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Gary's 20th Century Type Set

Category: Type Sets
Set Type: 20th Century Series Type Set, Non-Proofs Only - No Gold
Owner: gherrmann44
Last Modified: 12/4/2009
Views: 112

Award Time Rank: 2
Award Time Score: 7147

Set Description

For the person who loves coinage designs and history, type collecting offers the ultimate experience in both. I am astonished by the beauty and diversity of the coins issued over the course of our nation’s history. Coins that are well preserved are especially pleasing to look at because they combine both aesthetic and artistic beauty.<br /><br />I have often wondered how people spent the coins in my collection and why the mint-state coins never circulated. This curiosity about my coins has fueled an interest in me to investigate and tell the story behind each of the coins in this set. Every one of these coins, issued during the 20th century, has a unique story of its own. Where facts and history cross over into earlier centuries, I cover those to get a broader perspective on my coin’s significance. Some of my coins have stories within their designs, while others are within their varieties and mintages. Even so, others are representative of our nation’s history and values. I cannot hope to capture all there is to tell of a coin’s history within this set... However, I can tell a portion of that story from my perspective based on what interests me most about a particular coin. I hope you enjoy reading my coin descriptions, and that you learn something about your coins that you may have not known before. Where applicable, I will note coins of personal significance to me.<br /><br />From a collecting standpoint, this set allows me to collect high-grade coins for relatively little cost. That said I have chosen to populate this set with coins that range primarily from MS-61 to MS-67. These coins though not the top coins within their certified populations are, nonetheless, handsome and attractive. I have carefully selected the coins in this set based on a balance between value and eye appeal. Please enjoy the photographs of each of the coins in my set, just as I do.<br /><br />Lastly, from a personal perspective this “20th Century Type Set” helps me to achieve my goal of collecting one example of every major circulating non-gold coin the United States has minted during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Best Presented Set

Slot DescriptionFull GradeScore Updated
View Coin 1c INDIAN HEAD 1900-1909 MS 64 RB 220 6/29/2009
View Coin 1c LINCOLN WHEAT 1909 V.D.B. MS 64 RB 106 7/23/2009
View Coin 1c LINCOLN WHEAT 1909-58 MS 65 RD 9 6/24/2009
View Coin 1c LINCOLN STEEL 1943 MS 66 102 9/6/2009
View Coin 1c LINCOLN MEMORIAL 1959-1999 MS 65 RD 3 9/6/2009
View Coin 5c LIBERTY HEAD 1900-1912 MS 63 304 9/16/2009
View Coin 5c BUFFALO TYPE 1 1913 MS 62 155 7/21/2009
View Coin 5c BUFFALO TYPE 2 1913-38 MS 66 230 9/23/2009
View Coin 5c JEFFERSON 1938-1999 MS 64 1 6/24/2009
View Coin 5c JEFFERSON SILVER 1942-45 MS 66 9 9/18/2009
View Coin 10c BARBER 1900-1916 AU 58 183 9/4/2009
View Coin 10c MERCURY 1916-45 MS 66 FB 183 6/24/2009
View Coin 10c ROOSEVELT SILVER 1946-64 MS 66 28 6/24/2009
10c ROOSEVELT CLAD 1965-1999  
View Coin 25c BARBER 1900-1916 MS 61 489 10/9/2009
View Coin 25c STANDING LIBERTY TYPE 1 1916-17 AU 58 FH 409 6/24/2009
View Coin 25c STANDING LIBERTY TYPE 2 1917-24 MS 63 563 10/19/2009
View Coin 25c STANDING LIBERTY TYPE 3 1925-30 MS 64 725 6/24/2009
View Coin 25c WASHINGTON SILVER 1932-64 MS 64 16 6/24/2009
25c WASHINGTON CLAD 1965-98  
View Coin 25c BICENTENNIAL SILVER 1976 MS 67 183 6/29/2009
View Coin 25c STATEHOOD 1999 MS 66 37 9/13/2009
View Coin 50c BARBER 1900-1915 AU 53 642 10/20/2009
View Coin 50c WALKING LIBERTY 1916-47 MS 65 406 7/23/2009
View Coin 50c FRANKLIN 1948-63 MS 64 67 6/24/2009
View Coin 50c KENNEDY SILVER-CLAD 1965-70 MS 65 59 6/24/2009
View Coin 50c BICENTENNIAL SILVER 1976 MS 67 159 6/29/2009
View Coin S$1 MORGAN 1900-1921 MS 62 106 9/4/2009
View Coin S$1 PEACE HIGH RELIEF 1921 MS 62 575 9/7/2009
View Coin S$1 PEACE LOW RELIEF 1922-35 MS 64 147 7/23/2009
View Coin $1 EISENHOWER CLAD 1971-78 MS 65 115 9/6/2009
View Coin $1 EISENHOWER SILVER 1971-74 MS 65 37 8/20/2009
View Coin $1 BICENTENNIAL CLAD 1976 MS 65 102 9/7/2009
View Coin $1 BICENTENNIAL SILVER 1976 MS 67 705 6/29/2009
View Coin $1 ANTHONY 1979-99 MS 66 72 10/17/2009

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