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I started collecting coins and stamps at 9 years. Several years later, in my early teens, I discovered music which dominated every aspect of my life. I went on to enjoy a very long and varied career in that field (even played with a band with a couple of huge hits in the 70's). In my retirement years, I have rediscovereed the collecting passions from my youth. It began anew with Lincoln Cents and Morgan Dollars. Now though, my collecting is pretty much Carson City coinage. I am member #0023 (the 23rd) of the C4OA (Carson City Coin Collectors of America). My ultimate goal is to complete the 110 of 111 CC coin set, or get as close to completion as possible. This registry currently does not have a category for CC coin sets or CC gold sets so my complete set of "CC" half eagles is shown in the Signature Series sets section. I can be reached through my email at:


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[Collapse] Gold - Carson City Mint
  $5 Carson City Mint Gold 2 the drummer collection 31 6 6 6 21220 1565 3/7/2017874

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