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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
Chuck Brinkman IV Silver Eagles 8/9/2013
路鹏 A complete set of commemorative coins of the people's Republic of China 116 10/19/2020 10/19/2020 21
br549z 2015 GE FD MS-70 4 COINS 10/17/2020 10/17/2020 24
Millard Coins on Hand 10/16/2020 10/17/2020 318
Oconomowoc 1st Spouse MS70 10/17/2020 10/17/2020 289
Oconomowoc 1st Spouse PF70 10/17/2020 10/17/2020 290
Oconomowoc G$10 First Spouses 10/17/2020 10/17/2020 2180
Oconomowoc spouses 10/17/2020 10/17/2020 2180
Ray, USMC ALL NGC Certified, Large cents by the numbers (Year Set) My goals for this set are simply this. To assemble this set in a year format from 1793 to 1857 and have at least 1 coin from each year with at least 1 attributed variety for each of those years. It will almost certainly never be complete as the two 1793 coins ( chain reverse & liberty cap) will probably never be something I will be able to afford. For now I am satisfied with the 1793 I have. I will never give up the search. Please enjoy as I do. 9/13/2020 10/17/2020 160100
Harlan#2 A Seated Liberty Grading Set - or is it a Type Set? To construct a Type Set organized by grade, to include a) all circulated grades 1-58, b) one example of an UNC Shipwreck Effect Coin, c) one example of a Mint State coin, d) one example of a Proof coin, and e) at least one CAC coin at every grade level. To develop this set further I need to learn more: I must unpack more of the info about my coins that, as I'm discovering, is often hiding in plain sight. I will also keep my eyes open for new varieties. 10/22/2019 10/16/2020 161106
nmtlinuxman 1803 Copper/Silver US Mint Set All non-gold denominations minted in 1803 in certified slabs. 8/1/2020 10/15/2020 205
G man 1883-1912 Liberty Head Nickel 12/27/2012 10/15/2020 1011
silverpoorslabs Graded American Silver Eagles To obtain high grade American SIlver Eagles 10/7/2020 10/7/2020 262
nmtlinuxman Three Cent Silver Trimes Complete (date and mint mark) series certified by NGC (25 total). 2/7/2020 10/3/2020 9121
Legionary1 World War II coinage of the United States To assemble a set of U.S coinage issued between 1939 and 1945; all dates, denominations and mint marks inclusive. All coins will have as high a grade as possible. 3/16/2019 10/2/2020 20298
guenther trust Isle of Man Legend of King Arthur 9/24/2020 10/1/2020 79
Von Werner Marvel Mint State My goal is to assimilate the Entire MS Tuvalu Marvel Series, as it comes out, all in MS70 red core Marvel holders. Let’s hope it goes for a long time! 6/22/2018 10/1/2020 2028
jtbundy Society of Medalists A leisurely stroll through these beautiful and important medals. My goal is to collect one of each, but if varieties are available will look at those as well. Using David Thomason Alexander's American Art Medals, 1909-1995 as a guide, as well as references from and 8/29/2020 9/25/2020 196
jtbundy Laura Gardin Fraser Collect medals and coins of Laura Gardin Fraser 6/11/2020 9/25/2020 7613
Barry Macciocca $0.01: US Cents - Flying Eagle & Indian Head 10/22/2017 9/19/2020 1165
SFCollector My Complete Morgan Date Set 1/12/2018 9/17/2020 50760
GAM Novus Nummus Perfectus Collect a PF 70 Ultra Cameo version of all us coins (cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, halfs, and dollars) minted from 1999 to current. 2/12/2017 9/12/2020 641259
coin928 USA/Philippines - 1904 Mint Set A complete 1904 Philadelphia, San Francisco Mint Set for the USA/Philippines series. This set is complete, although upgrades may be made from time to time.

Rev 10/4/2019
12/12/2014 9/7/2020 86211
darryl f jones 2006 Completist of Postmodern United States Coins Since the introduction of slabbing, in the mid-1980's, I wanted to have a complete set of NGC Certified 2006 United States Coins (excluding Commemorative Coins).
