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The Buffalo/Jefferson Official Red Book", is where I came across one of Americas Greatest Designers (Felix Oscar Schlag).

His Life Story unfolds:
A German immigrant that came to America in search for work/job during the depression.Felix's determination paid-off as he won this competition of our new nickel in April of 1938'.

The US-Mint however' kept sending back his design, requiring changing the reverse-side.

Frustrating as that may of been, another personal issue faced Felix,(In the Red-Book) while working- creating his design. I would think all of this would have been very stressful for him during this time.

In my opinion, had Felix known about it beforehand, I doubt very much we would even have his design in our coinage today.An'Now, being able to reach this goal I feel I have achieved something that has been not only enjoyable,but also giving me historical knowledge as well. So Yes! Anybody who wants alot fun and learning experience,this is it!


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