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From the collector: Jeffrey Edell - Marvel Movers

What can I say; I love comic books! I love(d) Stan Lee and was a partner of his for many years up until his passing.

I have been quietly accumulating comic books since 1968 and not just any books, specifically Marvels.

After 40 years, my collection finally got to a place where I owned EVERY Marvel comic book ever published since 1960 with over 30,000 unique titles and copies.

Finally, in 2019, my collection was recognized by CGC as Best in Comic Collecting Award!

I was always interested in high grade books; therefore, I had multiple copies and would constantly find a better copy and generally never sold the lesser versions. At one time I owned 6 copies of Amazing Spider-Man#1 in 8.0 or better!

When CGC first came into existence around 20 years ago it inspired me to go to another level of collecting. It was difficult to initially adjust to getting my books graded by outsiders but over the years I have had almost 3,000 of my books graded and encapsulated; locked in time forever.

My collection houses many amazing books, but highlights include: 3 copies of Amazing Spider-Man#1 in CGC 9.6, 8.0, 8.0 respectively; the Bilko White copy of Amazing Fantasy#15 - 8.5; a copy of Journey into Mystery#83 - 8.0; an amazing Tales of Suspense#39 - 9.2; a beautiful Fantastic Four #1 - 9.0, Tales to Astonish #27 - 8.5; X-Men #1 - 8.5 and X-Men#94 - 9.8, Giant Size X-Men#1 - 9.8; the White Mountain collection of Amazing Adventures and Amazing Adult Fantasy, including Amazing Adventures (1961) #1 in 9.0 (the #1 set in the Registry); the #2 Silver Surfer set in the Registry with Silver Surfer#1 & #4 stunning 9.8 copies (only 3 books in 9.6), two 9.8 copies of Iron Man#1; a 9.8 copies of Amazing Spiderman#129; two copies of Incredible Hulk#181 in 9.8, 9.6; Incredible Hulk#1 in 7.5; Strange Tales #101 in 9.2, an exquisite copy of FF#2 in 9.4, two copies of FF #48 in CGC 9.8 & 9.6 respectively, a beautiful Tales of Suspense #1 in 8.0 and a Tales to Astonish #1 in 8.0, DareDevil #1 - 9.2, along with the Boston pedigree copy of Avengers #4 - 9.4, and too many others to name.

My entire CGC collection averages in the 9.2-9.4 range but many are much higher.
I am particularly proud of my Amazing Adventures, Amazing Fantasy, Tales to Astonish, Tales of Suspense, Strange Tales and Silver Surfers, and my Amazing Spider-Man run is ranked #3 in the Registry and my collection includes many pedigrees.

I am now grading more books and trying to cull down to a manageable number and hope to someday find the time to challenge the registry leader!

Jeffrey Edell
Marvel Movers


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