With the inception of NGC Certification and The Registry this complete 2006 NGC Certification Coin Collection set would be a one-of-a-kind. In order to complete this task my collection had to be in eleven competitive categories of the registry. Of those eleven categories I could be sharing nine first place listing with other collectors and two categories I would be in first place exclusively alone. Also when combining these coins in a Custom Registry Set it allowed me to add ten additional coins that is not included in the competitive sets.
As a Collectors Society Member this 100 coin NGC Custom Registry Set includes the highest graded coins based on the NGC Population.
Coin population needed to achieve goal: Mint Set - Business Strikes MS67 = 8, MS68 = 12, MS69 = 4. Satin Finish (SMS) MS69 = 23, MS70 = 1. Proof Set - Silver PR70 = 10, Clad PR70 = 7. American Eagle Bullion (Silver, Gold and Platinum) MS70 = 20, PR70 = 11, Reverse Proof (Silver and Gold) PR70 = 2. Buffalo Gold MS70 = 1, PR70 = 1. Total coins = 100. Special note: All American Eagles (Silver, Gold and Platinum) coins are First Strikes or Early Releases because the population numbers will not change.

8/24/2009 9/4/2020 2495101
Chuck Brinkman IV Morgan Dollars 8/10/2013 9/4/2020 17536
Thalermaniac DAVENPORT SERIES, GERMAN TALERS This collection was inspired by spectacular variety of German Coinage which is described by John S. Davenport in His Books of German Talers and European Crowns. We are presenting COMPLETE or almost complete Series of Talers and Crowns of 5 Mark minted by different rulers at different time period. Every Set of Talers reflects certain Ruler of particular German State at the certain period of time. We tried to represent at least one example of each type of Taler. All coins are numerated with Davenport Numbers for convenience. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions to improve quality of our Set.
This Set is for sale, please make your offers!! Contact E-mail is
2/3/2011 9/1/2020 6658110
Boxcarburt 2019 U.S. Explore & Discover Set 8/22/2020 8/22/2020 197
nmtlinuxman US Denominations Set One coin from each US circulation denomination in an NCG-certified slab. 8/10/2018 8/18/2020 19818
nmtlinuxman US Mint Marks One unique coin bearing each US mint mark in an NGC-certified slab. 6/5/2018 8/18/2020 21110
Millard Kennedy Half 6/6/2015 8/14/2020 1812
Millard 1 Once Silver 11/14/2018 8/13/2020 832
SKY300X3 Modern Silver Issues 1992 to Date 8/5/2020 8/12/2020 18191
616 AMERICAN CENTS INDIAN-WHEAT-MEMORIAL. Allowing anyone to see these beautiful
8/12/2020 8/12/2020 1843
616 AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES 1986 TO PRESENT-PR-MS To share these beautiful coins With anyone who is interested. 8/12/2020 8/12/2020 2344
KajunKoin KajunKoin US Half Dollars 1/28/2017 8/8/2020 12377
jtbundy Pied Piper Ice Cream Presidents Began after noticing a token in Rulau and Fuld’s Medallic Portraits of Washington for a presidential token of George Washington being the first in the series. This has set me on a journey for collecting these tokens. 7/16/2020 8/7/2020 347
llr $1 SAC. MS GRADED 1/13/2018 8/4/2020 1361
RGR67 Franklin Half Set 2/29/2020 8/3/2020 10940
mmarchman quarter 3/13/2018 8/1/2020 472
AcesKings Aces Half Dollars 6/7/2013 7/29/2020 54339
