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Donald E. Schultze Memorial Set

Category: Half Dollars
Set Type: Franklin Half Dollars, 1948-1963, Circulation Issue
Owner: Ferdinand Erdman
Last Modified: 5/27/2016
Views: 1641

Award Time Rank: 2
Award Time Score: 57974

Set Description

My father was a coin collector and he enjoyed collecting Lincoln Pennies and Washington Quarters. When I was a boy he shared the story of getting a 1909-S VDB in change from a elderly lady running his Helms Bakery route in Whittier Ca. back in 1953. I wanted to collect something different and being Benjamin Franklin was one of my favorite history characters, along with being a short collection I started at the age of 12 collecting this most beautiful coin.

Over the past ten years I have discovered about slab coins and so I had my collection graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation based on a recommendation of a friend Paul Montgomery. When I finished the process and listed them in the Collector's Registry I started out at about 108. Now I'm trying to collect a top-notch NGC set. It has been a steep learning curve but well worth the time, investment and challenge.

This collection has been as low as #7 and it is great to see the competition for the top slot on this coin. I really enjoy the pictures to use as a chart in comparing each others preference in collecting the Franklin.The focus has been on NGC coins that are BU and FBL but I've discovered it's the beauty not the grade that counts. Now moving more toward MS66 or higher coins and those that are colorfully toned. Now that I have obtained some of the higher grades I do have some nice MS 65 FBL coins available if anyone is interested.Some of my coins have been evaluated on the Coin Value Index scale by Rick Tomaska who created it and is a wonderful resource in collecting cameos and Franklin's. The first number of the CVI represents the coins eye-appeal, the second number represents the quality of the coin to its respective date and the third number utilizes the "The Universal Rarity Scale" He has done a great job in helping us Franklin collectors to assemble great collections.

My goal is to increase the quality of the collection utilizing these three criteria. First, looking for STAR designated coins for there eye-appeal. Second, to find CAC coins to ensure a solid grade within the grade of each of my coins. Third, focusing in high grade Everest coins that demonstrate rarity. This will add to the challenge of breaking into the top ten of the registry. Now that I have these three criteria in evaluating and developing a quality Franklin, the challenge now get's tougher.

My current collection went through a revision to upgrade to the top using the criteria sighted above. If any of you have available high quality coins for sale meeting the criteria I would interested. Thanks again collectors for the insights and the appreciation for the mighty Franklin.The revision has been completed under the keen watchful eye of Alan Kreuzer. Though disappointed not getting any + or additional STAR coins makes me sure of the fact that the criteria must be really tough in the examining room.

We did however increase the number of CAC Coins from three to fifteen, this is exciting news and strengthens the collection as a whole. This high quality set has currently 18 STAR coins, 24 CAC Verified coins and is pretty even between Toned and Brilliant coins.

Best Presented Set

Slot DescriptionFull GradeScore Updated
View Coin 1948 MS 66 FBL 1045 10/29/2015
View Coin 1948-D MS 66 FBL 1716 10/29/2015
View Coin 1949 MS 66 FBL 1294 10/29/2015
View Coin 1949-D MS 65 FBL 1427 10/29/2015
View Coin 1949-S MS 66 1277 10/14/2015
View Coin 1950 MS 66 FBL 2786 7/16/2015
View Coin 1950-D MS 65 FBL 999 2/23/2013
View Coin 1951 MS 66 FBL 1735 10/13/2015
View Coin 1951-D MS 66 FBL 2109 2/23/2013
View Coin 1951-S MS 66 1259 10/29/2015
View Coin 1952 MS 65 FBL 644 9/5/2013
View Coin 1952-D MS 65 FBL 1064 2/23/2013
View Coin 1952-S MS 66 1236 10/29/2015
View Coin 1953 MS 65 FBL 1206 9/5/2013
View Coin 1953-D MS 66 FBL 3330 11/24/2015
View Coin 1953-S MS 66 1349 9/5/2013
View Coin 1954 MS 66 1014 10/29/2015
View Coin 1954-D MS 66 2020 3/10/2016
View Coin 1954-S MS 66 1153 9/5/2013
View Coin 1955 MS 66 FBL 3362 5/3/2016
View Coin 1956 MS 67 1628 5/2/2016
View Coin 1957 MS 67 1416 2/23/2013
View Coin 1957-D MS 66 1928 5/22/2015
View Coin 1958 MS 67 1576 2/23/2013
View Coin 1958-D MS 67 FBL 3312 10/14/2015
View Coin 1959 MS 66 1138 10/29/2015
View Coin 1959-D MS 65 FBL 1016 7/16/2015
View Coin 1960 MS 65 FBL 1383 10/27/2016
View Coin 1960-D MS 66 1928 10/29/2015
View Coin 1961 MS 66 1549 3/10/2016
View Coin 1961-D MS 66 1852 12/2/2014
View Coin 1962 MS 65 FBL 2501 12/21/2015
View Coin 1962-D MS 66 1649 10/29/2015
View Coin 1963 MS 65 FBL 2124 10/29/2015
View Coin 1963-D MS 66 949 12/2/2014

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