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Set Name
Set Goals
PAL Collection Ancient Stars 11/5/2022 6/17/2024 4151
CEC66 Ancient Greco-Roman Collection Greco-Roman collection prior to the Roman Empire. 6/8/2024 6/16/2024 37
CEC66 Render unto Caesar Roman Empire Collection 6/8/2024 6/8/2024 311
Kohaku The Roman Empire Discover the Roman Empire through numismatics.
8/14/2014 6/8/2024 19219301
The Bray Collection The Twelve Caesars 5/22/2024 6/5/2024 315
AVALEIGH ANCIENT PERSIAN (AV, AR) 10/20/2016 5/30/2024 84118
Janovsky's Corona Collection Janovsky´s Corona Ancient Gold 1/15/2024 5/30/2024 238
CarlH Roman Emperor Portrait Coins Complete the set of emperors with portraits and continue to upgrade existing coins. Additionally, eventually adding Caesars, pretenders, and Empresses. 8/10/2014 5/26/2024 3687150
CarlH Major Roman Error Coins Continue to add major Roman error coins. 5/25/2024 5/26/2024 120
Simmoleon Simmoleon's Mediterranean Collection Nice Examples of historically important coins from the ancient world 12/10/2021 5/17/2024 6414
bubbastubbs Twelve Caesars Plus To put together all of the 12 Caesars in silver Denarius 9/2/2021 5/8/2024 13819
Lord Ajwad Islamic coin The best islamic collection… 4/25/2022 5/8/2024 2051
AVALEIGH ANCIENT CARTHAGE (AR, EL & AU) & NUMIDIAN (AE & AR) 11/21/2017 5/3/2024 4849
Big Daddy Big Daddy’s Ancients 4/29/2024 4/29/2024 13
AVALEIGH ANCIENT CELTIC (AV, EL, AR, Bi, AE) 11/19/2017 4/28/2024 52518
AVALEIGH ANCIENT GREEK EL, AR & AE The Collection has goals of illustrating the Evolution of coinage in the Greek world and the Variety and Diversity of Styles and Aesthetic achievement in Ancient Greek Greek related coinage. 8/21/2016 4/28/2024 1497111
AVALEIGH ANCIENT GREEK EMPIRES 9/27/2023 4/27/2024 143
JJThomson JJThomson Ancients - Constantine I Collect all variations of Constantine I The Great - for Theta Psi - Order of Constantine Recipients. 4/27/2024 4/27/2024 02
Thomas78 Reper Collection of The Julio-Claudian dynasty in denarii 4/20/2024 4/23/2024 04
R.PATUREAU Ancient Greek silver To get at list one silver per state during the 400 to 600 BC period 3/30/2024 3/30/2024 06
greydogmusic Julius Caesar to Julian II The Apostate To have a nice coin for each Emperor during this time period. More than one coin for an emperor is fine. 3/28/2024 3/28/2024 113
Eddmmann Parthian Kingdom Greek Empires Complete Arsacid Dynasty set with variants 7/3/2023 3/7/2024 236
Lost_in_reality Roman Ancients - Republic and Imperial Collecting for the enjoyment and learning a bit of history in the process. 9/1/2019 3/2/2024 990158
Von Werner Roman Empire Emperors To obtain a certified example of each Emperor, Caesar, Usurper, and key figure of the Roman Empire, beginning with the Imperatorial period, through the Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, and Byzantine Empire, teaching history to those that explore this collection. 7/11/2018 2/25/2024 3822447
deposito Second Punic War As many nice coins from the Second Punic War era, preferably of silver, and of gold if I'm lucky. This is primarily a study of the anonymous denarius coinage starting in 211, but includes some contemporary circulating coinage that would have been recognized by Mediterranean mercenaries and merchants alike. 10/6/2018 2/15/2024 70267
Christopher Melton CWMs Ancient Coins 1/25/2024 1/25/2024 04
Siskko Old coins 1/12/2024 1/12/2024 01
oldsoftware Roman Empire(denarius set) 1/6/2024 1/6/2024 02
AVALEIGH ANCIENT FORGERIES 8/25/2016 12/25/2023 63422
AVALEIGH ANCIENT EARLIEST COINAGE (EL, AV, AR) 11/14/2017 12/15/2023 18711
RWJ I had to Rome over to Greece to find ! 12/15/2023 12/15/2023 11
Uncharted_Will The Five Good Emperors of Rome (Denarius Type Set) Collect a silver denarius for each of the five good Roman Emperors. 11/10/2023 11/14/2023 45
AVALEIGH ANCIENT ROMAN BRONZE 7/2/2023 10/28/2023 267
AVALEIGH ANCIENT ROMAN REPUBLIC (AE & AR) 11/28/2017 10/18/2023 02
AVALEIGH ANCIENT GREEK GOLD 8/25/2016 9/27/2023 100212
Bullionaire_ Ancient - Roman Empire To obtain a certified example of each Emperor, Caesar, Usurper, and key figure of the Roman Empire, beginning with the Imperatorial period, through the Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, and Byzantine Empire, teaching history to those that explore this collection. 9/14/2023 9/14/2023 11
GaiusAelius Thesaurus Aeli Too many goals. 9/9/2023 9/9/2023 19
SBR Collection Greco-Roman coins Accumulate the variety of coins used during the Greco-Roman Period 5/21/2023 7/14/2023 24
Denme Den ancients 6/18/2023 6/18/2023 07
Weezie Belle Ancient Real Money Keep collecting The Precious 5/31/2023 5/31/2023 06
Joseph Gregor Roman Emperors in Coins To Collect at Least One Coin for each Roman Emperor 5/28/2023 5/28/2023 06
SBR Collection Tabaristan Expand my collection and knowledge of coins 5/26/2023 5/26/2023 11
PGiu PGAncients Focusing on silver but slowly growing bronze coins. 5/20/2023 5/20/2023 017
AustinMMUS The Coin Collectors Coin Set Learn, and spread information about the time periods in which these coins were in circulation. 5/16/2023 5/16/2023 15
Pennsylvania Collection Ancient Gold - Pennsylvania Collection One gold coin by century beginning with Lydian Empire and ending with late Byzantine Emplire. 5/11/2023 5/13/2023 17
AKSHCC AKSHANCIENTC To Acquire Any Ancient Coin Without Regard To Date Or Region That I Find Interesting Or Unique Without Any Restraints; and To Acquire Examples Of The Major Roman Emperors. 11/5/2022 5/6/2023 212
dtrnemisis DTR’s Ancients 4/26/2023 4/26/2023 01
Michael_C Ancient civilizations via coins This collection aims to showcase important and/or historical figures and events via coinage. 3/5/2023 4/24/2023 311
Nycappedbust Twelve Caesars Set My goal is to emphasize coins with fine style portraits. Portrait style and eye appeal are the priorities of this set. 7/11/2020 4/15/2023 72610
Kohaku The Parthian Kings Collect them all 6/29/2014 3/28/2023 7954
Travis B. Travis - Ancient Roman Empire 3/25/2023 3/25/2023 21
JasonIndy Ancients Journey 1/26/2023 1/26/2023 263
Collectibles2Flip French religion war eras French kings 1/24/2023 1/24/2023 11
skcs Roman Republic 1/9/2023 1/9/2023 110
Steve in Texas Steve's Ancient Coins 11/4/2022 12/30/2022 318
Osama Ishtaiwi Roman ancient COINS This collection of coins range from the dates of 509 BC to 1453 AD. Each coin has a specific and story behind it! and usually its telling a story about either achievement, war, Sad or happy event as well All Coins produced by important leaders, and these coins are made out of different materials that represent how much each one is worth.