PVZ NGC Limited Edition Proof Set NGC recently decided to include the 2012 LE ASE in the registry even though they don't allow for any points and say it is non-competitive and for display purposes only. My goal is to get NGC to include the 2012 in the registry as a normal (albeit low population) coin. 7/25/2020 7/25/2020 2251
PVZ NGC Annual Dollar Sets 2007 - Present 7/25/2020 7/25/2020 2241
llr modern commoratives 12/12/2010 7/20/2020 915101
George Old Salt George & Shirley 20th Century type set with Gold 5/21/2020 7/20/2020 5653
gherrmann44 The Coins and Medals of Laura Gardin Fraser Collect as many of the coins and medals designed by Laura Gardin Fraser as possible. Despite having won the 2016 Most Creative Custom Set Award, I fully intend to continue adding pieces to this set as I identify, purchase, and have them graded. 9/19/2015 7/19/2020 557236
Ricky L. Snyder ANTIETAM COMMEMORATIVES 9/4/2010 7/12/2020 224
llr RUB'S COMMEN'S HALF $ 5/23/2017 7/9/2020 30611
mmarchman Ike dollars 6/3/2017 6/28/2020 1677
American Coin Cabinet American Coin Cabinet Seated Liberty Coins 6/28/2020 6/28/2020 322
Chuck Brinkman IV Peace Dollars 8/9/2013 6/26/2020 17927
BOOMERS4434 SILVER EAGLES 50 STATES 7K LIMITED ISSUE 6/22/2020 6/22/2020 213
Barry Macciocca $1.00: US Dollars - Silver Eagle 10/22/2017 6/20/2020 256122
Softail15 Treasures of the United States Set of 50 ( one for each State) Monthly subscription in alphabetical order 6/10/2020 6/10/2020 441
Chuck Brinkman IV Franklin Half Dollar set 8/10/2013 6/8/2020 1575
cagdomain CAG Graded Coins 1/3/2013 6/1/2020 30056
cagdomain CAG FIVE CENT JEFFERSON 4/29/2013 6/1/2020 1626
Oregon_Kevin Flying Eagles & Indian Cents • 1857-1878 XF40-AU58 Brown
• 1879-1909 MS63-MS65 Color
12/5/2019 5/21/2020 24025
George Old Salt George & Shirley's Morgan Carson City Set 1/12/2018 5/19/2020 1708
HT SME 2019 Silver Limited Edition Proof ER Set #2 Collect the 8-coin 2019-S Limited Edition Proof Set with the Early Releases attribute. 5/11/2020 5/12/2020 378
HT SME Gold Coins, All, Modern, Del's Collectoin Document all slabbed coins and raw coins from the Ed Lange Collection, and purchased from the U.S. Mint. 5/7/2020 5/7/2020 388
DR92 Isle of Man Christmas 4/30/2020 4/30/2020 252
Drew Boxwell All Gold Coins 4/26/2020 4/26/2020 5254
Tyrock Mayfair NGC Type Coins 4/23/2020 4/24/2020 3820
Tyrock Mayfair Carson City Dollars 4/24/2020 4/24/2020 274
Tyrock Mayfair Early S Mint Mark Set 7/9/2017 4/23/2020 1765
Roberto Cantoni Bullion American Silver Eagle 4/3/2020 4/15/2020 495
RGR67 RGR - Silver Proof Sets 1/12/2014 4/5/2020 8566
JRomulus JRomulus ALL St. Gaudens 2/18/2017 4/4/2020 25620
michael22 (S) Bullion Silver Eagles 8/4/2016 4/4/2020 14825
elp21091966 Panama Proof Set 1962 This rare set from 1962, little is known of its history, was coined in the mint of England, and only 25 pieces of each denomination were made. This set especially belonged to one of the largest Richard Stuart collections and is placed here as a tribute to his passion for Panamanian Numismatics 6/18/2019 4/2/2020 1345
elp21091966 Panama Proof Set 1904 This set has a spectacular history, which is why our interest in being able to publish it so that the whole world can marvel at this extremely rare and rare set, 12 sets were minted, delivered to different personalities, among which the President Teddy Roosvelt of the United States and the President Manuel Amador Guerrero of Panama in 1904, Currently we can indicate that there are only 5 complete confirmed sets, three in the hands of Panamanian collectors and two by collectors outside of Panama. 6/18/2019 4/2/2020 1414
