none) 1787 Conn. Copper PCGSUNITED STATES
Colonial (none) 1787 Std Left Nova Eborac PCGSUNITED STATES
Colonial (none) 1786 "ENSIUM" Vermont Copper NGCUNITED STATES
Colonial (none) 1787 Vermont Britannia PCGSUNITED STATES
Colonial (none) No Date Plain Edge Kentucky Copper PCGSUNITED STATES
Colonial (none) No Date Lg But RE Washington Grate PCGSUNITED STATES
Lincoln Cent 1C 1914 D NGCUNITED STATES
Jefferson Nickel 5C 1994 P NGCUNITED STATES
Bust Half Dollar 50C 1822 NGCUNITED STATES
Walking Liberty Half 50C 1942 DDR VP-001,FS-801 NGCUNITED STATES
Kennedy Half Dollar 50C 1998 S SILVER NGCUNITED STATES
Silver Dollar $1 1843 Seated Liberty Dollar PCGSUNITED STATES
Gold Dollar - Type 3 G$1 1874 Lg Indian Head Gold Dollar PCGSUNITED STATES
Liberty Head Double Eagle $20 1891 S NGCUNITED STATES
Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 1924 NGCUNITED STATES

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