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timfinz's Bio
So I decided it was time to write a bio.

A long time ago, in a town far, far away...

Well actually it was more like this...

Growing up in the 60's and 70's my mainstay of entertainment was reading and collecting comic books. My true passion was Richie Rich and anything else that was science-fiction related was my next passion.

During our childhood my bothers and sisters and I would go to the local book exchange with my dad to trade in our "previously read comic books" for "new previously read comic books" -well they were new to us. I however found it more and more difficult to part with my Richie Rich books. The collector in me had emerged.

Working several part-time jobs soon solved my dilemma of having to trade my books in each week. I would simply keep them and pay for the new ones.

Eventually I learned that I could buy the books "new" off the shelf at our local comic book store. True collecting of Richie Rich comic books began at this time, the early 70's. It was also at this time that Richie really began expanding with many new titles - Fortunes, Riches, Money World, Bankbooks, Jackpots, just to name a few.

Then in early 1977 it happened - Star Wars, truly the greatest sci-fi adventure of all time. Still have my original purchased "reader copy" of the first issue which would still grade at least 9.0 today!

So now there were two passions that consumed me and what you may ask is the connection between the two? Well it's a question I asked myself many times. The answer - both have unlimited fantasy. Richie with his unlimited funds and imagination and Star Wars with it's unlimited imagination and adventure.
That's what keeps my interest peaked today.

Though it's been over 30 years since the original release of Star Wars and almost 60 years since the first debut of Richie Rich, I still enjoy both!
And to add to the excitement Richie Rich has just begun being published again by Ape Entertainment. How cool for me!

And so my adventures in comic book collecting continues....


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