The goal is to collect at least One Coin for each Emperor, and list the story behind it.
9/17/2022 12/28/2022 626
CyberspaceVoid CV's Old English 1/8/2016 12/9/2022 4881
MF Collection Roman Imperatorial - CRI Set (49-27 BC) 66 of 437 (15%): 6 MS, 1 Ch AU*, 7 Ch AU, 7 AU, 2 Ch XF*, 9 Ch XF, 7 XF, 12 Ch VF, 1 VF, 3 Ch F, 3 F, 1 VG, 7 n/g
3/31/2021 12/7/2022 29166
IgorP Greek Coins 10/25/2022 10/25/2022 55
Von Werner Ancient World Examples 7th BC to 2nd Century AD To display examples of ancients throughout the known world, mostly Greek and Roman Republic, along with examples of other ancient kingdoms. 9/7/2020 10/20/2022 33138
MF Collection Roman Sestertii 10/16/2022 10/16/2022 31
CHARLES FEREBEE Some Ancient Coins in Texas These coins are part of my global interest in Ancient numismatics. They compliment my other collecting interests in US and Great Britain coinage. 10/16/2022 10/16/2022 34
TK421 Ancient Collection 3/27/2011 10/16/2022 246770
MrNoName Daniel's Roman Empires Just for fun whatever I see that interests me..and is reasonably priced, I'll collect. 6/10/2022 9/8/2022 1025
Go Bruins! Ancient Historical Coins Collect coins with affiliations to historical events or biblical references. 8/10/2022 8/10/2022 21
wlindsay65 Lindsay’s Roman Denarius Julius Caesar and the people around him 6/6/2020 7/25/2022 2241
Titusremy ancient variety lot to add any ancient coin 7/19/2022 7/19/2022 04
Severus9 Silver Crocus Collection A MS denarius & antoninianus example from each Augustus & Empress from Octavian to Philip I.

