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Rockblazer's Bio
just thought I would finally leave a bio since I'm adding more CGC books to the collection in the past two years.

I started reading comics in the mid 1960's. Back then my only source of comics was the three drug stores on my side of town.
I always had a collection of well read comics but actually started to become a serious collector in 1975.
An actual comic shop opened around that time in Springfield, Ohio called FUZZY PAPERS. Another shop in Dayton, Ohio I discovered was The Bookie Parlor.
Hal, the owner had a layaway plan and I remember the thrill of getting my first high dollar ($75) comic Avengers 1 out of layaway! To actually own it was awesome. I'm mainly a Silver Age Guy. I love Marvels and Gold Key but do collect many other publishers.
My original collection got me past a very hard time in my life back in 1995 and I sold the collection to make ends meet.Things changed for the better and I got serious about restoring my collection in 2005.
Cgc books probably now are about 5% of my collection. I'm starting to buy more pedigree's and high grade books. I guess I'm an old timer now. I remember talking about The Fuzzy Papers comic shop to some local comic guru's at a newer shop in Springfield and none had a clue it even existed or that it predated a shop now closed ( Hawkeye's Comics ) that they thought was the original shop in their area.
Nor could they remember SpringCon 1 and 2 which were the original Cons in our area. Though older I've decided to keep collecting until the fire burns out.
Hope all that read this get their Holy Grails,
Thank you,


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