The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson War Nickels





Coin Details

Origin/Country: UNITED STATES
Item Description: 5C 1944 S
Full Grade: NGC MS 67
Owner: lehigh96

Set Details

Custom Sets: This coin is not in any custom sets.
Competitive Sets: The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson War Nickels   Score: 1076
The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson Nickels   Score: 1076
The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson Nickels (1938-Date)   Score: 1076
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Owner Comments:

Mintage: 21.6 Million
Full Step Availability: 1%
Population MS67: 1646/3
Date/mm Information: Bowers suggests "connoisseurship" for this issue since it is often seen with planchet roughness and tired dies.

Coin Description:
I have dubbed this coin "CRYING JEFFERSON" due to the die crack that provides the illusion of a tear track on Jefferson's face. Another prominent die crack extends from the crown of Jefferson's head well into the hair. The stike of the obverse in incongruent with that of the reverse and weakness is seen in the lack of hair detail, on the date, and planchet roughness on the jawline. The reverse strike is magnificent with all intended detail save the steps which I rate 5-3-2-5 by the quarterstep method. Only a few light marks are visible on both sides and the luster is powerful. Then comes the toning which is truly superlative. White centers radiate outward to bands of orange-gold, cotton candy pink, powder blue, pale green and yellow.

So why is Jefferson crying? Is it because the obverse is plagued by some of the factors (planchet roughness & die cracks) that Bowers warned about? I prefer to believe it is for different reason. Like a NBA star that played during the final years of the Jordan era, this truly fantastic coin never has a chance at being the most eye appealing war nickel as long as MJ rests in the 1944-D slot. My guess is that this coin would be the most attractive war nickel in 99% of all war nickel registry sets. Coincidentally, I obtained this coin from the very same E-Bay seller as the 1944-D. The coin was purchased for 11X wholesale in April 2010.

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