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I have been collecting coins for some 12 yrs. now. I begain with the Morgan dollars because of the huge silver dollar size. I had a complete set minus 5 coins. My set had a complete set of GSA dollars to with it. As gold started to climb I traded this set for gold. Now, I wish I had that set back.I'll never be able to assemble another one like it. I find myself totally envolved. I have a number of coins that are not certified, such as the 10th anniversary set, but I won't break the set to have them certified. I have coins for my Signature set that are raw, these include the 1878CC $20.00 gold, the 1878& 1878S $2.50 gold, the 1878S Trade dollar. I have several coins graded buy ICG because that was the only way I could get that coin at the time. I have lost so many by not being aggaresive enough. I hope to have my raw coins graded later, if time permits.


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