An Au to MS example of each type of silver coin issued in the Republic.

An AU to MS example of each type of silver coin issued by the Greek city states, Greek kingdoms, & Persian Satrap's & Persian Empire. .

An AU to MS tetradrachm from each of Alexander the Great's successor kingdoms; 1) Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, 2) the Seleucid Empire, 3) Kingdom of Pergamon, 4) Macedon
1/5/2022 7/7/2022 11227
miffdove Bible Connected Coins 6/2/2022 6/2/2022 67
Severus9 Alexander the Great's successor kingdom Tetradrachm Type Set An AU to MS example of a tetradrachm from;
1) Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
2) the Seleucid Empire
3) Bactria
4) Kingdom of Pergamon
5) Macedon
5/2/2022 6/1/2022 83
RJC's RJC's Ancient, Medieval, and Age of Exploration Set I am striving for AU grades at a minimum. 3/5/2022 5/19/2022 806
PhillipBlake Collection of Ancients 5/16/2022 5/16/2022 53
Mohammad Alwazzan Islamic Dynasties 5/3/2022 5/3/2022 62
Severus9 The Severan Dynasty An AU to MS Denarius & Antoninianus (if minted) example for each Augustus & Augusta from the Severan Dynasty. All with strike grade 5/5 and minimum surface grade 4/5. 4/14/2022 4/14/2022 210
alexandra pantalias Greek History to collect coins of all the leagues- the five leagues - then collect as many of the greek city states as i can. i know that will be challenging seeing as there was over a thousand, but you gotta start somewhere. First the leagues, then the city states. 4/9/2022 4/9/2022 96
Stackerdude21 Early Roman Era As many as I can afford. 3/18/2022 3/18/2022 941
David Russo RK Long Beach: Roman Emperors 2/6/2022 2/6/2022 231
Ancients Caesar and Christ Collecting Julius Caesar thru Domitian in silver Denarius. I am interested in collecting coins of the 5 Good Emperors, Pontius Pilot, and Marc Anthony.
12/30/2021 1/18/2022 7413
Stultissimus Not Many of Those to the Pound Coins of Moesia Inferior 1/12/2022 1/18/2022 389
Severus9 Philip I & II Silver Type Set A MS or AU* antoninianus of; Philip I, Philip II as Caesar, Philip II as Augustus, Otacilia Severus 1/5/2022 1/7/2022 483
VSI Collection VSI COLLECTION - Ancient Coins of the World. Try to collect an assembly of Ancient World Coins that represent the beginnings of coinage rather than the use of barter to conduct economic business during ancient times. 12/5/2021 1/2/2022 771
Aharon Coins of Ancient Judaea & Jerusalem Seleucid Kingdom(Syrian-Greek), Hasmonean Dynasty (Jewish Priestly), Herodian Dynasty (Idumean), Roman Prefects of Judea (Roman), Roman Empire, 1st Jewish Revolt (66-70 AD), Judaea Capta (Roman), Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-135 CE), Aelia Capitolina (Roman Jerusalem) 11/30/2021 12/14/2021 1329
MF Collection Roman Imperial - Julio-Claudian Dynasty Roman Imperial coinage of the first five Roman emperors - Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero 9/26/2021 12/5/2021 1395
yates697 Carpe Diem - Ancients 12/4/2021 12/4/2021 95451
Angelo Zaccara Byzantine gold 10/14/2021 10/14/2021 963
aruth Roman Coinage 73 To collect graded coins of those who left their mark on history 9/25/2021 9/25/2021 1186
aruth The 1000yr empire 9/8/2021 9/8/2021 821
tu428 Ancients from the 7th Century BC to 4th Century AD Find as many different coins as possible. 9/2/2021 9/2/2021 8755
tu428 Through Time To find coins from different counties/cities/styles and to recognize the art in designing and making the coins. 9/2/2021 9/2/2021 8255
Gerard Jacobs THE ROMAN EMPIRE - House of Constantine Ancient Roman Empire coins that mark the beginning of the Christian Roman Empire. 8/15/2021 8/15/2021 831
Mark Unpingco Mark’s Twelve Caesars & Nerva-Antonine Dynasty Lifetime, imperial, & portrait coins with a reverse that refers to an event or accomplishment detailed in primary source (I.e. Tacitus, Suetonius, or Cassius Dio). 8/2/2021 8/2/2021 10617
mscott MS Ancient I intend to collect a range of coins, from earliest coins to coins created during interesting historical events. 7/6/2021 7/6/2021 1004

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