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I started collecting coins in 1966 at age 10. I, of course, partially filled out several Whitman coin folders with coins found in circulation. This was followed by an interest in 19th century proof type coins. Using my allowance, I purchased a few coins from dealers and coin shows(1899 proof Indian head cent, 1876 proof seated Liberty dime and others). I lost interest during my college years but got the coin kick back in the late '80s. Proof type by this time was well out of my price range so I began to collect commemoratives. I initially bought many damaged, cleaned and whizzed raw coins in this period. Thanks to third party grading and Teletrade, Most of my subsequent transactions have not been as disastrous. But then there was this mortgage and other distractions but now I am back... in a limited way.


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Set Name
Last Mod.
[Collapse] Dollars
  GSA Hard Pack Holders Basic Set, Carson City Morgan Dollars, 1878-1891 130 GSA CC Morgans 63 7 7 0 8433 -6 6/7/2019308
[Collapse] Commemoratives
  Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954, Complete Set (144 Pcs) 47 NGC/PCGS Commemoratives 42 61 61 0 44880 -5154 3/4/20151118
  Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954, Type Set (50 Pcs) 89 PCGS/NGC Commemoratives 38 19 19 0 9933 364 1/27/2016535
  Gold Commemoratives, 1903-1926, Complete 32 PCGS/NGC Gold Commems 38 5 5 0 7139 197 3/4/2015753

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