The Mint of the Philippine Islands (1920-1941)
1930M - 5 Centavos





Coin Details

Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: 5C 1930 M USA-PHIL ALLEN-5.01
Full Grade: NGC MS 64
Owner: coin928

Owner Comments:

Lyman Allen #5.01 (KM #175) - Mintage: 2,905,182

The 1930 Five Centavos coin was reduced in size and weight from a diameter of 20.5mm to 19mm and from 77.16 Grains (5.25 grams) to 75.16 Grains (4.75 grams) respectively. The alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel however remained the same as do the design elements.

The earlier 5 Centavo coins were very close in diameter to the 20 Centavos coins whose size had been reduced to 20mm in 1907. The similar size had caused confusion with the public, and at the mint in 1918 and again in 1928. The muleing of a 1918S 5Centavo reverse with a 20 Centavo obverse produced on of the most sought after coins of the entire US/Philippines series. The second case occurred on purpose in 1928 when a 1928 5 Centavo obverse was paired with a 20 Centavos reverse due to an urgent demand for 20 Centavo coins and a lack of 20 Centavo dies

This coin is very well struck with minimal weakness on both sides of the coin. The obverse is weakly struck in the central devices (most notably the left hand and left leg), although it is relatively free of distracting marks.

ALLEN-5.01a - Repunched 1

Date acquired: 12/19/2014 (raw coin)
Date graded: 9/18/2015 (self submitted to NGC)

Rev. 10/31/2015

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