Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Item Description: $1 1893 O
Full Grade: PCGS MS 62 DPL
Owner: coxe

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: PROOF WANNABES   Score: 5264
COXE Morgans   Score: 5264
Coxe Morgan Prooflike Annuals   Score: 5264
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Owner Comments:

1893-O PCGS MS62 DMPL VAM-3A key date for the Morgans and much more so in DMPL, this is a wonderful addition to the set. It has been the victim of PCGS prejudice against silver (no-contrast) DMPLs. The coin has a characteristically slightly weak strike and the mirrors deep and nearly flawless. Overall, it is exceptionally clean with only a tick near the ear, a timy carbon spot in the right obverse field and very light lateral die striations on the reverse, with the last two being mint produced and definitely not distracting. It appears to be a PQ 63, possibly 64. But these are graded VERY conservatively due to the big steps in fair market valuation between adjacent grade levels. This coin is not what I would expect for a 62DMPL of any date. Even an 80-S would get perhaps a 63PL in this state. Very PQ.The population report shows 7 at this level, with 7 higher. You can bet that the population is less than 7. This particular coin would have been responsibly resubmitted several times, some without a tag return. NGC has one at this level and three higher. I would be surprised if there were even ten real full DMPLs out there for this date. Try to locate them in auction records. There are two in gem DMPL that are nowhere to be found. The next finest is the 66PL that USCI (buyuscoins.com) has listed for sale at $260,000. (I say "next finest" because a 65DM trumps a 66PL for this date.) Mike Casper offered a PCGS MS63DMPL (#5211925) on eBay in 08/2005 with a starting bid of $20K.Prooflike Condition Census: 1 x 66PL(P), 2 x 65DM(P), 1 x 65DM(N), 1 x 64DM(P), 4 x 63DM(P), 2 x 63DM(N), 2 x 63PL(P), 5 x 63PL(N), 7 x 62DM(P), 1 x 62DM(N)DMPL Condition Census: 2 x 65DM(P), 1 x 65DM(N), 1 x 64DM(P), 4 x 63DM(P), 2 x 63DM(N), 7 x 62DM(P), 1 x 62DM(N)

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