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Origin/Country: United States
Item Description: 1C 1938 M USA-PHIL Repunched 1 in date ALLEN-3.02a
Full Grade: NGC MS 66 RB
Owner: coin928

Owner Comments:

Lyman Allen #3.02a (KM #179) - Total Mintage: 10,000,000 (Variety mintage unknown)

This coin is noteworthy for so many reasons. 1938 is the first year for the final version of the "M" Manila mint mark. The straight sided M of 1937 did not strike up well and was revised in 1938 to appear as an inverted "W". This particular coin is exceptionally well struck and also exhibits a very boldly doubled "1" in the date which should have been designated as Allen-3.02a on the label. Unfortunately, NGC does not currently recognize this Allen variety and consequently did not identify it as such when the coin was graded.

The vast majority of Commonwealth reverse Centavos minted in Manila are very weakly struck, so it is rare that the banner containing the phrase "Republic of the Philippines" is fully struck. The word "of" on the highest point is almost never present and quite often, the entire left side of the banner is virtually blank. Every word on the banner of this coin is fully stuck and clearly readable. The obverse of this coin is equally well struck. Most notable are the fingers on the man's right hand, followed by his hair, ear, eyes, nose and the toes on his right foot. The only other coins I've seen showing this much obverse detail and definition have been proof coins. It is unfortunate that this quality of reverse strike does not receive the same recognition as Full Head( FH) Standing Liberty quarters or for Full Bell Line(FBL) Franklin Halves. It would be nice if the grading services would add a "Full Banner" (FB) designation for coins bearing the Commonwealth reverse or a "Full Right Hand" (FRH) for the common obverse.

This is the finest struck commonwealth coin I have ever seen with the possible exception of a couple of commemorative coins struck in 1936. There are only two others graded MS66RB and one coin finer in MS66RD but I doubt if any of them are as well struck as this one.

ALLEN-3.02 - Normal date and mint mark.
ALLEN-3.02a - Strongly doubled "1" in the date. This variety is recognized by PCGS, but not by NGC.

Date acquired: 10/04/2009 (raw coin)
Date graded: 9/26/2012 (self submitted, encapsulated in the NGC Scratch Resistant Holder)
Date regraded: 9/25/2018 ( resubmitted to MS at NGC. MS65RB ==> MS66RB)

Rev. 9/25/2018

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