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Linda C. Prescott Birth Year Set

Set Type: 1947 Mint Set
Owner: VUMC4091
Last Modified: 12/10/2009
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Award Time Rank: 1
Award Time Score: 8869

Set Description

Since I began collecting slabbed coins in 2005 (I think), I have focused mainly on my beloved Lincolns. Many of you may have recently read my journal post (3-9-09, Lincoln GEM!) exclaiming my new "find to date", my 1947 P Lincoln in NGC MS67RD. Not only did it fill a hole in my Lincoln set, but it fit just perfectly into this set and is of this writing (4-11-09) my newest addition to the set.<br /><br />FLASH BACK. I began this set in July of 2007 to honor my Mother's memory. The first coin I purchased was my current 1947 P Walker, yeah the lowly MS63.<br /><br />At the time I just wasn't sure where I wanted to go with this set AND just how far my budget would let me go. So here I was, very proud at the moment, that I had started my Mom's set, yet still not sure what direction to take.<br /><br />In August of 2007, I came across two of the other coins in this set, the 1947 S Washington 25c and the 1947 S Lincoln 1c, in MS67 and MS67RD, respectively. I found these exactly one week apart and easily managed to win them both at below retail value. I felt really good about this, considering one of these coins had only about 30 examples graded higher in the NGC Pop and the other was NGC Top Pop.<br /><br />Still I was wandereding where to go. Will the rest of these coins be this easy to find in top, or near top, grade? If I could find them would I be able to afford them?<br /><br />Closer to the end of August, I received my definitive answer on which way to go with my Mom's set. I received a Society email from one of our members that said he was "touched" by what I had written in this space at the time. He told me he had ALL 3 dimes in MS67FT and that the S-mint was a *(star) designated coin. He made me an offer I could not refuse and on August 26, 2007 I added all three to this set. Oh what a happy day! I think at the time I was ranked maybe number 4 or so. I was ecstatic.<br /><br />My set finally had a shape and a personality all it's own. Though it was by no means complete, it was taking on the perfect (remember, this is subjective and ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder) image of my mother.<br /><br />Keeping in line with my new-found direction for the set, I added the 1947 D Washington 25c on 9-6-07. On November 19, 2007 I came across another coin for the set, the 1947 D Jefferson 5c. The last addition for 2007 came by way of the 1947 D Lincoln 1c on December 16.<br /><br />The year 2008 rolls around and I sort of lose a little focus on my collecting for this set. It sat idly by for all of 2008 with very little attention to even the smallest detail.<br /><br />So, here we are today, my wife's birthday (way early in the morning for her though) and I find myself engulfed in this set. Counting coin points, quickly scribbling numbers, adding, saying "What if?", "If you only save this much a month, it will only take this long to purchase it.", "Go to eBay now!" "NO!!!!". So I go to ebay, on my wife's birthday. Not to look at presents for her, but coins, for me!<br /><br />I find it. Realistically priced. Devil on the left shoulder says, "Tax refund is on the way!" Angel on the right shoulder says, "She would abosolutely kill you." Devil, "Wouldn't be the first time and probably won't be the last."<br /><br />So "I" convince myself to purchase the coin (NO, I'm not telling yet!) IF it is still available when the tax refund gets here.<br /><br />Closing thoughts and summary to-date. Remember my earlier questions, "Can I find them?" and "Can I afford them?"? Not only have I found every coin in the set so far in very near top pop, but the money has always seemed to be there just when each of these coins has been available. I guess that proves (to me anyway) that when it's meant to be, everything just works out very smoothly. Even the 1947 P Lincoln in MS67RD. By far the most expensive thing I have ever purchased, other than a car, a house, or my lovely wife's diamond. But it worked out just right. Seems this set was just meant to be all MS67, for now anyway!<br /><br />Come back often to find out what happens!!!!! Will it work out again?<br /><br />Yes it did, but not the way I initially intended. In searching for additions to this set, I actually found two coins that would work for this set. One of the coins, the one I didn't buy, was a 1947 P Walking Liberty. It was priced right but I decided that the toning on the coin was not right for the set. So I'll wait for a more choice example to come along. I did however, buy the second coin, a 1947 P Washington quarter. This coin has a great look to it and plenty of eye appeal. I'll be adding the picture in a couple of days when the coin arrives. This coin actually put moved me into the No. 1 spot in the registry. It seems the set with the awesome dimes was deleted from the listings. Lucky Me!

Best Presented Set

Slot DescriptionFull GradeScore Updated
View Coin 1C 1947 MS 67 RD 774 4/11/2009
View Coin 1C 1947-D MS 67 RD 320 4/11/2009
View Coin 1C 1947-S MS 67 RD 272 4/11/2009
5C 1947  
View Coin 5C 1947-D MS 67 123 4/11/2009
5C 1947-S  
View Coin 10C 1947 MS 67 FT 1333 5/14/2009
View Coin 10C 1947-D MS 67 FT 1219 6/18/2009
View Coin 10C 1947-S MS 67 FT 1859 6/18/2009
View Coin 25C 1947 MS 67 865 4/22/2009
View Coin 25C 1947-D MS 67 725 4/11/2009
View Coin 25C 1947-S MS 67 607 4/11/2009
View Coin 50C 1947 MS 63 223 4/19/2009
View Coin 50C 1947-D MS 65 549 11/20/2009

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