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Hi comic fam! I am currently based in Dubai and have been collecting comic books since the early 90's. Comic books were my most passionate of childhood memories and always will be. As one of the handful of comic collectors in the region I feel blessed to have owned some of the grails of the hobby! However, comic collectors are an incredibly rare breed in this part of the world and unfortunately, I'm forced to interact with others across the world online.

In 2007 I sold my entire collection of around 400 raw books of not much value and started buying only CGC graded books. My collecting preferences are simple. Key and semi-keys in the highest grade possible. The vast majority of my collection is highest grade on the census (90%+). I only collect CGC graded books and they must be blue labels/SS and in some rare cases Qualified.

The collection spans all eras from the Victorian age to Modern. I love the history of Comic Books more than anything so the older and more historically significant they are the more I appreciate them.

The only set I'm trying to complete that is not specifically a key issue would be Batman. I have loved Batman from the first comic I ever owned (Batman #463) which I bought off the newstand from my local supermarket back in 1991. I am currently trying to complete a full Golden Age run of Batman #1 to #100 and additionally collecting every Batman key issue in the highest grade possible. Yup I LOVE Batman!

My entire comic book collection will be available to view for the public through a dedicated site ( that I'm currently working on. I would love to share this wonderful hobby with the rest of the world and being so far away from other collectors this is the only way I know how :)


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