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I collected comics during the 1970s as a kid/teenager. Eventually I "grew out of it" and quit the hobby in 1979. The vast majority of the books I had were sold. When I resumed collecting again in 2002 I had a nostalgic need to re-accquire those comics, most of which were Marvels dated from 1965 to 1974. The Neal Adams books I had were not great in number, the key Marvels and the Batman and Green Lanterns were all I remember having. Getting back into the hobby years later, I had a lot to learn as to just how vast the body of work Adams had left behind. His DC catalogue seemed infinite and I ended up revising my want list several times over the last few years to satisfy my growing need for Adams, Adams and more Adams. His artwork has truly stood the test of time. Actually, a lot of my Adams books are high grade raw. Take note that I collect books with his interior artwork. There are a few exceptions as far as cover work only is concerned, such as Tomahawk and Superman. I also prefer to collect books that are scarce when it comes to DC and Warren, as you may have noticed. My goal is to reach 60,000 points on the registry. Go ahead and check out the world's most eclectic Neal Adams collection. At this time, I estimate I have 95% of all the books with interior artwork done by Adams, raw and slabbed, from 1967 to 1974.


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