michael22 Morgan Date Set Working on a graded collection of one per date with small groups of each mint mark. 8/4/2016 3/31/2020 1357
nmtlinuxman Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagles Complete (date and mint mark) series certified at AU-55 or above. 8/31/2019 3/24/2020 13015
Brooklyn Joe American Eagle Silver 7/13/2015 3/21/2020 546184
G man 1921-1935 Peace Dollar 1/9/2017 3/19/2020 401
Robert J Hewitt Figure Eight 3/16/2020 3/16/2020 513
Star City Homer Homer's Gold 1997 Proof Britannias 3/29/2015 3/10/2020 874
HUMAN COLLECTION It's all about the Rands and Cents To assemble the best Rands and Cents collection consisting of all possible varieties. In other words; this set will include all silver and nickel Rands in MS, MSDPL, MSPL, PL, PF, PFCA and PFUC. All cents are collected in BN, RB and RD color variations including Cameo and Ultra Cameo specimens. 10/9/2017 3/9/2020 564443
Firemickey ASE MS69 1986-Current Continue set every year 8/2/2015 2/26/2020 37335
Oregon_Kevin Shield Nickels With Major Variety • AU58-MS64 common dates
• Problem free scarce dates
11/28/2019 2/22/2020 16212
Centuria JAG Collection Venezuelan coins of 20C & 1 Bolivar (1874-2012 Get at the higher grade possible 1/21/2016 2/15/2020 54137
Chibiyosi Modern Shooting Festival Coins' Champion Collection I'm sure I am the champion collector of SWISS modern shooting festival coins.
Because I have 30 unique coins.
No one catch me up forever.
But I am still challenger too.
I will get new issues including VIP coins.
My Dream is bring up this series to be the TOP Stars.
2/8/2020 2/13/2020 11336
Golf2 My Morgan Dollars To collect all dates and mint marks except the 1895 proof Morgan dollars. 6/18/2015 2/9/2020 73101
llr AMER. INNO. $ 2/7/2020 2/7/2020 701
llr 50C SILVER PF JFK GRADED 8/29/2016 2/7/2020 1171
dleonard-3 Leonard Family - Dansco 5 - Lincoln Shield Cents 2010 to date My goals for this set are:
1. Fill all holes in this album with GEM red uncirculated coins.
2. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade.
Given these goals, this set will never be finished.
8/17/2018 2/7/2020 18423
llr s$1 MS silver eagles 1/18/2011 1/29/2020 4807
Philip Long 2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagles 1/13/2020 1/13/2020 601
Philip Long 2019 Silver Proof Set & W-Mint Lincoln Penney 1/12/2020 1/12/2020 6711
Philip Long 2019 Native American Dollars 1/12/2020 1/12/2020 653
Philip Long 2019 Lincoln W-Mint Cents 1/12/2020 1/12/2020 755
MAJOR TUCKER'S Coin & Bullion MAJOR TUCKER"S Coin & Bullion Steel cents High Quality Graded Steel cents from PDS 1/11/2020 1/11/2020 773
rkc663 Kennedy Limited Edition Silver Set 2012 - Now Complete 1/9/2020 1/9/2020 692
JKMulcahey Massachusetts Coppers Get one of each in any grade, and then upgrade 12/15/2019 1/8/2020 1052
Themadhouse6 2012 San Francisco Eagles 8/10/2013 1/6/2020 2787
Beanbo $1 Gold Piece-Liberty Head Type 1 - NGC 6/8/2017 12/30/2019 1336
Beanbo US Commemoratives - NGC 6/12/2017 12/30/2019 11811
Beanbo Quarter Eagle-Indian Head - NGC 6/12/2017 12/30/2019 17511
Beanbo Quarter Eagle-Coronet - NGC 6/12/2017 12/30/2019 1267
Beanbo Half Eagle-Indian Head - NGC 3/22/2017 12/30/2019 19626

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