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1783MO FF





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Origin/Country: MEXICO - TO 1823
Item Description: 8R 1783MO FF EL CAZADOR
Owner: daniel morales

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Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: The Villa coin collection.   Score: 63
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Owner Comments:

The El Cazador, a Spanish ship of war, that sank in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Coast of Louisiana, in 1784. The ship was loaded with Spanish silver coins from the City of Mexico Mint and was in route to Louisiana to support Spain in the war in Louisiana. It is believed that this shipwreck changed the course of history. Louisiana belonged to Spain at that time. After the ship sank with the treasure of silver during a storm, Spain was forced to sell Louisiana Territory to Napolean Bonaparte of France, Napolean had to sell the Louisiana Territory to America in order to raise money for his war with Russia. It was discovered by divers at a 200+ year old Caribbean shipwreck sight.It is 90% silver and was struck at the Mexico city mint. by order of King Charles III between 1772-1783.This type of coin was used as a model for the US Silver Dollar. On the coins obverse is a portrait of King Carlos III of Spain and the words, "DEI GRATIA" (by the grace of God). Below the portrait is the year the coin was minted. The inscription on the reverse of the coin reads"HISPN.ET.IND.REX" (King of Spain and the Indies) followed by the Mexico City mintmark< the denomination 8r (8 reales) < and the assayer's initials at the time of minting. The central coat of arms displays the crowned shield of Castile and Leon(Castle & Lion). The shield includes 3 crosses at its center which signifies the Holy Trinity, and a pomegranate in tribute to the Spanish city of Granada. To either side of the coat of arms stand the Pillars of Hercules with the motto "PLUS VLTRA"(more beyond) on the ribbons.

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