Omaha Bank Hoard Hall-of-Fame
1930 Wheat Cent - Omaha Bank Hoard





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: 1C 1930 OMAHA BANK HOARD
Full Grade: PCGS MS 65 Red
Owner: MCB1980

Set Details

Custom Sets: Omaha Bank Hoard Hall-of-Fame
Competitive Sets: This coin is not competing in any sets.
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Owner Comments:

Omaha Bank Hoard Hall-of-Fame: 1930 Wheat Cent

There are a variety of ways to diversify a collection from the Omaha Bank Hoard. Both NGC and PCGS are reliable sources for identifying coins from the Omaha Bank Hoard and the collector should use extreme caution if any other grading service offer coins claiming to be from this hoard. In my collecting, I have chosen to focus on the more difficult coins. Unfortunately, there is not a population report available to target the rare coins so it is left up to the collector to determine what is rare from what is evidenced by availability in the coin market place.

Shown here is a 1930 Wheat cent that was minted at the Philadelphia mint and has been graded as MS65RD by PCGS. I have only seen 1 other 1930 Wheat cent from the Omaha Bank Hoard and it was graded MS66 by PCGS. It appeared in a Heritage auction on June 13, 2010. The 1930 dated cent is the earliest dated Omaha Bank Hoard Wheat cent that I have seen and thus earns a spot in the Omaha Bank Hoard Hall-of-Fame.

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